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Ramadan in Dubai 2010

Saturday 15 December 2018 (UAE)   

Ramadan 2010 Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Ramadhan in 2010 information for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, UAE. List of activities, Iftar and Suhoor deals, other Ramadan deals, and places open during the day that serve food and drink. For a list of dos and donts in the UAE, general and background information, see the Ramadan page.

Eid Al Fitr 2010 dates

Main page: Eid Al Fitr in UAE. Start date announced as Friday 10 September 2010 (WAM news report 08 September 2010).

Ramadan dates 2010

Ramadan in the UAE start date is 11 August 2010 according to a WAM news report 10 August 2010. Dr Hadef Juan Al Dhaheri, the UAE Minister of Justice and Head of the Ramadan Crescent Moon Sighting Committee in the UAE said "The committee tasked with sighting the crescent moon, or Hilal, has convened after Maghrib (sunset prayer) Tuesday 29 Sha'aban, 1431 Hijri, corresponding to August 10th, 2010, at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, observed all verification methods of made consultations with neighboring countries and has accordingly announced that Wednesday 11 August 2010 is the first days of the holy month of Ramadan for this year 2010, ... The sighting of Hilal and the birth of the new moon has been confirmed by competent witnesses in the Gharbia (Western Regions),"

  • Ramadan 2010 dates in UAE reported by WAM news 10 August 2010: "Tomorrow, Wednesday 11 August 2010, will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, the moon sighting committee announced today."
  • Start date of Ramadan is Wednesday 11 August 2010 in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. And Thursday 12 August 2010 in Oman.
  • For 2010 or 1431 AH in the Islamic calendar, end date of Ramadan and the start of Eid Al Fitr expected about 09 September 2010.
Year Start Date¹ End Date¹ Magrib/Iftar Times²
      01 Ramadan 29 Ramadan
1431 AH Ramadan 2010 11 August 2010 09 September 2010 18:59 18:30
  1. Estimated dates in italics until confirmed by moon sighting committee in the UAE.
  2. Iftar/Magreb times are for Dubai. Add 4 minutes for Abu Dhabi, subtract 4 minutes for RAK, 6 mins for Fujairah. Subtract 1 minute each day of Ramadan (approximately). UAE newspapers usually publish all prayer times (Fajr, Dhuhur, Asr, Magrib/Maghrib, Isha)

UAE schools summer holiday dates are from 11 July 2010 to 14 September 2010 (after Eid Al Fitr) according to UAE Ministry of Education circular 25 February 2010.

Ramadan guidelines for non-Muslims

See Ramadan in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for more detail but a very brief summary is: do not eat (or chew gum), drink, or smoke in public during the day anywhere in the UAE including in your car and at the beach. You should be more conservative with your dress sense in public - shoulders and legs should be covered.

Workers and labourers in UAE during Ramadan

Construction workers and labourers, and others working outside during the day in the summer months are permitted to break their fast if conditions make it too difficult for them to continue fasting, according to a Fatwa on the www.awqaf.ae website dated 05 August 2010.

Ramadan timings and opening hours Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE 2010

Federal ministries and departments in the UAE working hours are 0900-1400 (9 am to 2 pm) according to a circular issued on 08 August 2010 by Humaid Al Qattami, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Federal Human Resources Authority (FHRA) (WAM 08 August 2010).

See also the UAE Ramadan 2009 page for list of government department opening hours, and/or the Ramadan in Dubai 2009 forum topic. Following times are based on 2009 information and not confirmed, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Abu Dhabi Immigration 0900-1730, closed Fridays and Saturdays (2009)
  • Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Department 0800-1800 (2010)
  • Abu Dhabi Police Vehicle and Driving Licences Department 0800-01800 Saturday-Thursday, closed Friday (2010)
  • Banks in Dubai and UAE - Saturday or Sunday to Thursday 0900-1400 approximately, some with earlier openings and later closings, especially in Dubai shopping malls. Larger branches might be open evenings from 2100-2300 or similar.
  • Bus routes and times for Dubai changed - extended hours for Dubai Metro feeder buses and Inter-City buses, Sharjah Transport awarded franchise to transport passengers between Sharjah and Dubai (RTA press release 25 July 2010).
  • Department for Residency and Foreigner's Affairs (DNRD, Dubai Immigration Dept):
    • 0800-1800 most offices, and 2130-midnight for emergencies at Arabian Plaza in Mirdiff, Sunday-Thursday, closed Saturday and Friday (2010).
    • An emergency team is available 24 hours, tel Amer Service toll-free in UAE 800-5111.
    • During Eid Al Fitr (when almost everything government related is closed), the Dubai immigration office at the Bin Sougat Center is open from 2130-0030 (2010).
    • Other UAE NRD offices assume 0900-1400 unless otherwise indicated.
  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) - Zabeel HQ, and most offices 0800-1630 Sunday to Thursday, 0900-1330 or 1630 on Saturdays, closed Fridays. DNRD, Al Reef Mall, and Umm Suqeim 0900-1330 Sunday to Thursday, closed Saturdays and Fridays (2010).
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) hours 0900-1600 and 2030-2300 from Sunday to Thursday (2010), 0900-1400 on Saturdays, closed Fridays (applies to most clinics). Al Safa and Al Mamzar clinics open 0800-2300 seven days. Hatta clinic closed on Saturdays.
  • Dubai International Airport - operates as normal 24 hours per day, although landside cafes and restaurants are probably closed during the day.
  • Dubai Metro operating hours 0600-0100 Saturday-Thursday, 1400-0100 Fridays (press release 24 July 2010)
  • Etisalat business centers and customer service centers 0800-1400 and 2100-2300 from Sunday to Thursday, 0900-1400 on Saturday (no evening shift?). Hours extended in evening shift from 2100-0300 next morning at main business centers. Etisalat outlets in shopping malls will follow the same timings as the mall (press release 11 August 2010).
  • Government offices and departments - assume 0900-1300 Sunday to Thursday unless you find more specific information.
  • Parking Zones in Dubai - fee payment from 0800-1300 (same as normal) and 0700-2400 (changed from 1600-2100) during Ramadan (RTA press release 24 July 2010)
  • Public transport - see Dubai Metro, Water Buses and Water Taxis. Dubai Taxis operate 24 hours 7 days so no change during Ramadan, although it might be difficult to find a taxi around Iftar time since many or most taxi drivers are Muslim, and will be breaking their fast.
  • Post offices in the Emirates open 0900-1700 and 2100-0100 Saturday-Thursday, and 2100-0000 Fridays (2009).
  • Schools in the UAE should open between 0830 and 1400 (2009).
  • Shopping malls in UAE - most will operate extended hours in the evenings with closing times between 2200 and 0100, or possibly 0200. Later closings more likely for larger malls and/or on Thursday-Saturday nights. Opening times are unlikely to be different. Malls will usually be very quiet during the day which is great if you don't like crowds.
  • Museums in Sharjah mostly open 0900-1400. Some open 0930-1330 instead. Some open 2100-2300 in addition to morning hours.
  • Tasjeel vehicle registration Saturday-Thursday 0900-1500 and 2000-2400 (2009).
  • Theme parks in UAE - check with individual theme parks. Opening hours might vary and/or ride availability might be reduced. On the plus side, they will usually be less busy during the day (but busier in the evenings).
  • UAE federal government offices 0900-1400 Sunday-Thursday (2009).
  • Water Bus services operate 0800-2200 (normally 0700-1900) (RTA announcement 15 August 2010)
  • Water Taxi sercies operate 1000-2400 (normally 1000-2200) (RTA announcement 15 August 2010)
  • Wild Wadi - probably open but check if all rides are available (2010).

Restaurants and cafes daytime opening hours in Dubai and UAE during Ramadan 2010

See separate page for latest information - Eat and drink daytime Ramadan in Dubai.

It won't always be obvious if somewhere is open for dine-in or takeaways - windows will be covered up and lights might be off or dimmed. A Dubai Municipality licence is required for an outlet to operate takeaways or dine-in during the day (costs about AED 5,000 or AED 10,000 in 2010?).

  • Beach House Cabana restaurant - Jumeirah Palm Golden Mile between apartment buildings 5 and 6, open 1200-2400 Sat-Wed, 1200-0100 Thu-Fri. No alcohol before Iftar. Smoking allowed (2010).
  • Burjuman Center - all restaurants and cafes closed until Iftar (2010).
  • Costa Coffee Shops and Cafes - some but not all outlets open during the day. Usually ones at Dubai Airport, EK Group locations, free zones in Dubai (not Fridays), and maybe some of the freehold developments in Dubai (2010).
  • Deira City Centre - takeaways only from some food court outlets. City Center Hotel restaurants closed until Iftar (2010).
  • Dubai Airport - food and drink outlets in the departures terminals T1 and T3 airside after customs and passport control are open 24 hrs (maybe not for T2). Alcohol available at the Irish Village in T1 after passport control. General public areas landside unknown, might be open - the public food court area in Terminal 1, and Costa Coffee outlets in T1 and T3.
  • Dubai Festival City - some food court restaurants possibly open for takeways (2010).
  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) - Automatic Restaurant (1100-2000), Costa Coffee (0700-2100 Sun-Thu, 0700-1400 Sat, closed Fridays), Cafe Supreme (0900-1600), Caribou Coffee (0900-1500), Emmanuel Cafe (0900-1700), Starbucks (0700-2200, closed Fridays during Ramadan). Most or all outlets probably closed on Fridays (2010).
  • Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) - most, or all, coffee shops and restaurants open for dine-in behind curtains to shield gluttonous diners from public view, a few are closed on Fridays and/or Saturdays. Subway is open 24 hours 7 days per week. There's also a DIFC smoking area around the back behind the bikeshed (2010).
  • Dubai Internet City - food court outlets open but not on Fridays, except for Subway sandwiches which is open 24 hrs (2010).
  • Dubai Marina Mall - all food and drink outlets closed for dine-in until Iftar, some open for takeaways only (Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK, Subway, McDonalds, etc). But Mazina in the Dubai Marina Mall The Address Hotel is open for breakfast and lunch during the day (2010).
  • Dubai Media City - food court outlets open but not on Fridays? Unknown if outside smoking tent still operating.
  • Ibn Battuta Mall - might be one or two places open in the food court area for takeaways only.
  • Limetree Cafe closed (2010) - Limetree website says The Lime Tree Café and Kitchen would like to inform you that the Jumeirah and Ibn Battuta Cafés will be closed throughout Ramadan this summer. But catering is available, +971-4-3256325, email catering@limetreecafe.ae (01 August 2010).
  • Mall of the Emirates - Apres, Aspen, Evory (open 0800-0200?), Karim Beirut (tel +971-4-3412202), Salomontini (tel +971-4-3475844), Sezzam, St Maxim's (tel +971-4-3413415). Food courts, both upstairs and downstairs, have some outlets open for takeaways but not dine-in. Some of the cafes are open for takeaways only during the day (2010).
  • Mirdiff City Center - some food court restaurants open for takeaways only. No dine-in facilities before Iftar (2010).
  • Shakespeare & Co cafes - but not all of them. Try Al Attar Tower, Al Safa Centre Jumeirah (entrance backside), Jumeirah Village, Meadows Village Center, and Souk Al Bahar for ones open daytime (2010).
  • The Dubai Mall - some food court restaurants for takeaways (Burger King, Charlie's Subs, McDonalds, etc). The upstairs food court has a closed-off area for customers to eat their takeaways in (in 2010). Across the bridge outside in Souq Al Bahar, Shakespeare Cafe is open during the day for dine-in (2010).
  • Wafi City - nothing open for dine-in in the shopping center but Carter's in The Pyramids nearby is open from 1000-0100 (10am to 1am) (has a smoking area too) (2010).
  • Zuma Restaurant in DIFC The Gate Village - open as normal, including Friday Brunch (AED 265 during Ramadan). Tel +971-4-4255660 for reservations (2010).

See also the Ramadan in the UAE and coffee shops open Ramadan during day Dubai topics in the forum.

Ramadan 2010 Abu Dhabi

  • Aloft Abu Dhabi Hotel - Aloft Ramadan Marquee Tent, Arabic Iftar and or Suhour buffet, adults AED 135++, children 6-12 years old AED 70++, under 6 free, tel +971-2-6545114
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport - Ramadan tents at each of the 3 terminals with Iftar and Suhour from 1900-0300. Tents have information about Islamic culture and heritage, and Emirati customs. T1 tent will have entertainment provided by the Freej characters from the UAE TV production. Other activities include folklore dancing and henna painting (2010). Ramadan tents at Abu Dhabi Airport started in 2008.
  • Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company Capital Plaza, Ramadan Marquee - 2030-0230, cover charge AED 10 per person, tel (mobile) +971-2-55-5939220
  • Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, Diwan Ballroom - Arabic and International Iftar buffet AED 180, tel +971-2-6979000.
  • Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi - Iftar at The Garden restaurant, AED 125 adults, AED 75 children, toddlers under 6 free. The Garden will donate a brick to the Abu Dhabi Special Care Centre for each person dining during Ramadan.
  • Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Jing Asia - Iftar buffet AED 105++ per person, tel +971-2-6563053.
  • Emirates Palace Hotel - Ramadan tent with international and Emirati cuisine for Iftar buffet, cost AED 215 per person. Includes dishes from Mezlai, a new Emirati restaurant at the Emirates Palace. Tel +971-2-6907999.
  • Fairmont Bab Al Bahr
    • Elements - Iftar buffet with Arabic, Asian, and European menu. Cost AED 175 per person.
    • Ramadan Tent - near Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Iftar and Sohour à la carte, with oud and tabla players, and shisha smoking, tel +971-2-6543238.
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque - free tours daily (except Friday). Start time was 1000 in 2009, changed to 1100 in 2010 (not confirmed)? Free Iftar in the carpark serving up to 15,000 people, non-Muslims also welcome. Location - Between Two Bridges, Abu Dhabi, tel 800-555 (toll-free in UAE).
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque Eid tours - free guided tours twice daily during Eid Al Fitr with free pack of heritage postcards from the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA). Between 0900-1100 visitors can walk around unguided. No tours or visits on first day of Eid or on Friday.

Ramadan 2010 in Al Ain

  • Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort (Al Ain Zoo) - 2100-0200 (9pm to 2am), last entry tickets sold at 0100.

Ramadan 2010 Dubai Iftar and Suhoor meals and buffets, hotel deals

See next section for a list of Ramadan Tents in Dubai.

  • Al Bustan Rotana, Choices Restaurant - Iftar buffet AED 145 per person, includes soft drinks, tel +971-4-7054818
  • Al Murooj Rotana Dubai, Pergolas - Iftar buffet AED 149, tel +971-4-3211111.
  • Al Samadi Café and Sweet Shop, Downtown Burj Khalifa - Arabic and French food, Iftar buffet AED 75, tel 800 ALSAMADI (800-25726234).
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Hayya! The Lakes Club Iftar 3-course menu, adults AED 60, children 6-12 years old AED 30, toddlers under 6 free, tel +971-4-3627775
  • Armani Hotel Dubai, Mediterraneo restaurant - Mediterranean Iftar buffet from sunset to 2300, AED 210 for adults, AED 110 for children, includes soft drinks. Includes views of the Dubai Fountain. Corporate Iftar at Armani Ballroom from sunset to 2300 from AED 265–365 per person for minimum group size of 50 people.
  • Al Bustan Rotana, Choices Restaurant - Iftar Buffet AED 145 per person.
  • "At The Top" observation deck in the Burj Khalifa, on floor 124. Observation deck open from 1700-2400, AED 100 per ticket for access, or AED 400 if you want to jump the queue (same as normal prices). Press release 24 July 2010 said fast breakers will get free Masafi water and La Ronda dates, and each person gets a 50 dh voucher to use at the Ember Grill or the curiously named NA3NA3 restaurant at The Address hotel nearby in The Dubai Mall. Tel 800 ATTHETOP (800-28843867).
  • Atlantis Hotel Dubai - Asateer Arabian tent with Iftar buffet for AED 155.
  • Bonnington, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, The Cavendish - Iftar buffet with Oud player, AED 185 per person, tel +971-4-3560000.
  • Crowne Plaza Dubai, Al Dana - Iftar buffet AED 135 per person, AED 5 donated to Dubai Autism Center from each person, tel 800-CROWNE (800-276963).
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Athena Dubai Yacht - 2-hour cruise from 1800-2000 (6pm to 8pm) and Iftar buffet, AED 300 per person, minimum 6 and maximum 12 people. Or special rate for 2-4 people is AED 1,500, tel +971-4-3627934.
  • Dunes Hotel Apartments, Al Ghusais (Al Qusais) - free Iftar buffets with room bookings (2 people for studio, 3 for one-bdrm, 4 for two-bdrm).
  • Dusit Thani Dubai, restaurants Pax, The Californian, and Benjarong with Arabic, Thai, and Italian Iftar buffet, AED 149 per person, tel +971-4-3433333.
  • Fairmont, Cascades - Arabic Iftar buffet AED 150 per person, tel +971-4-3118316.
  • Grand Hyatt Dubai, Al Ameera Ballroom - adults AED 150, children 6-12 years old AED 75, under 6 free, tel +971-4-3172222
  • Grand Millennium Dubai, Atrium restaurant - Iftar buffet from 1800-2130 for AED 135 per person, and Suhoor buffet 2300-0400, tel +971-4-4299999
  • Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, Jumeirah Beach, Al Dhiyafa - traditional Arabic Iftar buffet AED 145 per person, tel +971-4-3995000.
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah - Arabic Iftar buffet, adults AED 135, children 7-12 years AED 70, children under 7 free, tel +971-4-3182205.
  • Holiday Inn Express Internet City, Vista Rooftop - set menus from AED 95 per person, buffets organised for groups of 20 or more, tel +971-4-4275500.
  • Jumeirah Emirates Towers Boulevard - Al Nafoorah Ramadan Majlis Iftar buffet and shisha smoking, tel +971-4-3198088, prices AED 180 adults, AED 90 children aged 4-12, free for tots under 4.
  • Jumeira Rotana Dubai - Iftar buffet AED 109, tel +971-4-3455888.
  • Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, tel +971-4-3410000
    • Aspen - Suhoor buffet AED 110.
    • Grand Ski Chalet - private Iftar meal in majlis AED 365 per person, stay in chalet after if too full to move
    • KGrill - Ramadan set menu for Iftar in poolside majlis, AED 220 with Shisha, AED 195 without
    • Sezzam - Iftar buffet AED 150 per person including soft drinks. Lunch buffet AED 99 weekdays, AED 150 weekends, tel +971-4-4095999
  • Le Meridien Dubai, Yalumba - Iftar buffet AED 159 per person, free for children under 5, tel +971-4-7022328.
  • Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, Waves - Iftar buffet, adults AED 145, children AED 75, tel +971-4-3181398.
  • Media Rotana Dubai, Channels - Arabic, Oriental, and International buffet AED 140 per person. Tel +971-4-4350201.
  • Mir Amin Lebanese Restaurant, La Plage apartments (next to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf), Jumeirah Beach Road - Iftar buffet AED 69 per person, +971-4-3449921.
  • Park Hyatt Dubai, Café Arabesque - Middle Eastern Iftar buffet, adults AED 160, children 6-12 AED 85, tel +971-4-6021234.
  • Ramadan Nights At The Terrace - Sohour menu AED 170 and AED 190, from 2000-0200, tel +971-4-3172222.
  • Ping Pong - Dim Sum Iftar, AED 105 per person. Tel 800 PINGPONG (800-74641664).
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Creek, Deira, tel +971-4-2057333 or +971-4-2057444
    • Boulvar Restaurant - Iftar with hot and cold mezzeh, and main course, AED 99 per person.
    • Shabestan - Persian and Arabic mezzeh buffet for AED 125 per person.
    • Al Mansour Dhow cruise - Iftar Ramadan cruise with international and Arabic buffet, group bookings only, minimum 30 people, AED 120-140 per person
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City, Chef's House - Iftar buffet AED 115 per person, tel +971-4-3669111.
  • Renaissance Dubai, Spice Island - Arabic Iftar, AED 99 per person, tel +971-4-2625555.
  • Seawings Ramadan offer - scenic sunset seaplane flight over Dubai and Iftar buffet at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club for AED 699 per person. Tel 800-SEAWINGS (toll-free in UAE) or tel +971-4-8832999.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) Iftar dinner with Emirati food, was AED 125 per person, free for children under 12, every night except Fridays and Tuesdays. SMCCU is in the Bastakia historical area of Dubai. Bookings necessary - limit of 60 perople per night. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and visit the Bastakiya Mosque (dress conservatively). Tel +971-4-3536666, website www.cultures.ae.
  • Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel, tel +971-4-2071404 or +971-4-2071405
    • Daily themed Iftar buffet. Sunday - Moroccan; Monday - Pakistani; Tuesday - South East Asian; Wednesday - Egyptian; Thursday - Gulf; Friday - Iranian; Saturday - Turkish. AED 135 per person
    • The Lobby Café - Suhoor menus AED 85 and AED 115 per person
  • Southern Sun Al Manzil Hotel, The Conservatory - Iftar buffet AED 145, tel +971-4-4285923.
  • Taj Palace Hotel Dubai, Topkapi Turkish - Iftar buffet AED 95. Suhour from 2200 with Arabic and Turkish dishes for AED 75, tel +971-4-2232222.
  • The Address Downtown Dubai, tel +971-4-4368888
    • Fazaris - Iftar buffet with live music from Arabic duo, AED 180 including soft drinks
    • Risala & Fazaris - Sohour menus 2100-midnight
  • The Address Dubai Mall, NA3NA3 - Arabic Iftar buffet and special children's buffet, oud player, from sunset to 2300 (11pm), AED 165 including soft drinks, tel +971-4-4388888
  • The Address Dubai Marina, Mazina - Iftar menu AED 140 including soft drinks, tel +971-4-4367777.
  • The Palace, Old Town Downtown Dubai - Ewaan Arabian restaurant Arabic Iftar buffet AED 180. Sohour a la carte with live cooking stations, and Shisha smoking from 2200-0200 (0300 on weekends), minimum spend AED 150 per person. Corporate buffets in the Royale Ballroom. Tel +971-4-4287951 or +971-4-4287888?
  • Traders Hotel, Dubai, The Junction - Arabic Iftar buffet AED 75 per person, tel +971-4-2147272
  • Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Blue Orange - Iftar and dinner buffet, adults AED 195, children AED 90, tel +971-4-5117115.

See the Dubai hotel list and Abu Dhabi hotel list for contact details etc.

List of Ramadan Tents in Dubai 2010

Ramadan Tents are a feature of the month of Ramadan in the UAE. Large tents, with air-conditioning, have activities that include some or all of the following: Shisha smoking, Iftar and Suhoor buffets or a la carte menus, board games and playing cards, television screens, live music bands (usually Arabic), and even video games for the anti-social (which sort of misses the point of going to a Ramadan Tent but hey, whatever floats your boat, or wows your dhow ... or whatever the UAE equivalent is).

  • Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, QDs, Al Sultan Tent - Iftar buffet on Fridays for AED 100, a la carte menu every day, tel +971-4-2956000.
  • Dubai Festival Centre, DFC Hospitality Tent - tea, coffee, dates (the edible kind), board games, location near IKEA, tel 800-33232 (toll-free in UAE)
  • Dubai Festival City, Intercontinental Hotel, Intercon DFC Ramadan Tent - Iftar buffet AED 165 per person. Special offers for bookings of 4 people from 11-25 August 2010 - spa, golf, or restaurant voucher, tel +971-4-7011127
  • Grand Hyatt Dubai, Laylati Café - Ramadan tent with à la carte menu from 2000-0300 (8pm to 3am), entry AED 30 weekdays, AED 40 weekends, tel +971-4-3172222
  • Grand Millennium Dubai - Ramadan tent on pool deck with a la carte menu AED 100, Arabic barbecue AED 90, tel +971-4-4299999.
  • Holiday Inn Barsha, Xennya Terrace, Enigma Ramadan Shisha Tent - Shisha, food, board games, open 1900-0200, tel (mobile) +971-50-3405766 or +971-50-6257018
  • JW Marriott Dubai - Grand Indoor Ramadan tent in the Town Square and Mays El-Reem, Iftar buffet with live cooking stations, adults AED 165, children 6-12 AED 100, tel +971-4-6077977.
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Diwan Al Khayal Ramadan Tent - 2130-0300, live Arabic music, Suhoor from AED 100 per person, tel +971-4-4068999
  • Madinat Jumeirah, Al Majlis Marquee - adults over 21 only, open 2030-0230, minimum spend AED 100, or AED 150 on Thursday and Friday, tel +971-4-3666038.
  • Media Rotana Dubai - Ramadan Tent with shisha and live entertainment. Tel +971-4-4350201.
  • The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Al Barza - open from Iftar until 0200, and 0300 Thursday and Friday. Minimum spend applies, tel +971-50-4524558 or +971-50-1593764.
  • Wafi City, Persia Persia at The Pyramids - Iranian Iftar buffet in Ramadan Tent, AED 99, +971-4-3244100.

Ramadan Dubai 2010 competitions, events, exhibitions, special offers

  • Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) - Islamic Art Exhibition during Ramadan. Opening hours 1000-2000 Sun-Thu, 1200-2000 Sat, closed Fri, entry free.
  • Dubai International Holy Quran Award Competition (DIHQA) - 2010 winner was Mohammad Irchad Merbai, a 20 year old blind contestant from Algeria.
  • Dubai Police Ramadan Tournaments - policemen and women compete during Ramadan, including target shooting, snooker, bowling, squash, table tennis, tug-of-war, tennis, cross-country racing, strength tests. Sponsored by Emirates NBD for 2010.
  • Dubai TV and Sama Dubai TV Ramadan program schedule?
  • Gulf News Blockbusters - answer quiz questions, win prizes, and get your photo in the paper (2009)?
  • Ramadan Cricket Tournament at Zabeel Park organised by Dulsco Sport Club, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Cricket Council (2009)?
  • Ramadan Martial Arts Tournament 2010 at the Arabian Centre, three age groups - 5-12 years old, 13-19, and 20+ (2010)
  • Reel Cinemas Ramadan Movie Marathon from first to last days of Ramadan 2010 - double screenings at 1600 and at 2100 of of Shrek, Batman, Madagascar, Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, James Bond, Princess & the Frog and Beauty & the Beast. Special prices - buy 2 different tickets for AED 50 at The Dubai Mall, and AED 80 at Dubai Marina Mall.
  • The Dubai Mall - Masajid Photography Exhibition during the first 2 weeks of Ramadan, in collaboration with Dar Ibn Al Haytham, featuring photographs of mosques by UAE nationals.
  • The Dubai Mall Waterfall Atrium - exhibition of the art collection of Mr Ahmed Bin Eisa Alserkal, including calligraphy and ceramic displays, in association with the Alserkal Foundation.
  • The Dubai Mall Gold Souk Atrium - Islamic Affairs stand with insights into the Holy Month and Islam.
  • The Dubai Mall Iftar packs of water, dates, and a Ramadan calendar, distributed at Guest Service Desks.
  • Wild Wadi - open 1200-2400 (midday to midnight) on Fridays and Saturdays. Special admission prices after 2000 (8pm) AED 150 for adults and AED 125 for children under 1.1 meters height. Tel +971-4-3484444.

Ramadan Forum Dubai 2010

  • The Ramadan Forum in Dubai is a series of lectures, workshops, and other events organised by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and sponsored by various corporate organisations in Dubai.
  • Chairman of the forum is Khalifa Al Falasi.
  • Lecture series includes 19 lectures in Arabic, 6 English lectures, and 1 Tagalog lecture for non-Muslims.
  • The 9th Ramadan Forum dates are 02-18 Ramadan (12 or 13 to 28 or 29 August 2010). English lectures run from 11-17 Ramadan (21/22-27/28 August 2010).
  • Location is in Al Twar (on the Terminal 2 side of Dubai International Airport), in a large tent built especially for the forum, capacity 7,000 people.
  • Other facilities and activities include a children's tent with games and entertainment, stage for religious and cultural competitions, bazaar and souq area, and traditional food.
  • Website reportedly available but not supplied or found, try the DTCM website (www.dubaitourism.ae) or contact email info@dubaitourism.ae.

Ramadan in Fujairah activities, tents, meals

  • Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, Layali Al Aqah - Ramadan tent with big screen TVs, Arabic cuisine, open 2000-0200, tel +971-9-2449000.

Ramadan in Ras Al Khaimah RAK events and Iftar meals

  • The Cove Rotana Resort, Cinnamon restaurant - Arabic Iftar buffet AED 130 per person, tel +971-7-2066000.

Ramadan Sharjah 2010 events

  • Al Qasba (Qanat Al Qasbah) fireworks display Friday 10 September at 2200, and kids cartoon character parade.
  • Eman Oasis - part of Ramadaniat Al Qasba - a series of 19 religious lectures by Islamic clerics about modern Islamic society. Some events for non-Muslims also. Dates from 12-26 August 2010.
  • Maraya Art Centre at Al Qasba - "Life in Ramadan" photography exhibition, in association with the Emirates Photography Society, from 22 August to 18 September 2010, showcasing works of 13 photographers based in the UAE with photos reflecting a UAE perspective on traditions and customs of Ramadan.
  • Ramadaniat Al Qasba 2010 at Qanat Al Qasbah (QAQ) - Islamic lectures, entertainment events, Ramadan banquets, Iftar and Suhour meals, Al Qasba Kids Fun Zone
  • Sharjah Islamic Ramadan Tent - a Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) promotion with religious, educational, sports, and entertainment programs and competitions. Exclusive evenings for those with special needs (a mini Olympiad), new Muslims ("Discover Islam"), and non-Arabic ("Emotional Intelligence") audiences. Other featured evenings inlcude Best Quran Recital (17 Aug 2010), Islamic songs (24 Aug 2010), photo gallery and course with Emirates Photography Society (27 Aug 2010). Location is next to the Coral Beach Hotel and Resort. Event timings start at 2200 after Taraweeh prayers. Dates are from 14 to 30 or 31 August 2010 (opening postponed from 13 to 14 August 2010 after death of the mother of the ruler of Sharjah on 11 August 2010).
  • Sharjah Ramadan Festival - Ramadan tents, Sharjah shopping festivals, prizes, and promotions, family activities.
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