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Coffee shops and cafes in Dubai

Wednesday 01 April 2015 (UAE)   

Coffee shops and cafes in Dubai

List of coffee shops and cafes in Dubai, UAE (also Abu Dhabi and other emirates), and information guide to free internet wifi access and hotspots, smoking, Caffe Nero, Caribou Coffee Shop, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL), Costa Coffee, Dome, Gloria Jeans, More, Paul, Shakespeare, Starbucks, shisha cafe.

  • Cafes and coffee shops do not serve alcohol in Dubai and UAE.
  • During Ramadan almost all cafes are closed during the day. Exceptions are mostly in the Dubai free zones, and a handful of other places. See the list of cafes open during the day in Ramadan.
  • Almost all cafes are non-smoking unless they have outdoor seating. A few (fewer and fewer as time goes on) have indoor smoking areas, and some have shisha pipe smoking. Shisha (Hookah, Hubbly Bubbly) cafes allow smoking inside usually.
  • Most of the coffee shop chains serve coffee in takeaway paper cups if requested. Don't forget the cup holder - the hot cup will remind you anyway about 50 meters outside the coffee shop if you forget.
  • Many cafes have free broadband internet wireless available with a time or download limit. Otherwise most have access to a Du or Etisalat hotspot (which you have to pay for).
  • Coffee prices in Dubai - most of the coffee shop chains do a latte or cappuccino in 3 sizes for 14, 16, or 18 dirhams (2010 prices). McDonalds in Dubai do a small one for about 5 dhs, or 10 dhs in their McCafes.
  • If a cafe is more of a restaurant (Dome, LPQ, More, Paul, Shakespeare, then the coffee is the same price but in a smaller cup).
  • Since many coffee shops are located in shopping malls, car parking is available and usually free (not at DIFC free zone and other free zones in Dubai except Fridays or weekends, Mall of the Emirates except weekends, Burjuman Center Mall, and other malls located in more congested areas of Dubai).
Cafe opening times and hours in Dubai
  • Most cafes and coffee shops in Dubai have opening hours from at least 0800-2200 (8am-10pm).
  • Cafes in shopping centers might start a bit later in the mornings since shopping centers are usually not open until 1000, and close at the same time as the mall, or an hour or two later.
  • Many cafes are open until 2400 (midnight), and some until 0100, 0200, or 0300.
  • Some cafes open between 0600 and 0700 (6am-7am).
24 hr cafes in Dubai and the UAE

24 hr cafes exist but there aren't many. Most 5 star hotels, and probably 4 star, maybe 3 star hotels will have some sort of 24 hr dining or cafe style area (often in the lobby) which the general public can visit (not just exclusively for hotel guests). But for other standalone outlets try (list is incomplete) ...

  • 24 hr coffee shops in Dubai
    • La Gaufrette French Cafe in TECOM (Cayan Business Tower).
    • Park Central Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Rd (Park Central World)
    • Tim Horton's on Sheikh Zayed Road - the one near the Crowne Plaza.
    • Tim Horton's JBR The Walk.
    • Tim Horton's on Jumeirah Beach Road (the EPPCO gas station opposite Sunset Mall).
  • 24 hr coffee shops in Sharjah
    • Tim Horton's Al Majaz Waterfront

A number of fast food joints (McDonalds etc) are open 24 hrs (usually the drive-thru takeaway ones) with a dine in seating area and a cheap cup of coffee. Sheikh Zayed Road between Trade Center Roundabout and Defense Roundabout (1st interchange) has a few places like that, more on the ocean side but the desert side might also have a couple of places.

Cafe opening times during Ramadan
  • During Ramadan, most cafes will be closed until Iftar, and might remain open for extended hours later in the evenings. A handful will be open during the day - mostly cafes in the Dubai free zones, rarely anywhere else.
List of cafes in Dubai (a selection, not a complete list)
Cafe name Location Telephone Internet Food Smoking Music Outdoor Parking Coffee¹
Au Bon Pain                  
Barista Espresso Cafe several     snacks         good²
Bert's Cafe The Greens Village +971-4-3619292 free, unlim yes outside yes yes busy good
Bikers Café Jumeirah Beach Rd     yes          
Boulevard Cafe (French) Downtown Dubai   unlim good outside good yes free good
C House planned                
Cafe Bateel several   limited yes outside good some   good
Cafe Havana                 average
Caffe De Casa Gold Diamond Park +971-341-5335 hotspot good outside radio yes paid too hot
Caffe Nero several   free, lim snacks outside ok some most good
Caribou Coffee many   limited snacks outside   some   good
Coffee Bean ... CBTL several all closed hotspots good outside   some   average
Coffee Planet several +971-4-3415537              
Coffeeol several   free, lim snacks outside some some most good
Columbus Cafe                  
Costa Coffee many   free, lim snacks outside annoying some some average
Crumbs Elysee Sheikh Zayed Rd +971-4-3468899 maybe yes outside French yes yes average
Dome Cafe several     yes some nauseating some most average
Ducati Café (Caffé) The Dubai Mall +971-4-3253321              
Esquires Coffee House Jumeirah 2 +971-4-3444426 free snacks yes yes no yes good
Cafe name Location Telephone Internet Food Smoking Music Outdoor Parking Coffee¹
Gerards several   some yes yes   yes yes average
Gloria Jeans several   some free           average
Häagen-Dazs several                
Hediard Cafe                  
Il Caffe di Roma several     yes outside yes some yes small, poor
Jamaica Blue several   limited good outside annoying some yes good²
La Gaufrette Cafe several, TECOM open 24 hrs   yes good outside   some some  
La Cafette by Carpe Diem Jumeirah Town Center     yes no yes no yes average
Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) some     yes outside   some    
Local Bites Cafe Beach Rd, Umm Suqeim 1 +971-4-3885855 unlim yes outside no yes road small
Make Business Hub Dubai Marina +971-4-3929216              
Mocca Art Cafe Al Manzil, Madina?   free, unlim yes outside   yes free small
More Cafe several     yes outside   some    
Mugg and Bean Al Thanya Rd   30 min(!) yes outside yes yes yes average
PappaRoti several +971-4-4572822              
Park Central World Dubai SZR, open 24 hrs +971-4-3589777 free, unlim yes outside yes yes difficult good, small
Pastaga French Cafe Dubai Media City +971-4-4390150 yes? yes yes     no  
Paul Cafe (Pauls) several     yes outside   some   good
Cafe name Location Telephone Internet Food Smoking Music Outdoor Parking Coffee¹
Seattle's Best Coffee                  
Second Cup several               average
Shakespeare & Co several   some good some yes some most awful
Starbucks many   some snacks outside good some most good
TCHE several   free unlim yes yes   some yes too hot
The Coffee Beanery Hamrain Center   no snacks no   no   average
The Media Lounge Media City   unlim good inside good yes paid small
The Pavilion Downtown Dubai +971-4-4477025 unlim yes outside yes yes yes average
Tim Hortons Cafe many, some open 24 hrs   1 hr yes outside no some some average
Tiramisu Downtown Dubai Boulevard   unlim good outside yes yes good good
Vendome Paris Al Quoz, Oud Metha   free, unlim yes no yes no yes average
Vivel Patisserie several   no?   outside   some some too hot
  1. Our own very subjective rating of a cup of coffee - mostly reflects taste and flavor, but quantity, service, etc can affect our review a little. Based on rating Starbucks as average, which is not meant to be a criticism but just because Starbucks is so popular, we'll use them as a base reference point. We've updated Starbucks coffee rating to good, having too frequently felt a desperate urge to find the nearest Starbucks after drinking one of many mediocre or bad cups of coffee in Dubai. Take no notice if you disagree. The difference between average and good is probably subjective most of the time. By the way, Starbucks goes from average to good if an extra shot of coffee is added to the larger cups. Some cafes use powdered milk, which we think tastes horrible. Ask for proper milk if you don't like powdered milk.
  2. Especially the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, which is more expensive, but we think it's delicious.
Barista Espresso Cafe in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Cafe Bateel in Dubai and UAE
  • Dubai Bateel locations at Burjuman Centre (open March 2011?), Dubai Festival City, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Dubai Marina (across from Dubai Marina Mall, opened early 2013), Dubai Marina Walk, Dubai Media City (Business Central Towers), Mirdiff City Centre, The Dubai Mall.
  • DIFC location has excellent comfy sofas outdoors - great for relaxing in with your coffee.
  • Cake prices are expensive, rest of menu prices are about average for a posh cafe.
  • UAE website at www.bateel.ae.
Bert's Cafe Contemporain Paris
  • Berts Cafe located in The Greens village center, next to Costa Coffee. Opening times 0700-1130 every day. Good selection of food. Library (yes, really, but small), home delivery. Parking difficult or pay. Website www.berts.com (forwards to www.berts.fr).
Boulevard Cafe Downtown Dubai
  • Located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (previously called Emmar Boulevard) in Downtown Dubai (or Old Town Dubai), next to the Al Manzil Hotel. Has a pleasant view of the Burj Khalifa.
  • French cafe - French menu with good food selection (not cheap though). Shisha smoking outside. Good music (chilled French, sort of). Free underground parking. Prices higher than Starbucks, Costa Coffee, etc. But ambience and atmosphere better too.
  • Open daytime during Ramadan (in 2013).
Butlers Chocolate Cafe
  • Butlers (not Butler's?) Chocolate Cafe is an Irish coffee shop chain with plans to open stores in the UAE (and possibly other GCC countries) according to news reports in April 2012. A franchise agreement was signed with Prime Hospitality.
C House coffee shops in UAE
  • C House plans to open their first UAE coffee shop in December 2011 (in Abu Dhabi?) in partnership with MEFranchising. C House is an Italian coffee shop chain based in Milan.
Caffe Nero in Dubai
  • Caffe Nero (not Cafe Nero) locations in Dubai - DIFC Balcony Precinct Building 2 (open September 2010, opening hours 0700-2200), Dubai Festival City, Dubai Marina Mall, Green Community Motor City (open 2010), Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) Almas Tower (Al Mas? Open September 2010, opening times 0630-2130), Mirdif City Centre, The Dubai Mall (first Nero Caffe in Dubai - open 2009),
  • Caffe Nero also in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Al Hamra Mall, and Al Ain.
  • Caffè Nero franchise holder in UAE is Al Tayer Trends - General Manager is Mike Hoff (11 October 2010 press release).
  • Food menu items include Low Fat Blackberry & Bran Muffin, Low Fat Cranberry Slice, Tuna & Cannelini Bean Salad, Chicken & Red Pesto Orzo Pasta Salad, Tuna Niçoise Salad, Superfruit Booster Bar, Spiced Apple & Pecan Muffin, Date & Walnut Slice, Apple Crumble, Croque Monsieur, Panini breads, croissants.
  • Drinks include coffee, tea, cold drinks.
  • Free wifi internet at most or all branches, some only 25 mins access before it cuts out though.
Caribou Coffee in Dubai and UAE
  • Most locations have free wifi internet access (usually limit of 60-90 minutes).
  • Caribou Coffee locations in Dubai - Al Ghurair Center, Arabian Center Al Mizhar, Dubai Academic City, Dubai Festival City food court, Dubai International Financial Center DIFC Gate building (no free internet), Garhoud Views, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Al Murjan (plaza level, outdoor seating), Mirdiff City Center next to Borders Book Shop, Motor City (Motorcity Dubai) (open 0630-2300 daily), Oasis Center Mall Borders Bookshop (closed July 2010), Saleh Bin Laheej Building, Souk Al Bahar (outdoor seating), Southridge Downtown Dubai WS 01, The Dubai Mall LG and second floor, The Greens Arno building, Times Square Sheikh Zayed Road (hot in summer with the draught from the main doors opening and closing), UP House Deira, Uptown Mirdiff, Village Center Jumeirah 1 (outside seating), Wafi Center
  • Large selection of iced and hot coffee and tea drinks.
  • Food selection is cookies, cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory, croissants, muffins, panini sandwiches, salads, pies, quiches.
  • Sometimes special offers of coffee and sandwich for 20-30 dirhams.
  • Caribou Coffee locations in Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Marina Mall
  • Caribou Coffee locations in Sharjah - Al Durrah, Qanat Al Qasba (outdoor seating)
  • Delivery available in most locations.
  • Email guestcare@cariboucoffee-me.com.
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) in Dubai
  • Aug 2013 - all CBTL locations in Dubai closed? Not confirmed but if correct, that's a shame - they had the best food-price combination of any coffee shop chain in Dubai.
  • Snacks and good value meals (pasta, salad, breakfast) available. Cakes are better prices than most other coffee shop chains such as Cafe Bateel, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, etc (and just as tasty or tastier). Food rating is "good" not because it's a Michelin class restaurant but because it's great value for what it is - for breakfast or dinner you can get something decent cheaply, instead of just an expensive sandwich as found in many other cafes.
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) locations in Dubai - Downtown Dubai Old Town Dubai near Souk Al Manzil (closed Aug 2013?), Jumeirah 1 (outdoor seating) (closed - became a Tim Hortons), Jumeirah 2 (outdoor seating) (closed), Mall of the Emirates.
Coffee Planet in Dubai, UAE, Oman
  • Coffee Planet is a coffee bean supplier to hotels and restaurants in the UAE. They also have several retail outlets in the UAE.
  • Many service stations have a Coffee Planet coffee making machine in them (ADNOC in Abu Dhabi and other emirates, EPPCO and ENOC in Dubai, Shell in Oman).
  • Locations of Coffee Planet stores supplying coffee and food include:
    • ADCP Building, 7th Street, Abu Dhabi
    • Al Mas Tower (48th floor), Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
    • API World Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
    • Silver Wave Building (planned), Meena Region (Mina?), Abu Dhabi
    • Wollongong University, Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Coffeol is a coffee shop chain with locations in Thailand, Romania, UAE (only Dubai as of mid 2013?).
  • Coffeeol locations in Dubai:
    • Al Garhoud Private Hospital, Al Garhood, ground floor and third floor. Tel +971-4-4545123.
    • Al Wasl Square Jumeirah (Al Safa, opposite Safa Park), Block 8 Unit S33 (next to Tim Hortons). Open 0700-2400 daily? Maybe to 0100 in weekends? Tel +971-4-3306640.
    • American University in Dubai, The Center Building, Level 2 food court. Tel +971-4-3992442.
    • Dubai Festival City, Paris Gallery, ground floor (?).
    • Emaar Boulevard, Burj Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1. Tel +971-4-4584185. Free parking round the back (follow Restuarants Parking signs into the carpark building). Opening hours 0700-2200 Sun-Wed, 0700-2400 Thu-Sat.
    • The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue, ground floor. Tel +971-4-4572337.
    • University of Wollongong in Dubai, second floor, Knowledge Village Block 15 (?).
  • Coffeeol website at www.coffeol.com. Email info@coffeol.com.
Costa Coffee
  • Large chain of coffee shops, there's one in most malls, and many other locations around Dubai.
  • But why oh why do they play the same music CD over and over again?
Crumbs Elysee Dubai
  • Crumbs Elysee Cafe (Cafe de Provence) open February 2011. Website www.crumbselysee.com not available. Food menu good for meals, prices reasonable. Coffee and cake prices expensive. Opening hours 0630-2400 daily.
  • Location next to Reem Al Bawadi Cafe on ocean side of Sheikh Zayed Road between Noor Bank and First Gulf Bank (FGB) stations on the Dubai Metro (FGB is closer but still a long walk), opposite Times Square shopping mall.
  • Quaint place with pleasant French decor but in an odd location. Needs a beach, lake, or river out the front, not a motorway.
Dome Cafe
  • Some people might be a fan of love songs replayed by pan flutes, guitars, or woodwind quartets, but a constant torrent of it is just as nauseating as death metal played in the Dubai Metro or at a baby's christening.
  • Coffee is not bad, a larger cup option would be nice. Food is good, you won't feel sick after eating it ... unless you stay and listen to the music for too long.
Ducati Caffé (Café)
  • First Ducati Cafe open in The Dubai Mall - Ground Floor opposite the Dubai Mall Ice Rink. Opening date in May or June 2012?
  • Tel +971-4-3253321, email dc.tdm@ducaticaffeuae.com, website www.ducaticaffeuae.com.
Esquires Coffee House
  • Esquires Coffee House is a Canadian coffee shop chain, established in Vancouver in 1993, with branches in Australia (?), Canada, China, Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), UK, USA (?).
  • Jumeirah location closed December 2011. A second coffee shop opening in Abu Dhabi January 2012?
  • Locations in Jumeirah 2, Dubai (open January 2010?), and Mamoura Building B on Muroor Road Abu Dhabi (open June 2010?) (tel +971-2-6437211).
  • Jumeirah Dubai opening hours 0900-2400 daily. Changed to 0700-2300 in February 2011.
  • More locations planned in the UAE?
  • Ask for normal milk if you don't like coffee made with powdered milk (yuk).
  • Downtown Dubai - Burj Plaza area, free wifi internet, free parking nearby (Car Park 1 off Emaar Boulevard), open 0800-2300 (weekdays) or 2400 (weekends).
  • Jumeirah - next to Magrudy's.
  • Abu Dhabi Airport?
Gloria Jean's Coffees in UAE
  • Most larger UAE shopping malls have a Gloria Jeans.
  • Free one hour wireless connection with drink purchases.
  • Sometimes special offers - coffee plus cake or coffee plus sandwich for 20-30 dirhams sort of thing.
Häagen-Dazs cafes in UAE
  • Abu Dhabi - first Häagen-Dazs cafe in Abu Dhabi opened in the Dalma Mall, Mussafah in Nov or Dec 2013?
Il Caffe di Roma in UAE
  • Drinks include the usual range of soft drinks, tea, lavazza coffee, hot chocolate. Also available fruit juice milkshakes. Coffees are way too small though for serious caffeine addicts.
  • Food includes ice cream, main courses, pasta, pastries, panini sandwiches, salads, soup.
  • Breakfast buffet Friday and Saturday from 0800-1130.
  • Opening hours 0700-midnight?
  • Il Cafe di Roma in Abu Dhabi locations - Abu Dhabi Marina Mall.
  • Il Caffe di Roma in Dubai locations - City Walk Al Safa area (open Nov 2013?), Deira City Center, The Walk at JBR (free wifi, outdoor seating), in Bahar opposite The Hilton (tel +971-4-8105555).
Jamaica Blue
  • Blue Mountain coffee is delicious but 2-3 times the price of normal coffee, normal coffee still pretty good.
  • Good food selection - better than your average Starbucks or Costa Coffee sandwich.
Jamaica Blue Cafes Dubai
  • Downtown Dubai Burj Plaza area (next to the Palace Hotel), off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (Emaar Boulevard) - walk down the steps towards the Burj Khalifa, same area as Gerard's and Loui's (Louie's) cafes. Open early 2013? Underground parking nearby, outdoor area, open 0800-2400 (Iftar to 2400 or 0100 during Ramadan). Tel +971-4-3608536.
  • Ibn Battuta Mall, Tunisia Court, near Geant hypermarket. Tel +971-4-3685615. Opened in 2009?
  • Al Wasl - Jumeirah, Medcare Hospital Jumeirah, opposite Safa Park Gate 1, behind Al Wasl Square, off Al Hadiqa Rd. Tel +971-4-4079153.
  • Al Wasl - Jumeirah, Medcare Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, Matloob Building, Street 9B or 22A, other side of Sheikh Zayed Rd from Dubai Refreshments, near Interchange 2 (Safa Park Interchange). Tel +971-4-3768569.
Jamaica Blue Cafe Abu Dhabi
  • Al Raha Beach, Aldar headquarters building, basement 2. Tel +971-2-5563515.
Jamaica Blue Cafe Al Ain
  • Wahat Hili Shopping Mall - open Sep 2013.
La Gaufrette French Cafes
  • La Gaufrette Cafe - French coffee shops, or coffee shops with a French name, managed by Byblos Hospitality. First opened in 1991? Catering services, takeaway, home and office delivery available.
  • Good food selection with resonable prices. Decent breakfast menu, gaufre (waffles), crepes, salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, pasta, fish, steak, chicken, kid's menu, cakes, desserts. Several locations in Dubai including:
    • La Gaufrette Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 4.
    • La Gaufrette Deira - in Deira City Center, 1st floor. Tel +971-4-2950073.
    • La Gaufrette Dubai Marina - in the Silverene Tower (open Feb 2013?). Tel +971-4-4421046.
    • La Gaufrette TECOM - in the Cayan Business Tower, open 24 hours daily. Also has shisha smoking (but not inside)? Tel +971-4-4572327.
  • Contact information:
    • La Gaufrette Dubai head office tel +971-4-3388820, email info@lagaufrette.com, office location Al Quoz.
    • Byblos Hospitality, Tel +971-4-3460111, fax +971-4-3460333, email info@bybloshospitality.com, website www.lagaufrette.com.
Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ)
  • Le Pain Quotidien locations in Dubai - Mall of the Emirates Fashion Dome, Sheikh Zayed Road outside Dubai Metro Financial Station (outdoor seating but noisy), JBR The Walk Bahar (Plaza Level), JBR The Walk Rimal
Little More Cafes Dubai
  • Dubai Marina Mall, ground floor.
  • Little More and More Cafe are two different franchise operations, with the same overall owner? Which probably explains why they look the same and have similar names. Menus are different though.
Make Business Hub
  • Make Business Hub is more of a cafe based entrepreneurial office spot with workstations rather than sofas. Opened in January 2012 (official launch in February 2012).
  • Opening times 0800-2200 daily. Located in Al Fattan House, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Email info@makebusinesshub.com, website www.makebusinesshub.com.
  • Customers expected to purchase AED 25 worth of food or drink (or both) per hour.
Mocca Art Cafe
  • Locations - Madina Mall Al Ghusais? Al Manzil Souk Old Town Dubai. Comments apply to Souq Manzil location. Coffee nice but tiny servings, only one size available although online menu says three sizes?
More Cafes Dubai
  • Locations include - Al Murooj, DIFC (open during Ramadan), Gold and Diamond Park (open during Ramadan).
  • Good food selection, reasonable prices. More (haha) of a cafe-restaurant than a coffee shop like Starbucks etc.
Mugg and Bean Dubai, UAE
  • Free internet wifi but only for 30 mins, good food menu (breakfast, sandwiches, salads, dinner, etc) but some prices a bit high for a cafe, coffee about the same as Starbucks. Bottomless cups of house blend coffee. Comfortable tables and chairs for working at. UAE locations:
    • Abu Dhabi:
      • Abu Dhabi Mall, tel +971-2-6454232
      • Al Wahda Mall, tel +971-2-4439395, open October 2012.
      • Khalidiya Spinneys, tel +971-2-6812149
      • Mushrif Mall, +971-2-4914428
      • Mussafah Al Masaod Automobiles, tel +971-2-5550570
      • Khalifa City A - Etihad Plaza, tel +971-2-5568710
    • Sharjah: Sharjah Mega Mall, tel +971-6-5747470.
    • Dubai:
      • Al Thanya Shopping Center Mall on Al Thanya Road, Dubai (where Waitrose Jumeirah Umm Suqeim is), open August 2013. Opening times 0800-2230 or 2300 (both figures seen, probably 2300), tel +971-4-3382356.
      • Deira City Center Dubai, BinHendi Avenue (closed?).
      • Dubai Bowling Center, tel +971-4-3385527 (closed?).
      • Dubai Festival City, tel +971-4-2326360 (closed?).
      • Uptown Mirdif, Mirdiff, tel +971-4-2880612 (closed?).
    • RAK - Al Hamra Shopping Center Ras Al Khaimah (closed?).
  • Mugg & Bean is a South African based cafe chain (or sort of casual dining restaurant). UAE franchise or partner is Abdulla Al Masaood and Sons, tel +971-2-5563643. UAE website www.muggandbeanuae.com (no website available though when checked - Oct 2013). Email address info@muggandbeanuae.com. Facebook page at "mnbuae".
  • Mugg & Bean cafes in the UAE were under a different franchise - Bin Hendi? Or just in Dubai and Northern Emirates? Information not clear - Bin Hendi Muggs & Beans are or were at Deira City Center (Bin Hendi Fashion Avenue), Dubai Bowling Center, Dubai Festival City, Uptown Mirdiff ... until 2010 or 2011? Unclear information about Al Hamra RAK store.
PappaRoti (Pappa Roti)
  • Get a Roti bread with your (small) cafe latte or other drink selection. The fresh bun is nice.
  • PappaRoti started in Malaysia in 2003, as of 2012 has coffee shops in China, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, UAE. UAE locations include:
    • Dubai - Sunset Mall (Jumeirah), The Dubai Mall, Union Co-op Al Ghusais/Al Twar
    • Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Khalidiya, Masdar City, Mushrif Mall, Qariyat Al Beri Resort
    • Ajman - Al Muroor Rd
    • Al Ain - Al Ain Mall, Al Bawadi Mall, Al Jimi Mall
    • Ras Al Khaimah - Al Manar Mall
    • Sharjah - Sharjah Corniche, Sharjah Mega Mall
  • UAE franchise holder PappaRoti General Trading LLC, email info@papparoti.ae, website www.papparoti.ae.
Park Central Dubai, Park Central World Cafe
  • Cafe, workspace, restaurant, delicatessen, art gallery (small space to showcase artists). Good place, but difficult to find a car park during the day and evenings. Delivery and takeaway menu.
  • Open 24 hours every day. Website www.parkcentralworld.com, email hello@parkcentralworld.com, tel +971-4-358 9777.
  • Location is ground floor of Park Place Tower on Sheikh Zayed Rd, take the first SZR slip road after Trade Center roundabout, go past the Fairmont Hotel... Or cross SZR from the World Trade Center metro station on the Red Line.
Pastaga Cafe & Bread
  • Pastaga in the Business Central Towers (just off Sheikh Zayed Road), Dubai Media City. Open plan French food, separate a/c smoking section, wifi available (but no power sockets)? Tel +971-4-4390150 (delivery available). Opening times 0700-2000 (might be closed Fridays).
  • Swiss rather than French ownership or management? Is a member of the Swiss Business Council (SBC) in the UAE?
  • First one opened September 2010 in DMC, another 18 locations planned in the UAE by 2015 (We will open 18 coffee shop in 5 years in UAE. The first coffee shop will open in September 2010 in Media City. - CEO Serge Marx on SBC UAE website)?
Paul Cafe in Dubai
Shakespeares (Shakespeare and Co) Dubai and UAE
  • Funky Victorian (or Edwardian or something) themed cafes with lace curtains and frilly cushions in a variety of pastel shades and colors. Cool places to visit - very different from any other cafe you'll see in Dubai.
  • Shisha smoking (outside) at Souk Al Bahar, Umm Suqueim Park and Shop, Beach Road Jumeirah 1 locations.
  • Good food but horrible coffee (cafe latte way too hot and tastes like milk not coffee - try Caffe Nero or Bateel for a decent latte). But the included cakes and biscuits are nice.
Starbucks in Dubai
  • Starbucks on Jumeirah Beach Rd - Umm Suqeim area - has a drivethru (and dine-in) facility (open Jan 2013?), the first drive-through coffee shop in the UAE? Brings the total number of Starbucks cafes in the UAE to just over 100 (103 according to the press release 07 Jan 2013). Drive-thru open during Ramadan (2013) for takeaways only during the day, dine-in open after Iftar.
  • Starbucks in the UAE started offering free internet wifi with purchases from mid to late 2012, and most branches should have a Du or Etisalat wireless hotspot available. Time limit 1 hour per purchase, and they're often a bit fussy about that - ask for another wifi token but you might be told you're supposed to buy something else (most other coffee shops seem to happily hand out new tokens as often as you want them).
  • Starbucks in Dubai locations include - most shopping malls in Dubai, DIFC, Downtown Dubai (Old Town next to the Fitness Center behind Manzil Hotel, and The Residences Burj Plaza area - might be at the base of Tower 1 or 3), Dubai Motorcity, Emaar Square, JBR The Walk Rimal backside (outdoor seating, open 0600-0030), JBR The Walk Rimal frontside (outdoor seating), JBR The Walk Bahar (Plaza level), JBR The Walk Sadaf (outdoor seating), JBR The Walk Shams (outdoor seating), JBR The Walk (outdoor seating), Jumeirah 3 on Sinyar Rd opposite the Jumeirah Model Girls School (bit of an obscure location, open late 2012 or early 2013?), Jumeirah Beach Rd (opposite Jumeirah Mosque in the Palm Strip Mall, opposite Jumeirah Beach Park in the Beach Park Plaza, Umm Suqiem), Sheikh Zayed Road (3 or 4 between Trade Center and Defense interchanges), Umm Suqeim Spinneys Center.
  • Starbucks timings are usually from between 0600-0800 in the morning to between 2200-2400 in the evening. A few are open later (Sheikh Zayed Road until 0200 or 0300), and some close earlier (DIFC). Some might be closed on Fridays and/or Saturdays (DIFC, Dubai Media City?).
  • Several locations in Dubai - Emaar Boulevard, Jumeirah Beach Rd opposite Jumeirah Beach Park (?).
  • Emaar Boulevard - outdoor area, parking underneath (but complicated to find), free internet not time limited, good food selection, inside smoking area. Coffee too hot, service too slow, English not very well understood. Has shisha smoking at some or all locations?
The Pavilion (The Pavillion) Downtown Dubai
  • A cafe, restaurant, art gallery, library (sort of) on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (Emaar Boulevard renamed). A popular location for work and study atmosphere in a coffee shop. Open 1000-2400 daily. Closed in Jul 2013 for Ramadan 2013 ... closure extended indefinitely for renovation ... reopened end of 2013. No longer an art gallery but still a cafe.
Tim Hortons UAE (Tim Hortons Cafe and Bakeshop)
  • Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop store locations in the UAE (opening date in brackets if known).
    • Abu Dhabi Tim Hortons: Abu Dhabi Mall (March 2013?), Abu Dhabi Municipality (open late 2013?), ADNOC Abu Dhabi Dubai highway exit 38, Al Raha Mall (open late 2013?), Al Seef Village (open late 2013?), Al Wahda Mall, Al Yasat Tower (Al Najda St), Dalma Mall, Deerfields Town Square Mall (open late 2013?), Emirates Aluminium (Emal), Etisalat Head Office, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi (open late 2013?), Mushrif Mall.
    • Dubai Tim Hortons: Al Wasl Square (open 0700-0300 daily, open Nov 2012), Deira City Center, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI, open late 2013?), Dubai Marinascape (Avant Tower? Dubai Marina), Dubai Outlet Mall (Inflight Dubai, Dubai Al Ain Road?), Ibn Battuta Mall (open late 2013?), J3 Mall Umm Suqeim (Al Wasl Rd), JBR The Walk (open 24 hrs, open Apr 2012?), Jumeirah Beach Rd EPPCO station (opposite Sunset Mall Jumeira, open 24 hrs, open Sep 2013), Jumeirah Center (Beach Road), Jumeirah Park Community Center (Q3 2013?), Meadows Town Center, Sheikh Zayed Road No. 1 Tower Suites (2011? Open 24 hrs from Jun 2012?), Sheikh Zayed Road Latifa Tower (open 24 hrs - not confirmed?), The Dubai Mall (LG floor near fountains, 2nd floor).
    • Al Ain Tim Hortons: Al Jimi Mall (open late 2013?), Shabat Plaza (open late 2013?).
    • Al Garbia (Western Region of Abu Dhabi) Tim Hortons: Ruwais Shopping Mall (open late 2013?).
    • Fujairah Tim Hortons (Fujeirah): Century Safeer Mall Fujairah, Fujairah City Center.
    • Ras Al Khaimah Tim Hortons:
    • Sharjah Tim Hortons: Al Majaz Waterfront Buhaira Corniche (Shurooq, 08 May 2012, open 24 hrs from Jun 2012?), Matajer Juraina, Matajer Mirgab Mall, Sahara Center Mall.
  • First Tim Hortons in Dubai opened in 2011 (?) on Sheikh Zayed Road (ocean side) next to Starbucks, near the Financial Center metro station.
  • The first Tim Hortons store in the Middle East is expected to open in the new Mushriff Mall in Abu Dhabi in April 2011 - Deputy Manager of Mushrif Mall, Siddharth Khanna, said "... we are looking forward to hosting Tim Hortons here," (The National 03 February 2011).
  • Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee shop chain with several thousand stores across North America. UAE management by Apparel Group in Dubai.
  • Website www.appareluae.com/timhortons.html, with list of Tim Horton's stores in the UAE.
  • Tim Hortons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at TIMHORTONSGCC.
Tim Hortons in other GCC countries
  • Kuwait - The Avenues.
  • Oman - Muscat City Center, Muscat Grand Mall.
  • Qatar - Ezdan Mall.
Vendome Paris (Vendome Boulangerie)

Looks a bit like Paul's Cafe inside.

  • Al Quoz main branch: Corner 4th St and 25A St, behind Gold and Diamond Park and Al Barsha RTA traffic department, near FGB metro station (short walk), Al Quoz Industrial Area 3. No outdoor seating. Open 0700-2000 (7am-8pm) daily. Tel +971-4-3415635.
  • Oud Metha branch: Next to Alliance Francaise. Open 0730-2000 (7:30am-8pm) Sat-Thu, closed Fri. Tel +971-4-3348068.
Vivel Patisserie
  • Vivel Patisserie is a chain of luxury confectionery shops - chocolate, sweets, biscuits, dates, Turkish Delight (good place to get some if you're looking for that - although not cheap).
  • Some locations serve coffee (Beach Road, Dubai Marina Mall, not Madinat Jumeirah). The Jumeirah Beach Road location (in La Plage Apartments) serves food (sandwiches, breakfast).
  • Abu Dhabi - Khalidiya Road (Khalidiyah Rd) tel +971-2-6667338.
  • Al Ain - Bawadi Mall tel +971-3-7840554, Hilton Road tel +971-3-7666012.
  • Dubai - Arabian Center Mirdiff tel +971-4-2845535, Dubai Marina Mall +971-4-4211862 (serves coffee?), Jumeirah Beach Rd tel +971-4-3443232 (serves drinks and food, open for takeaways only during Ramadan), Madinat Jumeirah +971-4-3686006 (serves coffee?), The Dubai Mall tel +971-4-3253163 (serves coffee?).
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