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Sponsor husband or wife visa Dubai

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Sponsor spouse and family for Dubai residence visa

Minimum salary requirement for residence visa sponsorship of family members increase from AED4k to AED10k ... or didn't.

  • 04 May 2014: Reports of the new AED 10k minimum salary rule for Dubai family residence visa applications were incorrect according to Maj Gen Mohammed Al Merri (Al Marri), Director of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. A statement was issued by the immigration department boss which said "There is no change in salary limit for obtaining a family residence visa. There are no restrictions at all, and transactions are being processed smoothly and transparently." Which seems to conflict with the statements quoted in the press from expats and residents who had had applications rejected for having a salary below AED 10k, and statements from other immigration officials and typing center and processing staff saying the rule had changed last week.
  • 02 May 2014: The AED 10,000 minimum salary requirement was implemented in Dubai reportedly, for new family residence visa applications, but possibly not for renewals.
  • 16 Jul 2012: The new law appears to have taken effect, possibly in Abu Dhabi only, see information below.
  • 12 Jan 2012: The new law does not yet appear to have been implemented, see below.
  • 01 Jul 2009: Minimum salary will increase to AED 10,000 per month after amendment to UAE residency laws (date of change not provided), and sponsor must have own (not shared) accommodation, according reported comments (Gulf News) from Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, director general of the Federal Naturalisation and Residency Department (NRD or FNRD).

This information applies to other first degree family members also - but bring birth certificates for children. To sponsor step-children, you'll need permission from the biological or legal father, or male guardian. Sponsoring mother, father, sister, brother is not guaranteed, it's at the discretion of the immigration department, you'll need AED 5,000 deposit for each parent or sibling, and residence visa is limited to one year at a time.

Women sponsoring husbands and other family members update
  • 03 Mar 2014 - an answer to a Khaleej Times "Legal View" question about a teacher sponsoring her husband said that husbands cannot work in the UAE if under the sponsorship of their wife. Ashish Mehta of Ashish Mehta and Associates, a legal firm in the UAE, said "The prevailing regulations in the United Arab Emirates do not allow a husband to be employed while he is under the sponsorship of his wife." Which means that if a man is working in the UAE then he must be sponsored (for a residence visa) by his employer, not his wife. Which contradicts previous information about wives sponsoring husbands for a UAE residence visa. The article did not make it clear if the rules had changed, or if this was a different interpretation of the law, possibly because the question came from Sharjah. The same newspaper said it was possible two years previously. Note that a wife (or husband) can never obtain a work permit for their partner (unless employed by them), the term "sponsorship" here is a reference to obtaining a residence visa.
  • 16 Jul 2012 - a Khaleej Times "Legal View" question answer quoted information from the Abu Dhabi Government saying that women working in "rare or important specialisation, such as engineering, education, nursing or any other profession related to the medical sector, can apply for visas for family members, if her salary is not less than Dh10,000 or Dh8,000 plus accommodation" could sponsor family members for a residence visa, which appears to conflict with previous information about a minimum salary of only AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 with accommodation. It might indicate the minimum salary requirement has been increased in accordance with an amendment to the law reported back in July 2009.
  • 12 Jan 2012 - according to a Gulf News "Ask The Law" report, the conditions specified by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the UAE under which a wife can sponsor her husband (which are different for those for a husband sponsoring his wife) are:
    • The wife should be employed as a doctor, engineer, or teacher.
    • Minimum salary should be AED 3,000 if accommodation provided, or AED 4,000 if accommodation not provided.
    • An attested marriage certificate and labour contract needs to be supplied. If salary between AED 3,000 and AED 4,000 then a tenancy contract also.
    • For wives working in different professions, an application for an exemption from the profession requirement needs to be made to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and the minimum salary should be AED 10,000 without accommodation or AED 9,000 with accommodation.
    • Which is all much the same as detailed below.

List of professions for wives permitted to sponsor their husbands, not complete. Minimum salary of AED 10,000 per month and a professional sounding title with attested qualifications might be sufficient, especially in Dubai.

  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer?
  • Manager? Might depend on salary, qualification, management level.
  • Teacher (school teacher, university lecturer, college instructor, or similar but not teaching assistant).
General information about sponsoring a spouse in the UAE

Married couples can sponsor each other for a residence visa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the rest of the UAE (see bottom of page for any particular requirements for different emirates - e.g. Ajman requirement for affadavit at Sharia Court). Note that the sponsorship is only for a residence visa which is not the same as a work permit or labour card (sometimes incorrectly called an employment visa). If the spouse is working, then s/he is supposed to get a work permit from the employer. It is not uncommon for spouses to work (usually part-time) without a labour card but be aware that s/he will not have any rights should there be a dispute between the employee and the employer, and there is potential for problems (fines, labour ban, deportation) if found out. There are some restrictions when applying to sponsor your wife or husband.

  • Husband can sponsor their wife whether she is employed or not, and no matter what his occupation is (except in Sharjah which have funny restrictions on which occupations are permitted to sponsor their families).
  • The sponsor must have a salary of at least AED 4,000 per month, or AED 3,000 if the company provides accommodation. This may have increased to AED 5,000 or 6,000 per month without accommodation and AED 4,000 with accommodation in 2009 (check with the immigration department). There was a proposal by the Federal National Council (FNC) in December 2008 that the minimum salary should be increased to AED 8,000 and AED 10,000 per month. Update: according to press reports 01 July 2009, this change to minimum AED 10,000 per month will be implemented (unknown when), but possible exceptions for humanitarian cases could be made (ask at immigration department).
  • Wives can only sponsor their husbands if she is in a restricted list of professions for example teacher, doctor, engineer or equivalent. She must have a minimum salary of AED 5,000. Dubai rules might be more flexible on occupation if the wife is earning more than AED 10,000 (check with the DNRD).
  • People in de-facto relationships cannot sponsor their partners - a marriage certificate is required. It probably wouldn't be advisable to even try since it is illegal for unmarried couples to live together in Dubai.
  • Muslim expatriates with more than one wife can only sponsor one of them for a residence visa (Gulf News 28 October 2007).
  • Wives under the age of 25 might need special permission from the Director General of the immigration department (not confirmed).

There might be some flexibility in how these rules are applied, depending on which emirate you're in, what nationality you are or what country your passport comes from, how much you earn, your profession, the time of day, and how much wasta you have. Women who don't fit the criteria above could apply at the relevant immigration department for special dispensation to sponsor their husbands. Alternatively, trade up to a newer model husband who already has a job and a sponsor.

Deposit for sponsoring family members in UAE
  • The immigration department requires that residents in some occupation categories put down a deposit of AED 5,000 for each family member sponsored, including spouse and children.
  • Complete list of occupations not supplied but it's likely to be ones that pay lower salaries in UAE.
Sponsoring children for residence visas in Dubai and UAE
  • Daughters who are unmarried can be sponsored by a parent. Married daughters can be sponsored by their employer, educational institute if studying, or husband. Age limit for sponsorship of unmarried daughters is unknown or there isn't one. Check with the immigration department in the emirate which will issue the visa. Up to age 25 should be no problem at least.
  • Sons up to the age of 16 can be sponsored by a parent, or up to 18 if they are a full-time student. If males are over 18 and want to study full-time in the UAE then check that the education institute can sponsor them for a student's residence visa.
  • Parents of step-children will need permission from the biological father or guardian for sponsorship. If that is not possible, check with the immigration department what documents are needed.
Documents required for spouse and family residence permit
  • Application form - from typist at DNRD or relevant UAE visa processing department.
  • 2 photographs of spouse (but bring a couple of extra photos).
  • Original entry permit of spouse (e.g. visit visa, tourist visa).
  • Original passports of sponsor, spouse and other family members being sponsored.
  • Original valid medical certificate.
  • Copy of the sponsor's employment contract or salary certificate.
  • Copy of the sponsor's valid residence permit.
  • Copy of sponsor's e-gate card in Dubai (unconfirmed if this is necessary).
  • Residence contract in name of sponsor or close relative if applying at Sharjah Naturalisation and Residency Department (SNRD), attested by the Sharjah Municipality (Gulf News 11 August 2008). This apparently does not apply to professional workers on higher salaries.
  • Health insurance for spouse (might not be required, or required in Abu Dhabi only).

Document list based on information on DNRD website. A marriage certificate (or birth certificate for children) is not specified but bring one anyway. It will need to be attested in home country or country of marriage (relevant marriage court or authority > UAE embassy in country of marriage). Bring originals of all documents also, even if only a copy is specified. Expect to to make two trips to the visa processing office - the first to find out what additional documents you need to bring.

Procedure to arrange husband or wife visa
  • Spouse should go to medical clinic to do blood test and x-ray.
  • Spouse and sponsor go to immigration department typing center with all documents - pay fees and get application form filled in.
  • Typing center will direct you to the next counter.

Fees are AED 300 for a 3 year residence permit (AED 100 per year) + 10 dhs processing fee + 120 dhs if urgent processing required.

  • If your spouse overstays his/her entry permit before processing the residence visa, there will be fines of 25 dhs per day imposed (or more if that has changed).
  • It is not necessary to depart and re-enter the UAE when changing entry permit to residence visa.
Choosing between employer and spouses sponsorship for residence permit

If you have a choice, it's usually better for you to get a residence visa sponsored by your spouse in preference to your employer. Some employers may not like that but try anyway. Advantages are:

  • You are not, or less likely to be, subject to the automatic UAE labour ban if you resign (you might be if you break the labour law). Update 08 Sep 2012 - this no longer seems to be an advantage. Spouses, or wives at least, get a 6 month labour ban even if on their husband's sponsorship for a residence visa according to a Gulf News report.
  • If you change jobs, you don't need to transfer sponsorship.
Sponsoring your wife or parents in Ajman
  • 29 Sep 2012 (GN) - Expatriates living in Ajman must bring a sworn affidavit from Ajman Sharia Court to the Ajman immigration department to support their application for sponsorship of wife or parents for residence or visit visas. The report said An official from the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Ajman told Gulf News yesterday that expatriates must approach the Sharia court with two Muslim witnesses to establish that they have a legal relationship with the woman they wish to sponsor. The witnesses must be Muslims, irrespective of the religion of the sponsor and those sponsored.
  • The marriage certificate must be attested by the UAE Embassy in their home country, by the foreign ministry in their home country, and by the Ajman Sharia Court.
  • The report didn't say if the same procedure applied to wives wanting to sponsor their husbands.
  • For parents, the sponsor needs to obtain a letter from their consulate, and two Muslim witnesses to the Ajman Sharia Court to obtain a sworn affadavit.
  • There was conflicting information about whether or not the witnesses needed to be the same nationality as the applicants.
Family residence visa Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi family residence visa sponsorship should be the same as the rest of the UAE but according to November 2005 reports in the Khaleej Times, Abu Dhabi residents needed either no minimum salary, or AED 2500/3200 minimum (with/without accommodation provided) to sponsor immediate family members, and immediate family members would be given 2 year visas (not 3 year visas).
  • Deposit of AED 5000 for each family member required, or AED 20,000 if the sponsor is holding a UAE investor visa.
  • Reports not confirmed by UAE government website www.government.ae (last checked 22 November 2005).
  • Check with the Abu Dhabi residence department for more information.
Last update Tuesday 16-Sep-2014
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