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Dubai Airport bus routes

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Dubai Airport shuttle bus service and routes

Dubai Airport (DXB) shuttle bus service, transportation, timings, and routes. Also to Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central (DWC). Services provided by the RTA, Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai from DXB terminals 1, 2, 3 and DWC to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Al Ghubaiba bus station. Cheap ways to travel and connect between airports and emirates in the UAE.

To use public bus services in Dubai including the airport bus, and inter-city buses operated by the RTA, you must have a prepaid Nol card. Cash is not accepted. Buy a Nol card at any metro station, or from a machine at Dubai airport arrival terminals. There are 4 different types of Nol card - red, blue, silver, gold. TL;DR answer to the question of which one ... buy the silver one.

Summary of public transport options between Dubai airports

Is there a connecting or shuttle bus between Terminals 1, 2, and 3 at Dubai Airport? No, not for landside transfers. Yes, airside shuttle bus transfers only for transit passengers.

Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 (DXB T1) - Dubai Metro Red Line station
Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 (DXB T2) - Dubai Metro Red Line station
Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 (DXB T2)
Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)
How to connect between Dubai Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum Airport (DWC - Dubai World Central)?

Do not arrange a flight schedule that involves a transfer between DXB and DWC unless the airline is organising it for you at no extra charge. Seriously. We're not joking. Distance between them is about 65-75 km depending on route and which terminal at DXB. Although public transport exists between the two airports, it is a time consuming journey, and especially complicated if you need to go to DXB T2.

Summary of public transport options between UAE airports

[Merge] See also Intercity bus routes.

DWC F55 and F55A bus route schedule
Route Timings Notes
F55 DWC > Ibn Battuta 0600, 0700, ... hourly ... 2200  
F55 Ibn Battuta > DWC 0600, 0700, ... hourly ... 2200  
F55A DWC > Al Satwa 2200, 2300, 0000, ... hourly ... 0400, 0500  
F55A Al Satwa > DWC 2209, 2309, 0009, ... hourly ... 0409, 0509  

Times and costs are approximate. Time variations can be significant depending on traffic and waiting times. Most public transport services only operate between 0500 and midnight. Traffic congestion is heavy between Dubai and Sharjah, around Al Ghubaiba and Union Square bus stations in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi downtown bus station.

All public bus services in the UAE use airconditioned buses. RTA operated intercity buses are modern and comfortable. Emirates and Etihad airline operated shuttle buses are very comfortable.

Transfers from Dubai airport using public transport
Start End Suggested cheapest public transport service1 Time Cost Notes
Dubai airports       (AED)  
DXB T1 DXB T2 Shuttle bus2 or taxi 15-30m 20  
  DXB T3 Shuttle bus2 or metro 15m 5  
  DWC Day: Metro to Ibn Battuta MS, bus F55 to DWC 2-3 hrs 15  
  DWC Night: Bus to Satwa BS, bus F55A to DWC 3 hrs 15  
  DWC Free shuttle bus from 24 Apr to 20 Jul 2014 1 hr Free  
  Al Ghubaiba BS Bus routes 33, 42, or metro - change at Burjuman MS 30-60m 5-10  
  Abu Dhabi Metro or bus to Al Ghubaiba bus stand then intercity 3-4 hrs 30  
  Al Ain Metro or bus to Al Ghubaiba then intercity bus 3-4 hrs 30  
  Ras Al Khaimah        
  Sharjah Airport SHJ Metro to Rashidiya MS, then STS bus 111 to SHJ 2-3 hrs 15  
  Sharjah Airport SHJ Taxi 30-60m 100  
  Sharjah downtown        
  Umm Al Quwain        
  Muscat, Oman Metro or bus to Deira City Center DNATA > Oman bus5 6-8 hrs 100  
DXB T2 DXB T1 Shuttle bus2 or taxi      
  DXB T3 Shuttle bus2 or taxi      
  Al Ghubaiba BS Bus route 31      
  Abu Dhabi Bus 31 to Al Ghubaiba then intercity bus      
  Abu Dhabi FlyDubai bus service, costs AED 40-504      
  Al Ain Bus 31 to Al Ghubaiba then intercity bus      
  Al Ain FlyDubai bus service, costs AED 30-404      
  Sharjah Airport Taxi to Rashidiyah MS, STS bus to SHJ      
  Sharjah downtown        
DXB T3 DXB T1 Shuttle bus2 or metro      
  DXB T2 Shuttle bus2 or taxi      
  Al Ghubaiba BS Metro, change at Burjuman MS      
  Abu Dhabi Free EK coach to/from AUH if EK passenger3      
  Al Ain Free EK coach to/from AAN if EK passenger3      
  Sharjah Airport Metro to Rashidiya MS, then STS bus to SHJ      
DWC DXB T1 Bus>metro (Red Line) 2 hrs 15  
  DXB T2 Bus>metro>bus 2-3 hrs 15  
  DXB T3 Bus>metro (Red Line) 2 hrs 15  
  Al Ghubaiba BS Bus>metro (Red>Green), or night bus direct 2+ hrs 15  
  Abu Dhabi Bus>metro>bus to Al Ghubaiba then intercity bus 5+ hrs 40  
  Abu Dhabi Fly Dubai bus service 01 May to 20 Jul 2014 only4 1.5 hrs 40-50  
  Al Ain Bus>metro>bus to Al Ghubaiba then intercity bus 5+ hrs 40  
  Al Ain Fly Dubai bus service 01 May to 20 Jul 2014 only4 1.5 hrs 30-40  
  Sharjah Airport Bus>metro to Rashidiya>STS bus 111 3 hrs 30  
  Sharjah Airport Taxi 2-3 hrs 200  
  Sharjah downtown Bus>metro (Red>Green) to Al Ghubaiba > intercity bus 3-4 hrs 30  
  Sharjah downtown Taxi 2-3 hrs 200  
  1. Using buses and/or metro. Use of taxi is always possible but more expensive. For traveling between DXB terminal 2 and terminals 1 or 3, using a taxi is highly recommended if you are not able to use the airside free shuttle bus. You will save a lot of time, and the cost will be marginally more expensive than using buses and metro, or cheaper if more than one person traveling together.
  2. Only possible for transit passengers, available airside not landside.
  3. Emirates Airlines free shuttle bus for EK ticket holders only. Operates 2x per day for Al Ain, and 6x per day for Abu Dhabi.
  4. FlyDubai bus service operates 1x daily between AUH and DXB, between AUH and DWC; and 2x daily between AAN and DXB, and between AAN and DWC. Book in advance on FlyDubai website. Bus fares AED 10 higher if purchased from bus driver.
  5. *[Check] Buses to Oman operated by National Oman Transport depart from behind the DNATA center near Deira City Center. Could be difficult to find, taxi from DXB might be better option than trying metro or bus.

Hotel shuttle buses to Dubai airports

Emirates Airline Dubai airport shuttle bus

EK bus only for EK passengers. Service is free but must be booked at least 48 hrs in advance, or you'll be walking. Check timings with EK. As of Jul 2014 they are:

EK Dubai Airport shuttle bus departure and arrival times
Route 1 2 3 4 5 6
DXB to AUH 0000-0145 0200-0345 0715-0900 1000-1145 1400-1545 1900-2045
AUH to DXB 0400-0545 0600-0745 0930-1115 1130-1315 1630-1815 2200-2345
DXB to AAN 0200-0345 1430-1615        
AAN to DXB 0930-1115 2100-2245        

Etihad Airways Dubai airport shuttle bus

FlyDubai airport shuttle bus

FlyDubai airport bus shuttle departure and arrival times
  00-04 04-08 08-12 12-16 16-20 20-24
DXB to AUH     0830-1030      
AUH to DXB       1500-1700    
DWC to AUH 0200-0330          
AUH to DWC     0800-0930 1500-1700    
DXB to AAN     0930-1130   1830-2030  
AAN to DXB   0600-0800   1530-1730    
DWC to AAN 0100-0300   1130-1400      
AAN to DWC     0800-1030     2200-0030

Dubai Airport bus driver jobs and vacancies



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