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Student residence visa Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE

Saturday 23 March 2019 (UAE)   

Student visa Dubai UAE

Student resident visas and visit visa for Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE information and guide to procedure and rules

Student residence visa UAE

Students attending schools in the UAE will usually be under the sponsorship of one of their parents on a family residence visa.

Students attending a tertiary level institute might have a couple of options.

  • Sons below the age of 18 in full-time education can be sponsored by their parents (if not a student then they can only be sponsored up to age 16?).
  • Unmarried daughters of any age can be sponsored by their father (or maybe their mother if she is employed in a high-level profession).
  • Full-time students can be sponsored by the college or university they are attending but check with the institute before applying as not all of them offer this service.
Student residence visa documents, requirements, restrictions
  • Student residence visas are normally only valid for 1 year at a time (employment residence visas are usually valid 3 years) so will need to be renewed each year during the study program.
  • Documents needed will include passport with at least 6 months validity, passport copies (allow 5), several photos (allow 12), evidence entry visa to the UAE and copy, evidence of acceptance to a UAE tertiary institute, possibly bank statements showing evidence of funds in the UAE, possibly a tenancy agreement (or letter from university if staying in university accommodation).
  • Students from some countries will need to undergo a security check to make sure they are not considered a threat to UAE security.
  • A medical test at an authorised UAE medical center (allow AED 200-500) will normally be required. Usually a positive result for HIV, Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis B or C, or leprosy means deportation. A positive result for Syphilis means treatment but maybe not deportation.
  • Post-graduate students will probably need to have their undergraduate degree attested (ask at the university or nearest UAE embassy about getting this done).
Students sponsoring family members
  • Students will usually not be able to sponsor their families, or will find it very difficult according to information from universities.
  • However, Article 31 of the General Provision for the Entry Permits and Visas on the DNRD Dubai website says "The following categories are exempted from the condition of salary, and they are entitled to bring their family members only: ... Students of schools, universities and other educational institutes." which implies that it is possible for students to sponsor their families. Check with the university and/or DNRD.
Student visa charges and fees in the UAE
UAE student residence visa costs (AED)
Student residence visa (from outside the UAE) 1100 1000   3000      
Student residence visa (from within the UAE) 1650   150 5500 2100 2450 5000
Student residence visa renewal     150 3000 1500   2500
Visa deposit   2000   5000   7000 3000
Express visa service additional cost (application or renewal)       1500      
UAE student residence visa cancellation charges (AED)
Student, passport, university ID in the UAE     25 750 35   1100
Student, passport in the UAE, no university ID       1750      
Student out of UAE < 6 months, passport & ID available       750      
Student out of UAE < 6 months, passport available, no ID       1750      
Student out of UAE < 6 months, passport & ID not available       5000      
Student out of UAE > 6 months (passport & ID availability irrelevant)       7000      
Express visa cancellation service additional cost       1000      
Student visit visa UAE
  • A registered student with a university or college in the UAE can obtain a visit visa. Cost is AED 1000, valid for 60 days (not quite 2 months), renewable twice upon payment of AED 500 fee.
  • Useful for students attending short courses at tertiary level institutes in the UAE
Working on a student visa and student work permits

Update 07 April 2011: A report in Xpress said that Mana Al Zarouni, Director of Investor Relations and Government Services Oper-ations, Tecom Investments, told XPRESS that expatriate students will soon be able to benefit from part-time internships in free zone companies. Although he did not give further details, the provisions are believed to be in line with the new part-time work permits announced under Cabinet Resolution No. 25 of 2010.

Update 14 August 2010: There was a report that the UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL) was considering temporary work permits for students in the UAE, to allow them to work part-time or on a temporary basis year-round in response to a request by an employer for temporary student work permits - Saleh Al Jabri, Director of the Establishments Department at the Ministry of Labour said "Such a proposal is worth considering by the MoL as well as by the other concerned bodies such as the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education along with the education councils" (Khaleej Times 14 August 2010).

There are many expat students who work part-time in the UAE, and many part-time jobs advertised which are likely to suit students. But keep the following in mind...

  • There was talk of allowing students in the UAE to be allowed to work part-time, but so far (as of May 2010) it appears that no official permission has been granted, except for Emirati students.
  • Students on a family resident visa (sponsored by father, mother, husband, or wife) might be allowed to seek part-time employment.
  • For example, the UOWD website says "Current labour laws of the UAE do not permit students on student visas from undertaking paid employment in any capacity" (last checked May 2010).
  • However, UOWD also says students might be able to work if "student is working directly for the University of Wollongong in Dubai" or "student is working in a work placement directly linked to his / her studies". Similar rules probably apply at other universities and colleges in the UAE.
  • Students at universities and colleges in the UAE might be able to find internships if their institute has made arrangements with a company or organisation. Internships are usually unpaid jobs though, and students would normally be expected to obtain permission from the institute where they are studying.
  • Any foreign expat who is employed in the UAE needs to obtain a labour card (employment / work permit) from the UAE Ministry of Labour. Usually the employer arranges this for the employee.
  • Emirati national students can work part time (or full-time) since Emirati citizens do not need residence visas or labour permits in the UAE.
  • GCC national students might also be allowed to find employment in the UAE for the same reason.
  • Minimum employment age in the UAE is 18 years of age (maybe 15 years for some jobs, unknown which ones).
  • There was a Juvenile Persons Work Permit introduced by the UAE Ministry of Labour in 2010 or early 2011? The permit is for children aged 15-18 years who want to work part-time. Restrictions include no hazardous jobs, and maximum 6 hours employement per day between 0600 and 2000 hours (6am to 8pm) (Xpress 07 April 2011).
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