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Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

List of private and international schools in UAE

Select options for a list of schools, or search for UAE colleges.

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Notes about this directory and list of UAE schools
  • To add a school in UAE to this list, start a new topic in the UAE schools forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • Location column not printed to fit table in A4 portrait view. Tel area codes for each emirate: 02 Abu Dhabi, 04 Dubai, 06 Sharjah, Ajman, & UAQ, 07 RAK, 09 Fujairah & East Coast
  • School name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "International" schools have mostly students of one nationality and/or a national curriculum.
  • Sort by tel number to group schools in the same geographical area (first 2 or 3 digits after country and city code indicate area).
  • School finder, directory list, and which school adviser includes UAE schools, colleges and villa schools which offer expatriate curriculums - American, Arab, Asian, Australian, Bangladesh, British, Canadian, English, French, German, international, Internationale Baccalaureate (IB), Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, Pakistani, Philippines, Russian, private UAE MOE curriculum schools, private schools where English or Arabic language is the medium of instruction. Also some government UAE MOE curriculum schools (instruction is normally in Arabic in public schools).
  • European curriculum schools include French and German only as far as we know. There are no Italian, Spanish, etc, schools in the UAE (please send an update if this is incorrect). Austrian and Swiss students normally attend a French, German, or international school. Update: A Swiss International School is planned in Dubai, opening September 2015.
  • Some communities have an arrangement for part-time education in the culture of their home country, for example Armenia, Finland, Sweden. Also Denmark, Greece?
  • Chinese schools? One or two public schools in Abu Dhabi have a dual Chinese-UAE curriculum, or UAE curriculum with Chinese language classes.

Send updates, error corrections, additions, deletions, tuition fee structure information to education at dubaifaqs.com.

School groups in the UAE, lists of members

List of Bhavan Schools in the UAE

Managed by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Middle East, www.bhavansmiddleeast.com. Bhavans schools are English medium, Indian CBSE curriculum schools. Middle East locations include Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar (Doha), and UAE. UAE schools list:

  • Bhavans Abu Dhabi, Mussafah (Private International English School)
    • www.bhavansabudhabi.com
  • [Not in DB] Bhavans Ajman and Sharjah (Wise Indian Academy). Opened in March 2016 as Wise Indian Academy, joined Bhavans schools group in September 2017. Fee range AED 6500-8000 per year (which year?). Not to be confused with the Royal Indian Academy, also in Ajman (a different school).
    • www.bhavansajman.com
  • Bhavans Al Ain (Al Saad Indian School)
    • www.bhavansalain.com
  • Bhavans Dubai. Announced in 2010 but project cancelled or suspended indefinitely. See Bhavans Ajman.
    • www.bhavansdubai.com, no website, nothing in archive.
  • Bhavans Sharjah. Announced in 2010 but plans suspended or cancelled. See Bhavans Ajman.
    • www.bhavanssharjah.com, no website, nothing in archive.

School searches in the UAE

British International School United Arab Emirates (UAE) - doesn't exist by that name but these are the closest in each emirate:

  • British International School Abu Dhabi (BISAD), run by Nord Anglia Education.
  • British International School Ajman - new UK curriculum school in September 2014.
  • British International School Al Ain - probably refers to Al Ain International School, a UK curriculum school in Al Ain. Or possibly Brighton College Al Ain campus.
  • British International School Dubai - probably a reference to the Nord Anglia school in Dubai.
  • British International School Sharjah - reference to Sharjah British International School (SBIS), new name for Sharjah British School (SBS), an Islamic school for Muslim families, following a UK curriculum. Confusingly there is also a Sharjah International School which is sometimes referred to as Sharjah International British School (SIBS), and is also an Islamic school. British and western families not looking for an Islamic school usually go to Sharjah English School, which is unrelated to either of the previous two schools mentioned.
  • British International School Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) - doesn't exist, maybe reference to RAK Academy (previously RAKESS).

Updates done or new listing added but need more info

  • Ajyal International Private School - MBZ City, Abu Dhabi. Unknown if planned or not, no information supplied, very little found. Added 17 Jan 2014.
  • Al Iman Muslim School Abu Dhabi (Al Eman Islamic School), Mussafah Community, MBZ City. Added 16 Jan 2014. Closed, renamed, or merged with another school?
  • Aliaa International School Abu Dhabi, planned(?), added 04 Oct 2013. Not clear if a proposed real school, or confusion with Al Alia School in Al Ain or Al Ajyal School in Abu Dhabi. Not much information supplied or found.
  • GEMS American School Ajman - announced in 2005 but hasn't opened, no further information provided on an opening date.
  • GEMS Westminster School Abu Dhabi, added 05 Oct 2013. Unknown if a real school proposed or misreported Winchester.
  • New Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS) renamed to Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba (ADIS Branch 1 Al Wathba South), opening April 2014, location Al Wathba South. Map location vague, needs update.
  • Svenska skolan Dubai (Swedish School in Dubai) - updated 19 Nov 2013, still need timings, fees, costs, location map update.

Updates needed

See lists also.

  • Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba location map not correct?
  • Al Dana nurseries contact details - Al Ain, Ajman, Fujairah, RAK, Ruwais, UAQ.
  • Bani Yas National Private School (Baniyas)?
  • Bani Yas International Private School (Baniyas)?
New school projects
  • Abu Dhabi Grammar School - campus in Mussafah under construction?
  • Dubai Investments Park kindergarten - under construction?
  • GEMS school in Al Khail, Dubai - under construction?
  • Reach British School in Baniyas - new school under construction, opening in September 2014. Added to DB.
  • Scientific Research School (Science Research School, School of Research Science) - in Al Warqa'a (Al Warqaa) Dubai under construction?

Schools added to lists

Schools in Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi city, Al Wathba, Mussafah, MBZ City, Baniyas, other suburbs

Added 01 Oct 2013 - 26 Mar 2014. See also list of schools more info needed, or *italics.

  • Al Dhabianiyah Private School Abu Dhabi, added 29 Oct 2013.
  • Al Dhabianiah Public School Abu Dhabi (Al Dabiania Model School), added 29 Oct 2013.
  • Al Jazeera School, Al Mushrif, added 31 Oct 2013.
  • Al Mushrif Public School Abu Dhabi (Rawdat Al Mushrif Chinese School) (public, MOE), added 25 Oct 2013.
  • Al Muzdalifah School Abu Dhabi, added 25 Oct 2013.
  • Al Zaafarana School Abu Dhabi (public, girls, MOE), closed in 2012? Added 30 Oct 2013.
  • Al Zafranah School Abu Dhabi, added 30 Oct 2013.
  • British Schools in Abu Dhabi - added 08 Nov 2013, need update with list (see British College Abu Dhabi).
  • GEMS Winchester School Abu Dhabi, open Sep 2013, added 07 Oct 2013. Also a GEMS Westminster proposed in AUH?
  • *Middle East Private School or Academy - new name for UFE Academy in Abu Dhabi? Ref 112206. Add. ADEC, GPS. Added 07 Nov 2013. Location conflict with SBOS - see ADEC GPS.
  • *Philippine Emirates Private School (PEPS)? East Baniyas? No information found or supplied. Added 05 Nov 2013?
  • Reach British School, Bani Yas East, opening Sep 2014. Added 15 Feb 2014.
  • Ryan International School in Mussafah - added 26 Mar 2014, opening April 2014.
  • Summit International School, Madinat Zayed downtown Abu Dhabi, open Sep 2013, added 04 Oct 2013.
  • Taleem Training Skills Development Center, Al Nahayan, added 01 Jan 2014.
  • The National Torches Private School, same as Al Masheel or Al Mashael School. Added 10 Nov 2013.
Schools in Abu Dhabi - Al Ain city
  • Abdullah Bin Zubair (ABZ) Private School - The ABZ Private School-Al Ain city, Abu Dhabi emirate, opened in 2013? Added 20 Oct 2013.
  • Al Ahliya Private School Fujairah updated - page name changed, previous page name used for new Sharjah AAPS page (21 Feb 2014).
  • Omar Bin Al Khattab Model School Dubai - added 20 Mar 2014.
  • Private International English School Al Ain (Al Saad Indian School) - added 29 Dec 2014, branch of PIES Abu Dhabi (Bhavan's Indian School)?
  • Ryan International School Mussafah, MBZ City, Abu Dhabi - added 26 Mar 2014.
Schools in Abu Dhabi - Western Region, Al Gharbia
Schools in Ajman
Schools in Dubai

Added 01 Jan to 26 Mar 2014.

  • Al Falah Model Private school, added 18 Jan 2014.
  • Bilva Indian School, added 01 Mar 2014.
  • Credence Indian High School Dubai (07 Oct 2013, new, added).
  • GEMS First Point School Dubailand, added 15 Mar 2014.
  • *Nord Anglia Education School Dubai (British International School of Dubai), new, opening September 2014 in Al Barsha South. Added 14 Nov 2013. Update needed.
  • Omar Bin Al Khattab Model School, added 20 Mar 2014.
  • Sabari Indian School in Dubai (07 Oct 2013, new, added).
  • Safa British Academy, added 07 Jan 2014.
Schools in Fujairah
Schools in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)

See RAK schools list for new schools. Existing schools listed here when added.

  • Al Khulood (Al Kholoud) Private School, added 25 Mar 2014.
  • Al Manal Private School, added 24 Mar 2014.
  • Al Manar Private School for Girls, added 24 Mar 2014.
  • Al Nakheel Primary School, added 24 Mar 2014.
  • Al Nasr Private School (same as Victory Special School), added 24 Mar 2014.
  • Al Rashid (Al Rashed, Al Rashad) British Private School added 24 Mar 2014.
  • Al Rawabi Modern School, added 25 Mar 2014.
  • Alpha International School, added 22 Mar 2014.
  • Arab (Arabic) Private School, added 24 Mar 2014.
  • Badr (Bader) Private School, added 25 Mar 2014.
  • Islamic Education Private School, added 25 Mar 2014.
  • Nida Al Islamic School, added 25 Mar 2014.
  • Palm School RAK - different name for Al Nakheel School, added 24 Mar 2014.
  • RAK Academy for the Gifted, added 20 Mar 2014.
  • RAK Academy IB PYP School, added 22 Mar 2014.
  • RAK Academy Secondary High School, added 22 Mar 2014.
Schools in Sharjah

See Sharjah schools list for new schools. Existing schools listed here when added.

Schools in Umm Al Quwain
Schools in UAE - other locations
UAE schools added, new opened, opening date unknown or unclear

UAE schools added, new opened in 2013

  • Abdullah Bin Zubair Private School Al Ain (ABZ School)
  • Alia International Private School Al Ain
  • Credence High School Dubai
  • Emirates National School MBZ City, Abu Dhabi
  • GD Goenka Private School Sharjah
  • GEMS Westminster School RAK
  • GEMS Winchester School Abu Dhabi
  • Juventus Soccer School Dubai - opened September 2013?
  • Sabari Indian School Dubai
  • Sama American Private School Sharjah
  • Summit International School Abu Dhabi
  • The Oasis School Dubai - Academy of Excellence renamed.
  • Victory Heights Primary School Dubai
  • Zakher Private School Al Ain
UAE schools closed, renamed, deleted, or other status in 2013
  • Emirates National School Dubai - doesn't exist
  • Emirates National Schools Abu Dhabi - page added for all ENS schools
  • First Steps School Abu Dhabi - closed by ADEC July 2013 (not confirmed)?
  • The Universal Academy of Excellence Dubai - renamed as The Oasis School in Dubai.

See Dubai schools list for Dubai schools closed or closing.

UAE schools new planned, announced, reported, proposed, rumoured in 2013
  • Ambassador School Sharjah
  • Beaconhouse Schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE (locations not specified). Reported 03 Nov 2013 (Khaleej Times): story quoted Danial Kasuri, Executive Director and Mena Region Head for Beaconhouse Schools: "We are looking to acquire existing schools with 400 to 500 students and develop the school before creating our own purpose-built school. ... We intend to have a large physical presence in the Middle East and by next year we would have acquired land or an existing school in the UAE, We would start with a British curriculum school before introducing the International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabi." School names, locations, construction timelines not supplied. Beaconhouse is not the same as Beacon Schools Group (now Taaleem). Beaconhouse already operates Khaleej Nursery in Sharjah, Palms Nursery in Dubai, and other schools outside the UAE.
  • GEMS Westminster School Abu Dhabi, possibly planned, reported
  • Habitat Private School Ajman, planned
  • Meritorious School Dubai, possible, reported
  • Meritorious School Sharjah, possible, reported
UAE schools closed, renamed, deleted, status unknown, date of change unknown or unclear (>1500)
  • Al Jazeera School Abu Dhabi (Al Jazira School), unknown status and location?
  • Al Zafrana School (Al Zafranah School) Abu Dhabi, unknown status and location?
  • Aliaa International School Abu Dhabi, unknown status and location (has different name? or is in Al Ain as Alia School?)
Schools, kindergartens, nurseries to add - Abu Dhabi
  • ?? ADEC 2013 Bani Yas or Baniyas schools
  • Al Ehsan Kindergarten, Al Mushrif - Al Mushrif Kindergarten School location (GM).
  • Al Farooq School Abu Dhabi (13 Nov 2013) - in the Liwa area, Western Region (Al Farouq School in ADEC directory, public, boys).
  • Al Hosn Secondary School for Boys? Public. Not related to the Al Hosn School in Dubai (Al Hesn Private School).
  • Al Kadiseya School (ADM97). Check, closed or renamed? Same as Al Qadisiyah School?
  • Al Razi School for Boys (ADM97) same tel number and location as August 6th School? Same location as 21st Century Private Academy? Check, add.
  • Al Reem School, Al Zahra? Check if add or update. Same location (ADEC, GPS) also Sixth of August School (unknown) and Al Qadisiyah School (GM, EB) or Madrasat Al Qadisiyah (unknown), Al Kadeseya School (ADM97)? 6th August School location (geoview, incorrect?). Ref 131385. Add?
  • Belvedere British School AUH - two more locations in AUH (liverpoolecho 27 Apr 2013)?
  • Emirates National Schools (ENS) - three campuses in Abu Dhabi City - KG-primary, boys, girls?
  • National Torches Private School - see Al Mashael National Private School entry.
  • Saad Bin Mo'aath School, Saad Bin Moaath Primary School, Public, Boys, G6-G9, Cycle 2, 44 teachers, 696 students. Ref 111111. Review.
Baniyas School, Bani Yas School (ADEC 2013)
  • [Added as BIPS] Bani Yas International Private School (ADEC, 2011, 2012, 2013), tel 025827555, ref 112098.
  • [Added as BGSAD] Bani Yas School, public girls primary school, MOE curriculum, Baniyas, ref 111103 (ADEC 2011, 2012, 2013).
  • [Added] Baraem Al Ain Private School Baniyas - in Abu Dhabi not Al Ain, private, MOE curriculum, tel 025831818, ref 112099. Also a Baraaim Al Ain Private School in Al Ain (ref 122150).
  • [Added] Seer Bani Yas School, public boys grades 10-12, MBZ City, ref 111092.
  • [Added] United School of Baniyas, Baniyas, US, primary, tel 025853566, ref 112217.
  • *[Already added] Emirates Private School - Bani Yas (EPS Baniyas), ref 112107.

Other sources (other spellings Bany-Yas, Banyyas, Beniyas, Beni Yas, Bani Yass, Bini Yas)

  • [Renamed as BIPS] Bani Yas National Private School, tel +971-2-5840123 (error?).
  • [Renamed as BIPS] Baniyas National Private School (BNPS), tel +971-2-5833006 (LS) (probably incorrect, not in ADEC 2013, in ADEC 2011 for Baniyas Girls School ref 111103). Website www.baniyas-school.com for BNPS but contact info for Baniyas Int Pvt Sch. BNPS might also be used as a reference to Emirates National School in Baniyas (is not related to BNPS or BIPS, nor is it part of the Emirates Private School group).
  • [Added as BIPS] Baniyas International Private School, www.adbips.com - is Bani Yas Int Pvt Sch.
Education providers UAE to add and review
  • Bhavans schools in UAE, see list on this page.
  • Radiant Education, Radiant Educational Investment and Management. Location map, schools, review.
Schools to review or update - Abu Dhabi
  • 21st Century Private Academy - confirm opened in current location, not relocated (conflicting information about previous building location - 6th August School). Ref 112205. Review. Location in Al Manhal on 7th Street (ACMG information) is incorrect (add info to communities page)?
  • 6 or 6th August School - see August 6th School. Review.
  • Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy - renamed, location map? Owner UFE or ASMG or both? Review, update.
  • Al Dhabianiah Model School ADEC name changed to Al Dhabianeya School and GPS slight adjustment but same location (Al Mushraf GM), Al Mushrif. Ref 111008. Review. Location map.
  • Al Dhabianiah Private School. Location map. Different from Al Dhabianiah Model School. Ref 112182. Review.
  • Al Jazeera School (ADM97) location map add. Not Al Jazeera KG, unknown now, nothing found AEZ 2011, 2012, 2013, Al Mushrif, next to Al Nahda Girls School, GPS 24.4345,54.398 (not ADEC).
  • Al Maali International School - old location map.
  • Al Mashael National Private School (Al Masheel School, The National Torches Private School). Add location map.
  • Al Moutanabi School (ADM97) > KUSTAR, HAZ Sector 1-20. Al Mutanabi School in Baniyas, public, boys, G6-9, MOE. ADEC 2013 but not 2012, 2011 with ref 111521. ADEC 2012 Al Mutanabi School in Abu Dhabi City, public, boys, G10-12, PPP, ref 111112 (not in ADEC 2013).
  • Al Rawafed Private School > Rawafed Private School. Delete and review Al Rawafed Private School page.
  • Al Sadis Min Augustus School - no entry, same as August 6th School. Review.
  • Al Taawan Private School LLC. Branch -1, Al Mushrif, near Elite Private School. Ref 112014. ADEC, GPS. Closed or moved? Not in ADEC 2013.
  • Al Zaafarana School AEZ 2011 (GPS), not 2012, 2013, closed? Ref 111020, next to August 6th School (2011 AEZ, incorrect?), and KUSTAR, Hadbat Al Zaafran.
  • Al Zafranah School (GM) - unknown school in Al Jazeera KG location, Al Muroor, any other reference? Review - search.
  • August 6th School - location map, two locations in HAZ. ADEC 2010 GPS incorrect? Review.
  • British College Abu Dhabi (BCAD) - supposed to open in Sep 2010 or Sep 2011? No information found, try harder, review.
  • Diyafah International School - new campus of Al Diyafah School. Principal Robert Taylor not Peter Winder? Review.
  • Elite Private School (The Elite Private School -Abu Dhabi) - new location in MBZ City under construction, opening date in 2014? Review.
  • Indian Islahi Islamic School Facebook closing (March 2014), ref 112016, (ADEC, GPS, GM), location map add? Update, added.
  • Philippine Emirates Private School (PEPS)? Unknown, unconfirmed, might be PISCO Private School renamed? In Baniyas East? No information supplied.
  • Philippine National School - closing in July 2013? Location map? Check, update.
  • Pioneers or Pioneer International Private School (villa school closed in 2010) - find location map? Check ADEC 2011 AR directory (tel not listed).
  • PISCO Private School - two locations - Al Dhafrah and Baniyas. Baniyas City Mussafah location, location map. School closed, Baniyas location now Philippine Emirates School? Ref 112012. Review.
  • Rawafed Private School new location map, Khalifa City A, ADEC GPS, GM. Review. Ref 112229. Remove Al Rawafed Private School page.
  • Saad Bin Obaidah School (Saad Ebnu Obadah Primary School, Saad Bin Obadah School) - location map, renamed to UFE Academy, then MEPS? Ref 111013. Conflicting location information (ADEC, GPS), not closed, still listed in ADEC 2013 directory in different location from MEPS? Review. GPS bookmarked.
  • SKBZ Bangladish Islamia Private School LLC (GM, ADEC GPS), ref 112116. Location map add?
  • UFE Academy - renamed as MEPS but conflicting location information with SBOS (should be the same?). Review UFE, add MEPS.
Schools reviewed, updated - Abu Dhabi
  • Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi fees updated but not confirmed (25 Nov 2013), not clear what maximum fees are. Also job vacancy information.
  • *Sheikh Khalifa Pakistani School. Change name to Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan School? Location map. Ref 112028. 10 Nov 2013.
Schools closing in Abu Dhabi in 2014? Check.
  • Al Fajr English International School (British curriculum) in Shaikh Zayed Street (GN 02 Oct 2013).
  • Indian Islahi Islamic School
  • Philippine National School in Al Falah area (KT 20 Sep 2013, GN 02 Oct 2013). Probably means Al Dhafrah area where Al Fala Plaza is located, not the new Al Falah Community near Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • Salahuddin Private School (MOE) in Al Karamah (GN 02 Oct 2013).
ADEC School ID references
  • 21st Century Private Academy (Twenty First Century Private Academy), 112205. Location information conflict. Check August 6th School.
  • August 6th School (Sixth of August School), 111018. Location information conflict. Check Al Razi School, 21st Century Private Academy.
Schools, nurseries, KG to add or check, Al Ain
Schools, kindergartens, nurseries in Al Maqam
  • Al Sho'aa KG (Al Shoa, Al Shoaa Kindergarten, Al Maqam, public, MOE, co-ed, KG1-KG2 (ADEC 2013, GPS).
  • Abdullah Bin Zubair Private School (ABZ Private School) Arabic, primary, private school. Added 20 Oct 2013.
  • Al Ghaith School, UAE MOE, public, girls, primary (ADEC 2013, GPS).
  • Al Hemma School, public, girls, G6-9 (ADEC 2013, GPS).
  • Al Maqam School, UAE, MOE, public, boys, G6-12 (ADEC 2013, GPS).
  • Tariq Bin Ziad School, public, boys, G1-5 (ADEC 2013, GPS).
  • Um Kulthoom School, UAE, MOE, public, girls, G10-12 (ADEC 2013, GPS).
Schools in Abu Dhabi closed, renamed, opened, relocated in 2010
  • Cultural Private School in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi - closed, check.
  • Universal Future Education Private Academy (UFEPA) in Baniyas East - new, opened on site of Saad Bin Obaidah School (KT, 17 Aug 2010). Check, ADEC still lists SBOS in Baniyas in 2013 (Saad Bin Obada School, ref 111013)?

Schools in Dubai updates

To be added
  • Finnish School in Dubai - see Swedish School in Dubai page. Other Scandinavian schools don't exist (Danish, Norwegian)? Or do they?
Schools in Dubai reviews and updates
  • Al Farooq Pakistani Islamic School (18 Sep 2013), closed.
  • *Al Hesn Private School Muhaisnah 4 (20 Nov 2013) (Al Hosn School), location map and information updated. Fees not found or provided.
  • Al Majd Indian School (18 Sep 2013), Al Majd International School (13 Nov 2013).
  • Al Manarah International Boarding School Dubai (02 Oct 2013)
  • *Deira Private School (Al Twar) (12 Nov 2013) - add fees table. Not clear if 2012-2013 or 2013-2014. Need location map.
  • *Deira Private School Garhood (12 Nov 2013, minor update). Location map?
  • *Dubai First School Al Hadiqa Rd (13 Nov 2013), change status to closed. Need map update.
  • *European School of Dubai (12 Nov 2013) - change status to closed. Date closed unknown but head moved to Deira Private School for Sep 2009, and Russian School of Dubai moved to ESD campus in 2009-2010? So Aug 2009 closed? Need location map update before and after move.
  • Foremarke School Dubai in Al Barsha South (24 Nov 2013) - open day dates added, fees update, location map, review.
  • GEMS World Academy Dubai (27 Nov 2013) - bought by Emirates REIT. Update jobs, location map, contact details, fees.
  • *Greenfield Community School (20 Nov 2013) - new principal vacancy, fees updated. Further review and full update not done.
  • Modern Renaissance School Dubai (20 Nov 2013) - closed, update information and map, Muhaisanah 4 site became Uptown High School then Al Hesn School. Add comment about Al Twar 2 and JLT locations marked on maps (both incorrect).
  • New World Private School in Dubai (04 Dec 2013) - location map, fees, email updated. New Sharjah branch added.
  • *Oxford School Dubai (The Oxford School, Dubai) (13 Nov 2013) - fees, careers, salaries, egateway, websites. Need location map update.
  • *Philadelphia Private School Dubai (13 Nov 2013) - fees, location description, need map and links.
  • Regent International School in Dubai review (02 Dec 2013) - fees, location map, head's name, review and update.
  • *Russian International School (12 Nov 2013) - fees, headings, Russian, relocated to ESD campus in 2009-2010? Page name still Russian School Dubai. Update?
  • The English College Dubai fees location (25 Nov 2013) - primary school closing, fees, location map updated, careers vacancies section added, headteacher names updated.
  • Uptown High School (20 Nov 2013), Uptown Secondary School - Muhaisnah 4 location closed. Secondary section started Sep 2013 at Uptown School site in Mirdiff. Information and location map updated with both locations.
  • Uptown Primary School Mirdif (20 Nov 2013) - moved to new Uptown School complex in Mirdiff, status changed to relocated. Location map updated to show both locations.
  • Uptown School Mirdiff (20 Nov 2013) - new complex, information and location map update.
Schools in Sharjah updated
  • Emirates National School in Sharjah fees, website not found or supplied.
  • Russian School in Sharjah (13 Nov 2013) - Still closed? Add UAE Russian schools list. Change status to closed Sep 2010. Location map conflicts (saved, not updated).
Schools in Sharjah closed

Lists of schools to do

  1. List of schools in UAE - British, business, CBSE, GEMS, Indian, international, medical, Pakistani, special needs, top.
  • Complete list of schools in UAE.
  • GEMS list of schools in UAE.
  • List of A level, O level schools in UAE.
  • List of accredited, all, American, Arabic schools in UAE.
  • List of B, best, (British), British curriculum, boarding, (business) schools in UAE.
  • List of (CBSE), Cambridge schools in UAE.
  • List of dental, driving schools in UAE.
  • List of English, engineering, special education schools in UAE.
  • List of Filipino, film, flight, flying schools in UAE.
  • List of (GEMS), good, government schools in UAE.
  • List of high schools in UAE.
  • List of IB, IGCSE, (Indian), Indian high, (international), Islamic, schools in UAE.
  • List of law schools in UAE.
  • List of MBA, med, (medical) schools in UAE.
  • List of new, nursery, nursing, special needs schools in UAE.
  • List of (Pakistani), pharmacy, Philippine, primary, private, schools in UAE.
  • List of schools and colleges in UAE.
  • List of schools and universities in UAE.
  • List of schools in the UAE.
  • List of SABIS, secondary, special, special education, (special needs) schools in UAE.
  • List of T, technical, (top) schools in UAE.
  • List of UK schools in UAE.
  • List of vocational schools in UAE.
  • List of schools in Abu Dhabi UAE. List of Indian, private schools in Abu Dhabi UAE.
  • List of schools in Ajman UAE. List of Indian schools in Ajman UAE.
  • List of schools in Al Ain UAE.
  • List of schools in Dubai UAE. List of CBSE, high, Indian, international schools in Dubai UAE.
  • List of schools in Sharjah UAE. List of Indian, international, private schools in Sharjah UAE.
  • List of schools in RAK UAE.
  • List of schools in UAE Dubai.
Last update Thursday 21-Mar-2019
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