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Ramadan in Dubai 2011

Wednesday 16 January 2019 (UAE)   

Ramadan 2011 Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Ramadhan in 2011 information for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, UAE. List of activities, Iftar and Suhoor deals, other Ramadan deals, and places open during the day that serve food and drink. For a list of dos and donts in the UAE, general and background information, see the Ramadan page.

Ramadan dates 2011

Ramadan in the UAE start date is 01 August 2011, confirmation by moon sighting committee announced 30 July 2011 (WAM news).

Year Start Date¹ End Date¹ Magrib/Iftar Times²
      01 Ramadan 29 Ramadan
1432 AH Ramadan 2011 01 August 2011 31 August 2011 19:06 18:42
  1. Estimated dates in italics until confirmed by moon sighting committee in the UAE.
  2. Iftar/Magreb times are for Dubai. Add 4 minutes for Abu Dhabi, subtract 4 minutes for RAK, 6 mins for Fujairah. Subtract 1 minute each day of Ramadan (approximately). UAE newspapers usually publish all prayer times (Fajr, Dhuhur, Asr, Magrib/Maghrib, Isha)
  • Ramadan start date for 2011 in UAE announced on 30 July 2011 by the UAE Moonsighting Committe as Monday 01 August 2011 (WAM news 30 July 2011).
  • Ramadan 2011 dates in UAE will start on 01 August 2011 according to a Gulf News report 28 June 2011 of comments by a Sharjah-based astronomer, Ebrahim Al Jarwan, who said the "hilal" (half moon) will rise on 30 July 2011 and set on 31 July 2011 ... "It will then take shape 21 hours and 23 minutes later … it will be difficult to sight the moon from the UAE, but Ramadan will start on August 1," He also said Ramadan would last 30 days, and Eid Al Fitr 2011 would start on 31 August 2011.

Eid Al Fitr 2011 dates

Eid Al Fitr start date expected to be 31 August 2011 (not confirmed yet, subject to moon sighting committee observation).

UAE Moon Sighting Committee 2011 (WAM news 27 July 2011)

  • Moon Sighting Committee established by ministerial decree issued by Dr Hadif Jua'an Al Daheri, UAE Minister of Justice, and chairman of the committee.
  • Committee will meet after Maghreb prayers on Saturday 30 July 2011 at the Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department.

Ramadan guidelines for non-Muslims

See Ramadan UAE for more detail but a very brief summary is: do not eat (or chew gum), drink, or smoke in public during the day anywhere in the UAE including in your car and at the beach. You should be more conservative with your dress sense in public - shoulders and legs should be covered.

Workers and labourers in UAE during Ramadan

In 2010, construction workers, labourers, and others working outside during the day in the summer months were permitted to break their fast during the day if conditions made it too difficult for them to continue fasting, according to a Fatwa on the www.awqaf.ae website dated 05 August 2010. Unknown if this still applies in 2011. See UAE workers and Ramadan for more details.

Iftar cannons in UAE

Locations of cannons being fired to signal the end of Iftar - worth a look ... or listen. If you haven't heard it before, you'll probably jump. Sharjah Police will hand out free meals in Sharjah to spectators (Gulf News 26 July 2011).

  • Dubai - Deira, Karama, Safa Park Gate 4 (Jumeirah)
  • East Coast (Sharjah emirate): Al Dhaid - police station, Dibba Al Hosn - Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi Mosque, Kalba - Tarif Mosque, Khor Fakkan Corniche - Al Bukhari Mosque.
  • Sharjah: Al Badiah - Mussalah, Al Buheira Corniche - Al Noor Mosque, Al Falaj - Cultural Palace, Al Jarina - Al Sarri Mosque, Al Khan - Al Huda Mosque, Al Murqab - Bara Bin Azib Mosque, Talaa Mosque.

Ramadan timings and opening hours Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE 2011

Date of information in brackets, if not 2011 check with organisation for confirmation.

  • Abu Dhabi Immigration 0900-1730, closed Fridays and Saturdays (2009)
  • Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Department 0800-1800 (2010)
  • Abu Dhabi Police Vehicle and Driving Licences Department 0800-01800 Saturday-Thursday, closed Friday (2010)
  • Ajman medical centers and health clinics (government run) (2011):
    • Mushairef Health Center open Sun-Thu from 0900-1200 and 2030-2400, Sat from 0900-1300 and 2030-2400.
    • Al Madina Health Center open Sun-Thu from 0900-1200 and 2030-2400, Fri from 0900-1200, Sat from 0900-1300 and 2030-2400.
  • Banks in Dubai and UAE - Saturday or Sunday to Thursday 0900-1400 approximately, some with earlier openings and later closings, especially in Dubai shopping malls. Larger branches might be open evenings from 2100-2300 or similar.
  • Bus routes and times for Dubai changed - extended hours for Dubai Metro feeder buses and Inter-City buses, Sharjah Transport awarded franchise to transport passengers between Sharjah and Dubai (RTA press release 25 July 2010).
  • Department for Residency and Foreigner's Affairs (DNRD, Dubai Immigration Dept) - 0800-1800 most offices, and 2130-midnight for emergencies at Arabian Plaza in Mirdiff, Sunday-Thursday, closed Saturday and Friday (2010). An emergency team is available 24 hours, tel Amer Service toll-free in UAE 800-5111 (2010 information).
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 0800-1400 Sunday to Thursday. Membership and Documentation Services Department at the main office and the Jebel Ali Branch also open 0900-1300 on Saturdays (2011).
  • DNRD Dubai 0800-1800 (assumed to be for Sunday-Thursday). Residency department at Mirdiff Arabian Center also open 2130-2400 (again, assumed to be for Sun-Thu). Other UAE NRD offices assume 0900-1400 unless otherwise indicated. During Eid Al Fitr (when almost everything government related is closed), the Dubai immigration office at the Bin Sougat Center is open from 2130-0030 (2010).
  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) Ramdan opening times (30 July 2011 press release):
    • Zabeel HQ and Customer Service Centers in Al Wasl and Burj Nahar open Sun-Thu 0800-1630, closed Fri, open Sat 0900-1640.
    • DEWA Customer Service Centers in Al Twar (Dubai Municipality office), Ayal Nasser, Hudaibah, Umm Ramool Center open Sun-Thu from 0800-1630, Fri closed, Sat 0900-1330.
    • Customer Service Centers in Al Manarah Centre (Dubai Municipality offices), Al Reef Mall, Discovery Gardens, Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Dubai and Jebel Ali Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (DNRD) buildings open Sat-Thu 0900-1330, closed Fri.
  • Dubai Health Centers (government run) (2011):
    • All open 0900-1400 (Sun-Thu only?).
    • Some health centers open evenings 2030-2400 on Sunday to Thursday - Al Aweer, Al Ittihad, Al Rashidiya, Hor Al Anz.
    • Hor Al Anz Health Center also open Friday 0830-2400 and Saturday 0900-1300 (or to 0100?).
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA) administration 0900-1400 Sun-Thu. DHA hospitals, health centers, medical clinics (2011):
    • Al Wasl Hospital outpatient clinic 0900-1400 Sun-Thu.
    • Dubai Hospital outpatient clinic 0800-1300 and 1330-1800 Sun-Thu.
    • Rashid Hospital outpatient clinic 0800-1300 and 1330-1730 Sun-Thu.
    • Hatta Hospital outpatient clinic 0900-1400, family medicine outpatient clinic open 1000-1800 and 2000-2200.
    • Emergency departments in all hospitals open 24 hours.
    • Dubai Diabetes Centre working hours 0900-1400 Sun-Thu
    • Most DHA Primary Health Centres (PHC) open 0900-1600 and 2030-2300 Sun-Thu, closed Fri, open 0900-1400 on Sat.
    • Al Safa and Al Mamzhar health centres also open 2000-2300 on Fridays and Saturdays.
    • Al Muhaisnah health centre open 0700-1700 and 2100-0200 Sun-Thu, closed Fri, open 0800-1300 Sat.
    • DHA Medical Fitness Centres in Al Badaa, Al Khawaneej, Al Mankhool, Al Safa, Al Twar, DAFZA, DIFC, Dubai Airport, Emirates HQ, Rashidiya open 0900-1400 Sun-Thu, closed Fri and Sat.
    • Al Satwa medical fitness center open 0700-1700 Sun-Thu, closed Fri, open 0800-1300 Sat.
    • Al Quoz medical fitness centre open 0800-1600 (presumably Sun-Thu only).
    • Knowledge Village and JAFZA medical fitness centers open 0800-1300 (presumably Sun-Thu only).
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) hours 0900-1600 and 2030-2300 from Sunday to Thursday (2010), 0900-1400 on Saturdays, closed Fridays (applies to most clinics). Al Safa and Al Mamzar clinics open 0800-2300 seven days. Hatta clinic closed on Saturdays (2010).
  • Dubai International Airport - operates as normal 24 hours per day after passport control and customs (Irish Village bar and VIP lounges might serve alcohol during the day). Some landside cafes (Costa Coffee for example) and restaurants might be open, including food court in T1 for takeaways and possibly eating on site if done discretely.
  • Dubai Metro feeder buses - 0600-0100 - unknown if this includes Fridays when the metro operates reduced hours (2011)
  • Dubai Metro operating hours - Saturday-Wednesday 0600-2400, Thursday 0600-0100, Friday 1300-0100 (2011). Don't eat in trains, even at Iftar, or you risk a fine. Breast-feeding on trains also not allowed (Gulf News 28 July 2011).
  • Dubai Zoo open 1000-1700 daily (04 Aug 2011 press release).
  • Etisalat business centers and customer service centers 0800-1400 and 2100-2300 from Sunday to Thursday, 0900-1400 on Saturday (no evening shift?). Hours extended in evening shift from 2100-0300 next morning at main business centers. Etisalat outlets in UAE shopping malls will follow the same timings as the mall (press release 11 August 2010).
  • Federal government ministries and departments 0900-1400 Sunday to Thursday (2011).
  • Fujairah government medical centers (2011):
    • Most centers open 0900-1300 and 2030-2300 (not 2400) Sun-Thu, and 0900-1200 on Sat.
    • Al Badiya Health Center open Sun-Thu 0900-1200 and 2030-2330, Sat 0900-1300.
    • Al Madina, Kadfa, Muraished centers open Sun-Thu 0900-1200 and 2030-2400.
    • Kadfa and Muraished centers also open Sat 0900-1300 and Fri 2030-2400.
  • Parking zones in Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DOT) issued Ramadan timings for Mawaqif paid parking zones: from 0900-1600 and 2230-0230 (unknown if Fridays included - information not supplied) (27 July 2011).
  • Parking Zones in Dubai - fee payment from 0800-1300 (same as normal) and 0700-2400 (changed from 1600-2100) during Ramadan (RTA press release 24 July 2010).
  • Public parks in Dubai (press release 04 August 2011) - Al Khor, Al Safa, Jumeirah Beach, Mamzar, Mushrif, Zabeel opening hours 0800-2400 daily. Smaller pond parks and other parks in residential areas and public squares such as Al Barsha, Al Nahda, Al Quoz, Al Qusais opening times 0800-0200 daily.
  • Public transport - see Dubai Metro, Water Buses and Water Taxis. Dubai Taxis operate 24 hours 7 days so no change during Ramadan, although it might be difficult to find a taxi around Iftar time since many or most taxi drivers are Muslim, and will be breaking their fast.
  • Post offices in the Emirates open 0900-1400 Saturday-Thursday. Some post offices open 0900-1700 and 2200-2400 - usually the larger or main post offices in each emirate (WAM news 02 Aug 2011). Dubai Airport post office open 24 hours (is after passport control so you need a plane ticket if you want to buy a stamp).
  • Ras Al Khaimah government medical clinics (2011):
    • Al Jazeera, Al Mamoora, Ras Al Khaimah health centers open Sun-Thu from 0900-1200 and 2030-2400.
    • Al Munaeie Health Center opening hours confusing - at least 0900-1200 and 2030-2400 Sun-Thu but might be open same hours on Sat also, or even 24 hours according to some information? Check with clinic directly.
  • Schools in the UAE should open between 0830 and 1400 (2009).
  • Sharjah Medical Centers and Health Clinics (government operated) (2011):
    • Most centers operate Sun-Thu 0900-1200 and 2030-2400 including Al Khalidiya, Al Rifaa, Al Riqqa, Al Sabkha, Wasit.
    • Sharjah and Wasit Health Centers also Fri and Sat from 0900-1200 and 2030-2400.
    • Al Dhaid, Al Qaraein, Al Rafaia centers from 0900-1400 Sun-Thu.
    • Dibba Al Hosn Sun-Thu from 0900-1400 and Sat, Mon, Wed from 2030-2400.
    • Abu Moosa, Al Maleeha, Al Nahwa, Al Madam, Al Thumaid, Wadi Al Helw health centers 0830-1200 and 2030-2400 (Sun to Thu only?).
    • Al Lolooaia Health Center Sun-Thu 0900-1200 and 2030-2400 on Sun, Tue, Thu.
  • Shopping malls in UAE - most will operate extended hours in the evenings with closing times between 2200 and 0100, or possibly 0200. Later closings more likely for larger malls and/or on Thursday-Saturday nights. Opening times are unlikely to be different. Malls will usually be very quiet during the day which is great if you don't like crowds.
  • Sharjah Museums mostly open 0900-1400. Some open 0930-1330 instead. Some open 2100-2300 in addition to morning hours.
  • Tasjeel vehicle registration Saturday-Thursday 0900-1500 and 2000-2400 (2009).
  • Theme parks in UAE - check with individual theme parks. Opening hours might vary and/or ride availability might be reduced. On the plus side, they will usually be less busy during the day (but busier in the evenings).
  • UAE federal government offices 0900-1400 Sunday-Thursday (2009).
  • Umm Al Quwain medical clinics (government run) (2011):
    • Al Khazaan Health Center Sun-Thu 0900-1200 (possibly 2030-2400 also? Not clear from information supplied), Fri 0900-1200, Sat 0900-1300 and 2030-2400.
    • Al Salma Health Center Sun-Thu 0900-1200 and 2030-2400, Sat 0900-1300 (and possibly 2030-2400), Fri 2030-2400.
  • Vehicle and driver licensing departments (24 July 2011):
    • Abu Dhabi Police traffic departments - most centers 0800-1800 (presumably Sun-Thu only, closed Fri and Sat). Some centers 0800-1300 - Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, Al Heir, Bani Yas, Bahr Court, Maqam, Masakin, Mazeed, Musaffah, Sweihan, Waqn (Salama Building), Western Region (Al Gharabiya).
  • Water Bus services operate 0800-2200 (normally 0700-1900) (RTA announcement 15 August 2010)
  • Water Taxi sercies operate 1000-2400 (normally 1000-2200) (RTA announcement 15 August 2010)
  • Wild Wadi - probably open but check if all rides are available (2010).

Restaurants and cafes daytime opening hours in Dubai and UAE during Ramadan 2011

List moved to separate page - Eat and drink daytime Ramadan in Dubai.

  • Limetree Cafe (2011) - Ibn Battuta, Jumeirah, Media City Lime Tree cafés closed during Ramadan. Al Quoz cafe open for takeways from 0800-1800 every day. Gourmet to Go in Media City open 0730-1600 Sunday to Thursday (next to the Limetree Cafe in Media City). Catering available Sat-Thur 0900-1800, tel +971-4-3256325, email catering@limetreecafe.ae (email 01 August 2011).

See also the Ramadan in the UAE and coffee shops open Ramadan during day Dubai topics in the forum.

See Ramadan 2010 information for possible events, Iftar and other deals which might be repeated in 2011. Information below to be updated when supplied.

Ramadan 2011 Abu Dhabi

  • To be updated.
  • Emirates Palace Hotel - Ramadan Pavilion on The Palace Terrace. Iftar AED 230 per person, Suhoor from AED 100 per person. Arabic mezze and international foor. Tel +971-2-6907999.
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - free Iftar meal. Non-Muslims can attend (but dress conservatively)? Tel 800-555.
  • Yas Hotel, Yas Island - Options restaurant has daily Iftar buffet - Arabic and international food, AED 175 per person. Atayeb has Suhour menu with Arabic food, also shisha and games. Tel +971-2-6560600.

Ramadan 2011 in Al Ain

  • Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort (Al Ain Zoo) - 2100-0200 (9pm to 2am), last entry tickets sold at 0100 (2010 information but presumably the same for 2011).

Ramadan 2011 Dubai Iftar and Suhoor meals and buffets, hotel deals

See next section for a list of Ramadan Tents in Dubai.

  • To be updated as and when information is supplied.
  • Al Bustan Rotana Dubai - daily Iftar buffet AED 145 including traditional Arabic drinks and sweets. Tel +971-4-7054818.
  • Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah - Asateer Ramadan Tent on the beach - Iftar buffet AED 165 per person (free for children under 3, AED 80 for kids aged 3-12), games, live oud and tableh music, PlayStations, television. Tel +971-4-4260800.
  • Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa - posh Iftar buffet for AED 260-290 at the Mediterraneo restaurant with views of the Dubai Fountains. Tel +971-4-8883444.
  • Baker and Spice Cafe, Souk Al Bahar - Iftar meal (a la carte, not buffet?) with regional products (GCC and UAE), from 2000-2300, tel +971-4-4279856.
  • Dubai Festival City Ramadan Tent - set up by the InterContinental and Crowne Plaza hotels at DFC. Iftar buffet for AED 165 per person, Sohour al la carte menu. Tel +971-4-7011111.
  • Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel (near Ibn Battuta Mall) - Al Bahou restaurant. Iftar buffet with Arabic food, AED 140 per person. Majlis tent with music and games. Tel +971-4-4445613.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) Iftar dinner with Emirati food, AED 135 per person (2011 price), free for children under 12, every night (possibly except Fridays and Tuesdays?). Includes a tour of the Bastakiya Mosque? SMCCU is in the Bastakia historical area of Dubai. Bookings necessary - limit of 60 people per night. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and visit the Bastakiya Mosque (dress conservatively). Tel +971-4-3536666, website www.cultures.ae.

See the Dubai hotel list and Abu Dhabi hotel list for contact details etc.

List of Ramadan Tents in Dubai 2011

Ramadan Tents are a feature of the month of Ramadan in the UAE. Large tents, with air-conditioning, have activities that include some or all of the following: Shisha smoking, Iftar and Suhoor buffets or a la carte menus, board games and playing cards, television screens, live music bands (usually Arabic), and even video games for the anti-social (which sort of misses the point of going to a Ramadan Tent but hey, whatever floats your boat, or wows your dhow ... or whatever the UAE equivalent is).

  • To be updated.

Ramadan Dubai 2011 competitions, events, exhibitions, special offers

  • Burjuman Center - Free Iftar dates and coffee at the majlis in the Observatory area during first half of Ramadan, and in the North Wing during second half of Ramadan. Evening games and entertainment including chess, tawla (backgammon), live traditional oud music (Thu, Fri, Sat). Exhibition of Arabic manuscripts (from 12th-15th century) and calligraphy in the South Wing presented by the Juma Al Majid Centre for Culture & Heritage. Photographic exhibition. Donations of cash, toys, clothes accepted for the "Gift the Joys of Eid to Needy Kids" collection in association with the UAE Red Crescent Society. Weekly BMW raffle from 18 August to 07 September 2011, ticket for shoppers spending at least AED 200.
  • Dubai Cricket Council (DCC) Interface Ramadan cricket tournament - at the ICC Global Cricket Academy grounds from 02-28 August 2011.
  • Dubai International Holy Quran Award Competition (DIHQA) -
  • Dubai Police Ramadan Tournaments - policemen and women compete during Ramadan, including target shooting, snooker, bowling, squash, table tennis, tug-of-war, tennis, cross-country racing, strength tests. Sponsored by Emirates NBD for 2010.
  • Dubai TV and Sama Dubai TV Ramadan program schedule?
  • Gulf News Blockbusters - answer quiz questions, win prizes, and get your photo in the paper (2009)?
  • Mirdiff City Centre - Playnation VIP Drop and Shop program on Fri and Sat from 1000-1800 - AED 120 for 2 hours including free toy, face painting, happy cube competition or playdough challenge. Central Galleria has children's storytelling, relaxation gazebo, "Soulful Nights & Days" Ramadan education for children. Charity collection points for unwanted items such as clothing, books, reading glasses, mobile phones etc.
  • Modhesh World Ramadan Tent - Modhesh World entertainment park - open 1830-0200 (theme park open 1700-0200 during Ramadan).
  • The Dubai Mall (press release 11 August 2011) - shops open 1000-0100, food court and restaurants open to 0300 (until 15 Sep 2011). Complimentary Iftar packs available at customer service information booths with water, dates, Ramadan calendar. Charity events - "Girls Education Campaign 2011" by Dubai Cares, donate-a-brick campaign at the Dubai Cares stand in the atrium, Kidzo donations at Kidzania for underpriviledged children. Traditional Arabic entertainment with live Oud and Qanoon music - three 45 min sessions from Tuesday to Saturday. Kidzania Ramadan activities including greeting card designing, lanterns, traditional jewelry and henna, Ramadan radio and TV programs, Arabic drumming street parade, abaya and kandura fashion shows.

Ramadan in Fujairah activities, tents, meals 2011

  • To be updated.
  • Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, Fujairah Views restaurant - Iftar buffet with international and Arabic dishes, AED 77 per person, half price for children 13-16, free for children under 13. Tel +971-9-2449000.

Ramadan in Ras Al Khaimah RAK events and Iftar meals 2011

  • To be updated.

Ramadan Sharjah 2011 events

  • Ramadaniat Al Qasba - promotions and discounts at Al Qasba Sharjah restaurants and cafés. Also daily religious lectures in Al Qasba (Al Eiman Oasis?) and Khorfakkan after Taraweeh prayers including (press release 30 July 2011, dates not supplied):
    • Dr Prof. Saleh Al Sadlan - Ramadan: The Month of Blessings
    • Mr Abdul Aziz Al Raes - Imam Shafaee
    • Dr Prof. Sulaiman Al Rahili - Muslim in Health and Illness
    • Dr Prof. Abdul Razaq Al Bader - Meanings of Surat Al Kawthar
    • Sheikh Mohammed bin Ghaiyth Al Ghaiyth - Douaa Al Kounout
  • Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) Ramadan Tent in partnership with the Watani Program - from 04 to 18 August 2011 in the Al Refaa area. Activities include evening (after Taraweeh prayers) religious lectures, media, professional, entertainment lectures, Nasheed evenings, childrens activities, daily prize draws. Approximate schedule of lectures and activities is (01 Aug 2011 press release):
    • Thu 04 Aug 2011 - "Self-refinement in Ramadan" by Sheikh Dr Mohammed Al Arifi);
    • Fri 05 Aug 2011 - "Ramadan, the School of Etiquette";
    • Sat 06 Aug 2011 - "A Night in Makkah";
    • Sun 07 Aug 2011 - "The UAE Media: Challenges and Ambitions";
    • Mon 08 Aug 2011 - "Leadership in Youth Enterprises";
    • Tue 09 Aug 2011 - community awareness seminar about "White Arms" ("White Weapons" - non-firearm type weapons) hosted by Sharjah Police;
    • Fri-Sat 12-13 Aug 2011 - childrens, entertainment, sports activities;
    • Sun 14 Aug 2011 - social responsibility in association with the Sharjah Development Forum;
    • Mon 15 Aug 2011 - special needs evening in association with the Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped;
    • Tue 16 Aug 2011 - charity volunteer work in association with the Sharjah Cooperative Society, the UAE Red Crescent Sharjah Branch, and the Zakat Fund Abu Dhabi;
    • "Our Children are Fine" / "Our Children are Well" (family education evening for women only, date not supplied);
    • Song evening in cooperation with Munshid Al Sharjah and the Al Naham Singers (date not supplied).

Eid Al Fitr 2011 UAE

Last update Wednesday 28-Jun-2017
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