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Dubai Police Cars fleet

Sunday 16 December 2018 (UAE)   

Dubai Police Cars fleet

Dubai Police Force cars, Dubai Police super car fleet, includes an Aston Martin One-77, a Bentley Continental GT, a Bugatti Veyron, Camaro, Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Brabus G-wagon, and several other exotic sports cars.

List of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Police supercars

Car model Price Engine Power Top Speed 0-100kph Plate No2 Date1

Dubai Police Force list








Aston Martin One-774 $1.79m3 7.3L V12 750 bhp 354 kph 3.7 sec 11 06 May 2013
Audi Q7, 4 nos             13 Nov 2016
Audi R8   4.2L V8 562 bhp 261 kph 4.2 sec 222, 555  
Audi R8, 2 more             13 Nov 2016
Bentley Continental GT   6.0L W12 552 bhp 318 kph 4.8 sec 4  
BMW i8 (Hybrid petrol and electric) $140,000 1.5L 357 bhp 250 kph 4.4 sec 11112 11 Mar 2015
BMW M6 Gran Coupe           22  
Brabus - see Mercedes              
Bugatti Veyron5 $1.4m5 8.0L 1,000 bhp 431 kph5 2.7 sec   15 May 2013
Bugatti Veyron6       431 kph   2 06 Feb 2014
Chevrolet Camaro SS   6.2L V8 426 bhp 250 kph 5.5 sec 999  
[No or not yet] Ferrari 458 Italia8              
Ferrari FF, 2 nos? $250,000 6.3L V8 651 bhp 335 kph 3.7 sec 8000, 9 19 Apr 2013
Ford Mustang Roush12   5.0L V8 575 bhp 240 kph 4.5 sec 33  
[No] Ford Mustang Shelby8              
Hummer H3           A50035 2006?
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 $550,000 6.5L V12 691 bhp 349 kph 2.9 sec? 8 04 Dec 2013
[No or not yet] Lamborghini Gallardo8              
Lexus GS 35011 AED 250k         1039 30 Nov 2014
Lexus RCF (RC-F)   5.0L V8 467 bhp 273 kph 4.4 sec 11112 04 Feb 2015
McLaren MP4-12C AED1.1m 3.8L V8 616 bhp 333 kph 2.9 sec 2020 24 Dec 2013
Thanks for visiting Dubai Police Cars              
Mercedes G-Wagon Brabus (B63S?)   5.5L V8 700 bhp 240 kph 4.9 sec 7772  
Mercedes-Benz SL63 (AMG)   5.5L V8 530 bhp 300 kph 4.0 sec 63 (!)  
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG           5  
Nissan GTR $100,000 3.8L V6 542 bhp 311 kph 3.2 sec 333  
[No] Porsche GT310              
[?] Porsche Panamera SE Hybrid              
Renault Twizy     20 bhp 75 kph Haha, no 7772 31 May 2013
Rhino eco-friendly car - see Renault?   battery     No chance   Apr 2014
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, 3 door           1112 04 Feb 2015
Other high performance vehicles              
Can Am Spyder superbike (3 wheels)7     115 bhp 200 kph 4-5 secs   02 Jun 2013
Victory Team power boat              

Abu Dhabi Police Force fleet




Top Speed


Plate No2


[No] Carbon Motors E79             21 Mar 2013
Chevrolet Camaro SS           13801  
F1 race car (F999)?              
Fiat 500 (new, not original version)             Mar 2010?
Ford F150 Raptor              
Motorcycle - Orange County Choppers              
Rolls Royce Phantom $500,000 6.8L V12       999 10 Mar 2015
Nissan GTR $100,000         13892  
VW Golf GTI           11333  
  1. Date first joined police force vehicle fleet, or date first reported or announced.
  2. Usually based on first hand observation or photographs. Some apparent conflicts for example photos seen of plate 777 on the G-Wagon and the Twizy, and plate 1111 on the Lexus RCF and BMW i8.
  3. Different figures reported - $1.79m (AED 6.57m), AED11m ($3m). Unknown what Dubai Police paid for it.
  4. Top Gear drove one in Dubai in 2012? Report was in September 2012 magazine issue.
  5. Reports of a Bugatti Veyron addition to the Dubai Police supercar fleet were based on a Twitter photo tweet by Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police. Different figures reported, even in the same report:
    • $1.4m, $1.6m, $2.7m (AED 10m), $4m - for example the International Business Times said "Dubai Police Add $1.4M Bugatti Veyron ... the Dubai Police Department has gone and added a $4 million Bugatti Veyron ..."
    • Different top speeds reported - 407 kph and 431 kph. Most reports said 431 kph?
    • However, one report said it was a photoshopped photo and not a real Dubai Police car, from autoblog.nl: "Bugatti Veyron voor politie Dubai is een hoax. Voor nu." (in Dutch, translation: Bugatti Veyron for Dubai police is a hoax. For now.), 23 May 2013.
  6. Dubai Police Twitter account said "#Dubai_Police launches its newest Super Patrol Car - Bugatti Veyron". Presumably a real one this time (a Dubai Police Veyron picture was tweeted by the Dubai Police Chief on his own Twitter account in May 2013).
    • Dubai Police Bugatti Veyron 0-100 km/h time also reported as 2.2 sec (2.7 sec).
  7. Specifications and performance figures not given for the Dubai Police model, figures in italics are estimates from other sources. Same vehicle reported later as a "Rhino" or an unnamed "green eco-friendly vehicle" (information given not clear).
  8. Some reports seen saying Dubai Police had a Ferrari 458 Italia in their fleet but confirmation not found. Similarly for a Lamborghini Gallardo. At least not as of March 2015, but who knows what they'll buy next ...
    • Differences with Ferrari FF vs Ferrari 458: the FF has a bigger boot (or trunk), which makes it more useful for transporting criminals.
    • Aventador vs Gallardo comparison: the Avantador has headlight washers, remote boot release, and child safety locks, the Gallardo doesn't. And the Aventador is faster.
  9. Photos seen in March 2013 of a Carbon Motors E7 in Abu Dhabi Police colors but since the company went bust around that time, presumably it was not delivered even if it was ordered. The E7 was to be a purpose built police car, available for purchase only by police forces.
  10. Photos seen in March 2014 of a Porsche GT3 in Dubai Police paint job by SignatureWraps in Belgium with Dutch number plates (NL 85-XV-LK) and incorrect police emergency number (997 instead of 999). Doesn't appear to be an actual Dubai Police force car. No announcement from Dubai Police found about acquiring a GT3 ... so far.
  11. Lexus GS350 badged car, which model not announced. New price is AED 180,000 for GS250 2.5L V6 250 bhp up to AED 275,000 for GS450 F Hybrid 3.5L V6 340 bhp. Also not clear if this is part of the supercar fleet or a daily driver for standard cop car duties, but so far there is only one being used by Dubai Police.
  12. Ford Mustang Roush power also reported as 670 bhp (575 bhp).
Why does Dubai Police have a fleet of supercars?

According to Brigadier Nabil Abdulla Al Redha of the Dubai Police, "We mostly use the cars in places that have lots of tourists, allowing them to take pictures. This is promoting the image of Dubai to the world." (E-247 report 24 Dec 2013).

Dubai Police supercar and luxury car announcements timeline and history

  • 13 Nov 2016: 6 new cars added to fleet, two Audi R8s and four Audi Q7s.

List of Dubai Police normal cars

  • BMW
  • Nissan Pathfinder
  • Toyota Prado

List of other vehicles used by Dubai Police

  • Electric bikes - reported or announced 27 Jan 2014 (Gulf News). Dubai Police are testing an "environment-friendly electronic motorbike". Plans are to use eco-bikes or green bikes in shopping centers, at events, in areas with dense traffic, and as a tourist attraction. Trial period duration not supplied. Power output, top speed, 0-100kph time, not provided. Probably the same vehicle reported elsewhere as a Segway or Zippi.
  • Horses - Dubai Police have mounted police patrols at night in community areas Al Bada'a (Al Badaa), Al Qusais, Al Raffa (Al Rafaa, Umm Rafa'ah), Al Twar, Jumeirah, Mirdiff (Mirdif), Naif, Satwa. Dubai Police have had a horse department since 1976. Stables in Al Aweer and Al Qusais (Al Ghusais).
  • Zippi - a modified or rebranded Segway, complete with flashing lights, reported Jan 2014.

List of some vehicles not used by the Dubai Police

  • Bicycle with electric motor removed from kitchen egg-beater.
  • Horse and cart with blue and red candles, flickering if it's a windy day.
  • Premier Padmini.
  • Tuk-tuk.
  • Volkswagen Beetle (6V).
  • "Dubai Mounted Police in step with the times" - Gulf News report 13 Jun 2014.
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