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Dubai Police

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Dubai Police

Dubai Police and policemen do what police do in most countries. Try to keep the peace, arrest those suspected of criminal activities, help little old ladies across the road, and leave the cats stuck in trees for the Dubai Fire Department. Dubai Police occasionally ride horses (not camels) - you might see them trotting around suburban streets in the early hours of the morning when all good citizens are tucked up in bed and thieves prowl the dark city streets looking for trouble.

Dubai Police contact details

901 is the number to call for general police enquiries which are not emergencies.

Reporting a crime in the UAE

None of this should be regarded as any sort of authoritative or official advice or comment. Treat it as biased observations and opinions from a small minority of people in the UAE (us, in case you're wondering who), on a par with coffee shop, bar, or BBQ expat gossip. For authoritative information, ask the Dubai Police, an embassy or consulate, or a lawyer. If you ask all three, don't be suprised if you get conflicting information.

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What to do if arrested in Dubai

This is not legal advice, nor is it meant to be. It's an opinion based on our experiences and anecdotal stories. Ask a lawyer in Dubai or the police for authoritative and/or official advice but keep in mind their priorities or biases when talking to them (similar to most countries). A lawyer does a job in the expectation of being paid for it - usually the more time they spend on your case, the more money they get. The police are interested in solving crimes and catching criminals. Their definition of solving a crime and catching a criminal might not be the same as yours but might involve you in a way you did not expect or want.

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