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UAE university list

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UAE universities


List of universities and details
University name Emirate/Town   Tel   Curriculum Qualifications Licensed Fees (AED) Comments
Abu Dhabi University   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5015555  UAE BA, BEd, BSc, MA, MBA, MEd, MSc, DBA MHESR  ADU comments 
Abu Dhabi University Al Ain   Al Ain   +971-3-7670000  UAE BSc, MSc, BA, MA, MBA MHESR  ADUAA comments 
Aga Khan University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3248081       
Ajman University Fujairah   Fujairah   +971-9-2222644  UAE BA, BSc, BE, BEd, MBA, MSc MHESR 30,000-80,000    
Ajman University of Science and Technology   Ajman   +971-6-7466666  UAE BA, BSc, BE, BEd, MBA, MSc MHESR 30,000-80,000  AUST comments 
Al Ain University of Science and Technology   Al Ain   +971-3-7611185  UAE BBA, BSc, BEd, LLB, MBA MHESR    
Al Ghurair University   Dubai   +971-4-4200223  BBA, BSc, BA MHESR    
Al Hosn University   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4070700  Arabic/US MBA, MEng, BEng, MEd, BEd, BBA MHESR 20,000-50,000  AHU comments 
Al Qasimia University   Sharjah   planned  UAE, Arabic degrees      
Al Watan University   Ajman   planned       
American InterContinental University Dubai   Dubai     US BBA, BBA, BIT, MBA, MEd, MIT      
American University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3999000  US BArch, BBA, BFA, BIT, BSc, MBA, MEd MHESR 50,000-70,000    
American University of Sharjah in Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   planned  Arabic/US Foundation, Bachelors, Masters      
American University of the Emirates   Dubai   +971-4-4291200  UAE Associate, Bachelor, MA, MBA MHESR  AUE comments 
American University RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2210500  US BSc, BBA, MSc   21,000-40,000  AUR comments 
American University Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5155555  Arabic/US BA, BSc, MA, MSc, MBA MHESR 60,000-75,000    
Amity University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4554900  Indian BBA, BSc, BTech, MBA   30,000-50,000  AUD comments 
Belford University Dubai   Dubai          
Bharathiar University Dubai   Dubai     Indian      
Biotechnology University College Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-2646504  UAE/US BSc MHESR    
Boston University Dental School Dubai   Dubai   closed  US Postgraduate MHESR 170,000-230,000  BUDSD comments 
British University in Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3913626  UK MSc, MEd, PhD, EdD DEd, PGDE MHESR 80,000    
Calicut University Dubai   Dubai   planned  Indian      
Canadian University of Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3218866  Canadian Diploma, BSc, MBA MHESR 30,000-60,000  CUD comments 
Cass Business School Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4019316  UK Executive MBA   90,000    
Centennial University of Dubai   Dubai   renamed     CUD comments 
City University College Ajman   Ajman   +971-6-7499901  UAE/USA BBA MHESR    
Coventry University Dubai   Dubai     UK BEng, MBA      
Dubai Aerospace University   Dubai   closed  US   25,000-100,000  DAU comments 
Dubai Polytechnic   Dubai   renamed     DP comments 
Dubai University College   Dubai   renamed     DUC comments 
Duke University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4019306  US Masters, MBA, EMBA      
Emirates MCC University   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2432750  Indian Diploma, degree, BHM, MHM, MBA      
Emirati Canadian University   Umm Al Quwain   renamed  UAE, Canadian      
Etisalat University College   Sharjah   +971-6-5611333  MHESR    
European University College Brussels Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3672323  BBA, MBA, languages      
Exeter University Dubai   Dubai     UK EdD      
French Fashion University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4291228  French BA, diploma KHDA 49,000-59,000    
Fuqua School of Business Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4019401  US MBA, EMBA      
George Mason University RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   closed  US BSc   21,000-52,000  GMUR comments 
Griggs University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3592928  US MBA    GUD comments 
Gulf Medical University   Ajman   +971-6-7431333  MBBS, BPT, DMD, PharmD, MCP MHESR 22,000-75,000  GMU comments 
Hadley University Dubai   Dubai     online, US MBA, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees   30,000-70,000    
Hamdan eTQM University   Dubai   +971-4-4241111  BA, MA, MSc MHESR 23,220-48,000  HEU comments 
Harvard Medical School Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3622794  US Postgraduate    HMSD comments 
Heriot Watt University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4358700  UK BA, BBA, BSc, BEng, MA, MSc, PhD   27,000-98,000    
Hillford University Dubai   Dubai     online, US   30,000-70,000    
Hult International Business School Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4395600  US MBA, EMBA, Masters   170,000    
Indira Gandhi National Open University Dubai   Dubai     Indian BA, BSc, BCom, BEd, MCom, MBA      
INSEAD Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6515200  MBA, EMBA, executive programs   265,000    
International Academy Ajman   Ajman   +971-6-7453936  Indian, Malaysian BA, BBA, BSc, MA, MBA, MSc, PhD   7,000-20,000    
International Academy RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2275192  Indian/Malaysian BA, BBA, BSc, MA, MBA, MSc, PhD   7,000-20,000    
Islamic Azad University   Dubai   +971-4-3664696  Iranian BSc, MSc, MBA, PhD      
Islamic Studies School Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   planned  Moroccan/Arabic BA      
Islamic Virtual University Sharjah   Sharjah   planned       
Ittihad University   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2059999  Arabic/US BA, BEd, BSc MHESR 30,000    
Jumeirah University   Dubai   +971-4-5154555  UAE/USA BA, BEd, BSc   24,000-40,000    
Khalifa University of Science   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4018000  UAE PhD, BE, MSc MHESR  KUS comments 
Khalifa University Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5611333  UAE PhD, BE, MSc, BSc MHESR  KUS comments 
Kidville University   Dubai     US      
London Business School Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4019301  UK Executive MBA   370,000    
London School of Economics Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi          
Mahatma Gandhi University Dubai   Ras Al Khaimah   closed  Indian MBA, BBA, BCom, BSc      
Manchester Business School Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4468664  UK MBA, DBA   85,000-180,000  MBSD comments 
Manipal University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4291214  Indian BA, BBA, BE, BSc, MBA, MSc   26,000-35,000    
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6988122  UAE/US MSc, ME, MEng, PhD      
Mayfield University Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi     online, US Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees   30,000-70,000    
Michigan State University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4465147  US BSc, MSc, MA   50,000-60,000  MSUD comments 
Middle East University RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2434345  Indian BA, BBA, MBA, BSN, PhD, BCom, BEd      
Middlesex University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3678100  UK BA, BSc, MA, MSc, MBA, TESOL KHDA 30,000-46,000  MUD comments 
Murdoch University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4355700  Australian MBA, MEd, BCom, BSc, Bachelors   40,000-84,000  MUD comments 
MUST University Dubai   Dubai     USA online degrees      
National Law School of India Dubai   Dubai   planned  Indian MBL      
New York Institute of Technology Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4048523  US MBA, Master, Bachelor degrees MHESR    
New York University Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6284000  US BA, BS/BSc   150,000    
Nottingham University Dubai PGCE   Dubai     UK PGCE, PGCEi      
Online University Dubai   Dubai     online, US, UK Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, MBA degrees      
Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6569555  French LMD, ECTS, Masters, Bachelors MHESR 40,000-80,000  PSUAD comments 
Philippine University Dubai   Dubai   planned  Philippines      
PIM International Center Dubai   Dubai   closed Nov 2009  Sri Lanka MBA, DBA, PhD, Diploma      
Preston University Ajman   Ajman   +971-6-7469555  US, Pakistan BBA, BA, BIT, MBA, MSc, PhD   10,000-20,000  PUA comments 
Pune University Dubai   Dubai   planned  Indian MBA, MSc, BBA, BCA, BBT, BE, BSc      
Pune University RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2338489  Indian MBA, MSc, BBA, BCA, BBT, BE, BSc   20,000-25,000    
Quaid i Azam University Dubai   Dubai   planned  Pakistan      
RAK College of Dental Sciences   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2222593  Indian BDS   50,000  RCDS comments 
RAK Medical and Health Sciences University   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2269999  Indian BDS, BPharm, BSc, MBBS, RN MHESR 15,000-65,000  RMHSU comments 
Richford University Dubai   Dubai     online, US MBA, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees   22,000-44,000    
Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-5015566  US MBA, MEng, MSc   58,520-65,400  RITD comments 
Russian University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3625313  Russian Bachelor, Master's degree   33,100-36,800  RUD comments 
Shahid Beheshti University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3625102  Iranian BA, MA, PhD      
Sikkim Manipal University RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2275192  Indian Executive MBA      
Skyline University College   Sharjah   +971-6-5441155  US BBA, MBA MHESR 30,000-45,000    
St Joseph University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3752835  Arabic, Lebanese LLB KHDA 55,200    
Stafford University Dubai   Dubai     UK Bachelor, Master, PhD, LLB, MBA      
Strathclyde Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4048546  UK, Scotland MBA, MSc MHESR 42,500-55,000    
Strathclyde Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-2089280  UK, Scotland MBA, MSc MHESR 42,500-55,000    
Synergy University Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4206699  Russian BA, MA, MBA   18,250-47,500  SUD comments 
Syracuse University Dubai   Dubai     US      
SZABIST Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3664601  Pakistan BBA, BIT, BS, MBA, MSc   18,150-24,200    
Texila American University UAE   Sharjah   +971-6-5939568  Indian, West Indies, US MBBS, MD, MS    TAUU comments 
Troy University Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5313111       
UAE University Al Ain   Al Ain   +971-3-7555557  UAE BA, BSc, MBA, MEd, MEM, MSc, DBA, PhD    UUAA comments 
UAE University Knowledge Village   Dubai   +971-4-3671700       
UAEU College of Business and Economics   Al Ain   +971-3-7638860  MBA      
University College of Mother and Family Sciences   Ajman   +971-6-7414741  UAE BA MHESR 25,000    
University Hospital Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5058555       
University of Atlanta Dubai   Dubai   online only  US      
University of Bolton RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2211221  UK BA, BEng, BSc, MA, MBA, MEng, MSc   12,000-36,000  UBR comments 
University of Bradford Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4393694  UK Executive MBA   40,000    
University of Connecticut Dubai   Dubai   suspended  US      
University of Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-5566800  UAE, UK, US BBA, LLM, MBA, MS, PhD MHESR  UD comments 
University of Jazeera   Dubai   +971-4-2644466  Arabic/US BBA, BSc MHESR 28,500-42,750    
University of Karachi Dubai   Dubai   planned  Pakistan      
University of Maryland Dubai   Dubai     US      
University of New Brunswick Dubai   Dubai   closed  Canadian BISc, MBA   25,000    
University of Phoenix Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3754555  US Bachelors, Masters, MBA      
University of Seychelles AIM   Ras Al Khaimah     MD      
University of Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5585000  BA, BSc, LLB, MA, MBA, MBBS, MSc MHESR 26,000-73,000    
University of Southern Queensland Dubai   Dubai   closed Aug 2005  Australian BBA, BIT, BMC, MBA, MIT      
University of Sunderland PGCE   Dubai     UK PGCE   36,000-38,000  USP comments 
University of Waterloo Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3260333  Canadian BE, BEng, CFA, PRM   72,000  UWD comments 
University of Wollongong Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3672400  Australian BBA, BCom, BIT, MBA, DBA, PhD MHESR 41,100-43,350  UWD comments 
UNLV Dubai RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   planned  US      
Vanderbilt University Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   proposed  US      
Vinayaka Missions University RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2287044  Indian      
VIT University Dubai   Dubai     Indian      
Webpreneur University   Dubai          
Willington University Dubai   Dubai     online, US Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees   30,000-70,000    
Zayed Diplomatic Academy   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5993605  UAE Certificate, Masters   60,000-130,000    
Zayed International College   Dubai   +971-4-4021483  UAE BSc   75,000  ZIC comments 
Zayed University Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5993111  UAE      
Zayed University Academic City   Dubai   +971-4-4021111  UAE BA, BEd, BSc, MA, MSc, MEd, MBA    ZUAC comments 
Zayed University Knowledge Village   Dubai   +971-4-4021483  UAE      
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