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Oasis Center Dubai

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

Oasis Centre in Dubai

The Oasis Center in Dubai (OCD) (Al Waha Mall or Center) was a new shopping mall in April 1999 with a large Home Centre, and handy location on Sheikh Zayed Road for residents in Al Quoz, Downtown Dubai, Al Safa, Al Wasl, Jumeirah areas. The mall burnt down in September 2005 but was rebuilt and reopened on 29 March 2009. The new Oasis Centre is bigger and better with expansion from 1 to 4 levels of shopping and four times as much shopping area. Location is on the desert side of Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR) in Al Quoz 1 community between the Safa Park and Manara Road interchanges (2nd and 3rd junctions), on the corner of SZR and 315 Rd (Al Waha Street or Hajar Road). Sometimes referred to or marked on maps as Al Waha Mall or Al Waha Shopping Mall, but not Al Wahda Mall (which is in Abu Dhabi).

The Oasis Center is not really near a metro station. The mall is between the two stations on the Dubai Metro Red Line with the largest gap between them - Business Bay station and Noor Islamic Bank station. If you really want to walk, the nearest metro station is Noor Bank (about 30 minutes walk), or take a short taxi ride to save yourself from sweating a bucket in the summer. Walking (or driving for that matter) from Business Bay station is impractical because there's a motorway junction at Safa Park to navigate around.

Oasis Center Opening Hours

  Shopping Mall Carrefour Express Food Court
Saturday to Wednesday 1000-2200 (10am-10pm) 0900-2400 (9am-12am) 1000-2200 (10am-10pm)
Thursday, Friday 1000-2400 (10am-12am) 0900-2400 (9am-12am) 1000-2400 (10am-12am)

Oasis Center Dubai new stores, updates, news

  • 08 Nov 2013 - new TESCO budget clothing store, F&F, opened in the Oasis Centre.
  • 28 Oct 2013 (Gulf News) - Oasis Centre management has contracted Callision Consulting (who?? not found) to advise them on a new look, an upgrade, or renovation, or something for the Oasis Center in Dubai. Odd news report, no further information found or supplied.

New Oasis Centre March 2009

  • Oasis Centre area 130,000 square meters (1.4 million square ft), GLA 90,000 sq m (1 million sq ft).
  • Oasis Centre has about 77 shops, including Carrefour Express, Centrepoint, E-Max electronics, Home Centre, Max, Q Home Décor.
  • Oasis Center services include Fitness First for women only.
  • Development cost about AED 900 million (US$245m).
  • Owner and developer is Landmark Group.
  • Glass dome in the roof is reportedly the largest in the Middle East, but looks smaller than the one in Mall of the Emirates.
  • Construction of the new center began near the end of 2006 and the mall was ready to open in March 2009.
  • The new Oasis Center mall was first announced in February 2006, with plans for 50,000 sq meters of shops, 20,000 sq m of office space, 4 or 5 levels, 1600 car parks on 3 basement levels, and completion sometime in early 2008. Obviously, figures and dates were revised.
  • Correct spelling of the mall's name is probably "Oasis Centre" but some press releases say "Oasis Center". We'd say call it what you like and talk about something else.
  • Oasis Center contact details: tel +971-4-5154000, fax +971-4-5154001.
  • Mailing address: PO Box 103641, Dubai, UAE.

New Oasis Center list of shops

Anchor stores and large shops include:

  • BHS - closed July 2010.
  • Brands - opening announced 13 December 2010, area about 12,000 sq feet. Fashion clothing and cosmetics store.
  • Carrefour Express - mini-hypermarket (is that an oxymoron?). Opening date early April 2009.
  • Centrepoint - sort of department store with Babyshop, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart, Splash.
  • Daiso - a Japanese department store, open December 2009.
  • Emax (E-max) - elctronics and home appliances, the Oasis Centre store is one of the bigger ones.
  • The Home Centre - a large furniture shop with cheap stuff, like IKEA but they assemble it for you.
  • Max - clothes shop for men and women.
  • New Look - clothes for everyone.
  • Q Home Decor - like the Home Centre but more ostentatious, and more expensive.

Shop list divided into categories

  • Banks: none but there's a couple of ATMs and a money exchange.
  • Bookshops: Borders (open October 2009). Has a kids storytime session on Saturdays from 2-3pm. Closed July 2010.
  • Cafes and Coffee Shops: La Fontana, Starbucks, Caribou Coffee (inside the Borders Bookshop, open 0830-2130 Sun-Wed, 0830-2330 Thu-Sat) - closed July 2010.
  • Cards and Stationery: Gulf Greetings, Lifestyle.
  • Cinema: nope, except for the 6D cinema in the Thrill Zone amusement area - rides (or movies) are only a couple of minutes long.
  • Children's and Maternity Clothes: Babyshop, Carter's, Mothercare.
  • Cosmetics and Perfumes: Beauty Bay.
  • Entertainment: Fun City (or village - it's quite small) - reopened September 2010 after an upgrade, Interactive FC 2.0, a 6D cinema movie theater (small - 8 seats, the 6D or 6-dimensional refers to a fan blowing cold air your way while the chairs are rocking through a space roller coaster or dinosaur adventure simulation).
  • Electronics: E-Max.
  • Fashion, general: F&F (Tesco budget clothing store, open Nov 2013).
  • Fashion, Men: Bossini, Koton, Max, New Look, Splash, Springfield.
  • Fashion, Teenagers: Aeropostale, Bossini, New Look, Posh.
  • Fashion, Women: Bossini, First Lady (Arabic) Koton, Max, New Look, Roman, Splash, Springfield.
  • Food Court: Baanthai (Thai), Bazerkan (Lebanese), Bombay Chowpatty (Indian), Buffet (buffet), Canton (Chinese), Handi (Indian), KFC (fat chicken), Max Burger (Swedish Burgers but no sign of The Swedish Chef), McDonalds (cholesterol), Pizza Hut (Italian), Subway (bread).
  • Food (other than the food court): Gourmet Station, Krispy Kreme, Marble Slab Creamery.
  • Furniture and Home Accessories & Furnishings: Lifestyle, Home Center, Q Home Decor.
  • Handbags, Luggage and Shoes: Bata, Dumond, Ecco, Foot Solution, Saccoche, Shoe Express, Shoemart, Valencia Shoes.
  • Health and Fitness: Fitness First (women only), Spaces health & spa center.
  • Home Appliances: E-Max.
  • Jewellery and Watches: Claire's, Damas, Hour Choice, Joyalukkas, Lifestyle.
  • Money Exchange: Orient Exchange.
  • Optical: Grand Optics, Rivoli Eyezone.
  • Pharmacy: Supercare (Super Care) Pharmacy.
  • Shoes: see Handbags or Sports.
  • Sports and Leisure: Adidas, Game King, Nike, Rage Bike Shop, Sun & Sand Sports.
  • Supermarkets: Carrefour Express, Gourmet Station.
  • Tailors and Textiles: Deepak's.

Other Oasis Center and Al Waha shopping malls in the UAE

New Oasis Centre Mall Sharjah
  • A new 500,000 sq ft (50,000 sq meter) shopping mall expected to open in Sharjah by end of 2014 according to a Gulf News report 28 Oct 2013. No further information about location, shops, etc found or supplied.
  • Nothing found on Landmark Group or Oasis Centre Dubai websites about a new mall in Sharjah.
Oasis Center Abu Dhabi
  • No information found about an Oasis Centre mall in Abu Dhabi. Might be a reference to the one in Dubai or Al Ain. Or Al Wahda Mall (not Al Waha Mall) in Abu Dhabi.
Oasis Center Al Ain
  • Al Waha Mall Al Ain (Oasis Center) - is one of the new shopping malls in Al Ain, possibly opening in 2014 (exterior looks finished in Jan 2014).
Oasis Center malls Saudi Arabia
  • Riyadh - Oasis Centre is taking over an existing mall, area 600,000 sq ft, expected to open by end of Q1 2014 after renovation (Gulf News report 28 Oct 2013).
  • Oasis Center or Landmark Group operates malls, or is developing shopping centers, in 4 other cities in Saudi Arabia?
  • Oasis Centre in Abha, opening date in November 2013?
  • Oasis Mall in Jeddah?
Oasis Centre Oman
  • Mentioned in Gulf News report 28 Oct 2013 but location and contact information not found or provided.
Oasis Centers in other Middle East locations
  • Kuwait? Under consideration?
  • Iraq? Under consideration?
Old Oasis Centre in Dubai April 1999 - September 2005
  • Oasis Center shops included Areej, Home Centre, Lifestyle, Nine West, Petland, Shoe Mart, Splash, Sun & Sand Sports, The Baby Shop.
  • Car parking (800 cars) on the ground floor and shopping (50 stores) on the first floor
  • Small food court
  • Fun City children's play area (a small one)
  • Overall area is 32,000 square meters (320,000 sq ft), GLA 25,000 sq m
  • Oasis Centre owner: Asam Investments / Landmark Group
  • Chief Executive Officer - M. W. Jagtiani, Shopping Mall Manager - Deepak Chawla
  • Architects - Haley Sharpe
  • Consultants - Al Wasl Al Jadeed
  • Construction Contractor - Fujairah National Construction, Dubai
  • Contact details: tel +971-4-3395111, fax +971-4-3395333
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 25030, Dubai, UAE
Oasis Center fire September 2005

The Oasis Center caught fire early on a Friday morning when it was closed (about 3 or 4 am). The mall burnt down completely with only the steel frame visible once the fire had been extinguished. No humans perished but all the Petland pets did. A fire alarm system which was connected to the Dubai Civil Defense fire department, had been disconnected as part of some renovation work. Ironically, it was that renovation work that reportedly started the fire.

An investigation into the cause of the fire, and to try to find someone to blame, was launched with a resulting court verdict in April 2006 attributing responsibility to two workers and a supervisor. And in case you didn't know, "accidentally" starting a fire is a crime (according to reports at the time), as the workers found out when they were each handed a 6 month jail sentence (cut to 3 months and 1000 dhs fine in June 2006). The supervisor got 3 months for "failing to supervise", and a fine of 1,000 dhs for the illegal hire of one of the workers. One wonders if the punishment for deliberately starting a fire is more, or less, jail time. Value of the damage to the Oasis Center was estimated at about AED 250-300 million.

Landmark Group

Landmark Group is a retail operator based in the UAE. Retail brands in the Landmark Group portfolio include Babyshop, Centrepoint, Emax, Home Centre, Lifestyle, Max, Q Home Decor, Shoemart, Splash. Landmark International is the retail fashion division of Landmark Group, and includes the fashion brands Aftershock (After Shock) Koton, New Look, Reiss in its portfolio.

Last update Tuesday 24-Jun-2014
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