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Bus routes in Dubai

Thursday 26 November 2015 (UAE)   

List of bus routes in Dubai

  • List of bus routes and numbers in Dubai with areas, location guide, and route information.
  • See separate page for Dubai Metro feeder buses.
  • Contact number for RTA bus services is 800-9090 (toll-free in UAE).
  • BS - Bus Station, MS - Metro Station.
Number End points Areas Notes
C1     Night bus from Satwa BS to DXB airport?
C3 Hor Al Anz   Rerouted 01 Jun 2010
4     Dec 2013 - rerouted at DXB Terminal 1?
C4 Al Awir   New 01 Jun 2010. Lamcy Plaza loop removed Dec 2013.
5     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
5X     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
C5 Al Awir   New 01 Jun 2010
6     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
C7 Al Qusais   New 01 Jun 2010
C8     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
9D     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
C9 Al Qusais   New 01 Jun 2010
X10     Cancelled 15 May 2010
11A     Dec 2013 - rerouted at DXB Terminal 1?
12X     Cancelled 15 May 2010
13B Gold Souq BS to Al Qusais BS Naif Rd, Al Rashid Rd, DXB T2 Not bus 138.
14     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
C14   Al Nahda 1 Extended to May Tower 03 Feb 2012
15 Ghubaiba BS to Al Khail Gate   New route Dec 2013
18     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
19     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
20     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
22   Dubai Courts, Healthcare City  
23     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
27   Downtown Dubai  
29 Al Ghubaiba BS Downtown Dubai Extended to Business Bay 01 Mar 2014.
41     Cancelled 01 Jun 2010
42   Al Garhoud Dec 2013 end at GGICO MS
43     Dec 2013 - rerouted at DXB Terminal 1?
44     Lamcy Plaza loop removed Dec 2013
C55 Al Awir   New route 01 June 2010
F55A Satwa BS, DWC airport   Night bus, see also Dubai Metro F55 feeder bus
88     Dec 2013 end at Deira City Center
333   International City - Warsan 3 New 03 Feb 2012, cancelled 01 Dec 2013

Night bus routes in Dubai

  • C1 between Dubai Airport (DXB) terminals 1 (arrivals area) and 3 (not terminal 2), and Satwa Bus Station, approx every 30 mins between 0100 and 0500 (frequency reduced in 2012? from every 15 mins), every 10 mins from 0500-0100.
  • *C2 between Dubai Airport terminal 2 (not T1 or T3) and Zabeel Park. Frequency every 15 mins from 0015 and 0500, every 10 mins from 0500-2400. No longer operating, cancelled date unknown?
  • *401 between DXB T1 arrivals and Al Sabkha bus station via Union Square, every 30 mins. Cancelled, date unknown?
  • *402 between DXB terminal 1 arrivals and Al Ghubaiba bus station via Karama, every 30 mins. Cancelled, date unknown?
  • F55A between Satwa Bus Station and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). Start date 27 Oct 2013. Route ...

Dubai Airport bus routes

Is there a connecting or shuttle bus between Terminals 1, 2, and 3 at Dubai Airport? No, not for landside transfers. Yes, airside shuttle bus transfers only for transit passengers.

  • No bus needed between T1 and T3 if in transit - terminal buildings or concourses are connected. Walk.
  • Outside T1 and T3 use the Dubai Metro to connect, or bus C1 if outside metro operating hours.
  • Between T2 and T1 or T3 catch a taxi. No easy bus or metro connections between T2 and T1 or T3 (T2 is on the other side of the airport area from T1 and T3). Long walk around the airport and is difficult or impossible anyway since there are major highways at either end of the runways. Allow at least 2 hours if making an attempt, expect police to stop you if they see you walking along a main highway. No direct bus service. Only two barely realistic options:
    • Bus C26 (Al Satwa direction) to DNATA center at corner Al Ittihad and Airport Rds, then one of the buses up Airport Rd or walk 10 mins to Deira City Center Metro Station and catch metro to T1 or T3.
    • Bus 31 to Union Metro Station (Al Ghubaiba BS direction) then take Red Line to T1 or T3 station.
    • Erratic bus timings make those options tedious (15-20 min intervals on schedules can be up to 45 min or 1 hr in reality).
  • Between T2 and T1 or T3 catch a taxi. Yes we know we're repeating ourselves. You'll understand why if you try and catch the bus.
Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 (DXB T1) - Dubai Metro Red Line station
  • C1 (C01) - see bus route under T3 heading.
  • 4, 11A, 32C, 33, 43, 64A
  • 42 - terminates at T1, doesn't go to T3?
  • 88 - route curtailed at Deira City Center from 01 Dec 2013 (but some buses still seen after that with DXB T3 as destination?).
Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 (DXB T2) - Dubai Metro Red Line station
  • C1 (C01) (24 hours) - Endpoints DXB T3 and Al Satwa BS. Route: DXB T3, DXB T1, Airport Rd, Clock Tower Roundabout, Al Mussallah St, Union MS, Omar Bin Al Khattab Rd, Naif Rd, Al Khaleej Rd, Shindagha Tunnel, Khalid Bin Al Waleed St (Bank St), Al Fahidi MS, Mankhool Rd, Satwa Rd, Al Satwa BS.
  • *4, 11A, 32C, 33, 42 (terminates at T1?), 43, 64A - check if all buses stop at T3.
  • 88 - route curtailed at Deira City Center from 01 Dec 2013 (but some buses still seen after that with DXB T3 as destination?).
Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 (DXB T2)
  • No metro station at T2, nearest is Al Nahda MS on the Green Line, long walk, allow 30-40 min, too far in summer.
  • 13B, C26, 31.
Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)
  • F53 daytime feeder bus from Danube Metro Station on the Red Line to Dubai Industrial City (check route)?
  • F55A night bus, operates at 1 or 2 hour intervals? From Al Satwa BS along Jumeirah Beach Rd (check route)?
How to connect between Dubai Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum Airport (DWC - Dubai World Central)?

Do not arrange a flight schedule that involves a transfer between DXB and DWC unless the airline is organising it for you at no extra charge. Seriously. We're not joking. Distance between them is about 80-100 km depending on route.

  • Taxi - will cost the same as annual GDP for a small country.
  • Walk - haha, allow a couple of weeks, DWC is halfway to Abu Dhabi from DXB.
  • Bus during metro operating hours:
    • From T1 or T3 take Dubai Metro Red Line to Danube MS (Jebel Ali direction), then feeder bus F53 (allow 1½-2 hrs).
    • From T2 take bus 31 to Union MS, then Red Line to Danube MS (Jebel Ali direction), then feeder bus F53 (allow 2-3 hrs).
  • Bus at night when metro not operating:
    • From T1 or T3 take bus C1 to Al Satwa BS, then bus F55A to DWC (allow 2-3 hrs).
    • From T2 no bus service at night. Take taxi to Al Satwa BS then bus F55A to DWC (allow 2-3 hrs). Or taxi to DNATA Center corner Airport Rd and Ittihad Rd, then bus C1 to Al Satwa BS, then bus F55A to DWC (allow 3-4 hrs), but that's very tedious and tiresome, don't do it.

Air-conditioned bus shelters in Dubai - RTA AC Bus Shelters Project

  • 28 Jan 2014 (Emirates 24-7) - Mohammed Al Ali, Director of DubaiBus, RTA was quoted as saying "We will build 1,200 new bus shelters, and this will be done in three phases. Currently, we are looking at the installment of the first 400 bus shelters" referring to an additional 1200 bus shelters to be built in Dubai, covering the entire bus network.
  • Or in a different statement from the RTA in the same report "... the RTA is planning to launch the 2nd phase of AC bus shelters project, which will include the development of about 400 locations around Dubai (followed by two more phases of 400 locations each)."
  • As of end 2013 about 650 airconditioned bus stops in Dubai.
A/C not working in Dubai bus stops
  • Some or most of the airconditioned bus shelters don't have working a/c though, resulting in a sauna effect when waiting inside in summer.
  • One problem is bus commuters leave the doors open, perhaps thinking that the a/c will cool the outdoors eventually. Obviously it won't but the a/c motors will give up eventually.
  • Bus stops with non-working a/c seem to be more prevalent in the more popular areas for bus usage, which might reflect either less intelligent passengers living there or less interest by the RTA in maintaining the a/c units, or both. The dumb passenger theory has merit, as can be seen during busy times when trying to exit a bus (or metro train) - the passengers outside try to get on the bus before waiting for the exiting passengers to get off.
  • There is or was also a problem with the electrical connections - the RTA said some bus stops didn't have electricity to power the a/c units, or there was a faulty connection, or something.
Bus timetable electronic displays at bus stops - Real Time Passenger Information system (RTPI)
  • One bonus of the a/c bus shelters is that some or all of them have TV screen displays of buses on their way to you, and estimated waiting time before arrival. The times seem to be reasonably accurate, and are given in Arabic and English.

Bus Stations in Dubai

  • Abu Hail Bus Station (Hor Al Anz Bus Station)
  • Al Ghubaiba Bus Station (Ghubaibah) - Bur Dubai, near Shindagha Tunnel, next to Carrefour Shindaghah.
  • Al Jafiliya Bus Station (Al Jafiliyah).
  • Al Karama Bus Station.
  • Al Quoz Bus Station (Al Qouz).
  • Al Qusais Bus Station (Al Ghusais)
  • Al Sabkha Bus Staion, Deira.
  • Al Satwa Bus Station.
  • Deira City Center Bus Station - not exactly at Deira metro station, is in the
  • Gold Souq Bus Station (Gold Souq) - near Deira Fish Market.
  • Ibn Battuta Bus Station - Ibn Battuta Mall metro station.
  • Jebel Ali Bus Station - Gate 8 of Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA).
  • Karama Bus Station - see Al Karama Bus Station.
  • Rashidiya Bus Station (Rashidiyah).
  • Satwa Bus Station - see Al Satwa Bus Station.
  • Union Bus Station - behind Union Square and Union metro station.

Bus depots in Dubai

  • Al Khawaneej Bus Depot - new in August 2010, constructed over 15 months, construction cost AED 121 million, capacity 284 buses, facilities include parking yard, an air-conditioned maintenance workshop, painting workshop, refueling station, washing bay. Five Dubai Metro feeder bus routes operate between Rashidiya Metro Station and Al Khawanej Bus Depot - F3, F4, F5, F6, F10 (press release 31 August 2010)?

Route updates

  • 01 Dec 2013: New routes 15, F18, F42. Route cancelled 333. Routes shortened or diverted:
    • F12: diverted along Mankhool Rd for better connection time to Al Jafiliya MS.
    • 4, 43, 11A: Changed at Dubai Airport Terminal 1?
    • C4 and 44: Lamcy Plaza loop removed from routes C4 and 44, replaced by new feeder bus F18.
    • 42: route now finishes at GGICO Metro Station, previously went to Airport Terminal 1 MS.
    • 88: route now finishes at Deira City Center, previously went to Airport Terminal 3 MS.
  • 27 Oct 2013: Night bus F55A from Satwa BS to DWC, runs hourly from 2200-0600. Route is Al Satwa Bus Station past Al Qaderi Mosque, Special Needs Centre, Jumeirah Post Office, Hilton Beach Club, Jumeirah Beach Park, Al Ghareefa Council, Jumeirah Mosque (3), Umm Suqeim Park, Wild Wadi, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah City, Al Sufouh Rd to Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). See also F55 Dubai Metro Feeder Bus from Ibn Battuta Mall metro station to DWC (daytime route).

Bus route details

  • Bus 15 from Al Ghubaiba bus station to Al Quoz and Al Khail Gate communities through Al Quoz Industrial Areas 1, 2, and 3. Other route points include Al Fahidi MS, Satwa Mosque, Jumeirah Post Office, Al Safa Dubai Municipality Center. Start date 01 Dec 2013.
Last update Thursday 24-Jul-2014. Page development 4L 5C.
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