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Cheap holidays to Dubai

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Cheap budget holidays to Dubai and the UAE

Money saving tips for traveling to and around Dubai

Dubai is not on the list of cheap destinations worldwide. If you're looking for flights and hotel for a week in the sun for £100 from the UK, you might get as far as Turkey or Spain but not Dubai. From overseas, the best deals are going to be one of the following choices:

A holiday package with a scheduled flight from Europe to Dubai and 7 nights in a 3 or 4 star hotel is likely to cost about 1,000 euros per person at best, maybe 100 euros less if you're really lucky. From the UK, the cheapest deals are going to be about £600-£800 per person. A charter flight from Eastern Europe with 7 nights in a 2 star hotel will be half to two-thirds of those prices. From the USA or Canada, the cheapest holiday packages to Dubai will cost $1500-$2000 per person.

Internet bookings for holidays in Dubai are rarely bargains but you might save a few pennies.

Cheap holidays in Dubai

The cheapest way to have a holiday in Dubai is to bum a bed off someone you know. Preferably a relative since they'll still be related even if you fall out with them, and you can probably invade their homes again in a couple of years. Friendships can and do fade away unfortunately.

With the ubiquity (or plague according to some) of the internet, you can make friends online to replace the ones you lost last time you visited Dubai, and hopefully they'll offer you a place to kip before your next visit to Dubai. Dubai FAQs staff all have unsanitary living habits and terrible BO just in case you were thinking of trying that scam on us.

For more realistic and less annoying options, try finding an airline from your originating city that offers a package deal including a hotel, but don't bother with a hire or rental car unless you've visited Dubai before. Traffic conditions are unpleasant, it's difficult to navigate around the place, and taxis are relatively cheap. For journeys further afield, consider renting a car for a day once you get here.

Charter flights are rare. There are some from Russia and other Eastern European countries to Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport, and there's a handful to Ras Al Khaimah International Airport.

Finding good cheap hotel accommodation in Dubai can be difficult depending on the time of year, how many exhibitions and conferences are going on, what other major events are happening, and if the world or Dubai is in the middle of a financial and economic crisis or not. If you are looking for a good deal on accommodation, your best option is to try and get a package deal with the airline you use to fly to Dubai, or try one of the budget hotel chains in the UAE - see cheap hotels in Dubai for a list.

Hotels in Sharjah are often cheaper than in Dubai, but think twice before making a booking if you plan to spend time in Dubai. The traffic is thick enough most of the time that you could be spending a much larger time of your holiday sitting in a car or bus than you expected. If you plan to be in Dubai at specific times for appointments, allow 1-2 hours travelling time each way, and 3 hours to be safe if during rush hours (0600-1000, 1200-1500, 1700-2100), especially if you're in one of the hotels on the Sharjah beach strip. Of course, if you want to concentrate your tourist time in Sharjah - the museum area for example, then it makes more sense to book a hotel in Sharjah. And for those wanting a beach holiday, the sand looks much the same as in Dubai, and the water temperature isn't any different.

Saving money in Dubai
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