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Inter-emirate intercity bus services UAE

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List of inter-emirate and intercity bus services in UAE

List of inter-emirates and intercity buses in the UAE between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Al Gharbia (Western Region), Dhaid, Fujairah, Jebel Ali, Hatta, Masafi, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain (UAQ). Timetable, fares, first and last buses, frequency of service.

Good services operate between Dubai and Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Ok services operate between Dubai and Fujairah, Sharjah and East Coast destinations, Abu Dhabi city and other towns in Abu Dhabi emirate, Dubai or Sharjah to Northern Emirates (Ajman, RAK, UAQ); poor services between Dubai and Al Ain, or Sharjah and Al Ain; no direct services between Abu Dhabi or Al Ain and Northern Emirates or East Coast (but journey is possible via Dubai or Sharjah); between Al Gharbiya (Western Region of Abu Dhabi emirate) and emirates other than Abu Dhabi (connect via Abu Dhabi city).

There are no 24 hr intercity bus services in the UAE. Route E306 between Dubai and Sharjah is almost 24 hrs.

Notes about the list of bus routes in table below:

From To Route Operator Fare
First Last Interval Updated

Abu Dhabi

Al Wahda BS Mussafah BS <> X60,X65,X80 DOT AUH 15       04 Oct 2013
Mussafah BS Al Wahda BS > X86,X87,X88,X89   15       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda BS Al Ain X90, no Mussafah stop   25 0430 2400 30 min 19 Jul 2017
Al Wahda Al Sila'a (Silaa) X89   45       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Dubai E100, E101 RTA 25        
Al Wahda Ghayathi, Gayati X86   35       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Jebel Dhanna Ferry X87   35       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Liwa - Mezairaa X60   30       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Liwa - Hameem X65           04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Madinat Zayed X60 to Liwa   25       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Mirfa X80 to Ruwais   25       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Ruwais X80,X86,X87,X88,X89   35       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Tarif X80,X81,X86,X87,X88,X89   20       04 Oct 2013
Al Wahda Tarif 700 via Mussafah            
AUH Airport Al Ain 490   10       04 Oct 2013
AUH Airport Ruwais X81           04 Oct 2013
Mussafah BS Al Ain 440   10       04 Oct 2013
Mussafah BS Ruwais X81 from AUH           04 Oct 2013
Ruwais AUH Airport X81, no Mussafah stop           04 Oct 2013
Ajman Sharjah E401   3        

Al Ain

Al Ain AUH Airport T1, T2 490     0450 2050 2 hrs 19 Jul 2017
Al Ain Dubai   Al Ghazal 20 0540 2300 40 min3 14 Apr 2014
Al Ain Mussafah BS 440     0400 2000 2 hrs 19 Jul 2017
Al Ain Eastern Region 350,360,380,390,550            
Al Dhaid                


Ghubaiba BS Abu Dhabi E100E100 RTA 25 0420 2400 10-20 min 19 Jul 2017
Ibn Battuta Mall BS MS Abu Dhabi E101E101 RTA 25 0415 0100 10-60 min 19 Jul 2017
Gubaiba BS Al Ain   Al Ghazal 20 0540 2340 40 min3 14 Apr 2014
Union MS Ajman E400 RTA 12       01 Aug 2017
Union MS Fujairah (via DXB T1) E700 RTA 25       19 Jul 2017
Sabkha BS Hatta via Madam E16 RTA 10       19 Jul 2017
Abu Hail MS Sharjah Jubail BS E307A RTA 10       19 Jul 2017
Deira City Centre BS Sharjah Jubail BS E307 RTA 10       19 Jul 2017
Ghubaiba BS Sharjah Jubail BS E306, 24 hrs RTA 10       19 Jul 2017
    E306N see E306            
Sabkha BS Sharjah Jubail BS E303A RTA 10       19 Jul 2017
Satwa BS via Karama Sharjah Jubail BS E304 RTA 10       19 Jul 2017
Union metro station Sharjah Jubail BS E303 RTA 10       19 Jul 2017
Ahli Club, Stadium MS Sharjah Taawun BS E301 RTA 10       19 Jul 2017

East Coast

Dibba (Sharjah)                
Kalba (Sharjah)                
Khorfakkan (Sharjah)                
Hamriya (Sharjah)                
Hatta (Dubai)                
Ras Al Khaimah                


  Abu Dhabi 117 SRTA          
Jubail bus station Al Ain   Al Ghazal?          
Jubail bus station                
Rolla Square2 Jebel Ali E308   10 0545 2245 75m-2hrs 01 Jul 2012
Umm Al Quwain                

Archive information

Dubai Union Square Sharjah, Ajman E400            
Dubai Union Square Fujairah E700            
Ghubaiba Bus Station Abu Dhabi E102 (or E1?)   20 0500 2300 20 min 03 Sep 2013
Ghubaiba Abu Dhabi E102 (or E1?)   20 2300 0100 1 hr 03 Sep 2013
Ghubaiba Abu Dhabi (Gazal)     15        
Gubaiba Station Al Ain   Al Ghazal 20 0540 2340 40 min3 14 Apr 2014
Ittihad Station Ajman     7 0600 2200 30 min 03 Sep 2013
Ittihad Station Ajman E401 via Sharjah   7        
Ittihad Station Dhaid     15        
Ittihad Station Fujairah E701   25 0600 2200 1 hr 03 Sep 2013
Ittihad Station Masafi     20        
Ittihad Station Ras Al Khaimah E601 (via UAQ)   20 0600 2200 1 hr 03 Sep 2013
Sabkha (Deira) Hatta E16, E201, or E216?   7        
Dubai various Sharjah E301-E307, E309   5 0600 2400 15-60 min 03 Sep 2013
Ghubaibah Sharjah E306 (almost 24 hrs)   10 2400 0400 1 hr 03 Sep 2013
Ittihad Station Sharjah > Ajman E401            
Jebel Ali2 Sharjah Rolla Sq E308   10 0715 2115 75m-2hrs 01 Jul 2012
Ittihad Station Umm Al Quwain E601 (bus to RAK)   7 0600 2200 1 hr 03 Sep 2013

Last bus timings if after midnight are for the next day e.g. Thu 0100 means 1 hour after Thu midnight not Wed midnight. Yes we know that should be Fri 0100 to be precise but we're thinking about the "Last bus" that day or night, and the RTA timetables use the same convention.

  1. removed
  2. Not clear if this route still operating - Dubai RTA does not have it in intercity bus route list supplied Mar 2014. No cancellation notice provided.
  3. Interval between buses inconsistent. An RTA official at Al Ghubaiba station in Dubai told us in Apr 2014 that Al Ain buses depart when full, not according to any schedule. Our interpretation and experience is that generally the schedule is followed (every 40 mins from 0540 to 2340 daily) but don't rely on it - especially if the big bus is waiting for passengers (most of the time minibuses are used), and especially around Iftar time during Ramadan. Duration is about 2 hrs, sometimes longer if traffic or slow driver. This variability seems to apply more to routes operated by Al Ghazal (similar comments heard about the Sharjah to Al Ain route schedule not being followed).

Other notes

Airport transfers by bus in the UAE

There are no direct public bus links between different airports in the UAE. Indirect links are possible but time-consuming and require at least one bus-bus or bus-metro (in Dubai) change. Most efficient way usually involves a taxi for at least part of the journey. Better yet, don't plan your trip to the UAE with different departure and arrival airports.

Airport codes: AAN = Al Ain Airport, AUH = Abu Dhabi Airport, DWC = Al Maktoum Airport, DXB = Dubai Airport, FJR (not FUJ) = Fujairah Airport, RKT (not RAK) = Ras Al Khaimah Airport, SHJ = Sharjah Airport.

Updates to routes and new routes

Sharjah Transport inter-emirate bus routes

Wifi wireless internet service on RTA inter-city buses

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