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Sharjah International Airport

Friday 26 May 2017 (UAE)   

Sharjah International Airport - airport code SHJ

Sharjah International Airport (airport code SHJ) flight information and guide. Located in the emirate of Sharjah on the Sharjah Airport Road.

Sharjah International Airport
  • Sharjah Airport located on the Sharjah Airport Road (E88) from Cultural Square in Sharjah to Al Dhaid, near Sharjah University City.
  • One runway, handles 220 flights per day (November 2009).
  • Second runway planned, CAT III, length 4000 meters, construction period expected to be from 2010-2012.
  • First flights in 1932 when Imperial Airways built a small airfield (which is now the site of the Al Mahatta Museum).
  • Current Sharjah Airport built in 1977 (and it looks like a typical 1970s airport with linoleum floors and Jetsons style terminal building).
  • Passenger capacity 8 million per year. Passengers handled 5.3 million in 2008, 6 million expected for 2009. Second terminal in planning stages.

Some figures based on Gulf News report of new runway 13 November 2009.

Hotels near Sharjah International Airport
  • Centro Sharjah Airport is the only hotel close to the airport (very short taxi ride or a 10-15 minute walk - don't do it in the midsummer heat, take a taxi), as of 2012 anyway.
  • Otherwise, pick a hotel in Dubai unless you particularly want to stay in Sharjah for some reason. Downtown Sharjah is about as far from the airport as Dubai is, and most visitors want to see things in Dubai anyway. Traffic between Dubai and Sharjah is usually difficult.
Sharjah Airport traffic growth facts, figures, statistics
Year Flights Change Passengers Change Freight cargo volume Change
2012     7.5 million      
2010 65,401 +6.4% 6.3 million +9.4% 514,881 tonnes +30.7%
2009 61,451   5.7 million   393,938 tonnes  
  • 2009 & 2010 data from WAM news release 24 January 2011. Additional information - marine-air cargo volume 66,665 tonnes, up 32.39% from 50,355 tonnes in 2009.
Sharjah Airport expansion
  • Sharjah Airport 2030 master plan will include a new logistics area connected to the Etihad Rail network (WAMi 20 Dec 2013).
Flights to and from Sharjah Airport (SHJ)

See also Air Arabia flights. List below is not complete yet.

  • Air India Express IX (budget) - CCJ, COK, TRV
  • Air India Express Kochi-Sharjah flights suspended from 07 Sep to 31 Oct 2010 due to pilot shortages (Khaleej Times report 06 September 2010). Or not, according to later reports¹. Air India Gulf Regional Manager, Abhay Pathak, was quoted as saying "Cabin crew are not supposed to exceed 1,000 hours of flying in a year. We are doing this rescheduling of flights because of this. We have some commercial requirements as well,"
  • AirBlue (Pakistan) - Islamabad (15 Dec 2008), Peshawar (planned).
  • Azza Air Transport (Sudan) - banned after Sharjah Airport crash in October 2009. Has been on US blacklist since 1997 after allegedly supplying weapons for the Darfur genocide.
  • Eagles Aviation Management, Sharjah International Airport SAIF Zone Block D, office 30, tel +971-6-5576982, email info@eaglesam.com. Not commercial flights, and navigation doesn't appear to be too crash hot - on their website they've got Sharjah between Salalah in Oman and the Yemen border.
  • Jet Airways (India) - Kochi daily (01 Sep 2009), Thiruvananthapuram daily (from 30 Oct 2011, announced 28 July 2011).
  • Royal Falcon Airlines (Jordan) - Amman ADJ 2x weekly (Mar 2010)
  • Safi Airways - Kabul (09 Nov 2007)
  • Sun Air (Sudan) - Khartoum KRT
  • Yeti Airlines - Kathmandu
1. Air India UAE flight cancellations 2010
  • Air India had announced cancellations or reduction in frequencies for the following flights in September and October 2010:
    • Kochi-Sharjah (cancelled)
    • Kozhikode-Sharjah (cancelled?)
    • Thiruvananthapuram-Abu Dhabi (cancelled?)
    • Thiruvananthapuram-Dubai (cancelled?)
  • However, Emirates Business 24-7 reported on 08 September that According to Hit FM, a Malayalam radio channel broadcasting from Dubai, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself intervened and assured his cabinet colleagues from Kerala that the decision to cancel flights to the Gulf, especially to Saudi Arabia and the UAE will be reversed.
  • Protests in India reportedly led to the destruction of Air India offices in Trivandrum and Cochin. How that benefits anyway was not made clear by the protestors.
  • Unknown if the flights really are going to be cancelled or not.
List of banned items at Sharjah Airport includes moustaches?

Apart from the usual list of banned items when flying to or from Sharjah Airport - drugs, explosives, firearms, bottles with liquids, etc, apparently moustaches are also on the list, at least according to a Gulf News report on 30 Dec 2013.

  • An Indian gentleman, with a moustache, arrived at Sharjah Airport immigration after a flight from Thiruvananthapuram on Friday 27 Dec 2013. The immigration official allegedly made comments about his moustache and wanted the moustache removed before he would return the traveller's passport.
  • The traveller was reported as saying about the official "He kept my passport and told me very seriously again to remove my moustache if I wanted it back and called the next person in line."
  • It is unknown what rules the immigration official was following, and UAE immigration and customs department information does not say moustache imports are banned in the UAE, although to be fair, Sharjah does sometimes seem to be more restrictive than other emirates regarding imports - alcohol and pork items for example.
  • However, eventually the passenger was permitted to continue with both passport and moustache. He was quoted as saying "I started arguing with him and only after asking to speak to his superior officer he returned my passport and allowed me to proceed."
  • The newspaper spoke to someone at the Sharjah Department of Naturalisation and Foreign Affairs, and reported that Brigadier Dr Abdullah Bin Sahoo, Director-General of the department, said they will study CCTV images to check whether the passenger's allegations are correct and will then take action.
  • Outcome unknown so far, and also still unknown if moustache imports to Sharjah or the UAE really are banned or not.
  • Given that several long-haired young men were reportedly detained by Sharjah Police for a haircut in August 2010, it seems not entirely implausible that a moustache rule has come into effect. And a sort of precendent was set at another airport many years ago - when Singapore Airport immigration or customs gave free haircuts (compulsory) to long-haired male travellers, however this rule is no longer in effect as far as we know.
  • Until Sharjah Airport clears up the current situation, it might be advisable for moustached travellers to keep a razor handy when going through immigration. Unknown if rule applies to or might be extended to beards or female travellers with hairy legs.
  • Or get an e-gate card and avoid similar headaches at immigration counters - as far as we know the e-gate card readers do not have moustache detectors installed.

It seems unlikely that the Gulf News would make up such an odd sounding story, and also unlikely that a newspaper as reputable as the Gulf News would publish such a story if they did not believe it in the first place. But we suppose it's possible that the traveller just made the whole thing up, it does sound rather peculiar to us.

List of Sharjah Airport crashes and accidents - history and timeline
  • 21 Oct 2009 - Azza Air cargo plane operated by Sudan Air (Boeing 707-320C registration number ST-AKW) flight SD2241 crashed into the desert near Dubai shortly after take-off, killing all 6 crew members. Eye-witness reports said aircraft appeared to be overloaded. Blackboxes were either faulty or turned off according to November 2009 reports so cause undetermined. Azza Transport suspended from flying in UAE airspace by the GCAA shortly after accident pending results of investigation.
  • 09 Jan 2009 - British Gulf International Airlines Antonov 12BP (registration S9-SAM) landing gear failed on takeoff causing moderate damage to the plane. No fatalities.
  • 07 Nov 2004 - Lufthansa Boeing 747 (leased from Air Atlanta Cargo) cargo flight DLH8457 aborted takeoff and went off end of runway. Aircraft was written off, no fatalities (there were 4 crew, no passengers).
  • 10 Feb 2004 - Kish Air Fokker-50 flight 7170 (registration EP-LCA) on a 'visa run' flight from Kish Island, Iran, crashed between Ajman and Sharjah on landing approach to Sharjah Airport, with 43 or 44 out of 46 passengers and crew killed, and the other 2 or 3 taken to hospital with serious injuries.
  • 15 Dec 1997 - Tajikistan Airlines Tupolev 154B-1 (registration number EY-85281) flight from Khoujand in Tajikistan to Sharjah crashed on landing approach killing 6 crew and 79 passengers, with one crew member surviving the crash.
  • 10 Jul 1960 - Gulf Aviation Douglas C-47-CL (registration VT-DGS) from Doha, Qatar, disappeared after radio contact on approach to Sharjah airport. No wreckage was found. Three crew and 13 passengers died (presumably).
Sharjah Airport key personnel
  • Director General of the Sharjah International Airport Authority (SIAA) - Dr Ghanem Al Hagiri (last checked 24 Jan 2011).
Sharjah Airport contact number and details
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