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Dubai car rental, UAE

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

Renting a Car in Dubai - Dubai Car Rentals

As of January 2007, car renters need to have an International Driving Permit (IDP, often referred to as an international driving license) in addition to their home country license to be allowed to rent a car. IDP and country driving license must be from the same country. Previously, citizens of some countries only needed their home country license. See the International driving license in Dubai page. If you don't have your IDP, you might still be able to obtain a temporary Dubai driving license.

Monthly car rentals for a relatively new, good condition small car are about 1500-2000 dhs per month. It's possible to save a couple of hundred dhs on that with smaller less well-known companies but check the car carefully - is more likely to be older and shabbier. Many expats new to Dubai will rent a car for the first month or more. It can be a sensible choice (and might be the only choice until you get your residence visa and Dubai driving licence) while you familiarise yourself with the road network and driving styles in Dubai.

Daily car rentals will be more like 70-120 dhs per day for a small car (usually you can negotiate something less than the quoted price). Check whether that includes unlimited mileage, off-road driving (for 4wd), full insurance including liability insurance, CDW, other drivers, and so on - all the usual stuff. Remember that in Dubai, if someone dies in an accident that you're involved in, you will be liable for 'blood money' of AED 150,000-200,000 dhs if it's decided that you're at fault. You should be insured for that (at least with the more reputable car rental agencies). If you drink (alcohol limit is zero) and drive, and have an accident, you will not be insured. See the driving in Dubai page for more about being on the road.

  • Unlimited mileage update: since 2008 or 2009, rental car companies in UAE have been introducing mileage limits or caps, most commonly on monthly and longer term rentals since they are more likely to be used by residents for commuting, especially between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For tourists and visitors, it should still be possible to find an unlimited mileage short term rental but make sure you double check before signing up.

Comparison of monthly prices for car rental in Dubai (one month = 28 days)


  • [Check] All cars have airconditioning and automatic transmission (A/T). Manual (M/T) is rare in the UAE, especially for hire cars. If a rental car company has no A/C in the specifications for a UAE car, it is more likely to be an error than a car without A/C. Urban legend in the UAE since the late 1990s is that A/C is a legal requirement for all new cars (possibly correct, not confirmed).
  • Most companies require renter to be minimum 25 years old (Europcar 21 yrs) and have licence for minimum 1 year (sometimes 6 months).
  • Most companies have mileage limits for monthly rentals (3k-5k per month), or pay extra for unlimited mileage. Europcar unlimited?
  • Insurance excess usually AED 750-1,500. Means if you get blamed for accident by police, or someone damages your parked car and disappears ("Hit and Run"), or you hit something (tree, pole, curb, etc), then you are liable for that amount. Can be waived by payment of additional charge of AED 20-50 per day or AED 150-350 per month. Remember to ask because that figure can make a substantial difference to monthly payment if included.
  • Most or all companies do not permit driving outside the UAE, but some companies allow an extension for driving in Oman for an additional charge (if doing a visa run to Hatta check with car firm, there is a different route which avoids some Omani checkpoints, but of course you risk complete liability if anything happens to the car while in Omani territory).
  • The larger rental car chains (Avis, Budget, Hertz, National, etc) are owned by a local agent, which is commonly a large conglomerate which also owns the agency for one or more car brands. As a result you'll find that the car rental brand usually stocks cars of the same make as the car brand owned by the franchise holder. For example Al Tayer Group sells Ford vehicles and owns the National Rentacar franchise in the UAE, so National rental cars are all Fords. Similarly for Al Futtaim Group which has Toyota and Hertz in its portfolio, so Hertz UAE almost always rents Toyotas.

Website aggregators - most are more expensive than direct from car rental firm. One exception is sites using the Car Trawler booking engine seem to offer the best deals, sometimes cheaper than direct from company.

  • cartrawler.com - rental car bookings not available from site directly but choose one of their partners to find available rates (Home >> Our Partners). For example www.viamichelin.com. Cheaper than other car rental booking engines we found. Some example rates (DXB Airport T1 selected as location - rates might be cheaper if not airport location selected):
    • Mitsubishi Lancer (Economy) AED 1,696 monthly (from Dollar, 5 doors, or AED 1,672 for 3 doors).
    • Toyota Yaris (Economy) AED 1,672 monthly (from Dollar).
    • Chevrolet Aveo (Economy) AED 1,868 monthly (from Avis).
    • Ford Figo (Economy) AED 1,899 monthly (from Thrifty).
    • Kia Picanto (Economy) AED 1,904 monthly (from Europcar).
    • Ford Figo (Economy) AED 1,953 monthly (from Alamo).
    • Toyota Yaris (Economy) AED 2,030 monthly (from Avis).
    • Chevrolet Spark (Mini) AED 2,055 monthly (from Budget - much cheaper than direct, but still more expensive than most other places).
    • Ford Focus (Compact) AED 2,192 monthly (Alamo).
    • Nissan Tiida (Compact) AED 2,240 monthly (Thrifty).
    • Nissan Tiida (Compact) AED 2,230 or 2,260 monthly (Dollar).
    • Hyundai Accent (Compact) AED 2,250 monthly (Europcar).
  • rentalcars.com (worldwide car rental website aggregator for Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Firefly, Hertz, National, Thrifty), all results seem to include free basic CDW with excess of AED750 to AED2,500 (or more for higher class cars) but an additional AED22.95 per day (AED688.50 - most companies only charge additional AED150-200 per month if booking direct) payable for Damage Excess Refund. All results higher prices than contacting car rental company directly except for Budget. Website says "Lowest Prices Guaranteed" and "On the rare occasion that we are unable to beat a valid Price Watch claim we’ll offer you a guaranteed 10% discount off the web price of your next car rental", which is not helpful for customers renting once, and still wouldn't make their price cheaper in most cases anyway.
    1. Europcar AED2,100.76, AED2,243.39 - Kia Picanto (Mini). AED2,328.15, AED2,526.55, AED2,539.60 - Toyota Yaris (Economy). AED2,434.02 - Hyundai Accent or Nissan Tiida (Compact).
    2. Thrifty AED2,153.77 - Mitsubishi Lancer (Economy). AED2,175.31 - Ford Figo (Economy). AED2,434.02 - Nissan Tiida (Compact).
    3. Dollar AED2,175.31, AED2,196.85, AED2,218.82 - Mitsubishi Lancer (Economy). AED2,434.02, AED2,482.70 - Nissan Tiida (Compact).
    4. National AED2,197.06 - Ford Fiesta (Economy). AED2,246.82 - Ford Figo (Economy). AED2,434.02 - Ford Focus (Compact).
    5. Firefly AED2,232.61 - Toyota Yaris (Economy). AED2,546.92 - Toyota Corolla (Compact).
    6. Hertz AED2,289.35, AED2,489.80 - Toyota Yaris (Economy). AED2,564.31 - Toyota Corolla (Compact).
    7. Budget AED2,399.54 - Chevrolet Spark (Mini). AED2,430.86 - Opel Corsa (Economy). AED2,558.74 - Chevrolet Aveo (Economy).

Car rental companies direct. Cheapest monthly rate listed first for each company, where available.

  • Al Emad Car Hire Dubai, website www.alemadcars.com (also links to www.alemadrentacar.com but not available). Tel toll-free (in UAE) 800-253623. Luxury and sports cars available (Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover). In 3 locations - Al Barsha, Deira, Dubai Marina. Booking page looks basic, not secure https, didn't try.
    • *[Check] Hyundai Accent 1.6L AED 1,800 per month. Toyota Yaris and Corolla also available, might be cheaper?
    • Nissan Tiida AED 2,000 per month.
    • Peugeot 207 AED 2,100 per month.
  • Autorent Car Rental LLC, website www.autorent-me.com. Website problem, can't close chat box which pops up automatically. Even after trying to click "End this Chat". 600 tel number is not toll-free. Some special offers:
    • Nissan Micra AED 1635 monthly
    • Nissan Sunny AED 1710 monthly. Or AED 899 per month for 1 year lease.
  • Bettercar Rental, website www.bettercardubai.com, tel +971-4-2586331. Only one location, in Al Ghusais (Al Qusais)? But online booking gives choice of several hotel locations, and DXB T1 or T2 (but not T3?). Online booking not https, no booking reference or booking information provided after submission, just a message saying Bettercar will contact you soon. Probably better to phone than rely on website booking. Insurance excess, Collision Damage Waiver additional AED 20, 30, 50, 100 per day.
    • Kia Picanto 1.2L, monthly AED 1475
      Nissan Micra 1.5L, monthly AED 1525
      Kia Rio 1.5L, monthly AED 1575
      Ford Figo 1.6L, Hyundai Accent 1.6L, Toyota Yaris 1.3L hatchback, AED 1675
      Nissan Sunny 1.6L, monthly AED 1875
    • Toyota Corolla 1.6L, Nissan Sentra 1.6L, monthly - AED 2075
      Nissan Tida 1.8L, monthly AED 1975
      Toyota Corolla 1.8L, monthly AED 2375
      Ford EcoSport 2L, Honda Accord 2.4L, Mazda-6 2L, monthly AED 2575
      Nissan Altima 2.4L, monthly AED 2875
      Kia Optima 2.4L, monthly AED 2515
    • Ford EcoSport 2L, monthly AED 2575, one of the cheapest 4WD SUV rental cars in Dubai?
    • Hyundai Tucson 2.4L, Kia Sportage 2.4L, monthly AED 2975
      Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L, Toyota Fortuner 4L, monthly AED 3975
      Nissan Pathfinder 3.5L, monthly AED 4375
      Ford Explorer 2.7L, Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.OL, Toyota Prado 2.7L, monthly AED 5775
      Toyota Land Cruiser 4.0L, monthly AED 8975
      Nissan Patrol 5.7L, monthly AED 9975
      Kia Carens 2.0L minivan 7 seater, monthly AED 3175
      Hyundai H-1 minivan 9 seater, Hyundai H-1 12 seater minivan, Toyota Innova 2.7L MPV 7 seater, monthly AED 3975
      Toyota Previa 2.4L MPV 7 seater, monthly AED 4675
      Nissan dual cabin pickup 4x2, monthly AED 3175. Nissan D/cabin pickup 4x4, monthly AED 3575.
      Nissan Urvan 15 seater minivan, Toyota Hiace 15 seater minivan, monthly AED 3750
      Nissan Civilian 26-seater minibus or small bus, monthly AED 6000
      Nissan Civilian 30-seater small bus, monthly AED 6500
      Mistubishi Rosa 34-seater small bus, monthly AED 7000
  • Budget Car Hire. Expensive, monthly prices twice what similar cars cost at other locations, possibly cheaper if call directly, website www.budget-uae.com. Monthly promotions or special offers link on home page doesn't work. The suggested Live Chat link doesn't work either from offer ad, but does from top of page link. Too complicated and confusing. Prices not given in AED.
    • AA (e.g Chevrolet Spark) USD26.00 per day. AED2671.76 per month.
    • A (e.g Opel Corsa Manual Hatchback) USD35.00 per day. AED3596.60 per month.
    • O (e.g Chevrolet Aveo LS) USD40.00 per day. AED4110.40 per month.
  • Carlease Rentacar, conflicting prices between website (cheaper) and phone call (more expensive). Carlease would be recommended or suggested based on website prices but not until they return promised phone call and confirm website prices are correct. Otherwise deceptive website pricing means we don't trust them. Website www.carlease.ae. Prices not in AED. Call center unhelpful. First location no answer. Second location said would call back but didn't. Five locations between DIFC and Discovery Gardens. Open 0800-1700 Sat-Thu, all locations closed Fridays. No airport office.
    • Chevrolet Spark 1.0L AED1307.15 monthly - website booking.
    • Chevrolet Aveo 1.4L AED1329.78 - website booking.
    • Hyundai Accent 1.4L AED1399.71 per month from website booking, or AED1750 per month by phone. Excess AED1,200 reduced to AED250 if CDW AED150 monthly paid (+AED233 on website).
    • Toyota Yaris HB 1.3L AED1,750.41 - website booking.
  • Diamondlease Car Rental, tel 800-37483 (toll-free in UAE), website , add AED 150 monthly to remove insurance excess.
    • Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2L 2014 monthly special AED 1,450.
    • Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2L 2014 model monthly special AED 1,565.
    • Toyota Yaris 1.2L AED 1,880 monthly.
    • Toyota Corolla 1.6L AED 2,320 monthly.
  • Dollar Rent A Car, website, www.dollaruae.com, website promotion code (SSP) increases prices by about 10%, not decreases by 15% as claimed, when making online booking.
    • Economy A/T: Toyota Yaris 1.3L per month AED1689 (AED1842 with promotion code). Mitsubishi Lancer 1.3L AED1601 per month (AED1746 special offer promotion).
    • Compact A/T: Nissan Tiida 1.6L AED1801/mth (AED 1964 with promotion), Nissan Sunny 1.6L AED 1701/mth (AED1855 with promotion).
  • Europcar, website www.europcar.com, minimum age 21 years, unlimited mileage. Promotion code applied automatically (couldn't avoid to check for standard rate). Prices not in AED. Online chat unhelpful and ended chat session abruptly without completing conversation anyway.
    • [Check if M/T really is available - is unusual in the UAE] Kia Picanto *Manual Transmission* 1.2L (Economy) US$471.24 (AED1729.45).
    • Kia Picanto 1.2L (Economy) US$487.48 monthly rate (AED1789.05).
    • Hyundai Accent (Economy) US$558.32 monthly rate (AED2049.034).
    • Mazda 2 1.5L US$616.56 monthly rate (AED2262.78).
  • Fast Rent-a-car, website www.fastuae.com (click Home > Our Rates > Tariffs UAE)
    • Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2L, Chevrolet Spark 1.0L (Group A) AED 1500 monthly, AED 490 weekly, AED 70 daily.
    • Mitsubishi Lancer 1.3L (Group B) AED 1800 monthly, AED 630 weekly, AED 90 daily.
    • Nissan Tiida 1.5L or 1.8L (Group C) AED 2,200 monthly, AED 788 weekly, AED 113 daily.
  • Gargash Rentacar tel +971-4-3405155. Hyundai Accent 1.4L AED1800 per month, AED1,000 excess waived for additional AED 200 per month.
  • Hertz, website www.hertz.ae. Monthly rentals page on website doesn't have information and rates for monthly rentals. Rates checked by using normal booking engine.
    • Toyota Yaris (Economy, EDAR), AED 2,059 monthly.
    • Toyota Corolla (Compact, CDAR), AED 2,267 monthly.
  • National Car Rental, toll free Abu Dhabi and Al Ain tel 800-3130, Dubai and other emirates (Sharjah, RAK, etc) tel 800-3031. Website www.national-ae.com, 11 branches Dubai (including DXB T1 and T3 open 24 hrs), 3 branches Abu Dhabi, 1 branch Sharjah. Excess AED 1,000, waived if pay AED350 per month. Mileage limit 3,000 km per month, or add 10-15% on monthly rental price for unlimited km. Special offers from website:
    • Ford Figo 1.3L AED 1,600 per month
    • Ford Fiesta 1.4L AED 1,750 per month
    • Ford Focus 1.6L AED 1,850 per month
    • Ford Fusion AED 2,500 per month
    • Ford Explorer 4WD AED 4,500 per month
    • Ford Expedition 4WD AED 4,750 per month
  • Powerdrive Rent A Car, website www.powerdrive.ae. Special promotions rates and discounts link not working. Website not functional or still under construction (dated 2012 but still not working in 2014). Rates not showing when booking attempt made. Car details not available. Only one office in Karama.
  • Sixt Rentacar. Expensive (over 2x prices from other places), website www.sixt.com/car-rental/united-arab-emirates/dubai, prices not given in AED (conversion button available but rates become slightly higher). Expensive. Mileage limit 4,500 km per month (about 150km per day).
    • Toyota Yaris (EDAR) US$39.33 daily. AED4041.84 monthly.
    • Nissan Tiida (CDAR) US$48.90 daily. AED5024.89 monthly.
    • VW Jetta (SDAR) US$51.35 daily. AED5276.36 monthly.
    • Mercedes-Benz A-Class (IDAR) US$52.09 daily. AED5352.84 monthly.
  • Thrifty Car Rental, website www.thriftyuae.com. About 25+ locations in Dubai including all airport terminals (DXB and DWC), and several shopping malls. Also in Abu Dhabi (10 locations), Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah.
    • Toyota Yaris or Mitsubishi Lancer AED1,799 monthly, excess AED1,500 (reduce or remove for additional AED 350 per month).
    • Nissan Tiida AED1,949 monthly.
    • Toyota Corolla AED1,999 monthly.

Car hire excess insurance cover

Normally car rental in UAE and other countries includes CDW - Collision Damage Waiver, which means you have insurance in the event of an accident except for an insurance excess which you have to pay yourself if you are responsible, or there is damage to the car for which a third party cannot be blamed (an unknown car or person scratches it in a car park for example).

  • In the UAE this excess is commonly from AED750 to AED1,500.
  • Overseas it can be anything from US$250 to US$2500.
  • You can reduce this excess to a lower figure, or to zero, by paying an additional excess insurance charge or fee. If directly from the rental car firm then it is likely to be AED20-AED50 per day, or AED 150-500 per month for most smaller cars (more for larger or luxury cars).
  • Alternatively you can purchase car hire excess insurance from a specialist insurance company for about AED 300-400 per annum for multiple trip cover. Easily done online, either for a fixed period, or an annual scheme for multiple car hires. For daily cover it might not be much cheaper than direct through car rental company - most polices are AED10-25 per day. Watch for the following:
    • Country of residence: Most schemes only allow a restricted list, or the same as the country in which the insurance scheme is based eg UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, etc. Some allow all residents of European countries. Very few allow customers from anywhere (or almost anywhere). We found only two.
    • Long term rentals: Most allow a fixed rental period, or an annual multiple rental option but with a 31 day limit per rental. Some have a 62 day limit. The fine print definition of car rental agreement usually says cover is for car hire on a daily or weekly basis only, implying that monthly car hire or lease agreements are not covered.
    • Country of car hire: Most schemes have a choice of Europe, Worldwide excluding North America, Worldwide including North America, or a variation on a theme. All schemes exclude several countries seen as high risk for example Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia. Check the insurer for exact list, they vary, and change as current events make countries higher or lower risk for travelers.
    • Off-road driving is excluded - that could mean hitting a rock or tree branch when taking a short cut over some sand is not covered.
    • Note that these policies do not mean you don't pay the excess if there is a bill from the car rental company, you do, and then claim it back from the car hire excess insurance company.
  • For UAE residents there are only a couple of realistic options (and none that we found if doing monthly car rental in the UAE):
    • www.worldwideinsure.com - the Deluxe annual option covers you for car rental close to your normal residence. The Standard option, and most other companies we checked, do not cover you for car rental close to home (commonly given as within 150km of your normal residence in the terms and conditions). Both the Standard and Deluxe option allow policyholders to be resident in the UAE. Duration of car hire limited to 31 days for annual option, and only for car hire on a daily or weekly basis, not monthly.
      • [Check small print] WWI insurance covers non-tarmac roads - gravel etc? Other companies don't?
    • www.iapa.com - International Airline Passengers Association. Not an insurance company, a club for frequent flyers (well actually for anyone who wants to sign up and pay membership fees). Amongst the benefits included is a car excess insurance scheme. No country of residence restriction as far as we could see, however car rentals close to home (within 150km) are not included in the cover (or anywhere in the home country for residents of Canada, USA, Caribbean). Car rental agreements must be a maximum of 31 days.
  • Other possibilities if you have a residential address outside the UAE.
    • www.icarhireinsurance.com - for EEA (European Economic Area - not the same as the EU) residents only if renting worldwide, for residents anywhere if renting and driving in the EEA area. Includes campervan cover in the annual option (most policies don't, or charge high daily fees without an annual option). Additional drivers included without needing to specify them, if named on the rental agreement (most policies require additional drivers to be named on insurance policy). "Monthly" rentals excluded from policy terms, only "Daily" or "Weekly" rentals.
    • www.questor-insurance.co.uk - only for UK and some European country residents.

In the USA and Canada, CDW is not normally included in car hire, you must pay for it as an additional extra - compulsory unless you can show evidence of already having purchased CDW elsewhere.

Car Rental Agencies in Dubai and the UAE

This is not a complete list of all companies, only the larger, more well-known companies. Most should have a 24 hr branch at Dubai International Airport.

  • Alamo Rent A Car - available through National Car Rental offices at Dubai International Airport and Garhoud in Dubai, and Najda Street and Abu Dhabi International Airport in Abu Dhabi. Website www.alamo-me.com, tel 800-25266 (toll-free in UAE) (press release 23 June 2010).
  • Autolease rental cars - tel +971-4-2826565, fax +971-4-2825656, PO Box 50555.
  • Avis rent a car - tel +971-4-2957121, fax +971-4-2956807, PO Box 6891.
  • Budget car rentals - tel +971-4-2823030, fax +971-4-2823574, PO Box 8323.
  • Diamondlease Car Rental - see below for more information...
  • Discount Rental Cars
  • Dollar rental cars - tel +971-4-2711711, fax +971-4-2716716, PO Box 4422.
  • Eurodollar rent a car - tel +971-4-2666923, fax +971-4-2695525, PO Box 10990.
  • Europcar car hire - tel +971-4-3394433, fax +971-4-3394403, PO Box 2533.
  • Fast rent a car (updated 13 March 2011) - tel +971-4-3387171, fax +971-4-3388771 (previous tel +971-4-3328988, fax +971-4-3328742), PO Box 32011, Dubai, website www.fastuae.com.
  • Hertz rental cars - tel +971-4-2824422, fax +971-4-2824844, PO Box 7976.
  • National Car Rental see below for more information...
  • SAPO car rental - sports cars, luxury cars and limousines, tel +971-4-2822333, fax +971-4-2822330, PO Box 60901.
  • Sixt rent a car - tel +971-4-2200777, fax +971-4-2200200, PO Box 37817.
  • Thrifty car rentals - tel +971-4-3370743, fax +971-4-3345364, PO Box 2622.
  • United Car Rentals - see below for more information...
Budget Rent-a-Car UAE
  • Located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), Sharjah.
  • New office at '8 Boulevard Walk' tower in the Downtown Burj Dubai (or Burj Khalifa) area opened mid-2010?
  • New offices opening by end 2010 in Dubai Marina and Dubai Investments Park.
  • Total number of Budget offices in UAE is 17 branches with a fleet of 6,000+ vehicles as of end 2010.
  • Budget Rent-a-Car master franchise holder in UAE is Liberty Investment Company (LIC).
  • Senior General Manager of Budget Rent-a-Car UAE is Salim Damji.
  • Website www.budget-uae.com. Another domain seen in some sources is www.budget-middle-east.com but appears to be under construction or suspended when last checked 12 October 2010.
Budget Car Rental Dubai and UAE contact details
  • Reservation enquiries tel 800-2722 (toll-free in UAE) or +971-4-2822727 from 0800-1800 Saturday to Thursday. Fax +971-4-2825616, email reservations@budget-uae.com.
  • Customer Services for Budget rental car customers +971-4-2822727 from 0800-1800 Saturday to Thursday. Fax +971-4-2825616, email care@budget-uae.com.
Diamondlease Car Rental
  • Diamond Lease Car Rental is a fairly large well-known operation, head office tel +971-4-3434330.
  • DiamondLease Car Rental Airport Branch (24 hrs) tel +971-4-2200325.
  • Other Dubai offices for Diamond Lease are in Sheikh Zayed Rd tel +971-4-3394500, Metropolitan Hotel (SZ Rd) +971-4-3434022, Knowledge Village tel +971-4-3903794, Al Habtoor Grand tel +971-4-3995049, Jebel Ali +971-4-8814645, Dubai Investment Park tel +971-4-8852111.
  • Abu Dhabi offices for DiamondLease rent a car are Khalifa Street tel +971-2-6222028, Abu Dhabi Airport tel +971-2-5758117, Mussafah tel +971-2-5530012.
  • Fujairah office for Diamond Lease car rent is tel +971-9-2232774.
  • Diamondlease website is www.diamondlease.com, email is carlease@emirates.net.ae, PO Box 32689, Dubai, UAE.
  • 24 hour emergency service number is +971-4-8852211.
National Car Rental
  • Main office in Abu Dhabi? see below ...
  • Garhoud Atrium Building tel +971-4-2832020, Al Quoz Service Center tel +971-4-3403049, Al Tayer Motors Complex (SZ Rd) tel +971-4-3037047, Dubai Intercontinental tel =971-4-2239212, email sales@national-ae.com.
  • Dubai International Airport (24 hrs?) tel +971-4-2245056.
  • Abu Dhabi main office Al Falah St tel +971-2-6425115, fax +971-2-6415898, Abu Dhabi International Airport +971-2-5758355, Premier Motors Showroom tel +971-2-5588757.
  • Contact details given earlier tel +971-4-3381010, fax +971-4-3389090, PO Box 21971 (tel numbers not same as GN ad 23 Aug 2006) not correct?
United Car Rentals
  • Established 1973, well known large local UAE car rental company with quite good rates. Part of Wafi Transport LLC.
  • Head office tel +971-4-2857777, fax +971-4-2861000, email ucrdubai@emirates.net.ae. Web www.unitedcarrentals.ae.
  • Dubai International Airport office (24 hours) tel +971-4-2244666, fax +971-4-2244644, mobile +971-50-4552734.
  • Service Center (24 hours) tel +971-4-2858284, fax +971-4-2858774.
  • Other offices at Al Barsha, Al Murooj, Jebel Ali, Rotana, Abu Dhabi.
  • You can probably negotiate a better price by going to one of the offices other than the airport one.
Specials and Promotions for car rental in Dubai

[Archive, update, or delete]

  • Diamondlease Car Rental: Special offers advertised valid to 31 August 2006, about 1200-1400 dhs per month for a small car (minimum 2 months rental). Larger cars also available. Update Jul 2014: Mitsubishi Mirage available for AED1450 per month.
  • Hertz June 2007 offer: Toyota Yaris 1342 dhs/month (min 36 months lease), Group A cars 92 dhs/day (min 7 days) or 1499 dhs/month. Tel in UAE 800-HERTZ (43789), website www.hertz.ae.
  • Hertz Nov 2007 offer: 7 Days newspaper (www.7days.ae) in November 2006 were promoting special weekend rates with Hertz, claiming up to 70% off normal rates. You need to login to their site on Thursdays to see what's available.
  • National Car Rental: Special summer offer advertised Aug 2006 from 399 dhs per week (Ford Focus) to 999 dhs p/w (Ford Expedition) or about 1600-4000 dhs per mth. Valid till 31 Aug 2006. Update Jun 2014: similar rates still (goes to show how little car rental prices change in the UAE) - Ford Focus AED1,850 per month, Ford Expedition AED 4,750 per month.
  • United Car Rentals: special offer summer 2006 rates with 30% discount.
Last update Tuesday 14-Oct-2014
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