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Public Parks in Dubai

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Public Parks in Dubai

List of Public Parks in Dubai with information and guide about facilities, opening times - days - hours, which day is ladies day, BBQ areas, children's play areas, and more.

  • Some of the larger and/or more popular parks in Dubai include Mushrif Park, Safa Park, Zabeel Park, Dubai Creek Park, Al Mamzar Park, Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG).
  • Dubai Public Parks are operated by the Dubai Municipality ... usually. Some parks might be operated by property developers but open to the public, for example the Burj Khalifa triangle park area (which is accessible 24 hrs and has no entry fee or fences).
  • Entry fees are usually relatively cheap, about 2-5 dhs per person or 10 dhs per car for those allowing vehicle entry. The head of Dubai Municipality Public Parks department, Ahmed Abdul Karim (Karem, Kareem), was reported in 7 Days newspaper 12 Nov 2006 saying that management of public parks would be handed over to private companies, which might result in increased admission fees. As of end 2014, public parks in Dubai are still operated by the Dubai Municipality, and entry fees are mostly unchanged (and still cheap).
  • BBQ areas usually have cooking facilities. You need to bring wood or charcoal, and matches.
  • Cooking of pork items is not permitted.
  • Drinking alcohol in Dubai public parks is not permitted, and restaurants, cafes in public parks do not sell alcohol.
  • Opening times for most parks are at least 0800-2200 (8am-10pm), and sometimes up to midnight in weekends and public holidays.
  • Public parks in Dubai are generally safe to visit, even late at night. It would be unusual to hear of a mugging, rape, murder, or similar (we can't ever remember hearing about one).
  • Swimming at beach parks (Al Mamzar and Jumeirah) is not permitted after sunset. Lifeguards are on duty during the day. Swimming at public beaches with unrestricted access (no entry fee, no lifeguards) seems to be permitted or tolerated at all hours (we can't find a law or rule about a swimming curfew in the UAE) but police might wonder what you're doing if they see you splashing around at 2am. Police in Dubai sometimes seem to make up rules on the spot, but it's not advisable to argue with them, otherwise they are likely to find a real law that you are breaking (we've been told off for swimming too far from the shore for example).
Nakheel development parks

Might be operated by Nakheel rather than Dubai Municipality. Not clear if open to the public or only for residents of the relevant Nakheel developments.

  • Ittihad Park (Etihad Park) - on Jumeirah Palm, open in 2012, see below.
  • Jumeirah Heights in Jumeirah Islands - under development (in 2013), area 737,000 sq ft, with a waterfront, includes indoor and outdoor sports and fitness facilities, shops and restaurants, 850m running track, and an island with a bridge to the main park area.
  • Jumeirah Village Circle - under development (in 2013), 13 parks over an area of 2.9 million sq ft, 2 jogging tracks (840m and 720 m).
New parks in Dubai in 2015
  • [Check date] Al Kazan Park (Al Khazan Park) on Al Safa St open 15 January 2015?
New parks in Dubai in 2014
  • Holy Quran Park Dubai - planned opening date September 2014, see below for more details.
  • Al Khazzan Park (Al Khazan Park, Satwa Reservoir Park) - area 1.5 hectares, originally established in 1980. Being refurbished in 2014. Corner of Al Safa Rd and 22D St, next to Dubai Petroleum company. Has a large water tower (height 40 meters). Expected to reopen at end of 2014 or beginning of 2015, will be solar powered. Will have a picnic area and children's play area. Water tower will remain.
New parks in Dubai in 2013
  • Miracle Garden - Dubai Miracle Garden in Dubailand, near Arabian Ranches interchange. See separate heading ...
New parks in Dubai in 2012
  • Al Warqa 2 Residential Park (open November 2012) - area of 1.7 hectares, 3 entrances, children’s play areas, sandy areas for ball games, synthetic jogging track, trees, flowers, benches, and other usual park stuff.
  • Ittihad Park - Palm Jumeirah, 10 acres, 3.2 km jogging track, located behind the Golden Mile apartment complex, open November 2012. Operated by Nakheel rather than Dubai Municipality?
  • Nad Al Hamr Park (Nadd Al Hamar Park) (open March 2012)
  • Naif Park (open March 2012)
  • Port Saeed Park in Diera (open March 2012)
Al Mamzar Beach and Park - Al Mamzar
  • Large park at Al Mamzar Beach on the border between Dubai and Sharjah. Area 105 hectares.
  • Picnic and BBQ areas. Beach areas have lifeguards.
  • Admission AED 5 per person.
  • Car parking inside or outside (entry fee per car AED 30?).
  • Al Mamzar Park chalets, under renovation from October 2010. Completion expected before end of 2010 ready for winter season use.
  • Ladies' days on Sunday and Tuesday (male children under 4 years old also allowed) from Apr 2013. According to news reports, Beach Numbers 1, 2 and 5 have been allocated for tourists while Beach Number 3 and 4 have been designated for local residents, students, elderly women and women with special needs (Khaleej Times 21 Apr 2013).
Al Barsha Park
  • Small park with pond in Al Barsha 2. Next to Al Barsha Mall. Has a small cycling track and bicycle rental, jogging track, tennis courts.
Burj Khalifa Island Park (Burj Park, Burj Khalifa Park)
  • The Burj Park is a small park area at the base of the Burj Khalifa Tower on the opposite side of the Burj Lake or Dubai Fountain Lake from The Dubai Shopping Mall. Is where one of the Ramadan cannons are fired (starting 2012 or 2013). Also called the Triangle Park?
  • The park is a good place to watch The Dubai Fountains if you want to avoid the crowded area just outside the Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar.
  • A long walk from the Dubai Mall in summer (about 15-20 mins) though - too long during the day and there's very little shade in the park anyway.
  • Nearby the park are a few cafes and restaurants (Burj Plaza area), and up on Emaar Boulevard are more restaurants and cafes.
  • Unlike most DM parks which are fenced off, closed at night, and charge an entry fee, the Burj Dubai Park is open 24 hrs, free entry, and no fence. There's free (at the moment) underground car parking nearby off Emaar boulevard (look for car park entrance signs then walk through Burj Plaza to get to the park area). However, it's more of a small grass covered area than a proper park.
  • Some previous names were the Burj Dubai Park, Dubai Tower Park, Tower Park, Island Park, Burj Island Park, Tower and Island Park, or similar.
Dubai Creek Park (Creekside Park) - Bur Dubai
  • Park along Dubai Creek between Garhoud and Maktoum bridges. Area of about 96 hectares making it the second largest park in Dubai.
  • Amphitheater with seating for 1200 people.
  • Cable car (not airconditioned, doesn't operate in summer or is too hot).
  • BBQ areas around the park.
  • Bicycles for rent. No, you can't bring your own bicycle into the park - they wouldn't let us when we tried.
  • Train rides around the park.
  • Children's City.
  • Dubai Dolphinarium.
  • Restaurant (Malik Burger) and several small cafes or food stalls.
  • Telephone +971-4-3367633.
  • No Ladies Day (although some information says Wednesday is Ladies Day, but that's out of date as far as we know).
  • Opening hours 0800-2300 (8am to 11pm).
  • Admission AED 5 per person.
Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG) - Dubailand

Opening date 01 Dec 2014 for 2014-2015 season. Opening times 0900-2100 weekdays, 0900-2300 weekends and public holidays, entrance tickets cost AED 30 per person, free for children under 3 years old and for disabled visitors.

Bring earplugs. The invasive music from the loudspeakers spoils the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere you might look forward to when walking around a park or botanical garden. We'd rather just listen to the birds.

  • Entrance off Umm Suqeim Road a bit before the Arabian Ranches and Motor City interchange (just before the Dubailand display - entrance is signposted).
    • Entrance fee AED 20 for adults, free for the disabled, and children under 3 years old.
    • Opening times 0900-2100 on weekdays, 0900-2300 or 2400 during weekends? Or 1000-2200 and 1000-2400?
  • First opening date 14 Feb 2013 (?). Closed from 18 or 30 May to 01 Oct 2013 while being redeveloped by Akar Landscaping Services & Agriculture. Reopening delayed until about 15 Oct 2013 or ... until 28 Nov 2013 for phase I part of redevelopment. Phase II, including a new Butterfly Garden, will open in Jan 2014.
  • Total area 72,000 sq meters, with more than 45 million flowers (or plants or leaves) in Oct 2013.
  • 28 Nov 2013 - opening date of DMG (again). Emirates 24-7 reported that The first phase, opening today, which sounded odd given that previous information said the park opened on 15 Oct 2013, and it looked open to us earlier in November, however the Akar website also says "Phase I Opens on November 28, 2013".
    • Phase I of the redevelopment includes UAE floral flag, floral clock, floral peacocks with fried eggs for eyes, floral pyramids, paths with flower arches, and other objects made with flowers. The floral clock has a diameter of 13 meters (a previous report said it was 15 meters, bring a ruler if size matters to you).
    • Phase II, opening in Jan 2014, would include a butterfly park with a butterfly museum, a butterfly garden, and a butterfly flower park. Also a strawberry garden, an aromatic garden with tea-making facilities, and an edible plants garden with fruit and vegetables for eating.
  • 02 Oct 2013 (GN) - Dubai Miracle Garden reopens on 15 October 2013 with new attractions. DMG developed by Akar Landscaping, administration manager is Sylvie Siddik. New or redeveloped attractions include:
    • Aromatic Garden with smelly medicinal plants and herbs. Cup of herbal tea available to visitors.
    • Butterfly Park - area 1,800 sq meters with 9 different butterfly houses and a butterfly museum. Opening date in November 2013.
    • Floral Clock - timekeeping with a short and a long banana. Reported as a "15-metre floral clock" but not clear what was 15 meters long or if it was meant to be the area. Anyway, a 15 meter long flowery clock sounds like more than enough.
    • Fragrant Village with Flower Houses, a Flower Palace, and sunflowers.
    • Petal Pedals - a lake made of flowers with boats made of flowers. Also a flower tunnel for photo opportunities.
    • Pick and eat vegetable and fruit garden with lettuces, strawberries, tomatoes. Free to pluck and eat apparently, but with a million visitors expected annually, that might need a lot of tomato trees.
    • Souvenir shop, cafes, car parking, children's activities available.
  • Phase II includes shopping area with restaurants, plant shops, souvenir shops; a car parking building; a butterfly park.
  • Future plans include a glass dome cover so it can be open year round (and become a glasshouse furnace in summer perhaps).
  • DMG websites at www.dubaimiraclegarden.com and www.the-miracle-garden.com (copied?). See also www.akarlandscaping.com.
Holy Quran Park Dubai
  • New public theme park being developed by the Dubai Municipality, announced 20 Jun 2013 (WAM), planned opening date September 2014.
  • Location in Al Khawaneej 1. Area 60 hectares. Facilities will include administration building, Islamic garden, children's play areas, Umrah corner, outdoor theater, area showing miracles and stories from the Quran (in an air-conditioned tunnel), fountains, bathrooms, "glass building" (glasshouse?), desert garden, palm oasis, lake, running track, cycling track, walking track.
  • Park plans to have all plants mentioned in the Holy Quran, 54 of them according to the news release, including barley, bananas, basil, "seders" (presumably news report meant cedar trees, since Seder is a Jewish festival), corn, cucumbers, fig, garlic, ginger, leek, lentil, olive, onion, pomegranate, pumpkin, tamarind, vineyards, watermelon, wheat.
  • Project cost estimate about AED 27 million (at time of news relase 20 Jun 2013), subject to revision.
  • Approximate timeline:
    • Sep 2014 - completion of Phase III.
    • Aug 2014 - start of Phase III.
    • Jul 2014 - completion of Phase II.
    • Jul 2013 - start of Phase II of project.
    • Jun 2013 - initial site preparation works, tracks and service buildings completed (Phase I?).
Jumeirah Beach Park (JBP)

JBP beach access closed from 12 Oct 2014 due to construction of the Dubai Canal which will go through the JBP location. Ladies days and other activities also cancelled; restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets closed. Dubai Municipality said park (but not beach) access still available until end of Dec 2014 but mixed reports saying entry closed entirely from 12 Oct 2014. Reopen date planned for end of 2016 (which might mean in 2017). Dubai Canal completion date planned for 2016 or 2017.

  • Beachfront park on Jumeira Beach Road, opposite Emirates Hospital and Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza Dubai. Area 12 hectares, first opened in 1989. Lots of trees and grass areas.
  • Jumeirah Beach Park is not the same as:
    • Hilton Beach Club - was a hotel and beach club next to JBP, closed and became the Jumeirah Beach Club Resort and Spa (also closed now).
    • Dubai Ladies Club - next to JBP. Beach club for women only, with dive center, saloon, spa, restaurant, cafe, childcare, gym, swimming pool, other sports facilities. Founded in 2003 (DLC information) but didn't celebrate 10th anniversary until Feb 2014.
    • Jumeirah Beach Club - doesn't exist, might be a reference to Dubai Ladies Club, Jumeirah Beach Hotel beach club, or Jumeirah Beach Club Resort and Spa (closed).
    • Jumeirah Beach Club Resort and Spa - opened in the Hilton Beach Club location, closed in 2007, hasn't reopened although some hotel booking sites still list it, and confusingly give the location as that of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel (which is a different hotel). New hotel in that location is under construction during 2013-2014.
    • Jumeirah Beach Hotel - not the same as the Jumeirah Beach Club hotel. Is further towards Abu Dhabi along Jumeirah Beach Rd, near the Burj Al Arab.
    • Jumeirah Ladies Club - doesn't exist, probably a reference to Dubai Ladies Club in Jumeirah.
  • Entry fees AED 5 per person or AED 20 per car. Free entry for special needs children and adults.
  • Bur routes 8, 88, X28 (express) along Jumeirah Beach Rd stop outside Jumeirah Beach Park.
  • Facilities include areas (or courts) for basketball, volleyball and handball; BBQ areas with BBQs (bring your own fuel); children's playgrounds; picnic areas with tables; swimming pool or pools. Beach and pool have lifeguards.
  • Opening times 0800-2200 weekdays, 0800-2300 Thu-Sat and holidays (DM information, some sources say 0730-2200). Tel +971-4-3492555.
  • Women only days on Mon, and Wed from Apr 2013. Boys under 4 years old also allowed. Park is segregated with separate sections for tourists and residents on ladies days according to Ahmed Abdul Kareem, Dubai Municipality Parks and Horticulture Department director, who said "If you are facing the sea, the left side of the beach will be for tourist women and the right side, beside the Ladies Club, for the rest" (Khaleej Times 21 Apr 2013). He didn't say how women would be checked for status, or what happens when a resident with a tourist friend goes to the park. The segregation is intended to allow for cultural and religious differences in swimwear so perhaps it is less to do with technical status and more to do with how much skin exposure individual women find acceptable. The reports and comments using the terms "locals" or "local residents" might be referring to Emiratis and GCC citizens rather than residents of any nationality.
Karama Park
  • Small park in Karama, free entry.
Mushrif Park - Mirdif (Mirdiff)
  • Very large park (huge!) with swimming pools (one each for men and women), cafeteria, picnic areas, BBQ areas. Possibly camping areas also? Note that the swimming pools are closed for maintenance during Ramadan 2011, but are expected to reopen for Eid Al Fitr.
  • Has an area with small houses built in different styles to represent various countries (Thailand, a windmill from Holland, and so on). Fun for children to play in although sometimes contain sleeping labourers, and look rather dilapidated as of 2010. The international village originally built in 1980.
  • Entry fee for cars AED 10.
  • Jogging and cycling track inside the park (about 4-5 km long).
  • Tel +971-4-2883624.
  • Mushrif horse riding center located inside Mushriff Park.
  • A student was bitten by a snake in Mushrif Park in January 2011? A Gulf News report 12 January 2011 said The child, who was bitten while on a school trip to the park, has since recovered and left the hospital but didn't say when he was bitten. The report said an accompanying school administrator had claimed the grade 2 boy was bitten while he was playing at the children's area. Ahmad Abdulkareem, head of Public Parks and Horticulture at the Dubai Municipality said reassuringly (well, probably not for the child who was bitten) that "All locations inside the park are routinely surveyed to ensure the protection of natural life and the safety of visitors,"
Safa Park - Al Wasl (Jumeirah)

Safa Park still open Oct 2014 although construction for the Dubai Canal, which will go past the north-east side of the park, has resulted in car park restrictions, and a modified jogging track around the park. You can still run a complete circuit as of Nov 2014, unknown if this will change. Some reports in Oct 2014 said that Safa Park would be closed entirely during the Dubai Canal construction, conflicting with reports in May 2014 which said the park would remain open. Another report in mid 2014 said the entire Safa Park would be demolished (probably a reporting error). Dubai Canal completion planned for 2016 or 2017.

  • Large park, area 64 hectares, off interchange 2 on Sheikh Zayed Road with lots of picnic areas and sports areas including football, tennis. A few ponds including one with boats for hire, although it looks a bit smelly. Try not to fall in.
  • Pleasant park for a walk around with gardens, a waterfall, lots of trees.
  • Playground with Ferris wheel (not operating though?), bumper cars, trampolines near Al Wasl Road entrance.
  • Train rides around the park.
  • *Ice-skating rink? Check.
  • Friday nights is packed out with families having BBQs
  • November 2006 - fees for using tennis courts apparently jumped to 50 dhs per hour. Contact Emirates Tennis Academy.
  • Soft surface jogging track around the perimeter outside the park (length is 3418 meters to be precise - track is marked every 50 meters) with lots of trees providing shade for those running during the day, although some stretches are hot and sunny.
  • Four entrances, one in the middle of each side of the rectangle shape. Usually plenty of free parking except for Thursday and Friday nights when it gets very busy.
  • Saturday morning flea market at the Sheikh Zayed Road end.
  • Telephone +971-4-3492111.
  • Admission AED 3 per person.
  • The first public park in Dubai, opened in 1975.
  • *Flea market on Saturdays, winter only (?), not every Saturday, check schedule.
Satwa Park
  • Sports facilities include basketball, tennis, volleyball courts, football pitch, and a soft surface jogging track.
  • Children's play area.
  • Opening hours 0800-2300 (8am to 11pm).
  • Free entry.
Zabeel Park - Zabeel area (Zaabeel, Za'abeel, Zabil, Zab'il, Zabi'il)
  • Large park in sections with pedestrian bridges connecting them. Area 48 hectares.
  • Home to Stargate Dubai children's amusement complex and edutainment center.
  • Phone +971-4-3986888.
  • Admission AED 5 per person.
  • Jogging track around the park perimeter, length 4.3 km.
  • Other facilities include skateboard area, BMX track, cricket pitch, mini-golf.
  • Internet WiFi access throughout the whole park from Etisalat, according to a press release 12 May 2010. Free for Al Shamil and eLife for up to 4-16 hours per month depending on package. Other Etisalat customers using the wireless pay AED 5 for 30 minutes. Non-Etisalat subscribers will need to subscribe to something before getting access (for example a pre-paid mobile phone account).
Dubai Garden Glow

Art works made from used CDs, little bottles, porcelain crockery, frames enveloped with silk material. Representing trees, plants (tulip fields in The Netherlands), animals (Masai Mara migration, panda bears), and building replicas (Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque) with pretty lights, developed at a cost of AED 30 million. Art installations by day, lit up at night. Best time for viewing is when the lights are on.

  • Location Zabeel Park Area B (other side of Sheikh Zayed Rd from Area A). Entry only from Gates 6 or 7. Separate from normal Zabeel Park entry (AED 5 dhs).
  • Free shuttle bus metro stations Al Jafiliya and Emirates Towers according to DGG website. Timings and schedule not provided.
  • Driving directions:
    • Coming from Sharjah direction on Sheikh Zayed Rd, take exit 54 (before Trade Center Roundabout) which goes under the highway to Zabeel Park Gates 6 or 7 car park areas.
    • From Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali direction, take first exit (also exit 54?) after Trade Center tunnel and keep right, road turns to the right to Zabeel Park Gate 5 car park, park there and walk to entrance or keep going to Gate 6 or 7 car parks.
  • Admission AED 60 for adults, free for disabled visitors and children less than 3 yrs old.
  • Open daily from 1600-2300. Not 1600-1900 as given in some sources.
  • [Check closing date, not confirmed] Opening dates Wed 23 Dec 2015 until 30 Apr 2016. Or until end of Ramadan (Dubai Municipality comment reported).
  • Other activities and shows include animatronic dinosaur show, Chinese Acrobatic Performance Troupe (shows at 1830 and 1930 but check).
  • World food street planned or open already.
  • Website www.dubaigardenglow.com. Contact tel +971-4-3992333.
Dubai in a Frame landmark in Zabeel Park (Barwaz Dubai, Al Berwaz Tower)

21 Nov 2013 update (press release):

  • Construction of the Dubai Frame project to start in December 2013. Planned completion date delayed until second half of 2015. Initially proposed and first reported in July 2012.
  • Dimensions 150m high; 93m, 100m, or 105m wide (all three figures reported). Some reports said height was 150 feet but that appears to be an error. Total weight or mass about 26,000 tonnes.
  • Each vertical side will have an elevator shaft. Museum or photography exhibition (or both), and library at ground level. Top level will have a glass floor bridge, observation deck, and cafe with terrace.
  • Location is next to or near the Stargate Dubai children's theme park? Possibly changed from original proposal location (in 2009)?

09 May 2013 press release or news reports:

  • Dubai Frame project - construction during 2013-2014, expected completion date end of 2014. Barwaz Dubai is the Arabic name for the tower.
  • The Dubai Frame is a large monument in the shape of a picture frame or window frame showing modern Dubai from one side with the Burj Khalifa and Sheikh Zayed Road towers, and old historical Dubai on the other with landmarks of Deira, Karama, and Umm Hurair.
  • Base of the frame will have a Dubai city history museum, and panoramic elevators will move visitors around for better views. and Karama, which symbolise the old Dubai.
  • About 2 million visitors annually expected to the Dubai Frame.
  • Area about 700 sq meters, height 150 m, width 100 m, project value AED 120 million.
  • Tower design proposal concept by Fernando Donis (Netherlands) was initially proposed for the 2009 ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Architecture Awards, winning first prize of $100,000. The 2009 competition was for a Tall Emblem Structure at Zaabeel Park Dubai, and had several other interesting looking entries.
Last update Friday 29-Jan-2016. Page development 4L 5C.
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