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Law in the UAE

Wednesday 16 January 2019 (UAE)   

Law in the UAE

The legal system lawyers, and laws in the UAE, information and guide to Commercial Law, Company Law, Construction Law, Gratuity Law, Islamic Law, Labour Law, Maternity Law, Sharia Law, Study Law, Ramadan Law.

Other headings to include Abortion, Agency, Business, Competition, Contract, Copyright, Criminal, Divorce, Islamic, Marriage, Property, Tax law in UAE.

Legal system in the UAE

  • Court system in the UAE
  • Federal laws, Executive By-laws, Ministerial Decrees, UAE Federal Penal Code, Abu Dhabi Penal Code (?)

Laws in the UAE

Apostasy Law in the UAE
Blasphemy Law in UAE
Commercial Law in UAE
Company Law in UAE
Construction Law in UAE
Gratuity Law in UAE
Labour Law in UAE
Maternity Law in UAE
Sharia Law in UAE
Study Law in UAE
Ramadan Law in UAE

Law in Abu Dhabi

  • Labour Law in Abu Dhabi (Labor Law)
  • Rent Law in Abu Dhabi
  • Sharia Law in Abu Dhabi

Law in Dubai

Law in Sharjah

  • Law in Sharjah
  • Tenancy Law in Sharjah

List of laws often searched for in the UAE

  • Article 250 of the UAE Penal Code - impersonating public officials?
  • Article 344 - kidnapping.
  • Article 356 - extra marital consensual sex, adultery.
  • Article 359 (and 358?) - harrassment (sexual, and/or against females only?), indecent acts.
  • Article 378 (and 379?) - unauthorised disclosure of private information.
  • Article 399 - fraud.
  • Article 401 - bounced cheques, dud cheques, dishonoured cheques.
  • Article 404 - breach of trust. Alternative to fraud?

List of laws in the UAE


  • http://www.elaws.gov.ae/EnLegislations.aspx
  • http://www.tamimi.com/en/section/law-update/section-11
  • http://www.loc.gov/law/help/guide/nations/uae.php
  • http://www.nyulawglobal.org/globalex/United_Arab_Emirates.html
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