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Coffee shops and cafes in Dubai

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Coffee shops and cafes in Dubai

List of coffee shops and cafes in Dubai, UAE (also Abu Dhabi and other emirates), and information guide to free internet wifi access and hotspots, smoking, Caffe Nero, Caribou Coffee Shop, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL), Costa Coffee, Dome, Gloria Jeans, More, Paul, Shakespeare, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, shisha cafe.

Cafe opening times and hours in Dubai

24 hr cafes in Dubai and the UAE

24 hr cafes exist but there aren't many. Most 5 star hotels, and probably 4 star, maybe 3 star hotels will have some sort of 24 hr dining or cafe style area (often in the lobby) which the general public can visit (not just exclusively for hotel guests). But for other standalone outlets try (list is incomplete) ...

A number of fast food joints (McDonalds etc) are open 24 hrs (usually the drive-thru takeaway ones) with a dine in seating area and a cheap cup of coffee. Sheikh Zayed Road between Trade Center Roundabout and Defense Roundabout (1st interchange) has a few places like that, more on the ocean side but the desert side might also have a couple of places.

Cafe opening times during Ramadan

List of cafes in Dubai (a selection, not a complete list)

Cafe name Location Telephone Internet Food Smoking Music Outdoor Parking Coffee¹
Au Bon Pain                  
Barista Espresso Cafe several     snacks         good²
Bert's Cafe The Greens Village +971-4-3619292 free, unlim yes outside yes yes busy good
Bikers Café Jumeirah Beach Rd     yes          
Boulevard Cafe (French) Downtown Dubai Closed unlim good outside good yes free good
C House planned                
Cafe Bateel several   limited yes outside good some   good
Cafe Havana                 average
Caffe Bene CityWalk 2   free, unlim yes outside limited yes free good
Caffe De Casa Gold Diamond Park +971-341-5335 hotspot good outside radio yes paid too hot
Caffe Nero several   free, lim snacks outside ok some most average
Caribou Coffee many   limited snacks outside   some   good
Coffee Bean ... CBTL several all closed hotspots good outside   some   average
Coffee Planet several +971-4-3415537              
Coffeeol several   free, lim snacks outside some some most good
Columbus Cafe                  
Costa Coffee many   free, lim snacks outside annoying some some average
Crumble Cafe Dubai Mall metro   unlim good shisha yes no yes* good*
Crumbs Elysee Sheikh Zayed Rd +971-4-3468899 maybe yes outside French yes yes average
Dome Cafe several     yes some nauseating some most average
Ducati Café (Caffé) The Dubai Mall +971-4-3253321              
Esquires Coffee House Jumeirah 2 +971-4-3444426 free snacks yes yes no yes good
Cafe name Location Telephone Internet Food Smoking Music Outdoor Parking Coffee¹
Gerards several   some yes yes   yes yes average
Gloria Jeans several   some free           average
Häagen-Dazs several                
Hediard Cafe                  
Il Caffe di Roma several     yes outside yes some yes small, poor
Jamaica Blue several   limited good outside annoying some yes good²
La Brioche AUH, DXB, AAN +971-4-3387110 1 hr good outside   some some good
La Gaufrette Cafe several, TECOM open 24 hrs   yes good outside   some some  
La Cafette by Carpe Diem Jumeirah Town Center     yes no yes no yes average
Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) some     yes outside   some    
Local Bites Cafe Beach Rd, Umm Suqeim 1 +971-4-3885855 unlim yes outside no yes road small
Make Business Hub Dubai Marina +971-4-3929216              
Mikel Cafe several   90 min yes some yes yes usually good
Mocca Art Cafe Al Manzil, Madina?   free, unlim yes outside   yes free small
More Cafe several     yes outside   some    
Mugg and Bean Al Thanya Rd   30 min(!) yes outside yes yes yes average
Nestle Toll House     yes some outside   some usually good
Own Cafe JLT Cluster I +971-4-4413519 2 hrs yes shisha Karaoke yes 3 hrs small
PappaRoti several +971-4-4572822              
Park Central World Dubai SZR, open 24 hrs +971-4-3589777 free, unlim yes outside yes yes difficult good, small
Pastaga French Cafe Dubai Media City +971-4-4390150 yes? yes yes     no  
Paul Cafe (Pauls) several     yes outside   some   good
Cafe name Location Telephone Internet Food Smoking Music Outdoor Parking Coffee¹
Seattle's Best Coffee shopping malls                
Second Cup several               average
Shakespeare & Co several   free, unlim good some yes some most awful
Starbucks many   some snacks outside good some most good
TCHE TCHE several   free unlim yes yes   some yes too hot, small
The Coffee Beanery Hamrain Center   no snacks no   no   average
The Media Lounge Media City   unlim good inside good yes paid small
The Pavilion Downtown Dubai +971-4-4477025 unlim yes outside yes yes yes average
Tim Hortons Cafe many, some open 24 hrs   1 hr yes outside no some some good
Tiramisu Downtown Dubai Boulevard   unlim good outside yes yes good good
Vendome Paris Al Quoz, Oud Metha   free, unlim yes no yes no yes average
Vintage Chocolate Lounge Dubai Mall   poor snacks no no no yes average
Vivel Patisserie several   no?   outside   some some too hot

*See more notes under cafe name headings below.

  1. Our own very subjective rating of a cup of coffee - mostly reflects taste and flavor, but quantity, service, etc can affect our review a little. Based on rating Starbucks as average, which is not meant to be a criticism but just because Starbucks is so popular, we'll use them as a base reference point. We've updated Starbucks coffee rating to good, having too frequently felt a desperate urge to find the nearest Starbucks after drinking one of the many mediocre or bad cups of coffee in Dubai. Take no notice if you disagree. The difference between average and good is probably subjective most of the time. By the way, Starbucks goes from average to good if an extra shot of coffee is added to the larger cups. Some cafes use powdered milk, which we think tastes horrible. Ask for proper milk if you don't like powdered milk.
  2. Especially the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, which is more expensive, but we think it's delicious.

Barista Espresso Cafe in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Cafe Bateel in Dubai and UAE

Bert's Cafe Contemporain Paris

[Closed Jun 2015] Boulevard Cafe Downtown Dubai

Butlers Chocolate Cafe

C House coffee shops in UAE

Caffe Nero in Dubai

Caribou Coffee in Dubai and UAE

[All closed] Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) in Dubai

Coffee Planet in Dubai, UAE, Oman


Costa Coffee

[Closed in 2016?] Crumble Cafe Downtown Dubai

Crumbs Elysee Dubai

Dome Cafe

Ducati Caffé (Café)

Esquires Coffee House


Gloria Jean's Coffees in UAE

Häagen-Dazs cafes in UAE

Il Caffe di Roma in UAE

Jamaica Blue

One of our favorite coffee shops but good luck trying to find one. They seem to pick obscure locations like near the back door of a car park (Downtown Burj Dubai) or in hospitals. At least the one in Ibn Battuta Mall is easy to find.

Jamaica Blue Cafe Abu Dhabi

Jamaica Blue Cafe Al Ain

Jamaica Blue Cafes Dubai

La Brioche French cafes (last update 21 Aug 2015)

La Gaufrette French Cafes

Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ)

Little More Cafes Dubai

Make Business Hub

Mikel Coffee Company

Mocca Art Cafe

More Cafes Dubai

Mugg and Bean Dubai, UAE

Nestle Toll House cafes

PappaRoti (Pappa Roti)

[Closed?] Park Central Dubai, Park Central World Cafe

Pastaga Cafe & Bread

Paul Cafe in Dubai

Shakespeares (Shakespeare and Co) Dubai and UAE

Branches (as of Jan 2016)

International branches in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, USA.

Website at Domain forwarded.

Opening times 0700-2400 (midnight) daily ... at all branches? SZR was open until 0100 or 0200 previously?

Starbucks in Dubai

TCHETCHE (Tche Tche)

The Pavilion (The Pavillion) Downtown Dubai

Tim Hortons UAE (Tim Hortons Cafe and Bakeshop)

Tim Hortons UAE and GCC history and timeline

Tim Hortons in other GCC countries (updated May 2017)

Vendome Paris (Vendome Boulangerie)

Looks a bit like Paul's Cafe inside.

Vintage Chocolate Lounge

Vivel Patisserie

Best cafes for working at

Meetings, working on internet, study, doing homework, writing books. For us that means quiet, good seats and tables, good internet, power sockets available for laptops and smartphones, convenient parking or metro access. Cafes in shopping malls aren't usually the best option since they are often noisy and busy, and more chance of screaming children running around. The occasional ones we've found don't seem to stay open, presumably because not enough business, for example the Starbucks in BHS Mall of the Emirates, the Caribou in Borders Oasis Center (Borders closed too).

Unfortunately that often means finding cafes which are not so busy, as in unfortunate for them because less business means they struggle financially to stay open.

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