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Bicycles and cycling in Dubai

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Cycling and bicycles in Dubai and UAE

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While the RTA has been encouraging people to use cycles to travel short distances, the police have launched a campaign against bicycles for safety reasons leaving residents utterly confused - ref: Gulf News 31 Mar 2010. Such is life in Dubai, and as of 2015, there is still some inconsistency between various authorities regarding the promotion of cycling as a good thing vs punishing the working class for using a bicycle because they can't afford anything else.

  • Cycling on roads in Dubai is not for the faint of heart. On the main roads especially, car drivers can be rather negligent or aggressive (take your pick) towards cyclists.
  • Early Friday morning is quieter on Dubai roads as it's the weekly day of rest for most residents.
  • Late at night (from about 2300 to 0400 or so) there is less traffic on the roads, but more lunatics driving at very high speeds. Watch out.
  • In the summer (July-September), the weather is insanely hot during the day (40-50 Celcius), and almost as hot at night (35-40 Celcius). Humidity is often very high also. Drink plenty of water if you do cycle, and avoid cycling during the day unless you have a very good reason to.
  • Cycling is not allowed on major highways and motorways. There are no cycle paths on them.
  • Cycling between emirates is possible but illegal if you're on a motorway, and scary anyway. Nevertheless, it has been done, and some cyclists have even survived the journey. It's a lottery as to whether or not police will stop you and what they will say or do.
  • One of the first cyclists in Dubai was Jack Briggs OBE who lived in Dubai in the 1960s and 1970s as commander of Dubai Police. He died on 26 July 2006 in the UK - while riding his bike (!).

Cycle laws and safety in Dubai and UAE

Update 27 Jan 2014 (Gulf News) - Cyclists are banned from using footpaths and main roads in Dubai. They can use marked cycle paths, and secondary roads. Which presumably means internal roads in communities in Dubai, not the roads that mark the boundaries of each community, or main highways and motorways. Which is not new information - it is what the cycling law of 1997 for the UAE says. In reality, police seem to tolerate cyclists using footpaths considerately (not in crowded areas) and some main roads (Jumeirah Beach Rd for example, but that's not advisable due to the high number of car drivers that seem to use cyclists as target practice). In our experience, there is a conflict between what the law says and what the police do - one of us was stopped by the police late at night for cycling on a minor internal community road and told to go and cycle on the main road.

UAE Federal Law No. 21 of 1995, and Ministerial Order No. 130 of 1997 cover the use of bicycles in the UAE. Article 16 of the law says that cyclists should ride on the right of the road, should not ride on the footpath, should use cycle tracks where available, and are not permitted to ride on main roads. As with many laws in the UAE, interpretation can be variable, enforcement can be non-existent or sporadic, and laws are sometimes confusing or seemingly contradictory anyway.

  • Helmets are possibly required by law in Dubai but not the rest of the UAE [see separate heading below]. You'll often see people using them to protect the bicycle handlebars instead of their heads.
  • Cycling on footpaths is apparently not permitted but is safer than cycling on main roads (and cycling on main roads is not permitted anyway - see below). Cycling on the pavement/sidewalk/footpath seems to be tolerated by police (most of the time).
  • Update 29 Aug 2012 - Emirates 24-7 reported that Cyclists on footpaths designated for walking only will be fined. The fine amount was not specified. The report also said Colonel Abdullah Sorour, Director, Naif Police Station, said people cycling and riding motorcycles in wrong lanes, thereby risking their lives as well as others, will also be fined. But it wasn't clear what was meant by "wrong lanes".
  • Gulf News on 31 March 2010 reported that Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, said that riding bicycles is not permitted on most of the roads with speed limit 60km/hr with a few exceptions such as Jumeirah Road which has cycling track.
  • Front and rear lights are required at night (we think).
  • A reflective vest seems to have become required in 2010 or 2011, but if the rule is enforced, it appears to be more targeted towards the working class cyclists. We've never worn one, and never been asked to or penalised.
  • Carrying some sort of ID when cycling is recommended (everyone is probably required to carry ID at all times in the UAE anyway). There was a case in late 2011 when a cyclist was run down and left in a hospital unidentified for a day or so.
  • It is common to see cyclists riding the wrong way on roads in Dubai. Usually the cyclists are working class residents, perhaps from countries where this is common. It is not legal as far as we know, although we do understand the principle of facing the enemy. Generally the police don't seem to worry about it, except for a while in 2010 when some bikes were impounded.
  • Cycle theft is increasing but it is still relatively safe to park your bike compared to many other cities (Dubai is relatively safe in general terms anyway) but if you don't have a lock for your bike when you leave it parked in public, don't expect it to still be there when you come back to it. Dubai metro stations are an exception to this, with bicycle theft more common than other locations.

Bicycle helmet law in Dubai and UAE

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The Traffic By-law of UAE Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 says: "Every person riding a bicycle shall wear a helmet." (Reference Article 16).

Bicycles impounded in Dubai

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Bicycles are sometimes impounded by the Dubai Police or Dubai Municipality for road rule violations. You're more likely to get a warning or a fine first, unless there's a crackdown, or the authorities think you're particularly obnoxious. The Dubai RTA is possibly more friendly towards cyclists, they appear to be trying to encourage more cycling in Dubai. In other emirates, Abu Dhabi seems to be more serious about encouraging cycling (or talking about it at least with various cycle networks planned ... but not built yet); Sharjah discourages cycling (and impounds more bicycles); Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain are ambivalent; Al Ain is part of Abu Dhabi emirate.

Bicycle licence fee

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List of cycle paths and tracks in Dubai

*Shared footpath means a dividing line has been painted on an existing footpath with pictures of bicycles on the pavement and on signs. The Beach Rd track has a different surface to the pedestrian track. Obstacles usually include airconditioned bus stops, various poles and signposts, parked cars (on driveways or using the track as a car park), tables and chairs from cafes and restaurants, construction sites spilling onto pavement, sand. Also high kerbs (curbs) without ramps for some side streets, car parks, driveways, etc make for a bumpy or slow ride.

Area Description Length Timings Obstacles Date open Notes
Al Barsha Al Barsha pond park perimeter 1.5 km Park hours     Bike rental available
Al Barsha Mall of the Emirates metro station 1.5 km 24 hrs   2012?  
Al Hudaiba Al Mina Rd footpath   24 hrs Not many   Shared footpath
Al Hudaiba Street 7 footpath   24 hrs Not many   Shared footpath
Al Khawaneej Holy Quran park perimeter 3 km     Sep 2015?  
Al Mamzar Park, roads not cycle tracks? ??        
Al Mizhar Park ??        
Al Rigga Al Riga St     Pedestrians    
Al Safa 1 Safa Park and Dubai Water Canal   24 hrs   Nov 2016  
Al Sufouh Dubai Tram route Al Sufouh Rd 9 km 24 hrs Not really   Ends Dubai Marina
Al Qudra Dedicated cycle tracks (several) 100+ km 24 hrs Cars (!)   Accidents with cars
Al Quoz            
Al Warqaa Al Warqa'a 3 park perimeter 3 km?        
Al Wasl Safa Park and Dubai Water Canal       Nov 2016  
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Bur Dubai            
Deira See Al Riga          
Dubai Marina Promenade, not cycle path   24 hrs Plenty   No cars. Good place.
JLT Promenade, not cycle path   24 hrs Not bad   No cars. Good place.
Jumeirah Beach Rd footpath 25 km? 24 hrs Too many!   Shared footpath
Jumeirah 1 Open Beach 2 km 24 hrs People   Closed 2014-2016
Jumeirah 2, 3 Near Safa Park and Dubai Water Canal   24 hrs   Nov 2016  
Meydan District 1 dedicated track (s) 8 km 24 hrs None 2015 Has street lights
Mirdiff Mushrif Public Park perimeter 5 km Park hours Almost none   U/C detour in 2015
Nad Al Sheba            
Seih Assalam See Al Qudra cycle tracks          
Umm Suqeim See Jumeirah - Beach Rd          
Bicycle tracks and paths in Dubai - notes and information

As of Oct 2015 (when the new Al Qudra Rd to Nad Al Sheba cycle track opened), there are about 178 km of cycle paths in Dubai, but they are not all connected together. That includes the 115 km along Al Qudra Rd and to Nad Al Sheba, which is some way out of central Dubai and not useful for commuting to work.

  • Al Barsha Pond Park, Al Barsha - small cycle track around the pond (1.5 km), also bicycle rental available inside the park.
  • Al Khawaneej Walking and Cycling Track. About 3km around the perimeter of the Holy Quran Park (Holy Koran Park) in Al Khawaneej 1 community. Open in September 2015 (?).
  • Al Mamzar Park (Al Mamzar Beach Park)?
  • Al Mizhar Park?
  • Al Rigga Street in Deira has a short marked bicycle path near the Al Rigga Metro Station?
  • Al Qudra Rd cycle track - Arabian Ranches (except it starts further down the Al Qudra Rd, not at Arabian Ranches) to Bab Al Shams. Construction started February 2012, completion date expected to be end of June 2012. Total length about 45-50 km. Construction cost about AED 19 million. Starts near Arabian Ranches and the Dubai Bypass Road - first roundabout after the Bypass Road bridge, along Al Qudra Road, then to Bab Al Shams resort, or something. Press release 21 April 2012 quoted Mattar Al Tayer, head of the RTA, as saying "The first cycling track stretches 18 km and runs besides the northern part of Al Qudra Road. It starts off the first R/A following the bridge over the Dubai Bypass Road and extends up to the R/A on the intersection of Bab Al Shams Road and Al Qudrah Roads; where it joins with the second track to ensure continuity for the enthusiasts of long-distance cycling sport. The second track stretches about 27 km and starts off the front of Bab Al Shams Hotel and runs till the R/A at Al Qudrah Road, before it moves southward along the road leading to Seih Al Daha." Start location is first roundabout after Emirates Rd (Dubai Bypass Rd, 611 Rd) interchange with Al Qudra Rd when heading away from the coast, there's a large cycle path display across the highway just before the roundabout.
  • [Check] Al Warqa'a 3 public park (Al Warqaa) - cycle track around the perimeter, also a separate jogging track? Perhaps 2km or so?
  • Dubai Cycling Track (Seih Assalam - Nad Al Sheba, or Al Qudra - Nadd Al Sheba) - see heading below ...
  • Dubai Marina - along part of Dubai Tram route (along Al Sufouh Rd?).
  • Dubai Water Canal (Dubai Creek extension through Jumeirah 2) and Safa Park. Blue and green marked dedicated cycle tracks in the area. Around Safa Park, near Dubai Water Canal but not along the canal. It is possible but not legal to cycle along the canal boardwalk.
  • Business Bay, a dedicated cycle path (painted blue) on the Jebel Ali side of the Dubai Water Canal from Sheikh Zayed Road towards Al Khail Road, stops at Churchill Tower but cross the road to pick it up again (as of Dec 2016), continues to cycle bridge over Al Khail Rd from Business Bay to the Meydan cycle track.
  • Jumeirah 3, Al Sinyar Road (Street)? From Safa Park cycle track across Al Wasl Rd at HSBC, past Choithrams, down Al Bailee St.
  • Jumeirah Beach Road (beach side) cycle path which was installed as part of the Jumeirah Beach Road upgrade during 2005 and 2006. The path runs sort of from Open Beach (opposite the Jumeirah Mosque) to the beach just before Jumeirah Beach Hotel - about 15-20 km length. It's all on the footpath, not the road. Watch out for pedestrians, bus stops, sign posts, badly parked cars, tea and shawarma shops delivering goodies to badly parked car occupants. Update 21 April 2012 - cycle path extended to Al Mankhool Rd according to an RTA press release which quoted Mattar Al Tayer, head of the RTA, as saying "Construction works have been completed in the initial phase of the cycling tracks running 24 km; which included completing the cycling tracks at Jumeirah Street and Street No 7 intersecting with Jumeirah Street and linking Al Mankhool Street in a sector extending 8.6 km."
  • Jumeirah Corniche walking and jogging track along the coast is *not* a cycle path, despite whatever you might read in reports of its construction.
  • Mall of the Emirates metro station - a 1.5 km bicycle track under construction in 2012, might be completed by June 2012 (reported 21 April 2012).
  • Meydan City - see Meydan Cycle Park (below).
  • Mushrif Park, Mirdiff. A 4-5 km dedicated cycle track loops around Mushriff Park in Dubai (not to be confused with Mushrif Central Park in Abu Dhabi). Park opening times Sun-Wed 0800-2200, Thu-Sat and public holidays 0800-2300, Ramadan 1100-2200. Entry fees AED 3 per person, AED 10 per car. Park has swimming pools (separate for male and female), costs AED 10 per person.
  • [Closed 2015-2016] Open Beach in Jumeirah (opposite the Jumeirah Mosque) has a 1.5-2km cycle path and jogging track. Bicycle rental is available.
  • Safa Park jogging track is not a cycle path - dogs and bicycles are not permitted to use the track.
  • Seih Assalam (Seih As Salam) - see Al Qudra cycling track.
Dubai Cycling Track (Seih Assalam - Nad Al Sheba, or Al Qudra - Nadd Al Sheba)
  • Distance about 21-23km. Construction started Apr 2015, track open Oct 2015. But not complete track, only as far as road between Al Barari and Majan, near The Farm restaurant and cafe.
  • Last part of track to Nad Al Sheba not constructed (as of beginning 2016). There is a dirt road or path you can cycle down but it dead-ends after about 500m.
  • Route is from Al Qudra Rd to Emirates Rd (E611), past Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Sports Complex (Hamdan Sports Center), then under Emirates Rd and along the connecting road to MBZ Rd (E311) past Global Village along MBZ Rd, under MBZ Rd, around Majan (opp side of MBZ Rd to City of Arabia), past Al Barari, ending near last entrance to Al Barari. Does not yet go to Nad Al Sheba.
  • Al Qudra Rd start point is the car park where the Al Qudra to Bab Al Shams cycle track starts.
  • Al Barrari or Nad Al Sheba start point is not so obvious. Take the Al Ain Rd out of Dubai, exit towards Abu Dhabi on to the MBZ Rd (E311), then take first exit right (it's not signposted) to Al Barari, Majan, and Legends Golf Course. The exit is before Al Rabia Tower. Follow that road to the last Al Barari entrance on your right just past The Farm (there's a small mosque on the corner), park there somewhere (car parking beside mosque is fine), look for a wheelbarrow on the other side of the road (if it's still there) as the start point of the track.
  • There is no obvious way to access the Nad Al Sheba start point from Nad Al Sheba or Meydan area except by using the Al Ain Rd to MBZ Rd route.
  • Other places to park a car and start cycling include a roundabout halfway along the connecting road between E311 and E611 (no signpost), the Emarat petrol station along E311 between Arabian Ranches and Silicon Oasis junctions (going in Sharjah direction). Global Village car park, probably Hamdan Sports Center car park (we didn't check).
  • An RTA press release 08 Aug 2015 quoted Mattar Al Tayer, RTA Chairman, as saying "The cycling path at Seih Assalam includes the Gate of the Dubai Cycling Track, several public utilities, outlets for renting bikes and accessories, a fully equipped medical clinic, and 10 rest points all along the biking lane fitted with seats and racks."
  • Between Al Barari and Emirates Rd there are no dedicated facilities or rest areas, except for an Emarat station with a (soon to open) McDonald's on MBZ highway near Global Village. Mr Al Tayer might have been referring to the bike shop and rest points along Al Qudra cycle path. We didn't cycle the bit between Al Qudra Rd and Emirates Rd yet.
Cycle track lengths Aug 2015 (RTA press release)
  • [Check] Al Qudra Rd and Seih Assalam area: 115 km (includes 23 km link to Nad Al Sheba?)
  • Jumeirah Beach Rd: 17 km.
  • Jumeirah Beach Rd to Al Mankhool Rd link (Street 7): 1.4 km.
  • Bur Dubai: 11 km path network
  • Mall of the Emirates Metro Station: 1.6 km
  • Al Rigga Metro Station: 1.9km
  • Al Quoz Residential Area 3: 3.5 km
  • Nad Al Sheba: 4 km
  • Seih Assalam to Nad El Sheba: given as 23 km, but is 21 km according to markers along the route.
Nad Al Sheba - Meydan Cycle Park

Update: Original cycle park closed, replaced by new Meydan Cycle Track in almost the same place (different car park area but signposted and easy to find if you know where the old one was). New track has lighting at night. Cycle path open 24 hrs. Length of loop about 8 km. Also another track exits the loop and goes under the Meydan Rd, but dead ends a few km later and you have to go back.

  • 25 Aug 2012 update - the cycle park opened in August 2012? Signposted from the Meydan Road, free car parking, free to use (so far). Bring drinking water with you. Open 24 hrs? Tracks have lighting at night. Cycle shop planned (unknown if open or what the opening hours are). No cycle rental as far as we know.
  • Cycle Safe Dubai and Revolution Cycles have been working with the Dubai Ruler's Office to develop the Meydan Cycle park where the camel race track was in Meydan City (Nad Al Sheba) area. Construction timeline and opening date not supplied.
  • Bicycle and running tracks planned include: 3 cycling tracks (4 km, 6 km, 8 km) that can also be used for running and jogging, a separate children's cycle track (850 meters length) with RTA road signs for education, a BMX track (350 meters), cross country running tracks (3km and 7km long).
  • Other facilities include a children's playground.
  • Tracks are partially lit at night (depending on how well the lights are working).

RTA cycle path plans for Dubai

RTA Bicycle Master Plan for Dubai update 2013?
  • Total of 850 kilometers of cycle paths in Dubai.
  • Cycle tracks to connect to Dubai Metro stations.
  • First phases of plan completed in Jumeirah and Seih Assalam (Phases I and II?).
  • During 2014, construction of cycle tracks totaling 52 km in 11 residential neighbourhoods including Al Barsha, Al Khawaneej, Al Warqa’a, Al Quoz 3, Bur Dubai, and Mirdif. Project cost AED 40 million. Completion date in 2015?
  • "... and we hope to finish the next phase by 2015" according to Nasser Abu Shehab, RTA Director of Strategic Transport Planning, Gulf News report 27 Jan 2014. Referring to Phase III?
  • Phase IV, launched in 2013, completion date in 2016. Areas include Al Sufouh, Mamzar Park, Hor Al Anz, Mushrif Park.
  • Complete master plan completion date planned for 2030.
RTA Bicycle Master Plan for Dubai (2009) (updated 2013?)
  • The Roads and Transport Authority Dubai (RTA) was planning to start developing a bicycle path network in Dubai from 2008. Then in May 2009 (repeated in November 2009), there were reports that the RTA planned to build 900km of cycle paths in Dubai between then and 2019 or 2020.
    • Stage I of the Dubai bicycle network according to May 2009 report was to extend the already existing Jumeirah Beach Road cycle path to the Burj Al Arab and to Dubai Creek. And another path would be extended from Al Mamzar Park to Dubai Creek on the Deira side of Dubai. Called the Gulf Coast Trail and completion scheduled for mid-2010 (update October 2011 - no evidence of any construction work having started yet).
    • Stage I according to November 2009 report would include bicycle paths built in the areas around Jumeirah, both sides of Dubai Creek, the Deira Corniche (Al Khaleej Beach), and either Academic City or Knowledge Village , or both.
    • Stage II would include bike paths along Dubai Creek and nearby areas in Deira and Bur Dubai, another one towards Jebel Ali (if from Burj Al Arab, that's a long way), and cycle lanes along the Dubai Metro on Sheikh Zayed Road.
    • Stage III would include cycle paths in areas and suburbs near the Emirates Road and Al Hibab Road, and a route around the Palm Jebel Ali development.
  • Other reports have mentioned the following roads as due to get cycle paths in the near future (which might mean one day ... or never) - Al Diyafah Street (later renamed as 2nd December Rd), Al Mankhool Road, Al Mina Road, Al Seef Road (Dubai Creek - Bur Dubai side), Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Shaikh Zayed Road (service lanes).

Other places to cycle in Dubai

  • Dubai Autodrome has cycle nights on the race track circuit on Wednesdays from 1800-2100. Just turn up and cycle. Once you get off the Motor City exit from the Arabian Ranches interchange, drive past the Autodrome on your right, then turn right and follow the road around to the back entrance where you can drive in and park your car.
  • Dubai Marina has a corniche all the way around, although at either end you have to walk up stairs to cross the bridge (there is a pedestrian path you can use) or cycle on the road. Bicycle rental is available.
  • Freehold property communities in Dubai such as the Lakes, the Springs, the Meadows are attractive cycling areas. Road infrastructure is often more modern and cycle-friendly than other areas.
  • Mushrif Park - the largest park in Dubai (and the only one which allows cycling inside the park area?). It even has a few hills ... or slight rises.
  • Nad Al Sheba (Nadd Al Sheba) and Meydan area in Dubai is popular with cyclists. There are no cycle paths but the roads are relatively quiet. Cycling was banned there for a period of time at the end of 2008.
  • Palm Jumeirah - the two arms extending around from the Atlantis end of the trunk make for a short pleasant cycle ride (road or footpath, no cycle path). There are Byky rental bikes available. To bring your own you need to transport it there, or cycle faster through the tunnel than the police cars chasing you since no cycling is permitted in the tunnel. We haven't been game enough to try it ourselves yet to find out how rigorously that rule is enforced.
  • Suburban streets are usually quite pleasant and (hopefully) safe. Watch out for car doors opening, and cars coming out of side roads or driveways though - they won't usually be looking out for bicycles.

Bicycle shops in Dubai

Most of the larger shopping malls in Dubai have a specialist bike shop, or large sports shop with a cycle section. The specialist bike shops also have bike repair and maintenance sections.

  • Adventure Sports HQ (or Adventure HQ) in Times Square. Expensive bikes and gear, good selection. Helpful staff but you might have to search around for someone.
  • Charicycles (Chari Cycles). Produces funky looking vintage bikes by refurbishing old bikes. Prices about AED 1200-1700. Location varies or order online? Email hello@charicycles.com, website www.charicycles.com.
  • The Cycle House. Al Hadiqa Rd (Meydan Rd) in Al Quoz, in the SitesPower building (KML Business Center). Parking is impossible when schools along that strip start or finish, stay away at those times. Website www.thecyclehousedubai.com.
  • The Cycle Hub in Dubai Motorcity. Has MTB rentals, organises MTB trips.
  • Decathlon in Mirdif City Center. Sort of a good place to go if you want value for money bicycles and accessories. Sometimes prices higher than same or similar items found elsewhere, and Decathlon prices in Dubai are about 50%-100% higher than Decathlon in Europe for the same items.
  • Dragonmart, next to International City in Dubai. Several shops with cheap Chinese made bicycles (example prices in 2014: AED 250-300 for a mountain bike or road bike, AED 450-500 for a folding bike). Serious bike riders and shops will tell you they're rubbish and you're better off buying a proper bike second hand or spend more money on a new one. For occasional use they seem ok, at least the one we bought works fine so far. Using a Dragonmart mountain bike (MTB) off road is probably going to destroy it fairly quickly. Some brands seen include VLRA (or VRLA?) and Upten Bikes. Safety issues might be something to consider - again, the one we got has brakes that work ok so far and the wheels haven't fallen off unexpectedly ... yet.
  • Dubizzle. Not a bike shop but an online classifieds website for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other UAE emirates. Mentioned here because there seem to be a few ads selling new and unused bikes (unwrapped or "still in original packaging") for what sound like good prices. We found that a few of them were the same brand as the cheap Chinese-made bicycles you can buy at Dragonmart ... and the Dragonmart price is the same as or cheaper than the Dubizzle price. Dubizzle probably good for genuine second-hand higher quality bike stuff.
  • Go Sport (GoSport). General sports gear but one of the better bike shops with a reasonable range of accessories. Branches in Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates (next to the new VOX Cinema location).
  • Liv Cycling, Boxpark Al Wasl Rd. Sells ladies bikes and accessories but men can still pay for them. And buy gender-neutral accessories such as lights. Affiliated with or a subsidiary of Ride Bike Shops.
  • The Movement, in the Dubai Garden Center on Sheikh Zayed Rd. According to them they are "Dubai's Finest Bicycle Store". If you want a MTB to tear around Wadi Showka with, this might not be the shop to go looking for one. If you want to make a fashion statement with a Linus Bike for the city, this is the place. Prices unknown but in the USA, Linus bikes mostly sell for USD 300-800 (about AED 1,000-3,000). Open daily from 1000-1800.
  • ProBike - in Al Barsha, Dubai.
  • Rage Bike Shop - several locations (Dubai Festival City, Oasis Center, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdiff City Center, ...), specialist bike shop. Also a shop in Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi. Not cheap but good quality bike gear. Tel +971-4-3369007, email info@rage-shop.com, website www.rage-shop.com.
  • Ride Bike Shop - several locations (Mirdiff City Center, Sheikh Zayed Rd other side of Oasis Center from Wolfi's Bike Shop).
  • Wolfi's Bike Shop. Specialist bike shop on desert side of Sheikh Zayed Road between Time Square and Oasis Center shopping malls. Not the cheapest place to buy bicycle kit in Dubai, but good quality, and worth checking anyway, we found Thule bike racks cheaper there than at Decathlon in Dubai (but you have to wait a couple of days to get one). Opening hours Sat-Thu 1000-1900, closed on Fridays. Telephone +971-4-3394453, email info@wbs.ae, website www.wbs.ae.

Bicycle rental and cycle hire in Dubai

Byky has a few locations in Dubai with bike rentals (although their website doesn't show any on the map for Dubai). They include: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Palm Island near Atlantis, MBR Boulevard (was Emaar Boulevard), Jumeirah Beach Rd a couple of places.

  • Al Barsha Pond Park - bicycle rental available inside the park (presumably only for use on the small cycle track in the park).
  • Dubai Marina - was near the Dubai end of the marina, but shifted to near the Dubai Marina Mall (which has free car parking ... as of 2011 at least). Another rental spot is under the bridge at the Jebel Ali end of Dubai Marina, on the JBR side.
  • [Beach is closed in 2015-2016, but cycle rental still available on Beach Rd] Open Beach in Jumeirah on the beach cycle path there. Opposite Jumeirah Mosque.
  • Public beach next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, near Umm Suqeim Park.
  • [Closed] Jumeirah Beach Road, ENOC station near Umm Suqeim Park (but might not be open during summer). Update December 2012 - no longer in operation?
  • Rage Bike Shop at Dubai Festival City?
  • Wolfi's Bike Shop?
  • The Adventure Store in Times Square shopping mall (on Sheikh Zayed Road)?
  • The Cycle House, Al Hadiqa Rd (Meydan Rd), high end bikes for AED 200 per day, take them to the nearby Meydan cycle track to try them out.

Bicycles and public transport in Dubai

  • As far as we know, it is not permitted to take bicycles on buses or the Dubai Metro, whether folding or not.
  • Crossing the Dubai Metro bridges along the Sheikh Zayed Road with a bicycle is allowed. That conclusion is based on experience rather than knowledge of the law - we've never been stopped or told off. We haven't tried cycling across, we always walk our bikes, and use the elevators not the escalators.
  • Bicycle stands are being installed at Dubai Metro stations during 2012. An Emirates 24-7 report on 13 March 2012 said The RTA had announced that by the end of the first quarter of this year it would have constructed as many as 3,000 bicycle parking spaces for Dubai Metro users to encourage cycling and to encourage an integrated and sustainable transport system.
    • Warning: lock your bike securely, there are frequent reports of bicycle thefts from Dubai metro stations, even locked bicycles have been stolen.
  • The same report also quoted Nasser Abu Shehab, director of Strategic Transport Planning at the Dubai RTA, as saying "RTA’s next phase of the Bicycle Master Plan includes providing bike tracks in areas closer to the Metro Red Line such as connecting the existing Jumeirah Beach Road to the nearby Red Line Metro stations on the Sheikh Zayed Road. ... At the moment all metro stations are designed for easy pedestrian and bicycle accesses within 500m radius." Which sounds much more bicycle-friendly than what it really is at the time of the report. Good luck, watch out for other vehicles who still think bicycles are an annoyance.

Cycling in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi cycle paths and areas. TL;DR version: best places are The Corniche, Yas Marina Circuit on Tue nights, Al Wathba for a long cycle trip, or around Yas Island.

  • Abu Dhabi Corniche has a cycle path from the Abu Dhabi Marina Mall to the port area. Bicycle rental available from Byky.
  • Al Raha cycle path. Disappointing.
    • Approximately from Al Zeina to Aldar HQ (the big round building) near Al Raha Mall and Al Raha Beach.
    • Dedicated green cycle path along south side of Al Raha Boulevard (the windy road), goes past Al Muneera, Al Bandar, but is a bit hit and miss with various obstacles, construction, and bouncing over kerbs during 2016. Cycling on the road was easier.
    • [Check again] No obvious way to go from cycle path to Al Raha Mall ... maybe that will change after construction finished, or is some access behind Aldar HQ.
    • North of Al Zeina, cycle path exists but appears to be closed, unused, unmaintained, with sand and plants spreading over it. Might change after construction completed of Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal?
  • Al Wathba cycle path. Long, lots of sand to look at.
  • Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel area (Al Maqta)?
  • Firdous Street near Abu Dhabi Mall?
  • Yas Island has some cycle paths.
  • Yas Marina Circuit cycling (and jogging) training evenings on Tuesdays from 1800-2100. Cycles available for rent, AED 25 per hour. Check with Yas Marina or one of the cycling clubs in the UAE for more details.

ADCB Bikeshare bike rental scheme

  • ADCB has sponsored bike rental stations in Yas Island and Al Raha areas, starting Nov or Dec 2015. Rent from one station and return to the same or another. A total of 10 stations? Free for first 60 mins as of Dec 2016 (might have been 30 mins previously).
  • Plans to expand to more stations in Abu Dhabi city area during 2016 or 2017.
  • Credit card or special bike pass needed even if planning to only use a bike for the free rental time.
  • Cycling around Yas Island is more interesting than cycling around Al Raha (see also below reference to Al Raha bike path). At least during 2016, 2017, probably longer depending on when construction in the area is mostly done. We'd suggest don't bother, unless you live in or are visiting the area. Have another look after 2020.
  • Note that cycling through the tunnel between Yas Island and Al Zeina area is not permitted, so do not plan to rent on the mainland and cycle to Yas Island (or vice versa). Cycling from the mainland to Yas Island via another route appears to be difficult or impossible (we tried from Al Zaina and failed ... gave up near the Midfield Terminal construction entrance).

Abu Dhabi Walking and Cycling Master Plan (WCMP)

  • Plan to build more cycling and walking paths in Abu Dhabi emirate by 2030 (includes Al Ain and Western Region).
  • Target of 900 km of tracks in Abu Dhabi, and 450 km in Al Ain, costing about AED 2.1 billion and AED 1.0 billion respectively.
  • Demonstration projects to be initially developed in:
    • Abu Dhabi Downtown - Madinat Zayed / Corniche in central Abu Dhabi city
    • Khalifa City
    • Downtown Al Ain
    • Mirfa in Western Region
  • Proposal includes suggestion of shaded cycle paths to be built on existing roads, and dedicated shaded cycle tracks alongside main highways.
  • Reference: http://dot.abudhabi.ae/en/info/Walking_and_Cycling_Network_Design_for_Abu_Dhabi_Emirate

Cycle paths and areas in other UAE emirates

Sharjah cycle paths

  • Zayed Velodrome?

Cycling bans in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Wear a helmet, reflective vest (maybe), and make sure your bike has reflectors on it (even in daytime), and lights at night, if cycling in Sharjah. If you're missing any of those items and the police or municipality catch you, you don't get a warning, your bike will be confiscated and destroyed.

Other cycling ban information moved to UAE bicycle laws page.

Bicycle transportation in UAE

Bike racks for cars in Dubai
  • Buy one from one of the larger bike shops, or general sports shops. Suggestions: Decathlon (but compare price with other shops, for branded items such as Thule, Decathlon is more expensive), GoSport.
  • Check you have a hitch receiver or towball (towbar) mounted on your car before buying a bike rack which attaches to such a mount.
Fines for illegal transportation of bicycles in Abu Dhabi

Moved to bicycle laws page.

Cycling races and events in the UAE

  • ADNOC LIWA Cycle Challenge. Annual event, distance 100 km, started in 2012?
Dubai Tour
  • Dubai Tour is a bicycle race held for the first time in Dubai 05-08 Feb 2014 as part of the 2014 UCI Asia Tour. Divided into 4 stages on 4 days.
    • Day 1: Time trials around Downtown Dubai
    • Day 2: Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) to Atlantis resort Palm Jumeirah.
    • Day 3: Dubai WTC to Hatta.
    • Day 4: DWTC to Burj Khalifa via Old Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Jumeirah Beach Rd, Burj Al Arab.
Tour de Al Gharbia Cycle Race
  • The WRDC Tour de Al Gharbia Cycle Race is an annual cycle race held in the Western Region of the UAE (Al Gharbiya), with the first race held in 2010.
  • Sponsored by the Western Region Development Council (WRDC).
  • 2012 event held on Thursday 16 February 2012 (register before 12 February 2012). Route is from Tarif towards Madinat Zayed City, distance 50 km. Entry is free and open to everyone. Start time 0930. Website at mzc.hct.ac.ae/tdag/
  • 2011 WRDC Tour de Al Gharbia route from Madinat Zayed along the new road to Ghayathi. Distance 40 km.
  • 2010 WRDC Tour de Al Gharbia event held on 18 February 2010. Route from Liwa to Madinat Zayed City. Distance 60 km.
Spinneys Coast to Coast Cycling Challenge
  • Annual cycle ride (or race for some) from Dubai to Fujairah, about 180 km. Held in November? Sponsored/organised by Spinneys supermarket.

Cycling clubs in Dubai and UAE

  • Cycle Safe Dubai
  • Dubai Roadsters
Last update Monday 26-Dec-2016
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  • www.cyclechallenge.ae - Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge website.
  • www.cyclesafedubai.com - Cycle Safe Dubai new website.
  • www.dubairoadsters.com - Dubai Roadsters website. Cycle club for more serious road cyclists with weekly riding groups on Friday mornings of 80km, 120km, or 140km. They also organise other cycling events and tours in the UAE.


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