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Bicycles and cycling in Dubai

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Cycling and bicycles in Dubai and UAE

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While the RTA has been encouraging people to use cycles to travel short distances, the police have launched a campaign against bicycles for safety reasons leaving residents utterly confused - ref: Gulf News 31 Mar 2010. Such is life in Dubai, and as of 2015, there is still some inconsistency between various authorities regarding the promotion of cycling as a good thing vs punishing the working class for using a bicycle because they can't afford anything else.

Cycle laws and safety in Dubai and UAE

Update 27 Jan 2014 (Gulf News) - Cyclists are banned from using footpaths and main roads in Dubai. They can use marked cycle paths, and secondary roads. Which presumably means internal roads in communities in Dubai, not the roads that mark the boundaries of each community, or main highways and motorways. Which is not new information - it is what the cycling law of 1997 for the UAE says. In reality, police seem to tolerate cyclists using footpaths considerately (not in crowded areas) and some main roads (Jumeirah Beach Rd for example, but that's not advisable due to the high number of car drivers that seem to use cyclists as target practice). In our experience, there is a conflict between what the law says and what the police do - one of us was stopped by the police late at night for cycling on a minor internal community road and told to go and cycle on the main road.

UAE Federal Law No. 21 of 1995, and Ministerial Order No. 130 of 1997 cover the use of bicycles in the UAE. Article 16 of the law says that cyclists should ride on the right of the road, should not ride on the footpath, should use cycle tracks where available, and are not permitted to ride on main roads. As with many laws in the UAE, interpretation can be variable, enforcement can be non-existent or sporadic, and laws are sometimes confusing or seemingly contradictory anyway.

Bicycle helmet law in Dubai and UAE

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The Traffic By-law of UAE Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 says: "Every person riding a bicycle shall wear a helmet." (Reference Article 16).

Bicycles impounded in Dubai

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Bicycles are sometimes impounded by the Dubai Police or Dubai Municipality for road rule violations. You're more likely to get a warning or a fine first, unless there's a crackdown, or the authorities think you're particularly obnoxious. The Dubai RTA is possibly more friendly towards cyclists, they appear to be trying to encourage more cycling in Dubai. In other emirates, Abu Dhabi seems to be more serious about encouraging cycling (or talking about it at least with various cycle networks planned ... but not built yet); Sharjah discourages cycling (and impounds more bicycles); Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain are ambivalent; Al Ain is part of Abu Dhabi emirate.

Bicycle licence fee

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List of cycle paths and tracks in Dubai

*Shared footpath means a dividing line has been painted on an existing footpath with pictures of bicycles on the pavement and on signs. The Beach Rd track has a different surface to the pedestrian track. Obstacles usually include airconditioned bus stops, various poles and signposts, parked cars (on driveways or using the track as a car park), tables and chairs from cafes and restaurants, construction sites spilling onto pavement, sand. Also high kerbs (curbs) without ramps for some side streets, car parks, driveways, etc make for a bumpy or slow ride.

Area Description Length Timings Obstacles Date open Notes
Al Barsha Al Barsha pond park perimeter 1.5 km Park hours     Bike rental available
Al Barsha Mall of the Emirates metro station 1.5 km 24 hrs   2012?  
Al Hudaiba Al Mina Rd footpath   24 hrs Not many   Shared footpath
Al Hudaiba Street 7 footpath   24 hrs Not many   Shared footpath
Al Khawaneej Holy Quran park perimeter 3 km     Sep 2015?  
Al Mamzar Park, roads not cycle tracks? ??        
Al Mizhar Park ??        
Al Rigga Al Riga St     Pedestrians    
Al Safa 1 Safa Park and Dubai Water Canal   24 hrs   Nov 2016  
Al Sufouh Dubai Tram route Al Sufouh Rd 9 km 24 hrs Not really   Ends Dubai Marina
Al Qudra Dedicated cycle tracks (several) 100+ km 24 hrs Cars (!)   Accidents with cars
Al Quoz            
Al Warqaa Al Warqa'a 3 park perimeter 3 km?        
Al Wasl Safa Park and Dubai Water Canal       Nov 2016  
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Bur Dubai            
Deira See Al Riga          
Dubai Marina Promenade, not cycle path   24 hrs Plenty   No cars. Good place.
JLT Promenade, not cycle path   24 hrs Not bad   No cars. Good place.
Jumeirah Beach Rd footpath 25 km? 24 hrs Too many!   Shared footpath
Jumeirah 1 Open Beach 2 km 24 hrs People   Closed 2014-2016
Jumeirah 2, 3 Near Safa Park and Dubai Water Canal   24 hrs   Nov 2016  
Meydan District 1 dedicated track (s) 8 km 24 hrs None 2015 Has street lights
Mirdiff Mushrif Public Park perimeter 5 km Park hours Almost none   U/C detour in 2015
Nad Al Sheba            
Seih Assalam See Al Qudra cycle tracks          
Umm Suqeim See Jumeirah - Beach Rd          
Bicycle tracks and paths in Dubai - notes and information

As of Oct 2015 (when the new Al Qudra Rd to Nad Al Sheba cycle track opened), there are about 178 km of cycle paths in Dubai, but they are not all connected together. That includes the 115 km along Al Qudra Rd and to Nad Al Sheba, which is some way out of central Dubai and not useful for commuting to work.

Dubai Cycling Track (Seih Assalam - Nad Al Sheba, or Al Qudra - Nadd Al Sheba)
Cycle track lengths Aug 2015 (RTA press release)
Nad Al Sheba - Meydan Cycle Park

Update: Original cycle park closed, replaced by new Meydan Cycle Track in almost the same place (different car park area but signposted and easy to find if you know where the old one was). New track has lighting at night. Cycle path open 24 hrs. Length of loop about 8 km. Also another track exits the loop and goes under the Meydan Rd, but dead ends a few km later and you have to go back.

RTA cycle path plans for Dubai

RTA Bicycle Master Plan for Dubai update 2013?
RTA Bicycle Master Plan for Dubai (2009) (updated 2013?)

Other places to cycle in Dubai

Bicycle shops in Dubai

Most of the larger shopping malls in Dubai have a specialist bike shop, or large sports shop with a cycle section. The specialist bike shops also have bike repair and maintenance sections.

Bicycle rental and cycle hire in Dubai

Byky has a few locations in Dubai with bike rentals (although their website doesn't show any on the map for Dubai). They include: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Palm Island near Atlantis, MBR Boulevard (was Emaar Boulevard), Jumeirah Beach Rd a couple of places.

Bicycles and public transport in Dubai

Cycling in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi cycle paths and areas. TL;DR version: best places are The Corniche, Yas Marina Circuit on Tue nights, Al Wathba for a long cycle trip, or around Yas Island.

ADCB Bikeshare bike rental scheme

Abu Dhabi Walking and Cycling Master Plan (WCMP)

Cycle paths and areas in other UAE emirates

Sharjah cycle paths

Cycling bans in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Wear a helmet, reflective vest (maybe), and make sure your bike has reflectors on it (even in daytime), and lights at night, if cycling in Sharjah. If you're missing any of those items and the police or municipality catch you, you don't get a warning, your bike will be confiscated and destroyed.

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Bicycle transportation in UAE

Bike racks for cars in Dubai
Fines for illegal transportation of bicycles in Abu Dhabi

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Cycling races and events in the UAE

Dubai Tour
Tour de Al Gharbia Cycle Race
Spinneys Coast to Coast Cycling Challenge

Cycling clubs in Dubai and UAE

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