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Emirates Airline EK

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Emirates Airline (EK)

Emirates Airlines general information

Emirates Airline (airline code EK) is a Dubai based carrier launched in October 1985 with first flights to Karachi in Pakistan and Mumbai (then Bombay) in India. At the end of February 2009, EK had flights on routes to 101 cities in 61 different countries, with about 100 flights a week just to the UK (91 in January 2007). From 14 October 2008, EK started transferring passenger arrivals and departures from Dubai Airport Terminal 1 (T1) to the new Terminal 3 (T3), starting with GCC and USA flights. Passengers on flights to other destinations were gradually phased over to T3 from October to December 2008 after which all EK departures from, and arrivals to, Dubai operated out of T3 (most other airlines operate from Terminal 1). The actual flights went to and from the new Concourse 2 connected to Terminal 3 but confusingly, a few Emirates aircraft still arrived at, or departed from, Concourse 1 (the Sheikh Rashid Terminal) which meant that passengers had to scurry back and forth from T3. See the Dubai Airport information with a more detailed explanation of the terminal vs concourse difference.

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Emirates Airline Lounges
Emirates Airline A380 onboard shisha smoking lounges
Emirates Airline First Class Lounges
Emirates Airline Business Class Lounges
Emirates Airlines financial performance

Emirates Airline financial year runs from 01 April to 31 March.

Emirates Airline Awards (not a complete list)
Emirates Airline aircraft numbers and capacity
  Destinations Passengers carried Aircraft         Information
Date/Year   DXB Airport Total A3802 A350 B 777-300ER2 B 777 Total Date
2025               350-450 17 Nov 20134
2020     70 million         250 24 Oct 20133
2018       1155          
2015 145             200-210 13 Jun 2012
2014       575          
2013 Dec       44 (96)5          
2013 Oct 135     (53)     (64)3   24 Oct 20133
2012       315       169  
2012 Jun 124                
2011 Mar       15 (75) (70) 4 (49)   144  
2010 Sep               150 (203)  
2010 Jul             86 (46)    
2010 Mar       11          
2009     27.7 million1           09 Feb 2011
2009 Mar       4          
2008   22 million 22.8 million1           09 Feb 2011
2007   20 million              
  1. Figures for EK financial year which runs from 01 April to 31 March, not 01 January to 31 December.
  2. Aircraft numbers in brackets are on order books.
  3. 24 Oct 2013 - 2020 figures according to EK press release comment from Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline. Oct 2013 figures are 3,200 flights per week to 135 destinations in 76 different countries, including 20 new destinations since Jan 2012 (not Jan 2013), total staff 50,000 with 160 different nationalities. B777s on order are total, breakdown between 777ER and 777 not provided.
  4. Gulf News report of interview with Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Group.
  5. 21 Dec 2013 WAM press release - EK received delivery of 43rd and 44th A380 aircraft bringing total of 13 planes delivered in 2013. EK ordered another 50 A380s at the 2013 Dubai Airshow bringing total on order to 96. Another 13 deliveries expected in 2014, another 71 to be delivered from 2014 to 2018.
Emirates Airline jobs

Want a job with lots of travel? Try Emirates for cabin crew or pilot jobs - they are expanding and need more people. The bad news? Apparently Emirates receive about 15,000 cabin crew applications per month. For jobs and positions vacant, visit the Emirates Group Careers website at

See end of page for blogs (unverified though) about working at EK.

Emirates pilot (flight crew) salaries and benefits
Grade Position Monthly basic Flying hours Monthly total (approx)
  Captain     AED 41,240
  First Officer (FO)     AED 29,145
Emirates cabin crew (flight attendant - FA) salaries and benefits (after increase 01 May 2008?)
Grade Position Monthly basic Flying hours Monthly total (approx)
CC.06 Purser AED 5,515 AED 87.00 AED 10k-13k
CC.05 Senior steward/stewardess (SFS) AED 4,825 AED 81.00 AED 9k-12k
CC.04 First Class AED 4,225 AED 65.50 AED 8k-10k
CC.03 Business Class AED 4,225 AED 59.50 AED 7.5k-9.5k
CC.02 Economy Class AED 3,915 AED 53.50 AED 7k-9k

Emirates Cabin Crew blogs. Mostly trip summaries with photos of foreign beaches, foreign currency, foreign food, foreign hotel rooms, and foreign tuk tuks. Occasionally some useful information. None will be critical of EK (or the writers will become ex-employees), see end of page for critical blogs.

Pilot or pilot's wife blogs (there are no or almost no pilot husbands in Dubai)

Emirates Airlines sponsorship deals
Emirates Air Line cable car across the River Thames, London

Emirates Airline aircraft orders
Emirates Airline growth
Emirates Airline IPO

Emirates Airline is owned by the Dubai Government, however, there is occasional talk of selling a stake to the public in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) with shares possibly listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) or Nasdaq Dubai (previously the Dubai International Financial Exchange - DIFX).

Emirates Airlines history and timeline
Emirates Airline price-fixing
Emirates Airline incidents
Emirates Airline no parcel bomb Dubai to USA - 29 October 2010
Emirates Melbourne incident - tailstrike on take-off - 20 March 2009
Emirates Johannesburg incident - runway overshoot on takeoff - 09 April 2004
Emirates Airline codeshare agreements
Emirates Airline and Qantas partnership or codeshare
Emirates Airline and Sri Lankan Airlines partnership
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