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Ramadan in Dubai

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Ramadan (Ramadhan) in Dubai and the UAE

Ramadan dates 2019

Ramadan start date for 2019 (1440) is Monday 06 May 2019, announced by Dubai Media Office on evening of Sunday 05 May 2019.

Ramadan information and dates

Ramadan (Ramadhan) dates and information for Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE. Background and what the month of Ramadan means for tourists and visitors, and residents of Dubai.

Ramadan dates 2005-2019

Year Start Date¹ End Date¹ Maghrib, Iftar Times²
      01 Ramadan 29 Ramadan
1441 AH Ramadan 2020        
1440 AH Ramadan 2019 Mon 06 May 2019 Tue 04 Jun 2019    
1439 AH Ramadan 2018        
1438 AH Ramadan 2017        
1437 AH Ramadan 2016        
1436 AH Ramadan 2015 18 June 2015 17 July 2015 19:14  
1435 AH Ramadan 2014 29 June 2014 27 July 2014    
1434 AH Ramadan 2013 10 July 2013 07 August 2013    
1433 AH Ramadan 2012 20 July 2012 18 August 2012    
1432 AH Ramadan 2011 01 August 2011 30 August 2011 19:06 18:42
1431 AH Ramadan 2010 11 August 2010 09 September 2010 18:59 18:30
1430 AH Ramadan 2009 22 August 2009 19 September 2009 18:49 18:20
1429 AH Ramadan 2008 01 September 2008 29 September 2008 18:39 18:09
1428 AH Ramadan 2007 12 September 2007 11 October 2007    
1427 AH Ramadan 2006 23 September 2006 22 October 2006    
1426 AH Ramadan 2005 04 October 2005 02 November 2005    
  1. Estimated dates in italics until confirmed by moon sighting committee.
  2. Iftar/Magreb times for Dubai. Add 4 minutes for Abu Dhabi, subtract 4 minutes for RAK, subtract 6 minutes for Fujairah. Iftar time changes by about 1 minute each day during Ramadhan.
Ramadan guidelines

"Ramadan Mubarak" and "Ramadan Kareem" are congratulatory greetings used when the first day of Ramadan is announced (kareem means generous and mubarak means blessings). Suhoor is the meal in the morning just before sunrise - it is usually a light meal. Iftar is the time of the evening meal just after sunset, traditionally a light snack of dates and water, although this might no be so obvious in Dubai. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims have the following obligations

Children (cut-off point is about 12 years old), the elderly, the insane, travellers, pregnant or nursing women, sick people, and those who are fighting in battle are not expected to fast. Instead they should feed one poor person each day during Ramadan, or, in the case of temporary conditions, make up the days by fasting at a later date. Women should not fast during menstruation but make up those days after Ramadan.

Iftar cannons in UAE

Locations of cannons in Dubai, Sharjah, other emirates in the UAE, fired to announce Iftar. Go and have a look ... or listen. If you haven't heard it before, you'll probably jump. Sharjah Police hand out free meals in Sharjah to spectators. Two shots are fired on the first day of Eid Al Fitr? And if you live near one of the cannon locations, now you know what that loud bang was.

Workers in the UAE can break fasting during the day (Ramadan 2010)
Ramadan events and activities in Dubai and the UAE
Rules and expectations specific to Dubai and the UAE
Ramadan working hours in the UAE
Ramadan timings Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE 2010
Restaurants, cafes, and eating outlets with daytime opening hours during Ramadan

Eid Al Fitr holiday

Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA)

Ramadan Glossary
Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr UAE dates 2015
Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr UAE dates 2014

First day of Ramadan 1435 AH in the UAE is Sunday 29 June 2014 according to the UAE moon sighting committee, announced in the evening of 27 June 2014. Last day of Ramadan is Sunday 27 July 2014, announced on 27 July 2014.

Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr UAE dates 2013
Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr UAE dates 2012
Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr UAE dates 2011
Ramdan and Eid Al Fitr UAE dates 2010


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