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Abu Dhabi University

Saturday 24 February 2018 (UAE)   

Abu Dhabi University

University name Abu Dhabi University
Director's name Dr Nabil Ibrahim (Chancellor)
Executive body or owner University of Abu Dhabi Board of Trustees and Governors
Date founded September 2003
Number of students (approx) 4000
Number of staff (approx)
Type of institute private university, Ministry of Higher Education license
University location / area Khalifa City - location map
Postal address PO Box 59911, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone +971-2-5015555
Fax +971-2-5015990
Email admissions@adu.ae.ac
Website www.adu.ac.ae (new window)
Curriculum UAE
Qualifications BA, BEd, BSc, MA, MBA, MEd, MSc, DBA
University fees
Lecturer salary range
Student satisfaction rating
2.5 stars from 409 votes.    
Parent satisfaction rating
1.5 stars from 60 votes.    
Lecturer job satisfaction rating
(by lecturers, not about lecturers)
2 stars from 78 votes.    

Abu Dhabi University admissions, reviews, notes

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List of CAA (MOHESR) approved programs and courses for Abu Dhabi University (ADU)
  1. 05 September 2008, updated 10 September 2009, updated 08 March 2011
  2. Updates added 29 February 2012 (from CAA list). Degrees listed in grey text no longer in CAA list.
  3. New programs expected during 2012-2013 academic year (after accreditation by the CAA) include Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management; Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering; Master in Civil Engineering; Master of Project Management.
  • Professional Diploma in Teaching
  • Bachelor of Architecture2
  • BA in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management - new degree announced 22 July 2012, beginning in the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English
  • BA in Mass Communication, 120 hours (about 4 years), includes a summer internship. Three specializations - Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism, Strategic Communication. Offered at both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain campuses. Announced 28 Feb 2012 (press release).
  • BA in Persian Language2
  • BA in Public Relations And Communication
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Human Resource Management
  • BBA in Management
  • BBA in Management Information Systems
  • BBA in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Education Field Teacher
  • Bachelors in Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelors in Health & Environmental Safety
  • Bachelor of Military Sciences and Administration2
  • Bachelor of Military Sciences in Management2
  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation2
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration
  • BSc in Civil Engineering
  • BSc in Computer Engineering
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BSc in Construction Management
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering (10 Sep 2009)
  • BSc in Environmental Science (10 Sep 2009)
  • BSc in Information Systems Technology
  • BSc in Information Technology (announced 08 January 2012) - specializations in Web Technologies and Applications; Networking, Mobile Applications and Security; Interactive Media, Game Programming and Simulation. Presumably the same as the BSc in Information Systems Technology?
  • BSc in Interior Design
  • BSc in Landscape Architecture
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc in Public Health2
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - specializations in Finance, Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)2
  • Master of Education (MEd) Educational Leadership
  • Master of Engineering Management (MEng?) (MEM) (10 Sep 2009)
  • Masters in Human Resources Management
  • Master of Science (MSc) Computer Science - specialisations in Computer Networks, Software Systems
  • MSc in Finance
  • MEd in Special Education (10 Sep 2009)
  • Master of Arts (MA) Teaching English As A Foreign Language
  • MA in Translation
  • Masters in Education
  • MEd in Teaching And Learning
  • MSc in Library and Information Science (10 Sep 2009)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (Doctorate) (announced 07 October 2010)

ADU colleges and courses

ADU English Language Institute

ADU College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Communications
  • Bachelor of Education - Field Teacher in Arabic Language & Islamic Studies
  • Bachelor of Education - Field Teacher in Science and Mathematics
  • Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Master of Arts in Translation
  • Master of Education in Leadership
  • Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

ADU College of Business Administration (COBA)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, MIS
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

ADU College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT)

  • Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Information Systems Technology
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
ADU courses and programs planned or coming soon
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Accounting
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Finance
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Business Administration
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Management Information System
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Management
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management
  • Executive Management in Business Administration (EMBA) from ADU, and a Master's in Global Management (MGM) from Tulane. Dual courses, mostly studied at ADU but a couple to be completed at Tulane. Announced 20 November 2011. Course duration 18-20 months. Launch date not supplied.
Abu Dhabi University Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and agreements signed
  • Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM-K) will sign an MOU with Abu Dhabi University for collaborative education and exchange programs including faculty exchanges, dual degree programs including an Executive MBA, a yearly research conference, and joint research between students and faculty members (The Hindu Business Line report 06 Jan 2011).
  • Shenyang University of Chemical Technology (SUCT) signed an MoU with ADU to develop joint studies, training, research and educational programs in Science and Technology. ADU will also offer training and consultancy services to business enterprises in Liaoning Province in China partly through curriculum development at SUCT. ADU and SUCT will also develop a joint degree program under which students do one year of study at SUCT and 3 years at ADU with degrees from both universities awarded on graduation (press release 31 March 2011).
  • Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG) signed an MoU with Etihad Airways to support Etihad personnel in building aviation careers (27 December 2010 press release).
  • MOU signed by between ADU and Etisalat to start an m-education (mobile education) pilot project in collaboration with Blackboard Inc. for the University (WAM 21 October 2010).
22 July 2012
  • New programs expected during the 2012-2013 academic year include
    • Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
    • Master in Civil Engineering
    • Master of Project Management
20 November 2011
  • Abu Dhabi University announced a collaboration with Tulane University in the USA to launch a joint program to award dual Master's degrees - Executive Management in Business Administration (EMBA) from ADU, and a Master's in Global Management (MGM) from Tulane.
  • Another news report said that ADU was planning to expand into the Western Region of Abu Dhabi (Al Gharbia) with plans to open a campus in the town of Madinat Zayed (The National 20 November 2011).
27 December 2010 - cheating students expelled
  • The Office of Academic Integrity (OAI - established in March 2009) at Abu Dhabi University expelled 32 students for academic dishonesty (press release 27 December 2010).
17 October 2010 - failing students excluded
  • Abu Dhabi University (ADU) dismissed 126 students who continued to have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) below 2.0 after 3 consecutive warnings.
  • The Khaleej Times reported Dr James Mackin, ADU provost, as saying "ADU cannot countenance any breach in the quality of its academic responsibility as it believes, without compunction or hesitation, that it does not grant certificates but rather deliver qualified graduates that can contribute to the knowledge capital of the UAE."
  • Emirates Business said Professor James Maikan, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, was quoted by 'Al Ittihad' newspaper as saying Abu Dhabi University is commited to maintaining high academic quality, which will not be compromised at any cost.
  • So there.
06 October 2010 - Abu Dhabi University Doctor of Business Administration (press release)
  • Abu Dhabi University (ADU) announced the launch of their first doctoral program - a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), with academic accreditation from by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Start date of program not clear from press release, maybe October 2010.
  • Degree program offered in association with foreign universities including Henley Business School and Tulane University.
  • Degree is intended to be studied part-time with 14 taught courses over a 28 month period for the first phase, then a 10-20 month period during which the thesis is written (second phase).
  • Admission requirements for phase 1 include
    • an MBA or equivalent
    • cumulative GPA of 3.5 (or possibly 3.00 to 3.49 with an acceptable GMAT exam result)
    • 3 professional letters of recommendation from employers
    • TOEFL score of 550, or band 6 in the Academic IELTS exam
    • administrative work experience certificate verifying a minimum of 2 years employment
  • Admission requirements to phase 2 consist of
    • cumulative GPA of 3.5 in the first phase
    • academic committee acceptance of the research proposal
04 May 2010 press release - Masters of Engineering Management
  • Abu Dhabi University (ADU) announced a new degree program, a Masters of Engineering Management (MEM)
  • Launched in collaboration with the Business Administration College of Purdue University in the USA.
  • Course specialises in research in Engineering Management and is intended as an alternative to an MBA.
  • MEM program consists of 12 courses (36 credit hours), split as 7 engineering courses and 5 business courses. Students can do a thesis instead of 2 elective courses.
  • Entry requirements are a Bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science or IT recognized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; official transcript from an accredited university, college or institute; minimum level of English demonstrated by one of the following: TOEFL iBT - 79, Institutional TOEFL (held at ADU only) - 550, or Academic IELTS - 6.
12 April 2010 - ADU Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Abu Dhabi University announced a new Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (press release 12 April 2010)
  • ADU CEIC is designed to encourage entrepreneurship in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the Gulf / Middle East region.
  • The Centre plans to encourage faculty and students to contribute intellectual capital such as research, patents, graduation projects, thesis; and attract technological inventions from community entrepreneurs. These contributions might become eligible for seed funding from partners such as the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development to aid in their commercialisation.
  • The Centre plans to have three main pillars
    • The Proof of Concept Centre for early stage research, entrepreneurship training programs, and idea exchange
    • The Business and Technology Incubator for turning ideas into prototypes
    • The Innovation Park, to be implemented in a few years time, which will contribute to the development of the emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • The ADU Centre of Excellence will have five strategic clusters, derived from the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision. They are Energy, Health Sciences, ICT, Clean Technology and Water Desalination, and Micro Electronic Manufacturing.
  • Services offered by the Centre include seed funding access, prototype building, technology commercialization, entrepreneurship education, business plan training, mentoring and coaching, hosting and facilities, executive training and networking.
  • The Centre of Excellence will be supported by the Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG), the professional training and development arm of Abu Dhabi University, AIM Events and Conferences, and Summit Career Management Services.
  • Potential partners of the Center for Excellence might include the Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the UAE Department of Economic Development, and ADIRA
  • ADU board chairman is HE Ali Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri
10 September 2009
  • Total of 3689 undergraduate students at both Al Ain and Abu Dhabi campuses of Abu Dhabi University.
  • 16 undergraduate programs, 6 new undergraduate programs under accreditation (see course list below), 6 postgraduate programs.
  • Registration dates 30 September to 03 October 2009 for postgraduate students. Postgraduate programs start date 04 October 2009.
04 February 2009 - ADU press release on start of spring semester
  • Total 3880 students at both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain campuses of Abu Dhabi University (ADU), includes about 500 new freshmen students.
  • ADU offers 17 Bachelor level programs and 10 Masters level programs.
  • ADU affiliations include American University in Iraqi Kurdistan, Bonn University, Cranfield University, Georgia University, London University, Monash University, Purdue University, TU Munich, University of Berlin, University of Victoria, University of Westminster, University of Wollongong.
  • A new scientific research strategy and/or program is due to be implemented?
19 August 2007 Scholarships available (ADU press release)

HH Sheikh Hamdan scholarships announced, covering 4 year educational program tuition fees and administrative expenses. Total value of scholarships and financial aid packages of AED 10 million. There are 7 different scholarship and financial aid packages available from ADU.

  • President's Scholarship for outstanding students offers 100% discount on tuition fees.
  • University Scholarship for first year students with 90-100% scores from high school. Tuition fee discounts of 20-30%.
  • Athletic Scholarship for athletes. Tuition fee discounts of 25%.
  • Academic Scholarship for continuing students doing at least 12 credits per semester with cumulative GPA greater than 3.7.
  • Diversity Scholarship for first year expatriate students from Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea and others of Asian or South Asian origin.
  • Family tuition discount of 15%, 20% or 25% when 2, 3, or 4+ students from the same family are enrolled.
  • Sanabil - Hasad Program. Corporate sponsorship for students in need of financial assistance. In return, students are expected to work for the corporation.
  • Sanabil - Qutoof Program. Financial aid of 10%-50% depending on student circumstances.
12 August 2007
  • There is also an Abu Dhabi University campus in Al Ain.
  • ADU toll-free numbers given as 800-2212 and 800-23968.
  • Also called "University of Abu Dhabi".
  • Abu Dhabi University was chartered as a private institution of higher learning in the year 2000.
  • ADU Board of Governors president is His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE.
  • Students of all nationalities can apply.
  • Website FAQs says fees information on website. Fees information page says contact the registrar for fees information.
  • Segregated accommodation available.
  • Transportation within Abu Dhabi and Al Ain available.
  • Degree programs available in both English and Arabic.
  • New AED 500 million campus for ADU Abu Dhabi location opened in October 2006, in Khalifa City B.
  • ADU announced 17 July 2007 that they would offer a dual MBA in conjunction with Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) Paris (an MBA in International Business in conjunction with the general MBA from ADU).
Last update 08 October 2010
General comments - might not apply to Abu Dhabi University
  • Fees, facilities, education quality varies widely. Allow extra fees for visa, transport, accommodation.
  • Salaries, accommodation, other benefits for lecturer jobs vary substantially. Check contracts carefully for medical, housing, flight allowances, etc.
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