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Sponsor husband or wife visa Dubai

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Sponsor spouse and family for Dubai residence visa

Minimum salary requirement for residence visa sponsorship of family members increase from AED4k to AED10k ... or didn't.

This information applies to other first degree family members also - but bring birth certificates for children. To sponsor step-children, you'll need permission from the biological or legal father, or male guardian. Sponsoring mother, father, sister, brother is not guaranteed, it's at the discretion of the immigration department, you'll need AED 5,000 deposit for each parent or sibling, and residence visa is limited to one year at a time.

Women sponsoring husbands and other family members update

List of professions for wives permitted to sponsor their husbands, not complete. Minimum salary of AED 10,000 per month and a professional sounding title with attested qualifications might be sufficient, especially in Dubai.

General information about sponsoring a spouse in the UAE

Married couples can sponsor each other for a residence visa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the rest of the UAE (see bottom of page for any particular requirements for different emirates - e.g. Ajman requirement for affadavit at Sharia Court). Note that the sponsorship is only for a residence visa which is not the same as a work permit or labour card (sometimes incorrectly called an employment visa). If the spouse is working, then s/he is supposed to get a work permit from the employer. It is not uncommon for spouses to work (usually part-time) without a labour card but be aware that s/he will not have any rights should there be a dispute between the employee and the employer, and there is potential for problems (fines, labour ban, deportation) if found out. There are some restrictions when applying to sponsor your wife or husband.

There might be some flexibility in how these rules are applied, depending on which emirate you're in, what nationality you are or what country your passport comes from, how much you earn, your profession, the time of day, and how much wasta you have. Women who don't fit the criteria above could apply at the relevant immigration department for special dispensation to sponsor their husbands. Alternatively, trade up to a newer model husband who already has a job and a sponsor.

Deposit for sponsoring family members in UAE
Sponsoring children for residence visas in Dubai and UAE
Documents required for spouse and family residence permit

Document list based on information on DNRD website. A marriage certificate (or birth certificate for children) is not specified but bring one anyway. It will need to be attested in home country or country of marriage (relevant marriage court or authority > UAE embassy in country of marriage). Bring originals of all documents also, even if only a copy is specified. Expect to to make two trips to the visa processing office - the first to find out what additional documents you need to bring.

Procedure to arrange husband or wife visa

Fees are AED 300 for a 3 year residence permit (AED 100 per year) + 10 dhs processing fee + 120 dhs if urgent processing required.

Choosing between employer and spouses sponsorship for residence permit

If you have a choice, it's usually better for you to get a residence visa sponsored by your spouse in preference to your employer. Some employers may not like that but try anyway. Advantages are:

Sponsoring your wife or parents in Ajman
Family residence visa Abu Dhabi
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