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Dubai American Scientific School

Wednesday 24 January 2018 (UAE)   

Dubai American Scientific School

School name Dubai American Scientific School
Type of institute private profit-making K-12 school
Curriculum or Student Nationality US
Qualifications or Courses
Head of school Dr Amy Robertson (Principal)
Executive body or owner Mr and Mrs Al Kaitoob (founders), Board of Directors
Date founded 2003
Number of students (approx) 400
Number of staff (approx)
School area, location map Al Quoz 3, Al Quoz 4 - location map
Postal address PO Box 38188, Dubai, UAE
Telephone closed
Email dass1@eim.ae
Website www.dubaidass.com
School fees structure 16,156-31,423 dhs per year (2011-2012)
Teacher salary range 5,500-9,500 dhs per month (2009-2010)
Student satisfaction rating
3 stars from 101 votes.
Parent satisfaction rating
3 stars from 40 votes.
Teacher job satisfaction rating
(by teachers, not about teachers)
2.5 stars from 51 votes.
KHDA school inspection report ratings
2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012
unsatisfactory unsatisfactory unsatisfactory unsatisfactory

Dubai American Scientific School admissions, reviews, notes

Dubai American Scientific School reviews - add yours here.

Dubai American Scientific School (DASS) tuition fee and general information

Dubai American Scientific School (DASS) closed in July or September 2013. See KHDA news below.

Grade/Year KG1 KG2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2012-2013                            
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2011-2012 16,156 16,130 21,762 21,762 21,762 24,269 24,269 24,269 27,608 27,608 27,608 31,423 31,423 31,423
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2010-2011 16,156 16,130 21,762 21,762 21,762 24,269 24,269 24,269 27,608 27,608 27,608 31,423 31,423 31,423
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2009-2010 16,156                         27,340
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2008-2009                            
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2007-2008 11,426 11,600 12,806 12,806 12,806 12,806 14,407 14,407 16,808 16,808 16,808 19,210 19,210 19,210
  • 2012-2013 fees information not supplied. Please send fee structure to education@dubaifaqs.com.
  • 2011-2012 - registration fee AED 1,500, bus transport Dubai AED 6,500 or Sharjah AED 7,000, graduation fee (Grade 12) AED 3,000.
  • 2007-2008 - Dubai American Scientific School (DASS) fees include books, stationery, uniform. Additional fees: Registration fee AED 1,500, Bus transport AED 5,400 (Dubai) or AED 6,000 (Sharjah), Limousine transport (what?) AED 10,000, Graduation fee AED 3,000, Placement fee AED 200.
  • Contact details (last known or checked - 12 Aug 2013) tel +971-4-3392444, fax +971-4-3390390, email addresses administration@dass.org, dass1@eim.ae, dass1@emirates.net.ae, administration@dass.sch.ae. Website domain www.dass.org is spam, www.dubaidass.com available but appears to be out of date, www.dass.sch.ae not available. FB page facebook.com/DASSchool not available?
  • School location in Al Quoz 3-4, next to Deans International School (closed), German International School in Dubai, on 318 Road.
DASS school calendar 2012-2013
  • 09 Sep 2012 - first day of school for Term 1 and academic year.
  • 20 Dec 2012 - last day of Term 1. Holiday from 21 Dec 2013 to 05 Jan 2013.
  • 06 Jan 2013 - first day of Term 2.
  • 28 Mar 2013 - last day of Term 2. Holiday from 29 Mar to 13 Apr 2013.
  • 14 Apr 2013 - first day of Term 3.
  • 20 Jun 2013 - last day of Term 3 and academic year. Summer holidays start 21 Jun 2013.
16 July 2013 - DASS closure (KHDA announcement 15 Jul 2013)
  • Dubai American Scientific School will close during the 2013-2014 academic year according to the KHDA, which said in a news release that it "has granted Dubai American Scientific School's request to close in the 2013/14 academic year."
  • But then the announcement quoted Amal Belhasa, Chief of Compliance and Resolution Commission at KHDA, as saying "A meeting was held recently with the school's owner, during which it was agreed the school will close in September 2013, providing all 251 children were guaranteed an alternative school place." She also said that 244 students had already transferred to other schools during 2012-2013.
  • DASS telephone contact +971-4-3392444 (unknown if still valid).
  • DASS website does not say the school is closed. Nor does their FaceBook page (www.facebook.com/DASSchool) (although last entry is dated 24 March 2011), or their Twitter page (www.twitter.com/DASSchool) (last entry there is 17 Mar 2011).
  • DASS website at www.dubaidass.com, no longer at at www.dass.org (is spam). Many pages on new website have no content. Date of change not supplied. Presumably email contacts principal@dass.org and administration@dass.org are invalid. Unknown if administration@dass.sch.ae still available also. All email addresses still listed on DASS website though.

Reasons given for closure of the school

  • KHDA announcement said: The school was found to have charged some parents more than twice the amount of fees permitted by KHDA, and failed to investigate more than 30 students with extended periods of unauthorised absence. In addition, the school appointed 20 teachers without a formal contract or offer of employment, and without approval from KHDA or the Ministry of Labour. A number of health and safety violations were also reported.
  • Emirates 24-7 quoting Emarat Al Youm 13 Jul 2013: "In another case, KHDA inspectors witnessed by coincidence a fight between two students, one of whom had a knife. Another case involved a fight between a female teacher and a male student and the problem was reported to the police. ... KHDA also noticed the school management has neglected sensitive matters like public safety."
02 October 2012
  • DASS has a new principal? An Emirates 24-7 story about DASS students being placed in other schools said DASS school principal, Amy Waterson, was unavailable for comment when going to press. As far as we know, the school principal is still Amy Robertson. The same report also said When the news initially broke out, Robertson had expressed being upset over the negative publicity and claimed that they are working towards improving the standards. So perhaps it was an error by Emirates 24-7.
30 September 2012
  • Gulf News reported that parents affected by the earlier KHDA decision to suspend the DASS licence, could approach the KHDA for assistance with transferring students. The report said KHDA has successfully placed the students whose parents approached it for assistance in 10 schools in Dubai including Al Nebras School, Al Mawakeb School and Al Khaleej National School.
24 September 2012 review
  • DASS is closed for a few days (a week?) while an electronic ID card system and CCTV security cameras are being installed apparently. An announcement from the school reportedly said "Given the recent alert advice from the US Consulate regarding the political climate in the Middle East, over the next few days we are putting into place additional security systems."
  • The KHDA was not amused. Abdulrahman Nassir, Executive Director of Customers Relations at the KHDA, was quoted in the Khaleej Times as saying "To install security cameras, or dismiss students on a school day for any purpose, prior KHDA approval must be given. The DASS did not seek approval for either of these actions. This has obliged us to take further punitive action against the DASS." But what action the KHDA would take was not made clear.
17 September 2012 review
  • The school's head, Dr Amy Robertson, was quoted in 7 Days (17 Sep 2012) as saying "I have personally not received any letter from the KHDA suspending our educational permits since I joined the school. There is no ground for me to halt the school services"
  • Dubai American Scientific School has had its educational permit suspended by the KHDA according to a report in Emirates 24-7 (16 Sep 2012), but it has not closed. However, new students who enrolled in September 2012 might have problems transfering to a new school.
    • Emirates 24-7 quoted Abdulrahman Nassir, Executive Director of Customers Relations at the KHDA as saying "After a series of repeated violations which it failed to address, KHDA has temporarily suspended the education permit of Dubai American Scientific School. ... Certificates of students who enrolled for the first time in September 2012 will not be attested by KHDA, and no transfer certificate will be provided"
    • In the same report, the new head, Amy Robertson, was quoted as saying "I accept that there were violations in the past. And, the KHDA is upset over that. But, I am working towards changing that. We have implemented absolutely everything to improve the quality of education we are providing ... I did not get any notification. I have been told by the board that we could take in new applications. ... Since I have joined, I’ve replaced all unqualified/undocumented teachers. We hired 24 certified teachers from America, Britain and Ireland. They have been trained in the curriculum in the US, that we have adopted, and ensured it has been aligned to the quality outlined by the KHDA."
  • There is no obvious information on the KHDA website to confirm the suspension of the school's licence, and the school information page seems to indicate that it is still permitted to operate as normal.
  • The KHDA School Inspection Report summary for DASS, issued in May 2012, said:

"Overall school performance 2011-2012 Unsatisfactory

How has the school progressed since the last inspection?

Dubai American Scientific School provided an unsatisfactory level of education to its students. The school failed to achieve its vision for 'all members of the learning community to work together to learn from and teach one another, in an environment of mutual respect and understanding'. The school had been without leadership for a period of three months prior to inspection. The appointment of the new Acting Principal had led to greater stability but her positive influence had yet to impact significantly on the school community. Students in Kindergarten and elementary showed acceptable personal and social development. The attitudes and behaviour of students in the middle and high school sections were unsatisfactory overall. A large minority of Emirati students in Grades 10 to 12 demonstrated very negative attitudes and behaviour which often placed them and others at risk. Attendance rates were very poor throughout the school with only 30 per cent of students in Grades 10 to 12 attending at any one time. The school's provision for ensuring the health and safety of students was unsatisfactory although a comprehensive audit of the school premises was carried out by an independent contractor during the inspection. On arrival at the school, the Acting Principal had had some success in addressing unsafe areas of immediate concern.



  • Improve attainment and progress across all subjects and phases
  • Improve curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment processes, especially in KG to reduce the high number of unsatisfactory lessons and to meet, better, the needs of students
  • Carry out an analysis of the academic, social and emotional needs of all students in upper grades and plan strategies, with these students, to ensure they are in school and their needs are met
  • Take immediate steps to ensure that all students are safe on school premises and on school transport
  • Devise, with students, a comprehensive, rewards and sanctions policy to address the negative behaviour of the significant minority of older students
  • Ensure there is a full complement of qualified staff and time for leaders to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively. "
01 June 2012 review
  • New principal is Dr Amy Robertson (started February 2012?). Previously was Daniel Bokelman [update: he moved to Al Dhafra School in Abu Dhabi as principal there].
  • School no longer uses Mosaica Education model? Principal's message (undated) says "Now that Mosaica management is a thing of the past ..."
01 September 2010 - DASS Mosaica agreement (press release)
  • Dubai American Scientific School (DASS) will implement a new education model, designed for schools in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) by Mosaica Education, a New York, USA, based company promoting education reform.
  • According to the press release, DASS is a high-quality K-12 private school in Dubai that is renowned for its unique and modern schooling philosophy that applies the rules of scientific research to the education model. The school features a highly competent teaching staff and is managed by a school board made up of prominent members of the UAE's education sector.
  • According to the most recent KHDA report (published June 2010 after 3rd follow through inspection in April 2010 as a result of DSIB unsatisfactory ratings in 2009 and 2010), Inspectors judged that Dubai American Scientific School had still not satisfactorily addressed the recommendations made by DSIB at the Initial Quality Inspection. Inspectors will continue to undertake Follow-Through Inspections at three-monthly intervals until the recommendations made by inspectors have been satisfactorily addressed.
  • However, that last report did note that Dubai American Scientific School had made progress since the last inspection.
  • Presumably the agreement with Mosaica is intended to address issues highlighted by the KHDA in its inspections.
03 September 2009 review
  • DASS website changed to www.dass.org. Previous website www.dass.sch.ae has warning message in Google search results and when attempting to view in Google Chrome browser. Unknown why (did not try to visit it).
  • IT facilities refurbished in 2008
  • Teachers on overseas contract receive flights + a studio flat in Al Khail Gate (new apartment development in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, within walking distance of the DASS school but you'll need a car or taxi to go anywhere else).
  • Other DASS details updated (see forum post), previous information was Superintendent Deeb Abdulla, number of students 350, email dass1@emirates.net.ae, tuition fees 2007-2008 AED 11,426-19,210, teacher salary range 2007-2008 AED 5,500-9,500.
  • DASS school founders are Mr and Mrs Al Kaitoob.
04 December 2008 review
  • Fees information updated from KHDA website.
  • Principal's name is Ross Arthur Beale according to KHDA, Director or Head of High School is Mr. Khalid Hamdan according to DASS website. Superintendent is (was) Deeb Abdulla (Deeb Abdullah) according to email received from DASS in March 2008. He was at DASS from 1999-2007?
02 March 2008 review
  • Principal's name, teacher salary range, student number information updated from email received - see forum topic.
14 July 2006 review
  • Fees information not found on website. Founding date not confirmed. Website says American/International curriculum.
  • DASS teachers provided with shared villa accommodation.


Last update 19 February 2014
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