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Bike laws in UAE

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Road rules for bicycles in the UAE

List of cycle laws for Dubai and UAE, UAE bicycle helmet rules, road rules for bikes, and other related legal information.

Cycle laws and safety in Dubai and UAE

See Cycling in UAE for this section.

Bicycle helmet law in Dubai and UAE

"Every person riding a bicycle shall wear a helmet." From Article 16 < Chapter 1 < Part 1 < Executive By-law of UAE Federal Law No. 21 for the year 1995 concerning Traffic (dated 20 Nov 1995) [no helmet reference in UAE Federal Law No. (21) of 1995, only in the Bylaw].

List of bicycle related laws in the UAE

Following is the English text of laws related to cycling in the UAE. Note that in the UAE, the official language of the court and legal system is Arabic, so only the Arabic version of UAE laws have any legal validity in court.

Assume the words "way" and "ways" mean "road" and "roads".

UAE Federal Law No. (21) of 1995 (Federal Traffic Law)

Article (1), definitions (note that "driver" is not explicitly defined but throughout the law it is implied a driver is the person in control of a vehicle, and a vehicle is explicitly defined as including a bicycle, therefore any laws referring to a "driver" should be assumed to apply to the person riding a bicycle e.g. Article 30 regarding driving under the influence of alcohol):

Article 35, lights:

Article 44, rental vehicles:

Executive Bylaws of the United Law No 21 for the year 1995

Article 16

Article 17

Article 30 (under Chapter 2 heading: The commitments of a vehicle driver while driving)

Article 48, parking

Article (166), number plates (reference to motorcycles only):

Article (178), lighting systems

Article (191), list of violations and penalties

Fines for illegal transportation of bicycles in Abu Dhabi

Bicycles impounded in Dubai

Sometimes the Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, and/or maybe the Dubai RTA (or maybe not, we're not sure about the RTA) go on a mission to impound bicycles in Dubai belonging to people breaking cycling laws in Dubai. Police, municipalities, and traffic authorities do this in other emirates also. Don't let it put you off cycling around the place too much, but keep a bit of cash handy to catch the bus just in case. As time goes on and cycling becomes more prevalent in Dubai, you can expect a decreasing risk of police and other authorities impounding your bike or giving you a fine for odd sounding reasons.

Bicycle licence fee

Cycling ban in Sharjah

Cycling bans in Dubai

Apart from a general ban on main roads and highways, some specific areas which have banned cycling are:

Cycling bans in Abu Dhabi and other UAE locations

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