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Bus routes in Sharjah

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

List of bus routes in Sharjah

List of public bus routes and numbers covering areas in Sharjah emirate and city, with schedules, timetables, and fares. Routes start from and finish at Jubail bus station and Rolla Park Square.

  • Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority is the Sharjah RTA (SRTA, not the same as the Dubai RTA), regulates and manages buses, taxis, and road infrastructure in Sharjah.
  • Sharjah Public Transportation Corporation (SPTC), Sharjah Transport Services (STS), Sharjah Transport Corporation (STC), Sharjah Transport (ST), all refer to the government authority regulating public transport services in Sharjah (buses and taxis).
  • KGL Public Transport Services (KGL PTS) was awarded the franchise to operate the Sharjah Public Bus Transport Network. Mowasalat is the brand name used for the bus operations.
  • Sharjah buses are colored orange and white (unless covered with advertising).
  • Bus timings generally 0600 first bus to 2100-2200 last bus daily (reaching endpoint at 2200-2300), but frequency on Fridays might be different (reduced or increased depending on route).
    • Ramadan bus services operate as normal with respect to first and last buses, but frequencies might be adjusted.
  • Ticket fares and costs: Standard fare AED 6.00 per journey, no variation for route or distance within Sharjah (cash payment on bus). Or use a Sayer Card to pay fare cost of AED 4.50, a 25% discount on regular fares.
  • Route maps and timetable pdf downloads available at http://www.mowasalat.ae/routes.php.
  • In table below, MS = Metro Station, BS = Bus Station, R/A = roundabout.
Number Start and end points Frequency Timing Areas Fare Update Notes
1 Rolla Sq, Sahara Center 20-30 min   Ind. Area 1,2,4,5, Al Nahda AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017 Fridays every 60 min.
2 Port Khalid, Al Sharq 15 min 0530-2300 Cancelled?     Still on mowasalat.ae but not in route list.
3 Rolla Sq, Muweilah 25-30 min     AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017 Fridays every 15 min after 1130.
8 Rolla Sq, Sahara Mall 8-15 min   Similar to route 1 AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017  
12 Rolla Sq, National Paints 90 min 0530-2300 Cancelled? AED 5.00   Still on mowasalat.ae but not in route list.
14 Al Sharq, SHJ Airport 15-20 min   via Al Rolla Sq AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017 End at Ajman border. Fri every 10m 1300-2100.
14X Rolla Sq, Muweilah 15-20 min     AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017 Express. Fri every 10m 1300-2200.
15 Rolla Sq, SHJ Airport 30-45 min   University City AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017  
19 Al Ittihad, Ind. Area 15 90 min 0530-2300 Cancelled? AED 5.00   Still on mowasalat.ae but not in route list.
77 Muweilah, Al Saja'a (Sajaa) 40 min     AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017 Fridays every 15-30 min.
88 Rolla Sq, Al Saja'a 10-20 min     AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017 Fridays every 6 min from 1500-2130.
99 Jubail, SHJ Airport 15-20 min     AED 6.00 19 Jul 2017 Fridays 30-45 min.
  Intercity, inter-emirate            
1E Dubai, RAK           Via Jubail, Ajman, UAQ. Not STC bus.
111 SHJ Airport, Rashidiya MS 60 min 0530-2330 Al Ghusais, Sonapur AED 5-10 05 Mar 20161 Started 2010. Cancelled in 2010?
112 Jubail, Ajman 18 min 0530-2315 To Al Musala bus station in Ajman AED 5 05 Mar 20161  
113 Jubail, Dubai Rashidiya MS            
113 Rolla, Dubai Al Qusais 60 min 0600-2300 via Jubail BS, National Paints R/A AED 5-10 05 Mar 20161 Route update to Rashidiya MS
114 Jubail, Hamriya Free Zone           Not really inter-emirate, doesn't stop in Ajman?
114 Rolla, Hamriya Free Zone 60 min 0500-2300 Stops in Ajman AED 5 05 Mar 20161 Route update departs from Jubail BS?
115 Jubail, Ras Al Khaimah           Terminates halfway between UAQ and RAK?
115 Jubail, Al Nakheel RAK 60 min 0600-2300 Stops at UAQ Union R/A AED 15-20 05 Mar 20161  
116 Jubail, Khorfakkan 60 min 0500-2300 Al Dhaid, Masafi, Fujairah, Kalba, Al Sidji AED 15-25 05 Mar 20161 Started Aug 2010. Sharjah to East Coast route.
117 Jubail, Abu Dhabi 30 min 0500-2300 Does not stop in Dubai AED 25-40 05 Mar 20161 AUH Central Bus Station in Al Wahda area.
118 Jubail, Al Ain 45 min 0700-2245 Buraimi (?), Al Qattara R/A AED 30 05 Mar 20161 Operator Al Ghazal.
119 Khor Fakkan, Dibba 45 min 0530-2300 Khorfakkan, Kalba, Dibba Al Hosn AED 5-10 05 Mar 20161 East Coast only route.
120 Al Dhaid, Al Madaam 120 min 0500-2300 via Dhaid Al Hisn R/A, Al Maleha AED 5-15 05 Mar 20161 Started Aug 2010. Central Region route.
308 Jubail, Jebel Ali Ind Area 8            
313 Rolla BS, DXB Terminal 2 30 min 0530-2300 via Jubail BS, DAFZA (Al Quds St) AED 10-15 24 Feb 2017 Fri 45m intervals, 0600-2315.
313 DXB T2, Rolla BS 30 min 0645-0015     24 Feb 2017 Fri 45m intervals, 0730-0045.
  Sharjah Dubai bus routes     Operated by the RTA, not KGL or ST   05 Mar 20161  
E301 Rashidiya MS           Cancelled from 01 Feb 2011.
E304 Satwa            
E306 Al Ghubaiba 15 min 24 hrs Replaced by E306N for 1100-0500?      
E306N Al Ghubaibah 45 min 1100-0500        
E307 Deira Bus Station (?)            
E308 Jebel Ali           Cancelled from 01 Feb 2011, see ST route 308.
E309 Al Quoz     Not in ST route list from 05 Mar 20161     Cancelled from 01 Feb 2011.
? Karama Bus Station            
? Al Ghusais (Qusais)            
  • Text in grey or italics is unconfirmed, or old confirmed information but might be out of date (price, route, or timing changes).
  1. Reference www.st.gov.ae/en/transport-intercity-routes.php but unavailable since Mar 2016, and not updated since Nov 2014? Copyright notice says 2012.

Sharjah City Sightseeing tour bus

  • Hop-on-hop-off bus is not part of the Sharjah RTA public bus network.
  • Ticket prices (adult, in 2017) AED 100 for 24 hrs, AED 150 for 48 hrs.
  • These routes start and end at the Central Souq (Souk).
    • Red Route (Leisure Tour) covers downtown Sharjah, Sharjah Corniche, Al Khan Lagoon, Al Majaz, Khalid Lagoon, Al Qasba, Sharjah Aquarium, Sahara Center Mall, Safeer Mall, and Sharjah City Center Mall.
    • Green Route (Cultural Tour) covers the Heritage Area, Cultural Square, Sharjah Science Museum, Sharjah Archeology Museum, AL Mahatta Museum.
    • Blue Route (Night Tour) similar to Red Route.
  • Purple Route (Ajman Tour) links to Green Route and goes to ... erm ... Ajman.

Sayer transport cards

Sayer prepaid cards (similar to NOL cards in Dubai) can be purchased at Jubail Bus Station, and (as of Oct 2014) on buses from the driver.

  • Sayer card kiosks at other bus stations?
  • Sayer card cost is AED 5 + credit amount of AED 45, 90, or 180. Sayer card validity is 5 years.
  • Recharge or top up of Sayer cards can be done at Jubail Bus Station or on a bus, ask the driver and pay the recharge amount.
  • Registration of Sayer card can be done online at Mowasalat website. Takes 7-10 days (they say). You'll need to upload a copy of your Sayer card, and Emirates ID or passport. Note that the Mowasalat website is not secure (uses http not https) for uploads. Advantage of Sayer card registration is replacement and balance transfer if you lose it.

Rihlati trip planner

The Mowasalat website has a handy Rihlati trip planner for finding the best route to your destination, but it's a bit of a struggle to use.

  • Dates are restricted to 2-4 days in the past. If you leave default setting at current date and time, you get an error.
  • Finding correct place names is a bit hit and miss. For example searching for "Jubail bus station" gets you a "No items found" message. Try just using "Jubail".
  • It seems like you can only use it for destinations or origin points in Sharjah emirate (the main part, not East Coast destinations).
  • Jubail to Hamriya Free Zone is a simple enough journey (bus route 114 goes direct) but Rihlati recommends you catch a bus to Al Sharq, then walk 14 km through Ajman to Hamriya.
  • We also tried Sharjah to Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi with no luck.
  • There is an SMS option also, costs AED 1 per message.

Try it yourself here: pts.mowasalat.ae/tripplanner.aspx. Good luck and have a pleasant journey.

Night bus routes in Sharjah

  • There are no night bus services within Sharjah emirate. Some inter-emirate or intercity bus services operate 24 hrs.

Sharjah Airport bus routes

See Sharjah Airport page.

Bus routes to and from airport are 14, 15, 88, 99 (as of Jul 2017).

How to connect between Sharjah International Airport (SHJ) and Dubai Airport (DXB), Al Maktoum Airport (DWC), Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH), Ras Al Khaimah Airport (RKT), or Fujairah Airport (FUJ)?

Air-conditioned bus shelters in Sharjah

  • Haha, no. Bring an umbrella with inbuilt shower. You'll be lucky to find any sort of shelter. Most bus stops are just a pole with a sign listing the bus routes that stop there. But eventually all stops will or might have some shade ...
  • 30 Oct 2012 Khaleej Times report said "Sharjah Transport has built 125 out of 540 new shaded bus stops in 12 areas across the city this year so far ..."

Bus Stations in Sharjah

Main bus terminals

  • Al Jubail Bus Station. Not the same as Jubail Fish Market bus stop, although it's only a short walk between them. Mostly for inter-emirate and intercity buses, but some Sharjah routes stop there.
  • Al Rolla Park Square Bus Terminal. Most but not all Sharjah bus routes start and end here.

Other bus stations and terminals

  • Al Azra bus station - is a bus depot with staff accommodation and maintenance facilities, not a bus stop? Opened in Nov 2012.
  • Al Sharq Bus Terminal (border with Ajman).
  • Al Taawun Bus Station (new in 2015 or 2016?) (Al Tawun, Tawuun, Taawon), next to Al Taawun Shopping Mall. Reference ZAS Architects project page www.zasa.com/project/view/al-taawun-bus-terminal/.
  • Muweilah Bus Terminal (Muwailah).

Planned bus stations and depots (Nov 2012 news release)

  • Al Liyah, Al Rifaa, Al Sajaa (open when?), Al Taawun (open Apr 2016?), Industrial Area 5, Khorfakkan (East Coast), Muweilah (open when?), Wasit.

Bus depots in Sharjah

See above list of bus stations. New bus depot opened in Al Azra area Nov 2012?

Route and information updates

  • 16 Sep 2015 (Emirates 24-7): Sharjah RTA added 10 new luxury coaches on the Sharjah Dubai route. The report said "In total, eight bus routes run between Sharjah and Dubai, while one route each connects to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, with the latter connecting to Al Dhaid and Khor Fakkan en route."
  • 26 Oct 2014 (WAM): Sharjah RTA announced that Sayer cards could be purchased and reloaded on Sharjah buses, in addition to at Jubail bus station.
  • Jun 2010: Sayer prepaid transport card launched.

Bus route details

  • See table.
  • Sharjah Transport website says (or said ... site is offline since 2016?) "Sharjah Public Transport Corporation operates passenger bus services nationwide, between Sharjah City, Ras Al Khaimah, Khor Fakkan, Kalba, Fujairah, Masafi, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Hamriyah Free Zone, Dhaid, Madam, Dibba Al Hisn, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai."

Contact numbers for Sharjah bus related services are:

  • Sharjah Transport 24 hr customer relations tel 700067000 or 700-067000? Seen in 2010-2013 news reports as a toll-free number for the STC "Customer Service Centre" to handly complaints and suggestions, but not confirmed if toll-free, 24 hrs, or still valid. Toll-free numbers in UAE start with 800.
  • KGL tel 600-522282 (premium rate, not toll-free), or try landline +971-6-5046282 (but you'll probably be redirected).
    • KGL fax: +971-6-5754260, email: sharjah@kglpts.com (don't expect a reply, is old information and site is down).
  • Sharjah RTA tel 600-525252 (premium rate, not toll-free).
Last update Thursday 20-Jul-2017. Page development 4L 5C.
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  • www.mowasalat.ae - official Sharjah public bus operator website, with routes and timetables, but only within Sharjah city area, not routes to other emirates or East Coast destinations (checked Jul 2017).
  • www.st.gov.ae - official Sharjah Transport website but offline since Mar 2016? Had details of Sharjah City routes, and intercity and inter-emirates routes (checked Jul 2017).
  • www.stc.gov.ae - another Sharjah Transport website? Also unavailable (Jul 2017).
  • www.srta.gov.ae - Sharjah RTA website but limited information, and nothing about bus services (Jul 2017).


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