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UAE college list

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UAE colleges


List of colleges and details
College name Emirate/Town   Tel   Curriculum Qualifications Licensed Fees (AED) Comments
Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6132000  UAE      
Abu Dhabi Civil Service College   Abu Dhabi   planned  UAE      
Abu Dhabi Educational Institute   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6338196       
Abu Dhabi Film Academy   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4466442  US   92,000-125,000  ADFA comments 
Abu Dhabi Polytechnic   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5018342  UAE MHESR    
Abu Dhabi School of Management   Abu Dhabi   planned  UAE/UK/US BSc, MSc business management      
Academic Center Institute RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2288859  Indian      
Academy of Financial and Banking Studies   Sharjah   +971-6-5728880       
Academy of International Security Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi     UAE, UK      
Academy of Islamic Banking   Dubai   planned  Degrees      
ADNOC Technical Institute   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5582200  UAE Vocational      
Ajman Education Institute   Ajman   +971-6-7478460       
Ajman Educational Institute   Ajman   +971-6-7446626       
Al Ain International Aviation Academy   Al Ain   +971-3-7996444  UAE Diploma, Certificate      
Al Hikma Educational Institute Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5614474  Indian BEd, MBA, MCom, MEd      
Al Hilal Education Centre   Sharjah   +971-6-5685013  Indian, UK      
Al Khawarizmi International College   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6789700  UAE/UK Associate Degrees MHESR    
Al Khawarizmi International College Al Ain   Al Ain   +971-3-7555005  UAE/UK Associate degrees MHESR    
Al Mihad Educational Institute   Dubai   +971-4-2626520  UK, US CCA, CMA, IFRS      
Allied Institute of Management Studies   Dubai   +971-4-4464284  Indian/UK NCC, XLRI      
Alpha Aviation Academy UAE   Sharjah   +971-6-5574243  ICAO MPL   440,600  AAAU comments 
AMA Computer School UAE   Abu Dhabi     Philippines      
American College of Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-2829992  US Associate degrees, BBA, ACCA MHESR 24,000    
American College of the Emirates   Dubai     UAE Associate, Bachelor      
Arab Water Academy   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4454777       
Arabian Child   Dubai   +971-4-4312313       
ArabiCollege   Dubai   +971-4-2115192  Arabic Arabic      
Ashridge Business School Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi     UK      
Ashridge Business School Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3354482  UK MBA, MSc      
Atika Language School   Dubai   not found     ALS comments 
Atlas Educational Institute Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3373001  Indian      
Ayurveda Medical College Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   planned  Indian      
Bahera Language School   Dubai   not found     BLS comments 
BiCE Cooking School Dubai   Dubai   planned  Cooking      
Birla Institute of Technology RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2359322  Indian BArch, BEng, BBA, MBA, EMBA      
BITS Pilani Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4200700  Indian BE (Hons), ME, MSc, MBA KHDA 35,000  BPD comments 
Blue Ocean Academy   Dubai   +971-4-3963968  US/UK Logistics courses    BOA comments 
Bolton College Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   planned  UK      
Business and Technology Education Centre   Dubai   +971-4-2984588  Australian / UK Diploma, HND, BSc, MSc, BBA, MBA    BTEC comments 
Cambridge College International Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3754141  Australian   16,000  CCID comments 
Cambridge Educational Institute Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6323202       
Cambridge Educational Institute Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3975000       
Cambridge Educational Institute Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5731414       
Campus Educational Institute   Dubai   +971-4-3373097  Indian      
Canada International College Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4389595  ACCA, TOEFL, ESL, IELTS      
Career Campus Educational Center Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5557676  Indian CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, O-A Levels, SAT      
CBL International Dubai Law School   Dubai          
Center for Executive Education Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3900990  UK HND, Diplomas   17,000-20,000  CEED comments 
Computer College Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-2826880  Associate Degrees MHESR    
Confucius Institute Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi     Chinese      
Confucius Institute Dubai   Dubai     Chinese      
Cosmos Educational Institute Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3348559  Indian      
Cosmos Educational Institute Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5595454  Indian      
DAE Flight Academy   Ras Al Khaimah   closed  US ATPL   360,000    
Dubai Informatics Computer Center   Dubai   +971-4-3378223  Indian Short courses      
Dubai Medical College   Dubai   +971-4-2646465  UAE/US MBBS MHESR 80,000  DMC comments 
Dubai Petroleum Training Center   Dubai        DPTC comments 
Dubai Pharmacy College   Dubai   +971-4-2646968  Arabic/US BPharm MHESR 30,000    
Dubai Police Academy   Dubai   +971-4-3482255  BA, LLB MHESR    
Dubai Real Estate Institute   Dubai   +971-4-4267777     DREI comments 
Dubai School of Dental Medicine   Dubai   +971-4-4248777  MSc Dentistry   202,400    
Dubai School of Government   Dubai   +971-4-3293290       
Dublin Business School in Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3671292  Ireland BA (Hons), SAT, GMAT, more      
ECMIT   Dubai   +971-4-2675016  AS MHESR    
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   planned  Swiss      
Education Zone FZ LLC Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3910257       
EIBFS Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6337447  Arabic, UAE BSc, Diploma, IELTS MHESR 5,000-21,000    
EIBFS Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-6070444  Arabic, UAE BSc, Diploma, IELTS      
EMDI Institute Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3671145  Indian Diploma, Certificate   16,500-19,500    
Emirates Academy   Dubai   +971-4-3155555  BSc (Hons), ASc, MSc (2009) MHESR 67,330-72,430  EA comments 
Emirates Aviation College   Dubai   +971-4-2824000  UAE/UK BA, BB, BSc, MBA MHESR 30,000-50,000    
Emirates Aviation College Leadership Development   Dubai   +971-4-2868118       
Emirates Canadian University College   Umm Al Quwain   +971-6-7665597  UAE, Canadian, (ECUC) BA, BBA      
Emirates College for Advanced Education   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5099999  UAE/Singapore BEd, PGDE    ECAE comments 
Emirates College for Educational Development   Abu Dhabi   renamed  Bachelor to PhD    ECED comments 
Emirates College for Financial Sciences   Dubai   +971-4-6070444  Arabic, UAE BSc, Diploma      
Emirates College of Technology   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6817681  Arabic/US Diploma MHESR    
Emirates Flying School   Dubai   +971-4-2995155       
Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies   Sharjah   +971-6-5728880  Arabic, UAE BSc, Diploma, IELTS MHESR 5,000-21,000    
Emirates International Maritime Academy   Dubai   +971-4-3455545  MSc, short courses      
Emirates Professional Training Center Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5751699  Indian BA, BCom, BSc, MBA, diplomas      
Emirates Simulation Academy   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4125444       
ESNAAD Abu Dhabi Maritime College   Abu Dhabi   planned  UAE      
Etisalat Academy Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-2043300  UAE Training courses      
European International College   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4491450  UAE BBA, MBA, Diploma      
Experts International Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4290680  UAE      
Falcon College of Hotel Management and Tourism   Abu Dhabi   closed  UAE Diploma MHESR    
Fatima College of Health Sciences   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4472553  UAE/Australia BScN, BN MHESR    
Fatima College of Health Sciences Al Ain   Al Ain   +971-3-7043085  UAE/Australia BScN, BN      
Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training   Dubai   +971-4-3748225  UK Edexcel BTEC (HNC)      
Fujairah Aviation Academy   Fujairah   +971-9-2224747       
Fujairah College   Fujairah   +971-9-2244499  Associate Degrees MHESR  FC comments 
Fujairah College of Art and Music   Fujairah   planned  UAE BFA      
Future Leadership Academy   Dubai   +971-4-3671777       
GEMS Leadership Academy Dubai   Dubai   planned       
GEMS Teacher Training Center Dubai   Dubai   planned       
Global Education Mission RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2434205  Indian      
Global Learning Center Ajman   Ajman   +971-6-7414332  UK, US BA, BBA, BEd, MEd, MBA, MSc, PhD      
Gulf Center for Aviation Studies   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5053560  UAE/International Masters, short courses      
Gulf Institute for International Law   Dubai   +971-4-2688808  Indian      
Gulf Medical College   Ajman   renamed  UAE   22,000-75,000    
Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute   Abu Dhabi   planned  UAE/US Masters, short courses      
HCT Abu Dhabi Mens College   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4451514  UAE Diplomas, Bachelor degrees      
HCT Abu Dhabi Womens College   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6413839  UAE Diploma, Bachelor's, BEd, MEd      
HCT Al Ain Mens College   Al Ain   +971-3-7820888  UAE Diploma, Bachelors      
HCT Al Ain Womens College   Al Ain   +971-3-7820777  UAE Diploma, Bachelors      
HCT Dubai Mens College   Dubai   +971-4-3260333  UAE Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, MBA      
HCT Dubai Womens College   Dubai   +971-4-2672929  UAE Diploma, Bachelor's, BIT, BEd      
HCT Fujairah Mens College   Fujairah   +971-9-2222112  UAE Diploma, Bachelors      
HCT Fujairah Womens College   Fujairah   +971-9-2281212  UAE Diploma, Bachelor, BEd      
HCT Khalifa City Womens College   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6578000  UAE Diploma      
HCT Madinat Zayed Mens College   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-8943700  UAE Diploma, Bachelor, MBA      
HCT Madinat Zayed Womens College   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-8943700  UAE      
HCT RAK Mens College   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2212999  UAE Diploma, Bachelors, BEng      
HCT RAK Womens College   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2210550  UAE Diploma, Bachelors, BEd      
HCT Ruwais Mens College   Ruwais   +971-2-8943800  UAE      
HCT Ruwais Womens College   Ruwais   +971-2-8943800  UAE      
HCT Sharjah Mens College   Sharjah   +971-6-5585222  UAE Diploma, Bachelor's, BEng      
HCT Sharjah Womens College   Sharjah   +971-6-5585333  UAE Diploma, Bachelors, BEng, BEd      
Henley Business School Dubai   Dubai   proposed  UK      
Higher Colleges of Technology   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6814600  UAE      
Horizon Flight Academy   Al Ain   +971-3-7855550  JAA ATPL, CFI, CPL, PPL      
Human Relations Institute Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3658498       
IBMC Business School UAE   Dubai   planned  MBA      
Ibn Majid International Center   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2335335       
ICBEST Gulf Information and Resource Centre   Sharjah   +971-6-5578806  Indian Certificates, Diplomas      
ICLBAT Ajman   Ajman   +971-6-7441122  Indian/US BA, BCom, BBA, MBA, MA, MCom      
Imam Malik College for Islamic Shariah and Law   Dubai   +971-4-4370373  Bachelor MHESR    
Imperial College Dubai   Dubai   planned  UK      
Indian Aviation Academy UAE   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2448734       
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Dubai   Dubai   proposed  Indian      
Indian Institute of Management Indore RAK   Ras Al Khaimah     Indian Postgraduate, MBA      
Injazat Institute   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6992700  UAE      
Institute for International Law Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3433371  Indian      
Institute for Safety and Security Dubai   Dubai     MHESR    
Institute for Technology and Management Dubai   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2211221  LSE, UOL, UK Diploma, BSc (Hons)   31,000-34,000    
Institute of Management Technology Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4227244  Indian BBA, MBA MHESR 31,000-38,250    
Institute of Modern Technologies Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5599950  Indian BA, BCom, BEd, MBA, MCom      
International Center of Excellence Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5565629  South Africa Training, Bachelor, Masters, MBA      
International Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3989745       
International House Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3213121  Cambridge, IHWO BEC, CELTA, DELTA, IELTS      
International Institute of Technology Ajman   Ajman   +971-6-7478336  Indian BA, BBA, BCom, BSc, MA, MSc, MBA      
Islamic and Arabic Studies College Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3961777  BA, MA, PhD MHESR    
JSS Academy Dubai   Dubai     Indian HND, MSc      
Khaimah Language School   Dubai   not found     KLS comments 
Khalifa Bin Zayed Air College   Al Ain   +971-3-7855500  UAE MHESR    
London American City College   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2260478  US/UK BSc, BBA, MBA    LACC comments 
London College of Fashion Dubai   Dubai     UK      
Magrudys Education   Dubai   +971-4-2974321  UK      
Manhattan Film Academy Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-2096405     MFAD comments 
Manipal Academy Dubai   Dubai   renamed  Indian BA, BBA, BSc, MBA, MSc      
Manipal University Medical College Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   proposed  Indian      
Mayo College Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   renamed  Indian      
MSU Dubai Academy   Dubai   +971-4-4361500  US Certificate      
My Campus Educational Center Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6317200  Indian      
My Campus Educational Center Al Ain   Al Ain     Indian      
My Campus Educational Center Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3355295  Indian      
My Campus Educational Group   Dubai     Indian      
My Campus Professional Training Academy   Dubai   +971-4-3622037  Indian      
Nasdaq Dubai Academy   Dubai   +971-4-3612233       
National Defense College Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi     UAE military Masters, Doctorate      
National Institute for Vocational Education Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3694000  UK BTEC      
National Institute of Fashion Technology UAE   Dubai   proposed  Indian      
Naval College UAE   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6157637  UAE Bachelor MHESR    
NBAD Academy   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5589446       
NBAD Academy Dubai   Dubai          
Notting Hill College Dubai   Dubai     UK TEFL, TESOL      
Notting Hill College UAE   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2046097  UK TEFL, TESOL      
Nottingham Business School Dubai   Dubai     UK DBA      
Pearl Academy of Fashion Dubai   Dubai     Indian      
Pearl Design Center Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5540661  Indian Diploma      
Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5085100  MHESR    
Police College Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4447700  UAE Bachelor      
Police Sciences Academy   Sharjah   +971-6-5585888  MHESR    
PwC Academy Middle East   Dubai   +971-4-3043241  ACCA, CPA, CFA, CIA, CMA, Mini MBA    PAME comments 
Queens School of Business Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4215901  Canadian business courses      
RCSI Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3752116  Ireland MSc MHESR    
Royal College of Applied Science and Technology   Ras Al Khaimah   closed  Indian BArch, BEng, BBA, MBA, EMBA      
Royal College of Surgeons in Sharjah   Sharjah   proposed  UK      
SAE Institute Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   planned       
SAE Institute Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3616173  BA, Diploma, short courses   58,000-65,000    
Sejong Institute Dubai   Dubai   planned  Korean      
Sharjah Institute of Technology   Sharjah   +971-6-5455255  UAE/UK BTEC HND ND Diploma   4,800-27,000    
Skyline College Sharjah   Sharjah   renamed  US BBA MHESR    
Solomon Academy Dubai   Dubai   closed  Training Institute      
SP Jain Center of Management Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-4291234  Indian BBA, MBA, EMBA   30,000-139,960  SJCMD comments 
Stafford Associates Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3901685  UK HNC, HND, BA, BSc, MA, MBA, MSc, PhD      
Syscoms College Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6760800  Associate Degrees MHESR    
The International College Dubai THINC   Dubai   +971-4-2673565  UK MBA, BBA      
Transguard Education Academy   Dubai   +971-4-2183149     TEA comments 
twofour54 tadreeb   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4012454  Short courses in Media      
UAE Academy   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6917777  English, UAE Certificate, BTEC    UA comments 
UAE Academy Al Ain   Al Ain   +971-3-7828802  UAE Certificate    UAAA comments 
UN PPP School Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   planned       
Universal Empire Institute of Medical Sciences   Ras Al Khaimah   closed  Indian MBBS, BDS, MD      
Universal Empire Institute of Technology   Dubai   closed  Indian MBA, MA, BA, BCom, BEd, Diplomas      
Vatel School RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   closed  French Bachelor, MBA   65,000-110,000    
Vocational Education and Training Institute Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5082700  UAE Diploma      
Vocational Education and Training Institute Al Ain   Al Ain   +971-3-7157640  UAE Diploma      
Vocational Education and Training Institute Fujairah   Fujairah     UAE      
Vocational Education and Training Institute Madinat Zayed   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-8943001  UAE Diploma      
Vocational Education and Training Institute RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2074003  UAE      
Vocational Education and Training Institute Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5455255  UAE      
Vocational Education Development Centre   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5039442  UAE    VEDC comments 
Western International College   Ras Al Khaimah     UK Bachelors and Masters degrees    WIC comments 
Westford School of Management Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4930286  UAE, Indian, UK BA, BBA, PGPM, MBA      
Westford School of Management RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2432004  UAE, Indian, UK BA, BBA, PGPM, MBA      
Westford School of Management Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5287041  UAE, UK BA, BBA, PGPM, MBA      
Wisam Language School   Dubai   not found     WLS comments 
Wisdom Business School   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2432099  Indian BBA, BEd, BSc, MBA, MEd      
Wisdom Educational Institute   Dubai   +971-4-3964455  Indian BA, BCom, BEd, MBA      
Wisdom Educational Institute Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6214474  Indian BA, BCom, BEd, MBA      
Wisdom Educational Institute RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2275192  Indian BA, BCom, BEd, MBA      
Wisdom Educational Institute Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5614474  Indian BA, BCom, BEd, MBA      
Woods James Consultants Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-2868629  UK/UAE TESOL      
World of Knowledge Management Development Centre   Dubai   +971-4-3377988  Indian Certificates, Diplomas      
Zafirah Language School   Dubai   not found     ZLS comments 
Zina Language School   Dubai          
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