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Dubai Metro feeder bus routes

Monday 29 May 2017 (UAE)   

Dubai Metro bus feeder routes

List of RTA feeder bus routes for areas surrounding Dubai Metro stations. Buses mostly run every day during metro operating hours with frequency every 10 minutes (expect the buses to be less frequent on Fridays - the UAE equivalent of Sundays in the western world). Note that the Dubai Metro doesn't start until 1pm on Fridays so feeder buses won't be in operation before that time either.

  • Contact number for RTA bus services is 800-9090 (toll-free in UAE).
  • Feeder bus routes will not operate for Dubai Metro stations which are not yet open.
  • See also RTA Dubai bus routes for other routes, including X and C routes.
  • BS = Bus Station, MS = Metro Station.
  • For routes F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 see F01, F02, F03, etc ...
No Bus Depot Metro Station Route/Area Start Date Checklist Comments
C04           Extended to Jadaf and Creek MS 01 Mar 2014
J01   Mall of the Emirates MS Al Freej bus to Al Barsha and JVC Jul 2015   Jumeirah Village Circle, does not serve Triangle (JVT)
F01   Union MS Al Baraha, Al Muteena 08 Mar 2016   Not related to F1 Al Ghubaiba RTA ferry boat.
F01   Rashidiya Nad Al Hamar 01 Sep 2009   Not in Dec 2015 list.
F02   Rashidiya Rashidiyah 01 Sep 2009   Not in Dec 2015 list.
F03 Al Khawaneej Rashidiya Mirdif East, Mirdif West 01 Sep 2009 Dec 2015 Merged with F4 01 Sep 2010.
F04 Al Khawaneej Rashidiya Mirdiff East, merged with F10 from Sep 2010 01 Sep 2009   Extended 30 Apr 2010? Cancelled 01 Sep 2010
F05 Al Khawaneej Rashidiya Al Mizhar, AlMizhar, Muhaisnah 1 01 Sep 2009 Dec 2015 Extended 01 Sep 2010
F06 Al Khawaneej Emirates HQ, Lulu Village Al Twar 3, Al Garhood, Muhaisna 4 01 Sep 2009   Extended 30 Apr 2010. Not in Dec 2015 list.
F07   Emirates HQ Al Garhoud 01 Sep 2009   Merged with F06 30 Apr 2010? Not in Dec 2015 list.
F08     Toyota Service Center DFC to Al Nahda 2   Dec 2015 01 Dec 2014 minor route changes.
*F08   Emirates HQ Al Twar 2, Al Badia, Flower Center 01 Sep 2009 [Check] Extended 30 Apr 2010. From Al Awir depot 01 Dec 2014.
F09   Emirates HQ Dubai Festival City 01 Sep 2009   Merged with F07 from 30 Apr 2010? Not in Dec 2015 list.
F10           01 Sep 2015 timings extended to Fri morning.
F10 Al Khawaneej Rashidiya MS Al Warqa, Warqaa 01 Sep 2009 Dec 2015 Merged with F4 route 01 Sep 2010.
F11   Financial Center MS Al Bada'a, Satwa Rd and BS, Al Dhiyafa St   Dec 2015 Sea side of MS. Al Wasl Park Terminus.
F11   Trade Center Satwa mid-Aug 2009    
F12   Jafiliya MS Satwa Rd and BS, Al Wasl Rd, Al Wasl Park   Dec 2015 Rerouted 01 Dec 2013 via Mankhool Rd
F13   Dubai Mall Burj Dubai MS Boulevard, Burj Khalifa St Business Bay 01 Sep 2009 Dec 2015 To mall is quick. To MS from mall is slow, use walkway.
F13A   Financial Center MS Dubai Mall     Not in Dec 2015 route list.
F14   Business Bay MS Oberoi, Al A'amal St, Bay Square   Dec 2015 Towers along Al Abraj St (Al Abraaj St).
F15   Noor Bank MS Al Quoz BS, Al Khail Gate   Dec 2015 Latifa Bint Hamdan Rd, Al Asayel St.
F15   Al Quoz Al Quoz Residential      
F16   Burj Dubai Jumeirah 2     Starts at Business Bay MS. Cancelled (when?).
F17           No route
F18   Oud Metha MS Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha 01 Dec 2013 Dec 2015 Loop around streets 2, 4, 10, 19, 21, and Oud Metha Rd.
F18   Business Bay Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah 1 & 2 15 Oct 2010    
F19           No route
F20   Business Bay MS seaside Al Wasl, Al Safa 1 15 Oct 2010 Dec 2015 St 35 Um Amara Rd, Al Wasl Rd, St 19 Al Safa Centre
F21   Al Nahda MS Al Nahda 2   Dec 2015 Start date when?
      01 Dec 2015 checklist done to here      
F22     Al Qusais Depot     Extended 30 Apr 2010?
F23           No route
F24   Stadium MS Al Qusais Industrial Area 3 BS 01 Sep 2015   Mostly along Amman St.
F25   First Gulf Bank Al Quoz 3 & 4 15 Oct 2010    
F25A   Al Quoz Noor Islamic Bank       Cancelled from 15 Oct 2010
F26   Noor Bank MS, FGB MS Al Quoz Ind Areas 1, 2, 3 01 Nov 2015   Replaces routes 313 and 323.
F26   Al Quoz Noor Islamic Bank Al Safa 2     Check if route still operational
F27   Burj Al Arab Umm Al Sheif      
F28   Burj Al Arab First Gulf Bank Umm Suqeim 2 & 3 15 Oct 2010    
F29           Extended to MOE MS 01 Nov 2015, more IMPZ stops.
F29           Extended to Centrium Tower, IMPZ 01 Sep 2015.
F29   Mall of the Emirates Al Barsha 01 Sep 2009   Extended to Sports City, Motorcity, IMPZ 01 Mar 2014
F30   Mall of the Emirates Arabian Ranches 01 Sep 2009    
F31   Dubai Internet City TECOM, Meadows, Springs 01 Sep 2009   Rerouted 30 Apr 2010? Again 01 Sep 2010?
F32   Nakheel Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) 30 Apr 2010   Starting 15 Oct 2010
F32A   Dubai Marina DKV, Mina Seyahi, SZR     Cancelled from 15 Oct 2010
F33   Mall of the Emirates Al Barsha 3 01 Sep 2009    
F34   Tecom The Greens      
F35   Nakheel Emirates Hills      
F36           No route
*F37           Cancellation expected due to Dubai Tram opening.
F37   Marina Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina Mall 01 Sep 2009   30 Apr 2010 start date
F37A       30 Apr 2010    
F38   Nakheel The Meadows      
F39   Nakheel Dubai Internet City 15 Oct 2010   American University of Dubai
F39A   Dubai Marina Dubai Internet City 30 Apr 2010   Cancelled from 15 Oct 2010
F40   JLT Marina station      
F41   Ibn Battuta Jumeirah Islands 01 Aug 2009    
F42*   Nakheel Harbour MS Discovery Gardens 01 Dec 2013   *Not on Fridays.
F42           Extended 30 Apr 2010?
F43   Ibn Battuta Discovery Gardens Jun 2009    
F44   Ibn Battuta The Gardens 01 Aug 2009   Rerouted 30 Apr 2010?
F45           No route
F46   Ibn Battuta Dubai Lagoon, IMPZ Jun 2009   Extended 01 June 2010
F47   Jebel Ali Industrial Danube Jebel Ali Industrial Areas     Rerouted 30 Apr 2010? Rerouted 01 Nov 2015.
F48   Ibn Battuta Dubai Investment Park mid-Aug 2009   Extended/rerouted 30 Apr 2010?
F49           No route
F50   Ibn Battuta JAFZ Bus Station 01 Aug 2009   Rerouted to Al Awir Bus Depot Aug 2010?
F51   Energy (ex-Dubal) Dewa Grand Station      
F52           No route
F53   Danube Dubai World Central, Dubai Investment Park 12 Dec 2012    
F53?   Ibn Battuta Dubai Industrial City Jun 2009   Rerouted 30 Apr 2010?
F54   JAFZA JAFZ South 11 Mar 2011    
F55   JAFZA JAFZA Office Towers 11 Mar 2011   Old route, cancelled?
F55   Ibn Battuta MS Jebel Ali, DWC 27 Oct 2013   To new Al Maktoum Airport, also F55A night bus
F55A     Karama, Jumeirah Beach Rd, DWC 27 Oct 2013   Night bus from Satwa BS to DWC airport
F56   JAFZA Dubai Waterfront 11 Mar 2011    
F60           Al Safa
F93           Extended 30 Apr 2010
F999³   Nakheel Harbour & Tower   05 Sep 2009    
    Energy Station        
  1. no note
  2. no note
  3. Feeder route 999 is a free service from Ruwayya Bus Depot to NHT Metro Station (whatever that means - it's what the RTA said).
Feeder bus route details
  • F18 from Oud Metha MS, along Oud Metha 11th and 12th streets, past American Hospital and Lamcy Plaza, covers the Lamcy Plaza loop section of routes C4 and 44 (which have had that section removed from their routes). Start date 01 Dec 2013.
  • F42 from Nakheel Harbour MS to Discovery Gardens areas or districts 1-12. Does not operate on Fridays. Start date 01 Dec 2013.
Metro feeder bus other information
  • The RTA will have 787 new buses to operate the new feeder routes for the Red and Green lines of the Dubai Metro. About 500 for the Red Line, about 250 for the Green Line (Gulf News 29 June 2009).
  • The RTA will have 518 new buses to operate the feeder routes. About 300 for the Red Line, and 150 for the Green Line (The National 19 August 2009).
New feeder bus routes and updates
  • 06 Mar 2016: New feeder route F01 from Union Metro Station to Al Baraha and Al Muteena, starts 08 March 2016.
  • 01 Nov 2015 (date of changes, see also other bus routes list):
    • F26: New route from Noor Bank MS to First Gulf Bank (FGB) MS. Formed by merging routes 313 and 323.
    • J01: Extended to Mall of the Emirates MS, and covers more of Jumeira Village Circle (Jumeria).
    • F29: Two more bus stops in IMPZ added.
    • F47: Route diversion in Jebel Ali Industrial Area to driving school.
  • 25 Aug 2015 (changes from 01 Sep 2015, see also other bus routes list):
    • New route: F24 Stadium Metro Station to Al Ghusais.
    • F29 extended to Centrium Tower at International Media Production Zone (IMPZ).
    • F10 extended to include Friday mornings.
  • 01 Mar 2014:
    • F29 feeder bus from Mall of the Emirates Metro Station extended from Al Barsha to the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) via Dubai Motor City and Dubai Sports City, 20 min headway on weekdays, 30 min on Fridays with later start time synchronised with Friday Metro schedule.
    • 367 route from Etisalat Metro Station to International City via Mirdiff City Center, Uptown Mirdiff (?), and Muhaisnah (Muhaisanah) district, 20 min intervals during peak hours, 30 mins during off-peak times.
  • 01 Dec 2013:
    • New feeder bus routes F18 (Oud Metha) and F42 (Discovery Gardens).
    • F12 diverted along Mankhool Rd to Jafiliya MS.
  • 27 Oct 2013: F55 bus from Ibn Battuta MS to DWC, route from Ibn Battuta Mall, past Dubai College, Royal Mirage Hotel, Royal Meridian Jumeirah Hotel, Al Waha Beach Hotel, Hilton Jumeirah Hotel, Al Hadaeq Intersection in Jebel Ali (Al Hadeeq?) to Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). See also F55A night bus route from Satwa to DWC.
  • [Update] 28 Sep 2013: Feeder bus from Energy Station (open on Mon 30 Sep 2013?) every 20-35 minutes. First and last buses 0541-0119 Sun-Thu, 0645-0113 Fri, 0545-2400 Sat. Route number unknown.
  • 10 Sep 2010 (date of changes?). Announced 06 or 07 Sep 2010? Check if changes apply from 01 or 10 Sep 2010.
    • F3 merged with F4 - start at Al Rashidiya Metro Station, to Mirdiff City Center, Mirdiff East, and Mirdif West.
    • F4 cancelled (merged with F3 and F10 feeder routes).
    • F5 to pass by Etisalat Academy and Al Arabi Center.
    • F10 starts from Al Rashidiya Metro Station, to Al Warqa 3 and Mirdiff City Center, merged with F4.
    • F31 to start from Dubai Internet City metro station (previously Mall of the Emirates). Route includes TECOM, Greens, Meadows, Springs residential districts, and Regent International School, Dubai International Academy, Dubai British School.
    • 47 cancelled.
    • X92 operational frequency at 30 minute intervals.
  • 24 May 2010 (GN). Bus routes 91, 91A (Deira Gold Souq Bus Station to Jebel Ali Bus Station), X92 (Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Dubai Investment Park) cancelled from 01 May 2010. RTA said routes covered by Dubai Metro Red Line. Commuters said cancellation made commuting more expensive, more difficult, more time-consuming. Also route X28 made shorter?
Last update Friday 03-Jun-2016
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