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Hotels in Dubai

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

Dubai Hotels (Hotels in Dubai)

General Hotels in Dubai information

Dubai has a wide range of hotels and places to stay ranging from the Dubai Youth Hostel to the self-rated 7 star Burj Al Arab (see the list of Dubai budget hotels for less expensive options), and in 2010, the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa tower.

  • Most hotels in Dubai and UAE quote a price per room (not per person) per night and often include breakfast.
  • There is an additional 10% service charge and another 10% Dubai Municipality tax added to Dubai hotel bills.
  • Check in time is around 2pm and checkout at noon but late checkouts are normally available.
  • Prices range from 100-150 dhs per night for bargain basement hotels (not easy to find many this cheap) to several thousand dhs for the most luxurious rooms.
  • For overseas travellers, the best deals are usually found by booking a flight to Dubai with an accommodation package included.
  • It's usually difficult to find a good room for much less than AED 250-300 per night in 2010 (down from 500-700 per night in 2007-2008) but see cheap hotels in Dubai for a list to try.
  • Most 4 and 5 star hotels (and some of the 3 star hotels) can arrange a Dubai tourist visa for their guests (for a fee). They will also do airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

Best hotels in Dubai

Our very subjective opinions, reviews, and ratings of the top hotels in Dubai.

  • Best luxury hotel resort in Dubai
    • one of the new hotels on Jumeirah Palm but not the Atlantis Palm Resort. Driving or taxi back and forth to the Palm resorts from Dubai proper gets tiresome if doing it more than once a day.
    • Madinat Jumeirah for standard 5 star hotel experience.
  • Best over the top hotel experience in Dubai:
    • Al Maha Desert Resort - this is genuinely a worthwhile experience if it's in your budget. Long way from Dubai so don't expect to commute for sightseeing. It's a desert resort experience and the best one in the UAE except for perhaps Bani Yas Island (which is different, not more luxurious).
    • Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa - more for being able to say you stayed in the Burj Khalifa than anything else.
    • Burj Al Arab of course. It's not really 7 stars despite what the media say but it is something else. Too much gold and bling for some.
  • Best hotel location in Dubai
    • Downtown Dubai - The Address hotels for a sort of center of Dubai - the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains.
    • Dubai Marina - long way from the airport and Downtown Dubai, but cheaper hotel options, a shopping mall, nice beach promenade access (JBR The Walk), good range of cafes and restaurants, pleasant area around the marina for cycling and walking, close to metro stations or beach but not both at the same time.
    • TECOM area - good selection of mid-range hotels and serviced apartments, close to metro station, good range of mid-range and budget eating out options.
  • Best budget hotel in Dubai - these are not bargain basement but a good compromise between value for money, location, and decent facilities. Sort of like the McDonald's of the hotel world but not as cheap. Don't bother with the EasyHotel in Jebel Ali unless you have a good reason to be there, it's so far from everything else that any money you save will be offset by taxi fares and time. The Youth Hostel in Dubai is not great but is about the only option available in the cheapest category. Women won't feel comfortable there especially if traveling on their own.
    • AirBnB - not a hotel but a website where people rent their rooms or apartments to paying guests. Has a few options in Dubai. Technically is probably illegal in most cases but as with a number of illegal activities in Dubai is unlikely to be a problem for the guest usually.
    • Citymax hotels
    • Couchsurfing - not a hotel but a website where people request or offer a "couch" for one or several nights. Usually works best for young single females, especially in Dubai, since men are more willing to offer a space to an unknown woman than vice versa, especially young attractive ones, for the same reason that men anywhere in the world offer young attractive women free goods and services. Like AirBnB is technically illegal because unrelated men and women are not supposed to be in private together in the UAE, but visitors generally won't have an issue.
    • Ibis hotels
    • Holiday Inn Express hotels
Boring data and statistics about hotels in Dubai
  • 2011 hotel numbers - 575 hotels and hotel apartment buildings (a 5% increase from 2010) with 53,828 hotel rooms and 21,015 hotel apartment flats (WAM news 07 March 2012)
  • Hotel rooms in Dubai: 23,000 rooms added in 2007, 27,000 added in 2008, 18,000 in 2009, and 13,000 in 2010
  • Hotel occupancy in 2007 from 70%-100% in winter and 60% to 90% in summer, Dubai has the highest average rate worldwide.

2010 H1 figures (DTCM press release 14 September 2010)

  • Number of hotels in Dubai as of July or September 2010 is 566, an increase of 7% from 530 in 2009.
  • Number of hotel rooms in Dubai as of July or September 2010 is 67,369, up 16% from 58,188 rooms in 2009
  • Total hotel revenues from January-July 2010 was AED 6,888,477, up 6% from AED 6,519,691 for 2009 H1
  • Number of tourist nights increased 18% to 12,462,209 nights compared to 10,541,955 in 2009 H1
  • Occupancy rate of Dubai Hotels steady at 71.7%, and up 1.2% for hotel apartments from 67.2% in 2009 H1 to 68.8% for 2010 H1.

Number of visitors to Dubai (hotel nights) by nationality (14 Sep 2010 press release)

  Arab GCC Asian European Americas Australasia African UK Saudi
2010H1 1,216,024 494,309 1,059,096 1,254,518 334,984 100,077 216,626 382,356 227,382
2009H1 1,110,088 412,145 902,878 1,216,415 312,904 93,159      
Increase 10% 20% 17% 3% 7% 7%      
Dubai hotel facilities
  • The standard of rooms in Dubai hotels ranges from adequate to mind-boggling with a higher proportion of 4 and 5 star hotels than in many other cities.
  • Facilities often include swimming pool, gym, and other sports facilities such as tennis and squash courts.
  • Entertainment, drinking and dining include restaurants, bars, nightclubs, all with alcohol usually available in the 4 and 5 star hotels.
  • Most of the better hotels have good supervised facilities for children staying there.
  • The mind-blowingist hotels in Dubai are the Burj Al Arab and Al Maha Resort. The Al Maha sounds expensive but is worth every penny. Or fil, in local currency.
Dubai hotel locations
  • Along the coast from Jumeirah and Umm Suquiem to Jebel Ali you'll find many of Dubai's more well-known hotels and beach resorts for example the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Sheraton, the Metropolitan Beach Resort, the Royal Mirage, Madinat Jumeirah resorts, the Westin, the Ritz-Carlton, and many other hotels.
  • A number of high profile hotel brands have announced developments in Dubai including Versace, Armani (in the Burj Dubai - tallest tower in the world), and Donald Trump (the original design appeared to be in the form of a tulip but has since been changed to something a little more plain).
Unmarried couples in Dubai hotels
  • Legally, unrelated or unmarried men and women in Dubai and the UAE should not be sharing a room, neither in a hotel, nor a private residence. However, many boyfriend and girlfriend couples visit the UAE and share hotel rooms without any problems.
  • When checking in, it is normal to be asked to show a passport - some Dubai hotels will just make a copy, others will try to retain it during the guest's stay (it's not their property, and they are not usually authorised by governments to keep passports, so try and avoid leaving yours with them). It is almost unheard of for a hotel to even ask if their guests are married.
  • Having different surnames does not cause any eyebrows to be raised, presumably because it is common in Arabic culture for the wife to keep her own family name after marriage.
  • During 2009 and 2010 there were some incidents which made headlines in the international press regarding the behaviour of unmarried couples kissing in Dubai, amongst other activities. These included:
    • two people allegedly having sex at a beach during the day (which would be a problem in most countries, irrespective of marital status);
    • an unmarried couple arrested at a hotel (the woman's husband complained to the police about her affair);
    • an unmarried couple arrested and prosecuted for kissing in a restaurant in Dubai based on eyewitness testimony from a 2 year old child at 2am;
    • a couple arrested for having sex after the woman filed a rape complaint (the accused rapist was a hotel waiter, not her partner).
  • These events are more likely to be the exception rather than the rule. For most couples, as long as they behave circumspectly, and neither partner is married to someone else (if separated, that still means legally married), they are unlikely to have any problems. After all, 5+ million tourists visit Dubai every year, and many of them are unmarried couples sharing hotel rooms.
Dubai hotel ratings
  • The Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) assigns hotels a 1 to 5 star rating based on criteria established in 1998.
  • The self-rated 6 and 7 star hotels such as the Burj Al Arab and Al Maha desert resort are not given a DTCM rating.
  • As of 2008, a new, more stringent system is expected to be put in place with old hotels retaining their star classification under the old system but new hotels being measured under the stricter criteria.
Dubai hotels number of rooms and other boring data and information
24 August 2010 - number of rooms planned, (press release, and Emirates Business 24-7 report)
  • Another 55,165 rooms planned for the UAE according to July 2010 STR Global Construction Pipeline Report, out of a total of 126,273 rooms in 455 hotels planned across the Middle East and Africa region.
  • Most are in Dubai with 32,686 rooms planned, including 17,162 under construction.
  • Abu Dhabi has 14,641 rooms in the pipeline with 8,544 rooms under construction.
  • Rotana Group plans to open 25 3-star hotels by 2014 in the Middle East region, with 5 in the UAE.
  • Landmark Group plans to open or announce 12 mid-market hotels by October 2010.
09 July 2007 - DTCM update on tourist and room numbers (press release or Gulf News report)
  • In 2006, Dubai had 415 hotels and furnished apartment providers with a total of about 40,000 rooms available for visitors.
  • Hotels in Dubai received about 6.5 million guests (6.1 million in 2005) in 2006 with occupancy rates over 90% and room rates soaring due to the shortage of rooms.
  • Dubai's hotels and serviced apartments will add about 10,000 rooms in 2007. Number of hotels in Dubai in 2007 is 325 (there were 303 hotels in Dubai in 2006).
  • Dubai will add another 22,000 hotel rooms by the end of 2008 says the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).
  • In 2015 Dubai expects to have 15 million tourists coming to visit, some of whom will stay in 389 hotels and 131 hotel apartments. The rest will have to sleep on the beach or in bus stops.
  • By 2016 the DTCM says there will be about 94,000 hotel rooms in Dubai including almost 30,000 rooms in the Bawadi tourist development.
25 November 2006 - TRI Consulting report
  • A report released by TRI Hospitality Consulting said that by 2010 there would be 130 new 5-star hotels in Dubai, in addition to the total of 48 by the end of 2006 (there were 35 at the end of 2005).
  • Other increases from 2005 to 2010 are four-star hotels from 35 to 51, three-star hotels from 39 to 50. It appears Dubai is concentrating on the posh tourist market.
  • According to the report, there will be a supply shortage until 2008.
  • Their calculation is that total rooms available by 2010 will be about 65,000 - a little below the governement estimate of 80,000 rooms.
September 2006 - planned hotels in Dubai, prices and availability of hotel rooms
  • Many more hotels are planned or being built including 100 or so hotels on the Palm Islands, and another 150-200 hotel plots on Dubai Waterfront.
  • There are about 30,000 hotel rooms available in Dubai as of mid 2006, another 8,000 hotel apartments with a further 18,000 rooms being added by mid 2008.
  • Total number of rooms is expected to increase to 80,000 by 2010.
  • A September 2006 report from Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels (an international consultancy, adviser, and services provider, not a hotel owner or operator) said another 55,000 hotel rooms would be built across the UAE, not just Dubai, by 2011. Compare these numbers to Las Vegas - 42,000 rooms under development, Macao with 27,000, and Beijing & Shanghai with just over 10,000 rooms each.
  • Despite these impressive figures, during 2006 there is a bit of a shortage of hotel rooms in Dubai and it can be difficult to find one especially during major events, conventions and conferences for example GITEX (an IT junket) and the Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • Hotel room prices have been soaring through 2005 and 2006 with 4 and 5 star room rates of 800-1000 dhs per night, and sometimes double that or more at peak times.
  • With occupancy rates of 80-100% most of the time, prices will remain high and probably increase further during 2007.
Guesthouses and Boutique Hotels in Dubai

There are a couple of small boutique hotels that have sprung up in the Bastakia area of Dubai - something a little different from the glitz and marble of the usual run of the mill five-star accommodation.

  • Arabian Courtyard Hotel - main hotel building in Bur Dubai next to Dubai Museum but they have a small guesthouse in the nearby Bastakiya area with rooms with TV and brightly coloured bedspreads for 700-800 dhs per night. Tel +971-4-3519111 (main hotel), www.arabiancourtyard.com.
  • French Bed & Breakfast in Dubai - La Maison d'Hôtes in Jumeirah. Closed by the Dubai Municipality in January 2010 to the dismay of many.
  • XVA - an art gallery with a handful of rustic rooms for 700-800 dhs per night. No TV but you have a nice range of paintings to look at. Tel +971-4-3535383, www.xvagallery.com.
Underwater hotels in Dubai
  • Hydropolis Dubai (Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort) - an underwater hotel planned off the Dubai coast near Dubai Marina. Completion was scheduled for end of 2006, then delayed to 2009, but as of 2012 there is no sign of any construction work started. Unknown if project has been put on hold or sunk, so to speak.
  • Water Discus Hotel (announced 02 May 2012) - Drydocks World (part of Dubai World) and BIG InvestConsult in Switzerland (representing Deep Ocean Technology in Poland who are the developers of underwater hotel technology) have signed an agreement to build a Water Discus Hotel in Dubai - an underwater hotel. Sunbathing could be tricky.

List of hotels in Dubai

These are some of the popular hotels in Dubai.

  • Admiral Plaza Hotel - near the Bur Dubai souk area.
  • Airport Meridian Hotel - opposite the airport, very comfortable.
  • Airport Millenium Hotel - near the airport, very comfortable.
  • Al Diar Hotel Apartments Al Barsha, Dubai - 64 one and two bedroom apartments, open mid-2009, operator Abu Dhabi National Hotels (ADNH).
  • Al Khaleej Hotel
  • Al Khaleej Palace - Deira
  • Al Bustan Rotana Hotel - near the airport, very comfortable, good restaurants.
  • Al Maha Resort - expensive but one of those 'worth every penny' (or fil) type deals. Many visitors think it is much superior to Bab Al Shams. A definite highlight of a trip to Dubai. Expensive.
  • Ambassador Hotel
  • Armani Dubai Hotel in the Burj Khalifa (previously the Burj Dubai) - expected to open by end of 2009 (delayed until 18 March 2010). The Armani Hotel is a joint venture between Emaar Properties and Giorgio Armani, and will have 160 rooms (or 175 rooms according to January reports) with furniture designed by Armani Casa. There will also be 144 Armani residences on levels 9-16 of the Burj Dubai, expected to open for occupancy in February 2010. Hotel will operate on 37 floors of the Burj Khalifa tower, designed by Giorgio Armani, the first Armani hotel (of several planned). A 40,000 sq meter spa is included with the hotel.
  • Astoria Hotel - iconic hotel in the middle of the Bur Dubai souk area. Ancient by Dubai standards.
  • Avari Hotel
  • Bab Al Shams - a five star hotel in the desert but not the same as Al Maha.
  • Belle Vue Hotel TECOM Dubai - see Grand Belle Vue Hotel Apartments.
  • Best Western Dubai hotels - 3 more hotels expected to open by end 2009 (press release 06 May 2009)
  • Best Western Premier Creek Hotel, 222 rooms, Bur Dubai, expected opening May 2009
  • Best Western Premier Dhow Palace Hotel, 320 rooms, Bur Dubai, expected opening May 2009
  • Burj Al Arab - the 7-star symbol of Dubai around the world.
  • Capitol Hotel
  • Carlton Tower Hotel
  • City Centre Hotel - next to Deira City Center, handy for shopping.
  • Citymax Hotels - 4 star budget business hotels announced May 2009, good value for money, in Al Barsha, Bur Dubai, and Sharjah. Citymax is part of the Landmark Group.
    • Citymax Al Barsha - behind Mall of the Emirates, 378 rooms, gym, swimming pool, 24 hr coffee shop, bar, buffet restaurant. Scheduled opening date October 2009
    • Citymax Bur Dubai - corner Kuwait Rd and Al Mankhool Rd, 693 rooms, buffet restaurant, Indian, Chinese, Thai restaurant, sports bar, lounge bar, 24 hr coffee shop, gym, swimming pool. Scheduled opening date November 2009
  • Conrad Dubai (open 2010) - Sheikh Zayed Road, 550 guest rooms, business center, meeting rooms, ballrooms, retaurants, bar, spa & health club. A Hilton hotel being developed with Private Property Management in Abu Dhabi, first announced in 2004, scheduled opening date originally 2007.
  • Copthorne Hotel (163 rooms) - Sharia compliant meaning no alcohol, and separate swimming times for men and women. Marriage certificate not required for couples though. General Manager is Reda Mukhtar. Owned by Burooj Properties, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), managed by Millennium Group. Open 19 January 2008. Location is Port Saeed area in Deira, near DeiraCity Center, tel +971-4-2950500.
  • Corp Executive Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha - for trendy executives (rooms have game consoles). Close to Mall of the Emirates. Opened July 2007.
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel Dubai - 4 stars, open June 2012, operated/developed by NBHH (Nael & Bin Harmal Group), development cost AED 100 million, seven floors with 114 rooms and suites, three food and beverage outlets, fitness centre, temperature controlled rooftop swimming pool. Location Al Barsha, near Mall of the Emirates, contact details PO Box 38250, Dubai, UAE, tel +971-4-3762222, fax +971-4-3762223, email welcome@dubaicosmopolitan.com, website www.dubaicosmopolitan.com.
  • Crowne Plaza - on Sheikh Zayed road near the Trade Center.
  • Crowne Plaza Deira-Dubai - new name for the Renaissance Hotel from 01 March 2011, on Salahuddin Road. Tel +971-4-2625555 or 800-4642 toll-free in UAE.
  • Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City (open November 2007)
  • Dubai International Hotel - Airport transit hotel inside the Dubai airport terminal.
  • Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa - on the beach in Jumeirah, well known for Sho-Chos bar and Boudoir nightclub/lounge.
  • Dubai Park Hotel
  • Dunes Hotel Apartments, Al Ghusais (Al Qusais/Muhaisnah) - studio, 1-bdrm, and 2-bdrm apartments, tel +971-4-2540000, email info@dunesdubai.com. Rates about AED 300-500 per night in mid-2010. Also in Al Barsha behind Mall of the Emirates.
  • Elisabetta Gucci Hotels & Resorts - first hotel in Dubai expected to open by end 2010, delayed from end 2009. The Dubai Elisabetta Gucci is an 87 room boutique hotel with rooms costing from AED 1,500-25,000 according to a Reuters report 02 June 2010. Apparently guests can buy anything from their rooms including the furniture (presumably instead of nicking it).
  • Emerald Palace Kempinski - Jumeirah Palm, residential complex opening in March 2010, hotel opening in Q4 2010. Originally planned for the site that the Atlantis Hotel now sits on. Kempinski also manage the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
  • Emirates Towers Hotel - tall twin towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, great views.
  • Fairmont Hotel - Sheikh Zayed road, high standard.
  • Fairmont Palm Jumeirah Hotel, in partnership with IFA Hotels & Resorts, opening date 2011 (delayed from 2010). Includes 200 buy-to-let condominiums.
  • Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach - opening date expected in mid-2014. Site area 11 acres (4.45 hectare), on the beach at the northern end of Jumeirah Beach Road. Architect WATG, interior design BAMO (San Fransisco). Facilities include 237 rooms (with 49 suites), at least three restaurants, poolside dining, 600 square metre (6,458 square foot) ballroom, five meeting rooms, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, private beach club (press release 20 June 2012).
  • Four Points Sheraton - Bank Street, Bur Dubai, 125 rooms. Closed May 2009 for renovation, reopen September 2009? Tel +971-4-3977444.
  • Gold Swiss-Belhotel Dubai (open October 2009), 4 stars, Bur Dubai, near Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach, 184 rooms (with 32" flatscreen TV, work desk, broadband internet, and the usual facilites), general manager Mr Nils Rothbarth. Facilities include rooftop swimming pool, The Liquid Lounge (open 1700-0200), The Kebab Connection (open 1200-1500 and 1900-2300), Senses (open 24 hrs, breakfast, lunch, dinner buffets, and wifi access), business center, health club, gym. Contact PO Box 181928, Dubai, tel +971-4-3931119, email gmgsbd@swiss-belhotel.com, web www.swiss-belhotel.com. Also contact Swiss Bel hotel International Dubai tel +971-4-2958408. Opening offer from AED 315 (++) email reservationgsbd@swiss-belhotel.com or telephone +971-4-3459992 and quote booking code NOW OPEN.
  • Golden Tulip Al Barsha - near Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha, open 01 June 2007, 125 rooms, owned by Noor Capital. Has Chinese, Indian & Lebanese restaurants, sports bar, night club, pool and usual other facilities.
  • Grand Belle Vue Hotel Apartments - opening date end January 2010, developer Belle Vue Hotels, operator/manager Amlak Hotels & Tourism Investment Company in Jordan, location TECOM area in the Dubai Media City extension (next to The Greens). Facilities include total of 274 rooms (42 two-bedroom Executive Suites, 70 one-bedroom Ambassador Suites, 162 studio Business Suites), two swimming pools, two health spas, and two fitness centers, restaurant Tayebat (oriental and continental food). Tel +971-4-4499444 for reservations, or possibly +971-4-4499488 for enquiries, email reserve@bellevue-hotels.com, website www.bellevue-hotels.com. First BelleVue hotel opened in Amman, Jordan (the BelleVue Hotel & Trade Center, tel +962-6-4616144, website www.bellevue.com.jo).
  • Grosvenor House - in Dubai Marina with the splendid Buddha Bar.
  • Grand Hyatt Dubai - near Garhood Bridge.
  • Grandeur Hotel - near Mall of the Emirates Al Barsha, business hotel, 125 rooms, open October 2008, tel +971-4-3418777.
  • Gucci Hotels Dubai under the brand name EG Hotels and Resorts by Elisabetta Gucci. First one an 87-room boutique hotel open end 2010 in Dubai Media City. But maybe not after a successful lawsuit in July 2010 by Gucci against Elisabetta Gucci preventing her from using the name Gucci for her hotel chain.
  • Hatta Fort Hotel - just before the border to Oman, a weekend getaway about an hour's drive from Dubai in chalet style accommodation with golf driving range and archery. Tel +971-4-8523211. Rooms 600-1000 dhs including an unspectacular dinner and band/duo but the surroundings are pleasant and scenic. Almost a historic landmark having been in operation for 30 years.
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
  • Hilton Dubai Creek
  • Holiday Inn Bur Dubai - 400 rooms, scheduled to open second half of 2008. Will be Sharia compliant - no pork or alcohol available.
  • Hotel Inter-Continental
  • Hotel JAL Tower Dubai (Japanese hotel), Sheikh Zayed Road, 5 stars - soft opening date December 2010, 471 rooms and suites, 51 floors, 270 meters high, General Manager - Mr Laurent Rigaud. Owned by ACICO Industries (KSC), operated and managed JAL Hotels of Japan (owned by Japan Airlines), or something like that. Location is near Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and within walking distance from the World Trade Center Dubai Metro station on the Red Line. Facilities and amenities include restaurants (with Japanese, Arabic, Seafood, Asian, International cuisines), health club, gymnasium, spa, roof top swimming pool, jacuzzi, hair dressing and beauty salon, meeting space, boardrooms, convention center ("origami shaped" - whatever that means), business centre (open 24 hrs), and executive lounge for VIP guests. This is the second JAL hotel to open in the UAE - the first opened in May 2007 in Fujairah - the Hotel JAL Fujairah Resort & Spa (press release 14 December 2010).
  • Howard Johnson Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency - Deira, on the corniche. Home of the well-known revolving restaurant, another famous Dubai landmark.
  • Ibn Battuta Gate - mixed use development completed January 2010, next to Ibn Battuta Mall, with 396 room 5-star hotel expected to open May 10 September 2010, operated by Movenpick Hotels and Resorts. Part of the Ibn Battuta Square development.
  • Imperial Suites Hotel - 'friendly' ladies seem to congregate here.
  • InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) at Dubai Festival City (open November 2007) - InterContinental Hotel (498 rooms), Crowne Plaza (316 rooms) and InterContinental Residence Suites (212 studio, 1, 2, 3 bdrm apartments)
  • Jebel Ali Hotel - closer to Dubai than several years previously. Famous for its pleasant gardens with wandering peacocks.
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel - next to the Burj Al Arab on Jumeirah Beach Road, distinctive wave shaped building.
  • Jumeirah Beach Club - a beach club with accommodation on Jumeirah Beach Road near Safa Park.
  • Jumeirah Beach Sofitel Hotel, 450 rooms, open 2009 H2, Dubai, operator Abu Dhabi National Hotels.
  • JW Marriott in Deira - home to a popular steakhouse restaurant.
  • JW Marriott Marquis Dubai - the tallest hotel in the world when it opened in Nov 2012 with a height of 355 meters. Two towers, the second opened in Mar 2014 (press release 13 Mar 2014). Total rooms in both towers 1,098 as of Mar 2014 (804 in Tower 1 or A, 294 in Tower 2 or B), will increase to 1,608 by end of 2014 when all 804 rooms open in Tower 2. Hotel manager is Bill Keffer. Hotel has 14 or 15 restaurants and lounges, some with a nice view of Business Bay, Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Rd, and the coast on a clear day. Even the toilets on the top floors have windows for peering out of (that's peering, not peeing).
  • Kempinski Mall of the Emirates - overlooks Ski Dubai for a wintery feel in the desert. Alejandro Bernabé appointed as General Manager October 2010, replacing Holger Schroth who has moved to Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok as General Manager.
  • Kempinski Residences Palm Jumeirah Resort - opening March 2010 with 244 apartments, penthouses, townhouses, and villas. Opening postponed until 2013 according to reports on 16 March 2011.
  • La Maison d'Hôtes - French B&B in Jumeirah, Dubai. Open 2006/2007, closed January 2010.
  • Le Meridian Dubai - otherwise known as the Airport Meridian Hotel.
  • Le Meridian Jumeira Beach
  • Marco Polo hotel
  • Marriott Hotel & Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Healthcare City Phase II - contract awarded 14 September 2010 (press release). Construction by Al Rostamani Pegel (ARP), developer/owner Nilona Holding, a subsidiary of the Onyx Group. Hotel operator Marriott International. Project value AED 700 million. Building to be 24 storeys with 352 guest rooms and 128 serviced apartments. Facilities to include health and fitness center. Construction start date not supplied, completion scheduled for January 2012.
  • Mercure Gold Hotel Al Mina Road Dubai - 4 stars, open 01 January 2012, operated by Accor? Facilities include 184 rooms, free daily shuttle bus to beach and shopping malls (Burjuman Center, Mercato Mall, Deira City Center, The Dubai Mall), meeting room, business center, spa, rooftop swimming pool, gym, in-house parking. Restaurants and cafes include Senses, The Kebab Connection, The Liquid Lounge. Location is near Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach Road (press release 01 February 2012).
  • Metropolitan Resort & Beach Club - one of the older beach resorts near Dubai Marina - existed before any other development in that area.
  • Metropolitan Hotel (owned by Al Habtoor Group) - another well-established hotel in Dubai. Opposite Safa Park on Sheikh Zayed Road. Famous for the Red Lion English pub, infamous for the Rattlesnake bar with loud band and erm ... very friendly female patrons (at a price). Open February 1979, closed March 2012. Will be demolished to make way for a new hotel complex (Metropolitan Palace? Habtoor Palace?) - construction expected to start April 2012 with completion scheduled for 2016. New complex worth AED 4.8 billion ($1.3 billion) and will include 3 luxury hotels, shopping center, tennis courts and other sports facilities, restaurants, bars, and a theatre. The complex will include a shopping arcade, a tennis and sports academy and themed restaurants.
  • Meydan Hotel - at the Meydan racecourse, soft opening date 04 March 2010. Overlooks horse race track, 285 rooms and suites made up of a royal suite, 2 presidential suites, 8 Meydan suites, 19 panoramic suites, and 255 balcony deluxe rooms. Other facilities include rooftop swimming pool, IMAX cinema theatre (?), pool bar, lobby lounge bar, trackview terrace, spa, gymnasium and fitness center, business center, restaurants.
  • Movenpick Hotels - see below
  • Nobu - might consider opening a hotel in Dubai according to newspapers in Dubai on 03 May 2010. Nobu already have a posh restaurant in the Atlantis Hotel Dubai.
  • Novotel - next to the Dubai Conference Center.
  • Oceana Hotel and Spa - a 5 star Movenpick hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, opening Q2 2010 (delayed from 2009 opening)
  • One & Only The Palm resort - opening date scheduled for 10 September 2010, on the Palm Jumeirah Crescent, managed by Kerzner International.
  • Opal Living Courts Al Barsha - open June 2010, 48 one and two bedroom furnished hotel apartments near Mall of the Emirates, facilities include Powerzone Express Fitness Centre, jacuzzi, roof top swimming pool, high-speed wireless internet, covered parking. Operated by Layia Hospitality.
  • Ottoman Palace (also called Zabeel Saray) - 5 star hotel and villa development on Palm Jumeirah, operated by Rixos Hotel Group, owner/developer Zabeel Properties, Ottoman theme, 410 rooms and 38 villas with pool and garden, plot area 97,000 sq meters, Hammam Turkish Spa, opening Q2 2010 (delayed from November 2008 opening date).
  • Palace Hotel, The - The Old Town, Downtown Burj Dubai. Next to Souk Al Bahar (open December 2007).
  • Palazzo Versace Hotel - under development (Emirates Sunland Group), announced in 2007, development cost AED 2.3 billion, opening Q4 2010, accommodation in 217 hotel suites and 169 private residences, all with Versace furniture. An airconditioned or refrigerated beach was part of the original plan but that idea seems to have been abandoned.
  • Pullman Hotel Dubai Mall of the Emirates - opening date 07 September 2010. Facilities and amenities include 481 rooms and suites, 4 food and beverage outlets, meeting and event rooms, fitness centre and spa (Sanctuary), 2 swimming pools and roof top pool deck with Shisha lounge and pleasant views of Dubai. Sold and rebranded as the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel.
  • Radisson SAS Hotel - on the beach near Dubai Marina.
  • Raffles Dubai Hotel, Wafi Center (owner, Raffles is the operator). Partly open 12 Oct 2007 with some rooms, 1 cafe and 1 restaurant. Official opening date 20-22 Nov 2007. Has its own Botanical Gardens. Reservations tel +971-4-3149888.
  • Ramada Hotel - one of the older hotels in Dubai, near the Bur Dubai souk area.
  • Ramada Jumeirah - 4-star hotel, 252 rooms, corner Al Mina and Al Diyafah roads, opening date 2010 Q4. Facilities include Business Center, meeting rooms, health club, spa, gymnasium, shuttle bus to Jumeirah Beach, Asian and International restaurants, bar, nightclub, swimming pool. Rooms will have broadband internet. Hotel owned by Mohamed & Obaid Almulla LLC, managed by Abjar Hotels International LLC under licence from Ramada Worldwide.
  • Renaissance Hotel - Deira. Famous for the Spice Island buffet deal. Rebranded as the Crowne Plaza Deira-Dubai hotel from 01 March 2011 (press release 01 March 2011).
  • Regent Palace Hotel - in Bur Dubai opposite the Bur Juman Shopping Center.
  • Regent Beach Resort - good value for money beach (almost) hotel near Open Beach in Jumeirah.
  • Riviera Hotel
  • Rotana Al Barsha - expected to open by October 2009
  • Rotana Jumeirah Beach Residence - expected to open by October 2009.
  • Royal Amwaj Resort and Spa - a 5 star Movenpick hotel with an Asian theme on Jumeirah Palm, 239 rooms, opening in 2010 (delayed from Q1 2009).
  • Royal Mirage Hotel - on the beach near Dubai Marina, one of the best places to stay in Dubai.
  • Rydges Plaza
  • Samaya Hotel Deira - open November 2007, overlooking Dubai Creek on Baniyas Road, Perisan restaurant, 5 star. Facilities include meeting rooms, rooftop swimming pool, health and fitness center.
  • Shangri La Hotel - high class hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road just before Defense Roundabout.
  • Seashell Hotel - one of the older hotels in Dubai, near Bur Dubai souk area.
  • Sheraton Deira - on the Deira side of Dubai Creek.
  • Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel - previously was called the Pullman Hotel, and before that the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates hotel.
  • Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach - open September 2009, 438 rooms.
  • Sofitel Dubai Palm Jumeirah Resort & Spa - opening date unknown.
  • Sofitel Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road - open 2012, near The Dubai Mall, 435 rooms, 147 serviced apartments, ballroom, meeting rooms, spa, and so on.
  • Souk Madinat - next to the Burj Al Arab. A complex of shops, restaurants, bars, hotel rooms with a traditional souk theme and canals with electric gondolas (the boat style, not the hanging ones). Magnificent, a place worth visiting.
  • St George Hotel - in the Bur Dubai souk area, seems to have been there forever.
  • The Address Hotel - first one opened in Downtown Burj Dubai in October 2008, next to The Dubai Mall, 196 rooms. A new luxury hotel brand from Emaar Hospitality Group. EHG plan to open another 10-15 "The Address" hotels and villa resorts (one in Morocco at least) around the world between 2009 and 2011.
  • The Address Dubai Mall - open 15 August 2009? 244 rooms, not the same as The Address Downtown Burj Dubai which is also next to The Dubai Mall.
  • The Address Dubai Marina - open 03 October 2009 with 200 rooms and private beach, third "The Address" hotel to open in Dubai, will have a direct link to Dubai Marina Mall, rooms will have beach or marina view, facilities include free wifi, spa, iPod docking stations.
  • The Golden Dome - 6 star hotel, residential, and commercial building in the shape of a dome. Concept only? One of the many Dubai projects that might not be built.
  • The Palace Hotel, Old Town Dubai, 5 stars, 242 rooms, and Emaar Hospitality Group hotel.
  • York International Hotel - near the Bur Dubai souk area on Bank Street. Somewhat infamous due to the hospitable nature of the female patrons in the bar.
  • Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah - located on the Jumeirah Palm Island, opening date scheduled for 2014.
  • Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina - open 03 January 2008, a beachfront resort.
  • Zabeel Saray on Palm Jumeirah - see the Ottoman Palace hotel resort.
Serviced Apartments in Dubai
  • Better Homes
  • Nuran Serviced Residences - launched by Emaar Properties Sep 2007 with 90 serviced apartments available in Nuran Al Majara Residences in Dubai Marina. Sizes from studio to 3 bedroom, fully furnished including hairdryer, satellite TV, & safe. Building has conference room, pool, gym, jacuzzi. Rates are 650 dhs to 2700 dhs per night (depending on room type and length of stay) as of Sep 2007. Tel +971-4-4223666, email reservations@nuran.com, web www.nuran.com.
  • Rahat Service - launched by Jamal Al Habtoor Real Estate Sep 2007 with 15 one, two & three bedroom apartments available in Dubai Marina for short term lets. Fully furnished, internet, cable TV, telephone, housekeeping, 24 hr security. Tel +971-4-3639800, web www.habtoorhomes.com.
Abu Dhabi Hotels
Ajman Hotels
  • Kempinski Ajman, tel +971-6-7451555, Summer rates 2008 from AED 1000 per night (double room), winter rates from AED 1300 per room. Website www.kempinski-ajman.com.
Al Ain Hotels
  • Wahat Mall hotel - 5 stars, under construction (opening date late 2010?), managed by Rotana Hotel Group.
Fujairah Hotels (Fujeirah Hotels)
Ras Al Khaimah Hotels (RAK Hotels)
Sharjah Hotels
Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) Hotels
  • Barracuda Beach Resort - well known as a place to buy bootleg alcohol in the UAE (see Barracuda UAE information). Contact details PO Box 1311, Umm Al Quwain, UAE, tel +971-6-7681555, email reservations@barracuda.ae, website www.barracuda.ae.
  • From 01 May 2009, all bars and nightclubs in UAQ will be closed, according to a report in the Khaleej Times 22 April 2009.
  • The same report also said hotels are only for families, implying that unmarried couples would not be permitted to book a room in an UAQ hotel - "If a man is accompanied by a woman, they should produce a document to prove their legal relationship."
Millenium and Copthorne Hotels
  • 3 new hotels planned in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with opening dates scheduled for 2010 H1.
  • 1 new hotel in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, expected opening date by end 2011.
  • 6 hotels already in the UAE - in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah. There are two more hotels in Qatar and Kuwait.

Information from Emirates Business report 19 October 2009 based on comments by Rey Alcocer, Vice President of Operations for Middle East and North Africa region who said "Three of the five new hotels will be opened in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the first half of next year, while the other two hotels, in ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, will be inaugurated within two years"

Movenpick Hotels in Dubai, UAE, Middle East
  • Movenpick (Mövenpick, Moevenpick) operates 18 hotels in the Middle East as of March 2009, and plan to open another 19 hotels by 2012, including 12 in the UAE, and 7 of them in Dubai (24 March 2009 press release). Movenpick Dubai is part of Seven Tides, a Dubai based holding company.
  • Bur Dubai Movenpick Hotel - near Lamcy Plaza and American Hospital
  • Deira Mövenpick Hotel (operated by Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts in partnership with Seven Tides) - 216 rooms, opening date April 2011 (delayed from end 2010). General Manager Michael Nugent. Facilities include 2 restaurants, bar, rooftop swimming pool, gym, WiFi internet access. Hotel also provides access to Oceana Beach Club (private beach) and Grill and Bar restaurant on The Palm Jumeirah - shuttle bus available.
  • Ibn Battuta Gate Movenpick Hotel, part of the Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall in Dubai - opening September 2010.
  • Jumeirah Beach Movenpick Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina - opening date March 2010. Facilities include 294 rooms and suites on 19 floors, infinity pool, gym, spa, Melrose ballroo, business center, and conference rooms. Food and beverage outlets include The Talk (international dining), a sushi bar, a poolside lounge bar, The West Beach Bistro, and The Falls lobby lounge bar and cafe. General manager is Peter O'Connor.
  • Laguna Movenpick Hotel, Dubai Marina - planned
  • Royal Amwaj Resort & Spa on the Jumeirah Palm outer crescent - expected opening date in Q4 2010, 293 rooms, water villas, Club Amwaj with free food and drink deals
  • Oceana Hotel & Spa on the Jumeirah Palm trunk - in association with Seven Tides hospitality, 324 rooms, opening expected in early 2011.
Rotana Hotels scheduled to open in the UAE

These dates from a press release dated August 2006. It would be prudent to confirm opening dates, or assume that there is a 6 month delay. Rotana Hotels are also opening some "Centro by Rotana" hotels in the UAE during 2008.

  • Khalidiya Palace Rotana Resort, Abu Dhabi - early 2008
  • Park Rotana Hotel & Suites, Abu Dhabi - mid 2008
  • Amwaj Rotana Resort, Jumeira Beach, Dubai - end 2007
  • BurJuman Rotana Suites, Dubai - end 2006
  • Media Rotana Hotel, Dubai - mid 2007
  • Rose Rotana Suites, Dubai - mid 2007
  • Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa, Fujairah - January 2007
  • Fujairah Rotana Suites, Fujairah - mid 2008
  • The Cove Rotana Resort & Spa, Ras Al Khaimah - mid 2008
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