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Consulates and Embassies in Dubai

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List of consulates in Dubai UAE

Directory list of consulates and embassies in Dubai UAE with contact tel numbers, websites, email address, opening times, visa applications and other information.

Visa applications at consulates (Dubai) and embassies (Abu Dhabi) in UAE

For visa applications at consulates and embassies, some general guidelines:

List of countries with consulates in Dubai

Country Telephone Website Email Consul General Location Updated
Afghanistan +971-4-3988229 Mr Atiqullah Atifmal   01 Dec 2011
Algeria +971-4-3444377     Abdelkrim Belouassaa   01 Dec 2011
American - see US (USA)            
Angola +971-4-3447541         01 Dec 2011
Australia Consulate +971-4-5087100   Burjuman Business Tower 08 Jan 2012
Azerbaijan Consulate +971-4-2355232   Parviz Ismayilzade  
Bangladesh Consulate +971-4-2726966 Masdoor Rehmat   01 May 2012
British Embassy - see UK            
Bulgarian Consulate   Angel Kalinov    
Canada Consulate +971-4-3145555   Ross Miller   21 Nov 2011
China Consulate +971-4-3944733   Al Safa 2 20 Nov 2016
Cyprus visa center +971-4-3592279     See Cyprus Embassy Abu Dhabi Cyprus visa center in Atrium Bldg, Bur Dubai 02 Oct 2010
Denmark Consulate +971-4-3480877     20 Jan 2011
Dutch - see Netherlands            
Egypt Consulate +971-4-4445566     Sherif Fouad El Bedaiwi    
Eritrea Consulate +971-4-2220323     21 Nov 2011
Ethiopia       Mesganu Arga Moach    
Finland Consulate +971-4-2823338      
France Consulate +971-4-3329040   Eric Giraud Telem    
Georgia Consulate           19 May 2015
Germany Consulate +971-4-3972333 Klaus Ranner DIB bldg, Bank St 07 Mar 2011
Hong Kong See China          
India Embassy +971-4-3971333 Mr Vipul Bur Dubai consulate area 18 Nov 2019
Indonesia Consulate +971-4-3985666 Imam Santoso Al Hudaiba, location map* 01 May 2012
Iran Consulate +971-4-3444717      
Iraq Consulate       Esmat Sadeeq   02 Nov 2011
Italy Consulate +971-4-3314167 Giovanni Favilli    
Japan Consulate +971-4-3319191 Hisashi Michigami Dubai World Trade Center, map* 09 Aug 2014
Jordan Consulate +971-4-3970500 Saqr Abu Shattal Al Nuaimi   25 Jan 2012
Kazakhstan Consulate +971-4-3397156 Mr Askar Shokybayev Al Thanya Rd, Umm Al Sheif, location map* 06 Feb 2012
Kenya Consulate +971-4-3428111 Mr Kariuki Mugwe Jumeirah Beach Rd near Mercato 22 Jan 2012
Korean Consulate   see North Korea or South Korea        
Kuwait Consulate +971-4-3978000 Theyab Farhan Al Rasheedi Al Seef Road, Bur Dubai 08 Feb 2012
Kyrgyzstan Consulate +971-4-2971449 Kuban Omuraliev Mohd. Saeed Harib Bldg, Port Saeed  
Lebanon Consulate +971-4-3977450   Sami Al Nimir    
Lithuania Consulate +971-4-3441644          
Macau See China          
Macedonia   No consulate, see Doha or Istanbul       03 Sep 2014
Malaysia Consulate +971-4-3355528        
Moldova   No consulate, see Ankara, Turkey     03 Sep 2014
Morocco +971-4-3496355 Abdelali Jay Street 8A, Jumeirah 1 19 Dec 2012
Mozambique       Cristiano Santos    
Netherlands Consulate +971-4-4407600 Robert J.H. de Leeuw Al Habtoor Business Tower  
New Zealand Consulate +971-4-3317500   Suite 1502, API Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd  
North Korea?   No consulate or embassy found       18 Dec 2013
Norway Consulate +971-4-3823880 Ole Didrik Nyhus Office 2106, Damac Executive Tower, TECOM 11 Feb 2015
Oman Consulate +971-4-3971000          
Pakistan Consulate +971-4-3973600 Tariq Iqbal Soomro Khalid Bin Al Waleed St 22 Feb 2011
Palestine Consulate +971-4-3972020 Issam Massalha1    
Panama Consulate +971-4-2263366      
Peru Consulate +971-4-4227550 Romulo Acurio Al Habtoor Business Tower, Dubai Marina 27 Apr 2012
Philippines Consulate +971-4-2207100 Frank Cimafranca Al Qusais 3 11 Feb 2011
Qatar Consulate +971-4-3960444 Ahmed bin Ali Al Tamimi Umm Hurair 1 20 Jan 2015
Romania Consulate +971-4-3940580 Dan Marian Parvulescu Jumeirah 06 Sep 2014
Russia Consulate +971-4-3285347   Gocha Buchidze Umm Al Sheif 05 Mar 2012
Saudi Arabia Consulate +971-4-3979777 Emad Adnan Madani Bur Dubai 03 Jan 2012
Serbia   No consulate. Embassy in Abu Dhabi       03 Sep 2014
Singapore Consulate +971-4-2229789     Cheong Ming Foong   17 Oct 2011
Slovakia   No consulate, see Abu Dhabi        
Slovenia   No consulate. Embassy in AUH. Visa applications at German Consulate?     11 Aug 2018
Somalia Consulate +971-4-2722559   Omer Abdul Aziz Noor   11 Sep 2012
South Korea +971-4-3449200 Seongdoo Ahn Jumeirah 2, behind EPPCO 18 Dec 2013
Spain Embassy   See Spanish Embassy AUH No consulate in DXB?     24 Aug 2013
Sri Lanka Consulate +971-4-3986535          
Sudan Consulate +971-4-2637555 Abdel Azim Mohammed el-Sadiq    
Switzerland Consulate +971-4-3290999     20 Jan 2011
Sweden Consulate +971-4-3457716        
Syria Consulate +971-4-2663354          
Taiwan Trade Office +971-4-3977888   Bur Dubai 21 Nov 2016
Tajikistan +971-4-3945814      
Tanzania Consulate +971-4-3940200 Omary Mjenga Rajabu Al Safa 2 21 Sep 2014
Thailand Consulate +971-4-3489550 Thosaporn Moonla Sart Sathorn location map* 09 Nov 2012
Turkey Consulate +971-4-3314788     Ms Elif Comoglu Ulgen    
Uganda Consulate planned See Ugandan Embassy Abu Dhabi       22 Oct 2009
Uruguay       Alfredo Cazes    
Ukraine Consulate       Petro Holoveshko   05 Apr 2012
UK Embassy +971-4-3971070 Edward Hobart Maktoum Bridge, Bur Dubai 11 Nov 2012
US Consulate +971-4-3116000     Dubai Creek 11 Sep 2012
Uzbekistan Consulate +971-4-3947400      
Vietnam Consulate +971-4-3988924      
Yemen Consulate +971-4-3970131          

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  1. See country notes below.
  2. Acting Consul-General.

Country notes

Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Consulate General of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Australian Consulate in Dubai
Consulate General of the Republic of Angola

China - People's Republic of China consulate in Dubai (PR of China)

China = People's Republic of China (PROC), and includes Hong Kong and Macau, but HK and Macau have different visa regulations. HK and Macau visa applications are not done at the Chinese consulate in Dubai. Apply directly to Hong Kong or Macau immigration departments but most nationalities are eligible for visa on arrival or visa-free entry to HK and Macau.

Taiwan = Republic of China (ROC), and visas for Taiwan are not applied for at the Chinese Embassy, but from Taiwan Commercial Office in Dubai, or eVisa online.

20 Nov 2016 update (contact information valid from 06 Jan 2005)

Previous information (news references from WAM)


Previous location

Chinese visa applications (as of 20 Nov 2016) - reference for Chinese visas from Abu Dhabi Embassy website.

Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan have separate and different visa rules from mainland China, and also have their own border and immigration controls. Having a visa for mainland China does not automatically allow you to enter Hong Kong, and vice versa (same for Macau and Taiwan). Apply for HK and Macau visas but not Taiwan at Chinese Consulate, apply for Taiwan visas at Taiwan Trade Office in Dubai, or eVisa online.

The island of Hainan has more relaxed visa requirements than mainland China but still falls under the jurisdiction of mainland China immigration. There are other visa-free entry possibilities to various cities, zones, and regions, for example the Pearl River Delta for tour groups originating in Hong Kong and Macau, 24 hr transit visa, several cities with 72 or 144 hour airport issued transit visas, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) visa on arrival (VOA). Check carefully with an official source (don't assume Wikipedia is 100% accurate e.g. it omits Philippines from nationality list ineligible for SEZ visa on arrival) which rules apply to which nationalities and be aware that they can change unexpectedly. Remember a transit visa is not possible if you fly from China directly back to your origin country (e.g. HKG > PEK > HKG no transit visa, HKG > PEK > DXB can use transit visa if PEK > DXB flight does not stop in HKG, HKG > PEK > PVG > DXB no transit visa because PVG still in China).

Out of date and conflicting information

Cyprus - see Cyprus Embassy in Abu Dhabi. No consulate in Dubai?
Denmark - Consulate General of Denmark, Royal Danish Consulate
Egyptian Consulate
French Consulate in Dubai
[Not yet] Georgia Consulate in Dubai (Georgia the country, not the USA state)

This section refers to Georgia (capital Tbilisi) in the Caucasus Region, one of the ex-USSR states, sharing a border with Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Georgia visa applications in Dubai

Georgian e-visa (evisa) application (Feb 2017)

Germany Consulate in Dubai
Greece - see Greek Embassy in Abu Dhabi, no consulate in Dubai?

[Content moved] No Guatemalan consulate in Dubai. Embassy in Abu Dhabi opened on 18 Nov 2019.

Holland - see Netherlands
Indian Consulate or Embassy in Dubai

[Content moved] India consulate in Dubai.

Indonesia - Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Dubai
Iranian Consulate in Dubai
Iraqi Consulate in Dubai
Italian Consulate-General in Dubai
Japanese Consulate in Dubai
Jordanian Consulate in Dubai
Kazakh Consulate in Dubai (Republic of Kazakhstan)
Kenyan Consulate in Dubai
Kuwait - Consulate General of the State of Kuwait in Dubai
Kyrgyzstan Consulate in Dubai
Lithuanian Consulate in Dubai
Netherlands Consulate in Dubai (NL)
New Zealand Consulate in Dubai (NZ)
North Korea - Democratic People's Republic of Korea consulate in Dubai (DPK or DPRK)
Pakistan - Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai
Palestine Consulate in Dubai
Peru - Consulate General of Peru in Dubai
Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, Republic of the Philippines
Qatar - Consulate General of the State of Qatar
Romanian consulate in Dubai
Russian - Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Dubai
Saudi Arabian consulate in Dubai (KSA)
Singapore consulate in Dubai
Slovenia visa applications in Dubai and UAE
Somalia (Consulate General of Federal Republic of Somalia or Consulate General of the Somali Democratic Republic?)
South Korea - Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Dubai
Switzerland (CH)
Syrian consulate in Dubai
Taiwan (Republic of China, ROC)

China = People's Republic of China (PROC), see Chinese consulate in Dubai or embassy in Abu Dhabi. Includes Hong Kong and Macau.

Taiwan = Republic of China (ROC), whether or not you recognize Taiwan as a separate country from China depends on your perspective, but Chinese (PROC) visas are not valid for entry to Taiwan, and vice versa. Apply for Taiwan visa at Taiwan Commercial Office in Dubai, or eVisa online.

Tajikistan consulate in Dubai
Tanzanian consulate in Dubai
Thai consulate in Dubai
Turkish consulate in Dubai
Uganda consulate or embassy in UAE
Ukrainian Consulate in Dubai
United Kingdom UK Embassy in Dubai (not consulate)

UK visa applications in Dubai, UAE

United States of America (USA) Consulate in Dubai
How many expats living in Dubai - population figures and estimates

See also expat population in the UAE figures. Approximately 200,000 UAE nationals living in Dubai in 2012.

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