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Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) Dubai community area. Towers in JLT, JLT clusters, restaurants, cafes, metro stations, bus routes, parking, driving, roads, apartments, nurseries in JLT, information and guide to living in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

The Good

  • Reasonably priced accommodation (some towers) with good access to metro red line.
  • Water views over lakes, and pleasant promenade strolling and cycling.
  • Great selection of restaurants along the promenade with almost any type of cuisine you can think of represented. Most at very good value for money prices. Just walk around and you'll find something you like. No crowds like you get in Dubai Marina.
  • No crowds like you get in Dubai Marina (good or bad depends on your perspective).
  • No ban on walking dogs as at Dubai Marina.
  • After car parking rules changed in Dec 2017, it's become easy to find a street level car park, although no longer free (AED 4 per hour, cash or NOL card not accepted). And many of the abandoned cars blocking valuable car park space have been removed.

The Bad

  • No crowds like you get in Dubai Marina (good or bad depends on your perspective).
  • No ban on dogs as at Dubai Marina (no ban is bad if you don't like dogs, good if you do).
  • Difficult to find for first time driver without GPS. Badly signposted with nothing obvious to say this way to JLT. Look for signs to Al Sarayat Rd should get you close enough.
  • No bus service ... but hopefully soon. Two new metro feeder bus routes introduced Oct 2017, JLT 01 and JLT 02. Both are loop services starting and ending at the metro stations, frequency every 20 mins. For now you can still use your Nol cards for the bus, unlike the new parking system. So far no plans announced by the DMCC or RTA that a smartphone app or Dubai registered car is required for using the buses in JLT.
  • Dirty looking lakes.
  • No water related activities. Even the Safa Park lake has (had) paddle boats, and that lake is even smellier.
  • Impossible to find free parking, except for maximum 3 hrs on upper decks of tower clusters, and that's still difficult during weekdays daytime. Except one small area underneath one of the towers still under construction, or on Fridays, or from 10pm to 8am, or if an underground parking gate is left open (happens rarely, not often enough to rely on). New parking rules from Dec 2017 mean all daytime parking is now under an RTA payment scheme costing AED 4 or 10 per hour.

The Ugly ... became uglier in Nov 2017

  • JLT parking became less difficult but more expensive from Dec 2017. The DMCC and RTA signed an agreement in Nov 2017 for the RTA to take over car park fees and operations, and charge AED 10 per hour for all upper deck public parking areas in JLT, which is 150% more expensive than any RTA Zone A public parking area (places like central Bur Dubai, Deira, Sheikh Zayed Rd, and Dubai Marina).
    • All previously free public parking areas are now paid parking, except for a couple of zones still not configured under the RTA scheme (but they will be soon enough).
    • The areas which previously had 3 hrs free parking and AED 200 for anything over 3 hrs are now AED 10 per hour with a maximum stay of 3 hours. Other areas which were free are now AED 4 per hour.
    • There are no parking ticket machines, you must use the RTA parking app or SMS from your mobile phone number, which only works for cars with Dubai number plates or for registered users with cars from other emirates. There are no instructions posted in car park areas for how to use the SMS mpark system. If you want to use coins or NOL cards, you'll have to park somewhere other than JLT. If you have a car registered in another emirate, call the RTA on tel 800-9090 or register online at mpark.rta.ae. Alternatively you can visit a shopping mall somewhere else for lunch since most of them have free parking for visitors with or without smartphones.
    • To use RTA mparking SMS, send a message to 7275 (PARK) in one of the following formats. Only from Du or Etisalat number, your telephone account will be charged the parking fee + 30 fils per message service charge.
      • Dubai registered vehicles: <Plate No.><space><Zone No.><space><Duration>
        Example (for 2 hours): A12345 393J 2
        Example (for 1 hour - omit the duration): A12345 393J
        Example (for ½ hour): A12345 393J 1/2
      • Important. Do not delete your sent message, or the confirmation message received from the RTA. Save all text messages sent and received. Occasionally people are fined despite sending the correct mpark message. You'll need the RTA SMS confirmation reply if you want to try and dispute the fine.
      • To receive help by sms, text HELP to 7275.
      • Zone number is on signs in parking areas (for JLT, zone 393K, 393J, ???).
      • Registered users at www.mpark.rta.ae: <Nickname><space><Zone No.><space><Duration>
        [Edit, not clear if Nickname refers to account username or name assigned to car]
    • Restaurants, cafes, other retail shops, and other businesses depending on visiting customers are bemused. As if it wasn't already difficult enough to encourage visitors to come to JLT, they are wondering why the DMCC and/or RTA came up with this scheme to put people off even more. Meanwhile, beneath many towers in JLT are 1-2 floors of mostly unused underground parking out of the 3 car park floors each tower has.
  • [Archive or delete] Expensive (AED 200 per day) or time-limited (3 hrs) car parking for anyone without an assigned car park (residents and business tenants only). Perhaps justified during working hours when it's busy but instead of encouraging visitors to JLT at quieter times in evenings and weekends, the rules are more likely to drive them away to other places in Dubai with free or cheap parking. Leaving all those great restaurants in JLT struggling to attract customers. Still, at least for the first 3 hours it's not as extortionate as Dubai Marina with its 50 dhs per hour fees.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Correct name is Jumeirah Lakes Towers, not Jumeirah Lake Towers (which makes sense, since there are several lakes), but Jumeirah Lake Towers is commonly used. The area is not in the traditional Jumeirah district of Dubai, it is part of New Dubai, sort of between Dubai Marina and Emirates Hills. JLT Free Zone Authority is the Dubai Multi Commodities Center Authority (DMCCA).

JLT map Clusters A to N   JLT map Clusters O to W

[Updated needed, rules changed 04 Dec 2017, see notes above] Jumeirah Lake Towers parking

[Check, fines for wrong parking assumed to still apply after Dec 2017] Warning if parking in the free all day parking areas: Parking tickets (AED 200) are issued if vehicle is not parked in a designated car park. We know this because we got one in March 2016 for parking along one of the car park service roads, and then two on the same day in June 2016 for parking in a sandy part of a free car park.

  • Sand area car park across from Cluster W still available but from 03 Dec 2017 the daily parking fee of AED 15 has been replaced by a 3 month permit for AED 820. Only 3 month permits available, not 6 months or 12 months. Permit is valid only for this car park area, not anywhere else in JLT. Pay cash at car park entrance and receive your permit a day or two later. Or possibly apply and pay at Concordia office but contact them first to confirm. Email parking@concordiadubai.com or telephone +971-4-3688883 for more information (updated Dec 2017).
  • Parking area behind Al Ghurair Giga Gold Refinery building has sign at entrance saying AED 15 daily parking no longer available, permit parking only. But car park is closed completely (Dec 2017). Google Maps location is incorrect, Al Ghurair Gold Refinery is between Emirates Gold and the one incorrectly labeled (correction attempted 27 Dec 2017).
  • Free parking in the OneJLT building car park temporarily until the gate control system is up and running (Dec 2017).
  • Free parking area between clusters O and P does not have RTA parking signs, but cars parked there in Dec 2017 had notices on them from the RTA saying "Kindly do not stop in this area; violators will be fined."
  • Free parking in paid parking areas from 04-17 Dec 2017 according to a KT report 07 Dec 2017 ... "An RTA spokesperson confirmed to Khaleej Times that there will be no fines until December 18, or two weeks after the implementation of the new parking fee regime on Monday."
    • www.khaleejtimes.com/news/transport/no-parking-fines-at-Dubais-jlt-until-december-18
  • 08 Feb 2017: Cheaper annual parking for MAG214 residents in Cluster R, AED 1500-2500 depending on which level. Send email to rafim@asteco.com for more details. No information about similar offers in other Clusters or towers.
  • [Obsolete after Dec 2017] Free parking for 3 hrs on upper deck in each cluster from 0800-2300 Sat-Thu. Some clusters are congested, try the next one and walk back. Over 3 hrs costs you AED 200 fine (but you can leave your car all day then, you pay the fine on exit). Don't give the car park attendants a hard time, blame whoever Concordia employed to come up with the peculiar car park policy.
  • [Obsolete after Dec 2017] After 3 hrs you are not allowed to drive out and in again to the same cluster, you'll get fined 200 dhs for that also. You can drive to another cluster and get another 3 hrs free parking that way.
  • [Obsolete after Dec 2017] And no, you can't use the AED 200 fine as a multi-entry ticket on the same day.
  • [Obsolete after Dec 2017] No there's no paid parking in JLT unless you count the Concordia 200 dhs fine system.
  • [Obsolete after Dec 2017] Unlimited free parking in very few places. Try outside Cluster J, M, V-W (very busy, entry at W, exit at V). Or underground at Cluster T (next to Damac station) ... until they close the gates ... they closed the gates in 2015. Possibly also O or U. A few other small areas (usually full, good luck trying to park there) near Clusters A,B,C, ... Q,R,S, ... U,X ... Y,Z ... K,J ... L,M,N.
  • 31 Aug 2014: Al Ghurair Parking, operated by Valtrans, behind Al Ghurair Giga Gold Refinery building. AED 15 per day, open 0800-2000 Sun-Thu. Flyer says free parking on Fridays but if car park is closed that seems a bit pointless, and no information given about Saturday parking. Buggy service from car park to Clusters O-Y (additional fee, tel +971-4-4440888 or +971-50-9574950 for more details). Another notice says "Parking is free on weekends from 8pm Thursday to 8am Saturday".
  • [Changed after Dec 2017 to 2200-0800 and all day Fridays] Free parking on upper decks all night from 2300-0800, and all day on Fridays (no longer, or never was free on Fridays).
  • [Still valid according to information provided by Concordia Dec 2017] Residents and commercial tenants can rent a car park from Concordia for AED 4,500-8,000 per year (fees are AED 1500-2500 for 3 months, and AED 2250-4000 for 6 months). You'll have to prove you're a resident or commercial tenant. At those prices it's probably not surprising there is a lot of empty space in most tower car parks.
  • [Still valid Dec 2017?] Note that you need to use your access card for both entry and exit. If you've used your card for entry, the system won't let you use it for another entry unless you use it to exit first. Presumably that is to prevent people from trying to get more than one car in on the same card.

JLT bus service routes and timings

  • New RTA bus routes started Sep or Oct 2017 (RTA notice in Aug 2017 said 01 Sep 2017 start date). Minimum fare is AED 3.00 (and should be maximum fare since bus routes are within one zone).
  • Two bus routes with buses traveling in a loop starting and ending at DAMAC and JLT metro stations every 20-30 minutes.

JLT 1 (JLT1)

  • Route from DAMAC metro station landside clockwise loop back to DAMAC MS via (bus stop names):
    • Jumeirah Bay X1 Tower, Cluster U-X.
      Red Diamond, Cluster Z-Y.
      Damas, Cluster V.
      Tiffany Tower, Cluster W.
      Al Ghurair Giga Gold Refinery DMCC, bus stop opposite One JLT Tower, across park from Cluster O, connecting walkway to JLT 2 bus route Dubai Arch Tower.
      Saba 1 Tower, Cluster Q-R.
  • Timings (trip duration ~15 mins):
    • Sat-Thu first bus at 0630, last bus 2110. Departure every 20 mins 0630-0930, 30 mins 0930-1530, 20 mins 1530-2110.
    • Fri first bus 0930, last bus 0010. Departure every 30 mins 0930-1530, every 20 mins 1530-0010.

JLT 2 (JLT2)

  • Route from JLT metro station landside clockwise loop back to JLT MS via:
    • Dubai Arch Tower, Cluster F-G, connecting walkway bridge to JLT 1 bus route Al Ghurair Giga Gold Refinery.
      Silver Tower, Cluster I.
      Dubai Star Tower, Cluster K-L.
      The Dome Tower, Cluster M-N.
      Business Center, Cluster A. Near HDS Business Centre Tower in Cluster M.
  • Timings (trip duration ~15 mins):
    • Sat-Thu first bus at 0630, last bus 2110. Departure every 20 mins 0630-0930, 30 mins 0930-1530, 20 mins 1530-2110.
    • Fri first bus 0930, last bus 0010. Departure every 30 mins 0930-1530, every 20 mins 1530-0010.

[Discontinued ... when?] RTA metro feeder bus route F37 route around Dubai Marina area, stops at JLT and Marina metro stations, and Dubai Marina Mall.

[Discontinued ... when?] RTA metro feeder bus route F40

  • Announced Apr 2012 with a planned start date 01 May 2012.
  • Route operates clockwise from JLT metro station to Marina metro station, past clusters Q to W, then towards Al Mas Tower and back to JLT metro station.
  • Timings 0530-2130 Sat-Thu, 0630-2130 on Fridays. Frequency every 15-20 mins.

JLT cluster numbering (or lettering)

  • Cluster A (Jazz@PizzaExpress) at Abu Dhabi or Jebel Ali end. Clusters named A, B, C, ... N in a clockwise direction from there around Lakes Almas East and West.
  • Clusters O-X clockwise around lake and lake-bed park on Dubai side of JLT but after Cluster U someone forgot their alphabet. Clusters are in this order going clockwise: O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, X, Z (abandoned or under construction), Y, V, W.

Access to JLT from Sheikh Zayed Rd

  • Directions to JLT are not well signposted, perhaps the Dubai street sign department wants to keep JLT hidden from visitors. It wasn't always so difficult to find JLT, another explanation might be that the RTA changed the signs to try and reduce the traffic jams which plagued JLT for a while, by sending drivers straight past and on Abu Dhabi.
  • From Dubai traveling towards Abu Dhabi on Sheikh Zayed Rd watch for Al Marsa Rd and Al Naseem Rd exit after Hessa St exit. After exiting, stay right and follow Sarayat Rd signs (or JLT signs if there are any). Don't follow Al Marsa Rd sign - that takes you to Dubai Marina.

General information

  • Possible name change to Jumeirah Sands Towers or Jumeirah Sand Towers (JSD) after lakes have been filled in. Filling in underway during 2012-2013 for Lake C. Other lakes not yet and no definite plans to fill them in as of 2014.
  • JLT is mostly tower blocks surrounding 4 ... 3 lakes (eventually 0 lakes or 1 lake as they get filled in). Tower blocks are in clusters of 3 with a traffic entry and exit to a main one way loop road for the whole area.
  • 11 Jul 2013 - Ahmed Bin Sulayem (Sulaimen), Executive Chairman of the DMCC Authority, was reported in an Arabian Business story as saying "It's no secret, I hate lakes. I love more efficiency. ... The only lake that I think will be untouchable is the one facing the Dubai Diamond Exchange [because of] the view." Lake C is already filled in and will become a park. Unknown what will happen to the other lakes as they get filled in, but at least he apparently said "It wouldn't be extra towers though. That’s all I can say."
  • Lakes, or lake areas from west to east (Abu Dhabi end of JLT to Dubai end) are:
    • Almas West (Lake A?). A main connecting road and Al Mas Tower between Areas A and B.
    • Almas East (Lake B?). A main connecting road between Areas B and C. During 2013 with horrible traffic jams during peak traffic times, hopefully temporary due to road construction work.
    • Lake Zafeer (Lake C? Lake Elucio?). Pedestrian walkway between Areas C and D. Lake was filled in by 2013, and later made into a park with amphitheatre, children's playground, jogging track, basketball courts. Park area 55,000 square meters.
    • Lake D (Lake Allure?)?
  • Traffic in JLT area has improved since road changes constructed during 2012-2013. Previously it was plagued with traffic jams, occasionally lasting hours. Weekday peak hour traffic can still be bad but not any worse than typical traffic jams in other locations. The main loop road is mostly one way, clockwise around the towers and lakes. If you miss a tower cluster entrance, there is nowhere to do a U-turn except for the road between Lakes B and C (U-turn at SZR end), and the road between Lakes A and B (U-turn at each end).
  • Al Mas Tower (AlMas) is a sort of centrally located building with a main road connecting opposite sides of the loop road. Between areas or lakes A and B.
  • Parking availability in tower clusters from 2013-2014 onwards is mostly restricted. Free for 3 hours on upper levels between 0800 and 2300 Sat-Sun. Lower level parking in most or all clusters is by access card only for residents and workers. Some clusters might have gate open for general access (unknown if intentional or not) [Update 2015, all gates closed except for Cluster T (closed in 2016?), and Cluster K but a sign says no entry (construction site)]. If it's not too hot, you can walk around to where you want to be on the promenande or lake level. Lower level parking is shaded. Upper level parking mostly unshaded unless in the shadow of one of the towers.
  • Promenade level around the lakes has restaurants, cafes, and other stores.
  • Tower clusters are named A-Z and are usually reasonably well signposted. Letters A to N are clockwise starting at the Abu Dhabi (west) end of JLT and going clockwise around the western half of JLT (two lakes) back to the Abu Dhabi end. Letters O to Z start in the middle of JLT and run clockwise around the eastern half towards Dubai to letter U, then clusters V-Z seem to be arranged randomly at the eastern end of Lake D.
Metro Stations serving JLT

Two metro stations, JLT (closer to Abu Dhabi) and Dubai Marina (closer to Dubai).

  • JLT Metro Station - closest to all tower clusters in areas A and B (around lakes A and B), including Al Mas Tower. Cluster O in area C is closer to JLT Station. DMCC Enterprise Zone plot 1 (plots 1A to 1G) are closer to JLT station.
  • Damac Properties (previously called Dubai Marina) Metro Station - closest to tower clusters Q to Z, and most of the DMCC Enterprise Zone (plot numbers 2 and higher). Cluster P is about halfway between the two metro stations or marginally closer to Damac station.

List of nurseries and schools in JLT

No schools in JLT. Appears to be no plots zoned for education use (or perhaps there are - Synergy University opened in Nov 2013 in JLT area). Some nurseries ...

  • Baby Home Nursery, Lake Point Tower, Cluster N, new nursery opening September 2014. Easy parking (free, either outside Cluster N or covered under Cluster M, at least while construction still going on in that area).
  • Dewdrops Nursery - two locations, one in Cluster X, one in Cluster Y.
  • Four2four Nursery and Daycare, Goldcrest Views 2 Tower, Cluster J (?).
  • Kids Kare Nursery JLT, Al Shera Tower, Cluster E.
  • Kids Kingdom Early Learning Centre (ELC), new, opening January 2015, location Icon Tower 2, Cluster L.
  • Kids World Creative Learning Center, Gold Crest Executive Towers, Cluster C.
  • Learning Ladder Nursery JLT, JBC 2 building (?), Cluster V, open Sep 2012. New branch in Cluster Q, open Oct 2014.
  • Mosaic Nursery, Fortune Executive Tower, Cluster T.
  • Oakfield Nursery or Oakfield Early Learning Center, open January 2014 in tower BB1 on Mazaya Business Avenue, on Jumeirah Heights side of loop road around JLT.
  • Paddington Nursery JLT, Cluster P, open October 2013.
  • Rainbow Valley Nursery - Dubai Arch Tower, Cluster G.
  • Tiny Town Play Lounge - not really a nursery school, more of a playgroup, babysitting service, and activity center for mothers and children.
  • Vernus Early Learning Centre, JLT branch - purpose built building in front of Al Seef 3 tower, Cluster U. Opening date might be September 2015 (delayed from May 2014 originally).


  • Cascade Learning Centre - location X3 Tower, Cluster X or P [check, two locations marked - GM]? Education services - tutoring, development, enrichment, activity programs for children.
  • Modern Renaissance School (MRS) - marked on some maps, looks like an error. MRS was in Muhaisnah but closed in 2006.
  • Reach Out Special Education Center - moved to JLT from Knowledge Village.

Universities in JLT

  • Synergy Russian University in Dubai - open Nov 2013.

List of coffee shops and cafes in JLT

Check opening hours, don't assume cafes in JLT are open late. Many are closed by 6pm, many are closed all day on Fri/Sat or close earlier.

  • Cluster A:
  • Cluster B:
  • ...

O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, X, Z (abandoned), Y, V, W

  • Cluster Q: Baker Street Cafe?
  • Cluster R: Tim Hortons (on JLT loop road, not in tower cluster, with drive-thru, also Sbarro Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery).
  • Cluster S:
  • Cluster T: Public Cafe (not in Cluster Y as stated in some sources), timings 0800-1900 (not 0800-2200 as stated in some sources). Friends Avenue Cafe.
  • Cluster U: Cafe Confetti (with children's play area, timings 0800-2200 daily, maybe 1000-2200 Fri/Sat (?)).
  • Cluster X:
    • Cappuccini Italiani (Cup & Caps), X3 Tower. Open 0700-1800 Sun-Thu, closed Fri (?), 0700-1400 Sat (different from sign on door).
    • Corner Cafe - is an Indian/Chinese restaurant (good value), not a coffee shop.
    • Costa Coffee (closed ... when?).
  • Cluster Z: unfinished, construction abandoned.
  • Cluster Y:
    • Caffe Di Riva (closed or opening soon ... but has been "opening soon" for several years).
    • Kiddies Cafe (play area for kids AED 45 for first hour, "Mom's Cafe" area for mothers, fathers stay outside (?), birthday party bookings etc).
    • Eat Artisanal Bakery (opening soon where Nofara Cafe was (?) ... "soon" might be in 2018).
    • [Closed?] Fraiche Cafe & Bistro (closed Aug/Sep 2017?).
    • [Closed permanently] Nofara Cafe (shisha, indoor smoking area, closed in 2017).
  • Red Diamond Building (opposite Cluster Y): Coffeol?
  • Cluster V: Baldwin Cafe (shisha, indoor smoking area, open 1000-2400 daily (?)).
  • Cluster W:

List of JLT clusters or zones

Area A around Lake A (Almas West)

*All names unconfirmed (information provided by DMCC but date of validity unknown).

  • Cluster A: New Dubai Gate 2 (plot A1), Laguna Tower (Movenpick Hotel) (plot A2), Lake Side Residence (Lakeside Residence) (plot A3).
  • Cluster B: Wind Tower II (plot B1), Lake View Tower (plot B2), Wind Tower I (plot B3).
  • *Cluster C: Fortune Tower (plot C1), Gold Crest Executive Tower (Goldcrest Executive Towers) (plot C2), The Palladium (plot C3, marked on GM as occupying plot 1E?).
  • Clusters D-I are around Area B.
  • Cluster J:
  • Cluster K:
  • Cluster L:
  • Cluster M:
  • Cluster N:

Almas Tower (Al Mas Tower) and connecting road between Areas A and B.

Area B around Lake B (Lake Almas East)
  • **Cluster D: Indigo Tower, Lake City Tower, ???
  • *Cluster E: Global Lake View Tower, Al Shera Tower, Saba Tower 1 (?).
  • **Cluster F: HDS Tower (?), Indigo Icon Tower, ???
  • *Cluster G: Dubai Arch Tower, Jumeirah Business Center 1 (JBC1) (?), Flamingo Tower.
  • **district cooling plant between G and H?
  • *Cluster H: Falcon Tower, Concorde Tower, Jumeirah Business Center 7 (JBC7).
  • Cluster I: Silver Tower (plot I1, Ag), Platinum Tower (plot I2, Pt), Gold Tower (plot I3, Au).
    • Immigration dept, Cafe Trieste, Costa Coffee, Hako Sushi (99 dhs all you can eat Sun, Mon, Tue), Hardees, KFC, Own Cafe (shisha), Pizza Hut, typing centers
    • Some shaded public parking

continued ...

  • Cluster K: Vue de Lac towers? No construction, buildings. Project on hold, abandoned, cancelled?
  • Cluster Q: Saba Towers 2, 3, Dubai Gate Tower 1?
  • Cluster R: Al Waleed Paradise Tower, Al Saqran Tower, Mag 214 Tower?
  • Cluster S: close to Dubai Marina metro station. Green Lakes Towers 1, 2, 3?
  • Cluster T: close to Dubai Marina metro station. Fortune Executive Tower, One Lake Plaza, Pullman JLT?
  • Cluster U: close to Dubai Marina metro station. Al Seef Tower II, Al Seef Tower III, Tamweel Tower.
  • Cluster V: Jumeirah Business Centre 2 (JBC2), Goldcrest Views 1, V3 Tower? Cluster V between Clusters W and Y.
  • Cluster X: Jumeirah Bay X1, X2, X3 Towers. Cluster X next to Cluster U.
  • Cluster Z: Between Clusters X and Y. Anantara "Jumeirah Lakes Towers" development by Seven Tides. Three buildings - apartments, hotel, offices. Announced in 2005, construction timeline was from 2006-2008. In Sep 2008, Seven Tides COO said hotel in JLT would open in 2011. As of 2014, no construction, no buildings. Project not listed on Seven Tides website (last checked Sep 2014). Project suspended, cancelled, or abandoned?



Other headings

  • Activities in JLT - hobbies, clubs, sports
  • Apartments in JLT
  • Banks in JLT
  • Bars and nightclubs in JLT
  • Bus routes in JLT
  • Cafes and restaurants in JLT
  • DMCC Free Zone
  • Hotels near JLT
  • JLT Authority, or JLT FZ Authority?
  • JLT Dubai postal code (or Zip Code) - there isn't one. UAE addresses are of the format: PO Box [number], Dubai [or other city or emirate], UAE. If a zip code is required for example when filling in an online form, try using "DXB" for Dubai, or enter "00000".
  • JLT Free Zone - see also DMCC Free Zone. JLT is not a free zone from the perspective of the Dubai Municipality when it comes to paying housing fees (ref: GN 22 Oct 2009 "Jumeirah Lakes Towers: No Free zone status").
  • Jobs in Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Services in JLT - spas, massage, fitness centers, sports
  • Shops in JLT
  • Shopping malls in JLT - none. Nearby malls are Dubai Marina Mall on other side of Sheikh Zayed Rd (walking possible using metro station passenger bridges, hot in summer though), and Ibn Battuta Mall towards Jebel Ali (drive not walk).
  • Supermarkets in JLT - Carrefour Market, Geant Easy, KP Mart (Dubai Arch Tower, Cluster G), Park 'n' Shop (Al Shera Tower, Cluster E), West Zone.


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Clusters Tower 1 Tower 2 Tower 3 Parking Notes
I Silver (Ag) Platinum (Pt) Gold (Au) 3hrs, shaded KFC, burgers, shisha (Own Cafe), DNRD


Towers Cluster Status Shops Notes
Gold I finished    
Platinum I finished    
Silver I finished    


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  • Child pages - individual cluster or tower pages.
  • Related pages - Free zones in Dubai, Dubai Marina.
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