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List of administrative communities in Dubai

List of Dubai Municipality administrative community areas

See also List of Communities in Dubai (duplicate page sort of, swap tables).

List of communities in Dubai, Dubai Municipality classifications, areas, districts, suburbs, including Jumeirah, Deira, Umm Suqeim, Al Barsha, Al Ghusais, Al Quoz, Muhaisanah. Makani new address system.

Geographical divisions:

New address system for Dubai

Makani ("my location" in Arabic) is a new address system for Dubai, being developed by the Dubai Municipality Geographic Information System (GIS) department (dates 2012-2014?).


Dubai areas or districts

Dubai districts or regions - RTA public transport plan?

Districts marked on maps used in the Dubai Public Transport Bus Master Plan by Jürgen Kaiser, date unclear (July 2007?). Used by the RTA for public transport development and fare zones?

Dubai emirates and city - districts, regions, areas

This is not an official list of districts, areas, or regions, but names that might be used or are in common usage.

Business Bay

Downtown Dubai

Nurseries in Downtown Dubai

List of nurseries in Downtown Dubai (Old Town Nursery page) - another list.

Business Bay, Downtown Dubai
Nurseries in Business Bay

Downtown Jebel Ali

Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

Nurseries in Dubai Investments Park (DIP)
Schools in Dubai Investments Park

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
Nurseries in Dubai Silicon Oasis
Schools in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Note that The Oasis School of Dubai is not in DSO area (is in Jumeirah- Umm Suqeim).

Emirates Hills, Emirates Living

The Greens
Schools in The Greens

Dubai city - communities, sectors

Based on official Dubai Municipality community or sectors and numbers (see table below or on new page).

Abu Hail (AbuHail)
Nurseries in Abu Hail
Schools in Abu Hail
Al Bada'a (Al Badaa)
Nurseries and schools in Al Bada'a
Al Baraha, Deira
Nurseries in Al Baraha
Al Barsha - 1, 2, 3?

See also TECOM

Schools in Al Barsha
Nurseries in Al Barsha
Al Barsha South - 1, 2, 3?
Schools in Al Barsha South

Al Garhoud (Al Garhood)

See also Dubai Festival City - Deira International School, Universal American School.

Schools in Al Garhoud

Al Garhoud schools zone or area

Al Ghusais (Al Qusais)

Nurseries in Al Ghusais
Schools in Al Ghusais 1

Al Ghusais school zone, Al Ghusais 1

Al Hudaiba

Nurseries in Al Hudaiba

Al Jadaf (Al Jaddaf, Al Jadaff)

Schools in Al Jadaf

Al Jafiliya

Nurseries in Al Jafiliya

Al Karama - see Karama heading

Al Mamzar, Deira

Al Mamzar borders the emirate of Sharjah.

Schools in Al Mamzar

Al Manara (Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim)

Al Manara (Al Manarah) community is between Umm Suqeim 2 and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Al Mankhool

Al Mankhool < Bur Dubai < Dubai. DM community reference number 317. See al-mankhool-notes-317.

Schools in Al Mankhool
Nurseries in Al Mankhool
Locations in Al Mankhool


GM places found

GM places nonsense

GM places still to check

EM places


Al Muhaisnah - see Muhaisnah
Al Muteena
Nurseries and schools in Al Muteena

Al Nahda (Al Nahdah)

Nurseries in Al Nahda
Schools in Al Nahda

Al Quoz (1-4) and Al Quoz Industrial communities (1-4)

Note that Al Quoz 1 is a different area from Al Quoz Industrial 1 (and similarly for 2, 3, 4).

Nurseries in Al Quoz 1-2
Schools in Al Quoz 1-2
Al Quoz 4 (Al Quoz Residential)
Nurseries in Al Quoz 3-4
Schools in Al Quoz 3-4

Al Qusais - see Al Ghusais

Al Safa

Al Safa 1

Al Safa 1 is district bordered by Safa Park and Umm Al Sheif Road, Sheikh Zayed Rd and Al Wasl Rd.

Nurseries in Al Safa 1
Schools in Al Safa 1
Al Safa 2
Nurseries in Al Safa 2
Al Safia - see Hor Al Anz in Deira
Al Satwa - see Satwa

Al Twar communities (Al Tawar, Al Towar) - 1, 2, 3?

Al Twar 1
Schools in Al Twar 1
Al Twar 2, community number 227 (photos)
Schools in Al Twar 2, nurseries, kindergartens
Al Twar 3, community number 228
Schools in Al Twar 3
Al Waha Villas
Nurseries in Al Waha Villa Community
Al Warsan - see Warsan heading
Al Wasl

Sometimes referred to as Al Safa, perhaps because Al Safa Park is in the Al Wasl community. But Al Safa 1 and 2 communities are on the other side of Safa Park in Jebel Ali direction.

Al Wasl landmarks or notable buildings

Schools in Al Wasl
Nurseries in Al Wasl
Al Wuheida, Deira

Al Waheda, Al Wahaida, Al Wahaida, Al Wuheda, Al Wuheida, Al Wuhaida, Al Wuheidah, Al Wuhaidah

Nurseries and preschools in Al Wuheida

Downtown Dubai - see heading in districts list

Dubai Investment Park (DIP - see heading in districts list

Dubai Marina (Marsa Dubai) - includes Jumeirah Beach Residence area (JBR), The Walk, The Beach

Nurseries in Dubai Marina - not in JBR section
Nurseries in Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai Marina

Dubai Motorcity (Dubai Motor City) (DMC)

Schools in Dubai Motor City
Nurseries in Dubai Motor City

Dubai Sports City (DSO)

Dubai Sports City - information page.

Nurseries in Dubai Sports City

Dubailand (Dubai Land)

See also Al Barsha South

Schools in The Villa, Dubailand
Schools in other areas in Dubailand

Emirates Living - see heading in districts list

Green Community - see Dubai Investment Park (DIP) or Dubai Motor City (DMC)

Hor Al Anz, Deira

Includes Al Safia (not Al Safa) or is a different name for the same community?

Schools in Hor Al Anz
Hor Al Anz East
Nurseries in Hor Al Anz East
Hor Al Anz North, West, South

Jebel Ali (Jabal Ali, Jebal Ali, Jabel Ali)

Jebel Ali - information page. Areas included:

Jumeirah - see Jumeirah 1-3, Umm Suqeim 1-3, Al Manara, Umm Al Sheif, Al Wasl, Al Safa, Al Badaa

Separate headings for Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Village (JV Circle and JV Triangle), and other Nakheel Jumeirah developments - which are all between Emirates Hills, Dubailand, and Jebel Ali. A long way from the original Jumeirah district in Dubai.

Jumeirah general or unknown
Jumeirah 1, Jumeira 1, Jumeirah First, Jumeira First

Between Al Wasl Rd and coast, from Al Urouba St to 2nd December St (was Al Diyafah Rd). Coast section from 16th St (?) to Union House and UAE Flagpole?

Between coast and Jumeirah Beach Rd
Between Jumeirah Beach Rd and Al Wasl Rd
Embassies and consulates in Jumeirah 1
Hospitals, health centers, dentists, medical clinics in Jumeirah 1
Kindergartens and nurseries in Jumeirah 1
Schools in Jumeirah 1
Jumeirah 2, 2nd, Two, Second
Nurseries in Jumeirah 2
Jumeirah 3, 3rd, Three, Third. Or Tree if you're Irish.
Jumeirah 3 roads renamed
Nurseries in Jumeirah 3

Jumeirah named areas not in Jumeirah

Jumeirah Islands
Schools in Jumeirah Islands
Jumeirah Park

Jumeirah Park is the name of a community development by Nakheel Properties, located towards Jebel Ali suburb of Dubai, and a long way from Jumeira communities. Not to be confused with:

Schools in Jumeirah Park
Schools in or near Jumeirah Park and Jumeirah Islands

For schools near Jumeira Park and Jumeira Islands see The Gardens (Jebel Ali Gardens) area, Emirates Hills (The Springs) areas, and possibly Al Barsha South (Dubailand) area.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Jumeirah Lakes Towers - information page.

Jumeirah Village

Schools in Jumeirah Village Circle or Triangle

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Nurseries in Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT)

End Jumeirah Village section


Meydan City

See also

Schools in Meydan City areas

Mirdif, Mirdiff community sector

Nurseries, kindergartens, preschools in Mirdiff
Schools in Mirdif

Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City)

See also Meydan City heading.

Muhaisnah area or district - 1, 2, 3, 4

Schools in Muhaisnah 1
Muhaisnah 4 community sector 245
Schools in Muhaisnah 4

Nad Al Sheba (Nadd Al Sheba, Nad Al Shiba, Nad Al Shibba) 1, 2, 3?

Schools in or not in Nad Al Sheba
Schools in Nad Al Sheba 3

Oud Metha

Schools in Oud Metha

Palm Islands

Palm Deira

Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jumeirah

See Palm Jumeirah page.

Rashidiya, Rashidiyah, Al Rashidiya

Schools in Nadd Shamma
Schools in Rashidiya

Satwa (Al Satwa)

Nurseries in Satwa


Tecom is the name of an area in Dubai near Al Barsha, The Greens, and Sheikh Zayed Road consisting of residential apartment towers, commercial and office towers, and hotel and serviced apartment towers. TECOM Investments is the name of a holding company for several free zones in Dubai including ones near the TECOM area - Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Village, and Dubai Media City.

Sharing apartments in Tecom area
Nurseries in TECOM area

The Greens

Umm Al Sheif (Umm Sheif)

Other names: Um Al Shaif, Umm Sheif.


Emirates Oasis Villas

Nurseries in Umm Al Sheif community
Schools in Umm Al Sheif community

Umm Ramool

Umm Suqeim 1, 2, 3

Umm Suqeim 1

Roads renamed in 2013? From numbers to names.

Nurseries in Umm Suqeim 1
Umm Suqeim 2

Information in italics not checked yet.

Nurseries in Umm Suqeim 2
Schools in Umm Suqeim 2
Umm Suqeim 2 roads renamed from numbers to street names
Old number New name Notes
[Check] 16A Al Nay St (GM) or Al Shawari St (GIS)?  
22 Al Beteel St (Al Bateel, Al Bateen)  
30A Ebaidaar St  
9C Al Sanbook St (Al Sanbouk)  
19B Al Miyani St  
23 Al Banoosh St  
27B Ebaidaar St  
29B Al Riga'a St (Al Rigga)  
31B Al Geettan St (Al Geetan)  
35B Al Doom St  
35C Albay St (Al Bay)  
Umm Suqeim 3
[When?] Umm Suqeim 3 roads renamed from numbers to street names
Old number New name Notes
16 Al Jali St  
20 Al Baghla St  
[Check] 15 or 15A Al Saqool St (GIS) or Al Sheera, Al Sheraa, Al Shera St (GM)?  
17 Doesn't exist, see 17A, 17B, 17C  
17A Al Sikkan, Al Sikan St (GIS)  
21 Al Kait St  
27 Al Mashowa St  
Nurseries in Umm Suqeim 3
Schools in Umm Suqeim 3

Warsan 1, 2, 3?

Nurseries in Warsan

Table list of DM community areas, districts, sectors

Community name (DM) Other names Suburb
or District
Abu Hail AbuHail   126 1.27 km² 21,414
Al Awir First Al Aweer 1 Al Awir 711    
Al Awir Second Al Aweer 2 Al Awir 721    
Al Bada Al Badaa, Al Bada'a, Al Badah   333 0.82 km² 18,816
Al Baraha     122 1.104 km² 7,823
Al Barsha First Al Barsha 1, Al Barshaa, Al Barsha'a   373    
Al Barsha Second     376    
Al Barsha Third     375    
Al Barsha South First     671    
Al Barsha South Second     672    
Al Barsha South Third     673    
Al Buteen     114 0.07 km² 2,364
Al Dhagaya Al Dagaya   113 0.125 km² 10,896
Al Garhoud Al Garhood, Garhoud Deira 214 4 km² 4,466
Al Guoz Fourth See Al Quoz 4, Al Ghoz 4   359    
Al Hamriya, Dubai Al Hamriyah, Hamriya Bur Dubai 313 0.72 km² 15,104
Al Hamriya Port   Deira 131 0.89 km² 83
Al Hudaiba Al Hudaibah   322 0.84 km² 7,699
Al Jaddaf Al Jadaf, Jadaf, admin areas 326-329   326 7.3 km² 2,990
Al Jafiliya Al Jafiliyah, Jafilya Bur Dubai 323 1.63 km² 11,619
Al Karama Karama, Karamah Bur Dubai 318 1.509 km2 45,674
Al Khabisi Al Khabeese, Al Khabese   128 1.255 km² 6,737
Al Khwaneej First Al Khawaneej 1   281    
Al Khwaneej Second Al Khawaneej 2   282    
Al Kifaf     324 0.8 km² 35
Al Mamzar Mamzar, Al Mamzer   134 3.35 km² 2,260
Al Manara     363 2.1 km² 2,147
Al Mankhool Mankhool Bur Dubai 317 1 km2 16,013
Al Merkad Al Merkadh   347   139
Al Mina     321 3.10 km² 4,183
Al Mizhar First Al Mizhar 1, Al Mezhar 1   262 11.2 km² 4,326
Al Mizhar Second     263 11.2 km² 4,326
Al Muraqqabat Muraqabat, Muraqabbat   124 0.78 km² 32,395
Al Murar Al Murrer   117 0.41 km² 19,831
Al Mushrif Mushrif, Mushriff   252    
Al Muteena     123 1.12 km² 18,094
Al Muteena First     265 1.12 km² 18,094
Al Muteena Second     266 1.12 km² 18,094
Al Nahda First     231 3.18 km² 600
Al Nahda Second     241 3.18 km² 600
Al Nasr Al Naser Bur Dubai 319 1.5 km² 2,469
Al Quoz First Al Quoz 1, Al Qoz 1, Al Quz 1, Al Qoze 1 Al Quoz 354 27.1 km² 16,719
Al Quoz Second   Al Quoz 355 27.1 km² 16,719
Al Quoz Third   Al Quoz 358 27.1 km² 16,719
Al Quoz Fourth Al Quoz 4, Al Ghoz 4, Al Guoz 4 Al Quoz 359    
Al Quoz Industrial First Al Quoz Industrial Area 1 Al Quoz 364 27.1 km² 16,719
Al Quoz Industrial Second   Al Quoz 365 27.1 km² 16,719
Al Quoz Industrial Third   Al Quoz 368 27.1 km² 16,719
Al Quoz Industrial Fourth   Al Quoz 369 27.1 km² 16,719
Al Qusais First Al Gusais 1, Al Qhusais 1 Al Ghusais 232   15,502
Al Qusais Second   Al Ghusais 233   7,657
Al Qusais Third   Al Ghusais 234   7,506
Al Qusais Industrial First   Al Ghusais 242   2,099
Al Qusais Industrial Second   Al Ghusais 243   2,090
Al Qusais Industrial Third   Al Ghusais 246   162
Al Qusais Industrial Fourth   Al Ghusais 247   206
Al Qusais Industrial Fifth   Al Ghusais 248   1
Al Raffa Al Rafa, Al Raffah   316 1.24 km²  
Al Ras Al Rass, AlRas Deira 112 0.20 km² 6,812
Al Rashidiya Rashidiya, Rashidiyah   216 4.41 km² 22,326
Al Rigga Al Riga, Al Rega   119 0.89 km² 5,684
Al Ruwayya Al Ruwaya, admin areas 630-639?        
Al Sabkha Al Sabka   115 0.13 km² 2,627
Al Safa First Al Safa 1, Al Saffa 1 Jumeirah 353 4.5 km² 6,291
Al Safa Second   Jumeirah 357 4.5 km² 6,291
Al Safouh First Al Sufouh 1, Al Sofouh 1   372 7.6 km² 3,337
Al Safouh Second     382 7.6 km² 3,337
Al Satwa Satwa Bur Dubai 334 2.87 km² 30,147
Al Shindagha Al Shindaghah, Al Shindagah Bur Dubai 311 0.26 km² 16
Al Souq Al Kabeer Al Suq Al Kabir Bur Dubai 312   26,405
Al Twar First Al Tawar 1   226 6.8 km² 18,457
Al Twar Second     227 6.8km² 18,457
Al Twar Third     228 6.8 km² 18,457
Al Warqa'a First Al Warqa 1, Al Warqaa 1   421 21.6 km² 5
Al Warqa'a Second     422 21.6 km² 5
Al Warqa'a Third     423 21.6 km² 5
Al Warqa'a Fourth     424 21.6 km² 5
Al Warqa'a Fifth Mushrif Heights   425 21.6 km² 5
Al Wasl   Jumeirah 343 4.76km² 22,153
Al Waheda     132 1.41 km² 9,856
Arabian Ranches     600    
Ayal Nasir     116 0.17 km² 13,077
Aleyas Al Eyas   283    
Bu Kadra Bukadra   611 1.7 km² 195
Business Bay Dubai Business Bay   345    
Corniche Deira Deira Corniche   121    
Downtown Burj Dubai Downtown Burj Khalifa   345    
Downtown Jebel Ali     501    
Dubai Festival City DFC   411   2,210
Dubai International Airport Administrative areas 221-224       106
Dubai Internet City DIC        
Dubai Investment Park First Dubai Investments Park 1 (DIP)   598    
Dubai Investment Park Second Dubai Investments Park 2   597    
Dubai Knowledge Village DKV, KV        
Dubai Land Dubailand        
Dubai Marina (Marsa Dubai) includes Jumeirah Beach Residence Al Sufouh 392    
Dubai Maritime City          
Dubai Media City DMC        
Dubai Motor City          
Dubai Silicon Oasis One of admin regions 630-639?        
Emirates Hill First Emirates Hills 1   393 12.3 km²  
Emirates Hill Second Emirates Hills 2, Emirates Lakes   388 12.3 km²  
Emirates Hill Third Emirates Hills 3   394 12.3 km²  
Emirates Hill Fourth Emirates Hills 4   395 12.3 km²  
Hatta   Hatta 891    
Hor Al Anz     127 4.18 km² 40,342
Hor Al Anz East     133 4.18 km² 40,342
International City Warsan 1, Warisan 1   621    
Jebel Ali 1     383 47.1 km² 31,634
Jebel Ali 2     384 47.1 km² 31,634
Jebel Ali Conservation Area          
Jebel Ali Free Zone JAFZA, areas 511-529        
Jebel Ali Industrial     599 47.1 km² 31,634
Jebel Ali Village     500   24,992
Jumeira First Jumeirah 1 Jumeirah 332 6.9 km2 26,499
Jumeira Second Jumeirah 2 Jumeirah 342 6.9 km2 26,499
Jumeira Third Jumeirah 3 Jumeirah 352 6.9 km2 26,499
Jumeira Lakes Towers Jumeirah Lake Towers Al Sufouh 393    
Marsa Dubai Dubai Marina Al Sufouh 392    
Mirdif Mirdiff   251 9.2 km² 8,115
Muhaisanah Fourth Al Muhaisna 4, Muhaisnah 4   245 13 km² 90,870
Muhaisanah Second     264 13 km² 90,870
Muhaisanah Third     244 13 km² 90,870
Muhaisnah First     261 13 km² 90,870
Nad Al Hammar Nadd Al Hamar   416 8.4 km² 2,563
Nadd Al Shiba First Nad Al Shiba 1, Nad Al Sheeba 1   615 8.4 km² 2,563
Nadd Al Shiba Second Nad Al Sheba 2   616 60 km² 680
Nadd Al Shiba Third     617 8.4 km² 2,563
Nad Shamma     213 1.36 km² 1,208
Naif   Deira 118 0.561 km² 28,571
Oud Al Muteena 1     265    
Oud Al Muteena 2     266    
Oud Metha     319   2,469
Palm Deira Deira Palm Island        
Palm Jebel Ali Jebel Ali Palm Island   501    
Palm Jumeira Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Palm Al Sufouh 381    
Port Rashid Mina Rashid   321   4,183
Port Saeed Mina Saeed   129 1.84 km² 448
Ras Al Khor     411 13 km²  
Ras Al Khor Industrial First     612 13 km²  
Ras Al Khor Industrial Second     613 13 km²  
Ras Al Khor Industrial Third     614 13 km²  
Rigga Al Buteen     125 0.684 km² 1,394
Sector Number 63     S63    
Sector Number 64     S64    
Sector Number 65     S65    
Trade Centre 1     335 0.90 km² 4,358
Trade Centre 2 Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)   336 1.91 km² 3,353
Umm Al Sheif   Umm Suqeim 367 1.87 km² 6,263
Umm Hurair First   Bur Dubai 314 2.3 km2 4,428
Umm Hurair Second   Bur Dubai 315 2.3 km2 4,428
Umm Ramool     215 3.61 km² 4,629
Umm Suqeim First Um Suqeim 1, Umm Suqueim 1 Umm Suqeim 356 7.2 km² 16,459
Umm Suqeim Second   Umm Suqeim 362 7.2 km² 16,459
Umm Suqeim Third   Umm Suqeim 366 7.2 km² 16,459
University Village (Al Ruwaiya) Dubai Academic City Al Ruwayya        
Wadi Alamardi Wadi Al Amardi   271    
Warsan First International City   621 17.1 km² 1,421
Warsan Second     622 17.1 km² 1,421
Za'abeel First Zabeel 1 Bur Dubai 325 10 km² 5,283
Za'abeel Second Zabeel 2 Bur Dubai 337 10 km² 5,283
  Deira Corniche?   111    
    Al Khawaneej 284    
  The Lagoons? Ras Al Khor 400    
    Wadi Alamardi 431    
    Wadi Alamardi 432    
  Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens? Meydan City?   600    
    Al Awir 700    
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