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Air Dubai

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Air Dubai

Air Dubai music group

Air Dubai is a group of 7 cacophonists musicians based in Colorado, Denver, USA. Which is nowhere near Dubai in the UAE. Music genre is something like alternative electronic R&B and hip-hop rock. As far as we know, Air Dubai have not yet hip hopped to Dubai for a performance (as of mid 2010), and it's not clear what their connection to Dubai is, apart from using the word in their band name.

  • Air Dubai were founded in 2007 by the two vocalists Julian Thomas and Jon Shockness.
Air Dubai music videos
Air Dubai teaser for Wonder Age album Air Dubai - More Lazers
Air Dubai band members (as of mid 2010)
  • Julian Thomas - Vocals
  • Jon Shockness - Vocals
  • Lawrence Grivich - Guitar
  • Michael Ray - Keyboards/Synthesizer
  • Taylor Tait - Bass Guitar
  • Nick Spreigl - Drums
  • Wesley Watkins - Trumpet
Air Dubai albums
  • Wonder Age, release date June 2010
  • Party On! - EP released May 2009
  • The Early October, Air Dubai's first album, released October 2008
Air Dubai songs
  • City of Lights
  • I Know How
  • Northern Lights
  • Party On!
  • Ten Weeks
  • Weekends
Air Dubai concerts and tour dates
  • None coming up in Dubai, UAE. Nor have they ever been.

Air Dubai airline company (or Dubai Air, Dubai Airlines)

Air Dubai (Dubai Airline) sounds like an airline name but doesn't exist in Dubai or the UAE, or anywhere else as far as we know. Which makes for some odd searching for information on the internet. See information for the two Dubai-based airlines if searching for Dubai Air airline related information:

  • Emirates Airline (EK) - large commercial passenger carrier, established in 1985 in the Emirate of Dubai, operates out of Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport.
  • FlyDubai (FZ) - budget carrier established in 2009 in Dubai, operates out of Terminal 2 at Dubai Airport.
Air Dubai and Dubai Air searches
  • Air Dubai airlines - see Emirates Airline or Fly Dubai.
  • Air Dubai airlines career (Air Dubai careers) - see the EK and FZ job sections on their websites ... unless you want a job as a musician with Air Dubai (the group).
  • Air Dubai baggage allowance - at Air Dubai concerts no fixed limit but you'll probably be discouraged from bringing a suitcase. With EK about 20-40kg, with Fly Dubai about 7kg hand baggage and pay extra for check in luggage.
  • Air Dubai booking - try their website for concert tickets. For EK and FZ airline tickets buy online or visit a travel agent.
  • Air Dubai cabin crew (and flight attendants, air hostesses) - there aren't any but if you're searching for cabin crew in Dubai, take a flight with EK or FZ, or for a cheaper option (maybe), visit a bar in Dubai (or a Dubai nightclub) on a Tuesday night (ladies night in Dubai - females get free drinks at many bars). You won't see Air Dubai playing but you've got a better chance of seeing cabin crew in Dubai out for a party.
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