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Apeiron Island 7 Star Hotel Dubai

Saturday 15 December 2018 (UAE)   
Apeiron Hotel Dubai with helipad halfway up
Apeiron Hotel Dubai
Apeiron Hotel Dubai
Anaximanders diagram of the universe

Apeiron Island Hotel Dubai - 7 stars

Apeiron Hotel (not Aperion or Apieron), or Apeiron Island Hotel is a design concept for a new 7 star hotel in Dubai. Developer and construction schedule have not been announced as of October 2007. The Apeiron Hotel would be the second (self-awarded) 7 star hotel to be built in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab hotel was the first 7 star hotel (also a self-awarded rating).

The Apeiron will have 350 luxury apartment suites and be a jungle-themed hotel built on an island about 300-500 m off the coast of Dubai - close enough to swim to but that's not the intended mode of transport to access the island. It will be accessible by boat or helicopter only. The top two floors of the Apeiron will contain a jungle with butterflies and other insects. As yet, it is unknown if insect repellent will be included with your bathroom goodies. Other features will include an art gallery, cinemas, conference facilities, shops, underwater spa & gym, an underwater restaurant, and private lagoons & beaches for the guests.

  • Architect is Sybarite Architects of London
  • Cost of the resort is estimated at AED 1.8 billion (US$500 million)
  • Floor area 200,000m², hotel height 185m (the Burj Al Arab is about 320m)
Apeiron Hotel facilities by level
  • Level -01 (below sea level)
    • Underwater Restaurant (hopefully the only water inside the restaurant is in your glass)
    • Crescent Lagoon - coral, fish and seaweed to look at
    • Health Club and Spa (on level 00 also)
  • Level 00
    • Hotel entrance with boat parking in the 50m high atrium
    • Health Club and Spa
  • Level 09 - Helipad, 55m above sea level
  • Level 11 - Outdoor Garden
  • Level 28 - Butterfly Jungle, 200m above sea level
The Sea Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon

In March 2008, An-Nahar, a Lebanese newspaper, published an article saying that a new 10 star (!) hotel was to be built off the coast of Beirut, facing a new marina development there. Cost would be $3.6 billion (!), construction from June 2009-2012. According to their information, this is the Apeiron Hotel that was planned for Dubai but is instead going to be built in Beirut. They didn't explain why the new proposed location meant the cost was multiplied by 7 times. Apparently an official announcement is due in August 2008. If it's not called the Apeiron Hotel, the highly original Sea Hotel is another possibility.

Apeiron background

The name Apeiron comes from a cosmological theory developed by a Greek philosopher called Anaximander of Miletus who lived in the 6th century BC (610-546 BC). The theory goes something along the lines of the Apeiron being a vague indeterminate source without measure, from which everything in the universe originates, including bathtowels and bowls of fruit. As things die, they fade back into the Apeiron. So now you know where to find those missing socks. Apeiron (Απειρον using Greek characters) is an Ancient Greek word meaning something like "boundless", "limitless", or "infinity".

Aperion (different spelling) is the name of a loudspeaker manufacturer in the USA - somewhat appropriate as the Apeiron Hotel could be seen as half a speaker cone if you squint your eyes a bit.

Last update Friday 01-May-2009
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