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Restaurants cafes open during day Ramadan Dubai

Tuesday 26 May 2015 (UAE)   

Restaurants, cafes, food and drink outlets open daytime during Ramadan UAE

2014 updates for Dubai and UAE

Add information about establishments not listed here to the forum topic. Also any corrections or errors. Weekdays are Sun-Thu, weekends are Fri-Sat. Establishments listed here are open for dine-in during the day during Ramadan unless otherwise stated. Many more places in Dubai (mostly shopping mall food courts) are open for takeaways and deliveries only.

  • Andiamo's Cafe, Dubai Healthcare City, building 25, open 0700-1900 daily.
  • Balcony Bar, Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd, check opening times.
  • Cafe Barbara, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd, open 0700-2400 daily.
  • Cafe di Casa, Gold and Diamond Park, opposite FGB metro station. Open 0800-2130 weekdays, 1600-2130 Friday, 1000-2130 Saturday.
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd - several places open daytime: Cafe Barbara, Harvester's Pub, Al Fresco, Al Dana, Wagamama.
  • DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) - all cafes and restaurants open daytime. Hours vary. Caffe Nero, Caribou Coffee, Dome Cafe, Gloria Jean's Coffee, Gramercy (see separate listing), Mint Leaf of London (1200-1500 and after Iftar, check), More Cafe (see separate entry), Starbucks.
  • Dubai Healthcare City (daytime dine-in status) - Adiamo's building 25 open (0700-1900), Subway building 25 open 24 hrs. Food court and Caribou Coffee building 34 Block C most open behind curtains from about 0900 to 1700 or 1800. Starbucks in building 27 is closed for the month of Ramadan.
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai Marina, 25-55 Café Bistro open 0700-2300 during Ramadan.
  • *Fraiche Cafe Bistro, Swiss Tower, Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), open 0800-2000 (weekdays), 0800-1800 (weekends and holidays) - fraiche.ae information. Hours also given as 0800-2200, 0800-2400 or 1200-2400 (conflicting information supplied - check).
  • Dubai Media City (DMC) - Certo (1200-1500, check), Circle Cafe, Pascal Tepper, Q43, Sushi Counter, The Kebab Shop (see separate entry), Urban Bistro (see separate entry), Vapiano.
  • Gramercy, DIFC, open 0900-0200 weekdays, 1200-0200 weekends during Ramadan, dine-in food and drink daytime (no alcohol before 8pm), smoking area.
  • *Hard Rock Cafe, Dubai Festival City, open 1200-0100 or 0200, [Check].
  • Harvester's Pub, Crown Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd, open from 1200 daily. Smoking area. Alcohol served after 8pm.
  • La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie, Vida Hotel, Downtown Dubai, open daytime for breakfast 0700-1100, and lunch 1200-1500. Boulangerie section open 0700-2230 for coffee and French pain.
  • More Cafe: DIFC branch open daytime during Ramadan (0800-2100 weekdays, 0900-1800 weekends). Gold and Diamond Park branch, opposite FGB metro station, Sheikh Zayed Rd, open 0700-1900, last orders 1800 (not 1200-2400 as given in some sources). More Cafe Al Murooj and MOE information not provided, closed daytime during Ramadan?
  • Nelson's Bar, Media Rotana, TECOM, open 1200-0100, smoking area, no alcohol before 8pm.
  • Park Central, Park Place tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd between Trade Center and Defense roundabouts. Information supplied said open 24 hrs during Ramadan but this is incorrect (open 24 hrs outside Ramadan period). During Ramadan is open 1900-0500 daily (or nightly) during Ramadan, no takeaways daytime either. Same building has a Cafe Bateel open for takeaways only from 0800-0100 so your trip isn't completely wasted. Or go to Crown Plaza nearby.
  • Reform Social and Grill (bar), The Lakes, Emirates Hills, open 0700-2400 or 0900-2400, or until 0200 (conflicting information supplied, check - sign outside says they open 0800). No alcohol before 8pm. Special 2 for 1 meal offer from 1200-1700 on weekdays (Sun-Thu).
  • *Salamontini, Mall of the Emirates, open 1200-0100 (check, not confirmed).
  • The Kebab Shop, Zee Tower, Dubai Media City, open 1200-2400. DMC location only open for daytime dine-in according to TKS Twitter, not other locations (Abu Dhabi, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Sports City, JAFZA, Sharjah).
  • The Pavilion, Downtown Dubai, MBR Boulevard. Open 1000-0100, daytime during Ramadan, as originally stated. Previous information was first 1000-0100, changed to 1900-0100 (closed daytime) then back to 1000-0100 during Ramadan. Saturday buffet brunch for 99 dhs.
  • *Urban Bistro, CNN Building, Dubai Media City, open 0700-1800 or 0700-2200 (weekdays), 0800-1700 or 0900-1800 (weekends), conflicting information supplied, first timings stated is UB website information.
  • Wagamama, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd, open 1200-2400 daily for dine-in.
  • Wafi Pyramids (daytime dine in status) - Cactus Cantina open, Carter's open (1200-0200), Thai Chi open 1200-1500 for lunch. [Asha's check], Seville's closed, Medzo closed, Spin Dubai closed, Vintage closed (evenings also closed during Ramadan).

*information needs to be checked or confirmed.

Unconfirmed, or changes to previous information

  • *Basta Art Cafe, Al Fahidi Historical District (Bastakiya), possibly open daytime - vague information seen, not confirmed.
  • Boulevard Cafe, Downtown Dubai, Manzil Hotel - closed for renovations during Ramadan in 2014. Listed here because in 2013 it was open for dine-in during the day during Ramadan.
  • Manzil Hotel, Downtown Dubai - hotel is closed for renovations from beginning of Ramadan, except for Nezesaussi Grill while football is on, but only open evenings after Iftar.
  • Nezesaussi Grill, Manzil Hotel, downtown Dubai - open from 7pm or 8pm evenings only, closed daytime during Ramadan.
  • The Dubai Mall - some outlets in food court and other areas open for takeaways only. No dine in facilities except in The Address hotel.
  • *XVA Art Gallery, Al Fahidi Historical District (Bastakiya), open 1000-1800 with new outdoor airconditioning they said. Not confirmed if cafe is operating during day, but Basta Art Cafe nearby is possibly open daytime.
Supermarkets, hotels, gas stations, shopping malls in Dubai and UAE during Ramadan
  • In general, supermarkets, service stations and similar outlets in the UAE are open during the day during Ramadan, and will sell food and drink (but not for consumption on the premises, in your car, or in public).
  • Supermarkets in Dubai, and service stations, have pies, prepared meals, salads, sandwiches, snacks.
  • Large high end 4 or 5 star hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will usually have daytime dine-in facilities and room service, some hotel pool areas might also allow food and drink (but no alcohol during the day).
  • Larger shopping malls in Dubai might have takeaway facilities from food court restaurants and other cafes but few, if any, will have dine-in facilities open during the day. Mall of the Emirates at the Ski Dubai end, and The Dubai Mall Food Court (in 2011, not in 2012 or 2013) are a couple with dine-in areas that we know of.
  • Food court areas might have some outlets that allow takeaways. Only likely in larger malls in Dubai.
  • Some drive-thru (and non-drivethru) fast food outlets like Burger King or McDonalds in Dubai (but probably not other emirates) for takeaways.
  • In other emirates, especially Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, it will be difficult to find anywhere to eat or drink during the day. A supermarket or service station will be the only likely places, but not for dine-in, and perhaps Fujairah hotels on the East Coast, and Ras Al Khaimah hotels.
  • No establishments anywhere in the UAE will serve alcohol during the day during Ramadan, at least not that we've heard of, except airside only at Dubai airport. Unknown if also at Abu Dhabi airport or Sharjah airport.
  • Young children (up to about 11 or 12 years old) can eat and drink in public during the day since Muslim children are not required to fast before puberty, although some do, or fast for part of the day. But try and be discreet about it - find a quiet corner in a food court rather than walk through the middle of a shopping mall with your sprogs slurping on an ice cream.

Individual hotels and outlets within hotels are not listed since most 4 and 5 star hotels in Dubai will have somewhere open during the day.

*[update needed] See also the coffee shops open Ramadan during the day in Dubai topic in the forum.

List of cafes, coffee shops, restaurants open daytime during Ramadan in Dubai

TL;DR version - go to DIFC. Easy access by metro (Emirates Towers station, not Financial Center station), free underground car parking for 1 hr (free all day during weekends), good selection of restaurants and cafes open during the day. Most or all shopping malls won't have anywhere you can sit and eat or drink during the day (Mall of the Emirates is one exception if you go to the hotel restaurants at the Ski Dubai end). Some malls will have a few food court outlets open for takeaways only. McDonalds, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, KFC, Hardees, etc will be open for drivethru and walk in takeaways in many locations.

Year of validity in brackets, will be updated if information supplied, don't count on outlets being open during current Ramadan even if they were previously.

Food and drink outlets open during the day during Ramadan will not always be obvious, to be discreet, not because it's illegal - a special licence is needed from the Dubai Municipality to operate for dine-in during daylight hours in Ramadan (costs about AED 5,000 or AED 10,000 in 2010?).

Some places (very few actually, we only found one or two) might let you consume takeaways on the premises even if closed for normal dine-in, but we don't want to name them specifically since we're not sure if that's legal or not.

No alcoholic drinks served anywhere in Dubai before 8pm during Ramadan 2013 (except airside after customs and immigration at Dubai Airport).

  • Asha's (2013) (Indian restaurant) - Wafi Center Pyramids, open 1230-1500 and 1930-2400, tel +971-4-3244100.
  • Bistro Madeleine (2013), Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City, open 1200-1500 and 1800-2300, tel +971-4-7011127.
  • Boulevard Cafe (2014) - closed for renovations during Ramadan in 2014. Previous info (2013): on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (was Emaar Boulevard), next to Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown Dubai (Old Town Dubai) - open 0700-0100 during Ramadan, French food and coffee, smoking area outside (hot but shaded).
  • Burjuman Center - all restaurants and cafes closed until Iftar (2010).
  • Cactus Cantina (2013) - Wafi Center Pyramid, open 1200-2400 food and drinks (non-alcoholic before 8pm), smoking area at bar.
  • Costa Coffee shops and cafes - some but not all outlets open during the day. Usually ones at Dubai Airport, EK Group locations, free zones in Dubai (not Fridays), and maybe some of the freehold developments in Dubai (2010).
  • Deira City Centre - takeaways only from some food court outlets. City Center Hotel restaurants closed until Iftar (2010).
  • Downtown Dubai and Old Town Dubai (2013) - Boulevard Cafe Al Manzil Hotel open for dine in during Ramadan, Starbucks and 800 Pizza open for takeaways only before Iftar. Al Manzil Hotel, Vida Hotel, The Address Hotel, have daytime dine in restaurants or cafes.
  • Dubai Airport - food and drink outlets in the departures terminals after customs and passport control are open 24 hrs, also the public food court area in Terminal 1, and Costa Coffee outlets in T1 and T3. Not clear if outlets open during the day in T2 (assume not unless you have information otherwise). Burger King. Subway, and the Indian restaurant in T3 departures area also open, with sectioned off eating area for dine in. Alcohol available at McGettigan's (previously the Irish Village) in T1 after passport control (2012)?
  • Dubai Festival City - some food court restaurants possibly open for takeways (2010). Hard Rock Cafe open from 1200 (2013)? Bistro Madeleine in the Intercontinental Hotel (2013).
  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) - Automatic Restaurant (1100-2000), Costa Coffee (0700-2100 Sun-Thu, 0700-1400 Sat, closed Fridays), Cafe Supreme (0900-1600), Caribou Coffee (0900-1500), Emmanuel Cafe (0900-1700), Starbucks (0700-2200, closed Fridays during Ramadan). Most or all outlets probably closed on Fridays (2010). Sino Chai, Building 27, open Tue-Sun 1130-1600 and 1830-2200, tel +971-4-4355650 (2013).
  • Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) - most, or all, coffee shops and restaurants open for dine-in behind yellow curtains during the day (curtains opened after Iftar) to shield gluttonous diners from public view. Some outlets closed on Fridays and/or Saturdays. Subway is open 24 hours 7 days per week. DIFC smoking area not available in 2013 (was available up to 2012?). Caramel closed completely for Ramadan 2013. Gramercy open daytime Sun-Fri (closed Sat) although DIFC reception might tell you it's closed (no alcohol but can smoke inside during the day), Wheeler's open 1000-0200 daily (no alcohol before 8pm).
  • Dubai Internet City - food court outlets open but not on Fridays, except for Subway sandwiches which is open 24 hrs (2010).
  • Dubai Knowledge Village - some or all food court restaurants and cafes open (2009).
  • Dubai Mall - see The Dubai Mall.
  • Dubai Marina (2013) - Thyme Restaurant Oasis Beach Tower.
  • Dubai Marina Mall - all food and drink outlets closed for dine-in until Iftar, some open for takeaways only (Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK, Subway, McDonalds, etc). But Mazina in the Dubai Marina Mall The Address Hotel is open for breakfast and lunch during the day (2010).
  • Dubai Media City - food court outlets open, but not on Fridays. Smoking tent or area (2008)? Sushi Counter (2013) open every day (not sure about Fridays)?
  • Golf Clubs in Dubai - unknown for 2013, maybe some of them.
  • Friday Brunch at Emirates Golf Club and other hotels / clubs. No alcohol served at brunches during Ramadan (2009).
  • Hardees (2013) - some or all outlets open for drivethru and takeaways.
  • Hofbräuhaus (2013) JW Marriott Dubai, Deira - open 0900-2400 daily, tel +971-4-6077977.
  • Ibn Battuta Mall - some food court outlets open for takeways only (unconfirmed)?
  • KFC (2013) - some outlets open daytime for takeaways only (from 1200, not 1000 as advertised).
  • Limetree Cafe (2013) - Al Quoz cafe open? For takeaways only (unconfirmed)?
  • Limetree Cafe (2011) - Ibn Battuta, Jumeirah, Media City Lime Tree cafés closed during Ramadan. Al Quoz cafe open for takeways from 0800-1800 every day. Gourmet to Go in Media City open 0730-1600 Sunday to Thursday (next to the Limetree Cafe in Media City). Catering available Sat-Thur 0900-1800, tel +971-4-3256325, email catering@limetreecafe.ae (email 01 August 2011).
  • Madinat Jumeirah - see Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • Mall of the Emirates (MOE or MOTE) (2013) - some food court outlets and cafes for takeaways only. Cheesecake Factory open for takeaways only before Iftar. More Cafe closed before Iftar. For dine in, only Salomontini (tel +971-4-3475844) and Karam Beirut at the Ski Dubai end. Apres closed before Iftar, Saint Maxim closed for renovation and renaming (to Saint Tropez). Or walk through to the Kempinski Hotel - Aspen open 24 hrs for dine in, 1792 bar open for coffee etc (smoking permitted).
  • McDonald's (2013) - some outlets open for takeaways and drivethru only from 1000 or 1200 until Iftar. Closed completely from about 0400 until 1000 or 1200.
  • Medzo Italian restaurant (2013) - Wafi Center Pyramids, open for lunch, tel +971-4-3244100.
  • Mirdiff City Center (2013) - some food court restaurants open for takeaways only. No dine-in facilities before Iftar.
  • More Cafe (2013) - not all of them. Gold & Diamond Park (near First Gulf Bank metro station) open 0700-1900 tel +971-4-3234350, and DIFC branches open daytime in 2013.
  • Old Town Dubai - see Downtown Dubai.
  • Palm Island Jumeirah (2013) - The Burger Joint in Atlantis Resort.
  • Shakespeare & Co cafes - All branches closed daytime Ramadan 2013 (Shakespeare FB says "Our branches will be open from Iftar until after midnight throughout Ramadan" - 09 Jul 2013).
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah (2013) - almost everything closed for dine-in during the day, only Toscana Italian restaurant open for daytime dining - opening hours 1200-2400, Noodle House closed daytime, opens at Iftar. Some outlets open for takeaways only - Costa Coffee, Dome Cafe, Starbucks. Places look closed, you'll have to search a bit for the entrance - try some closed doors.
  • SpinDubai (Spin Dubai) (2013) - ping pong table tennis (100 dhs for 30 minutes) with your drinks, lounge bar. Open 1300-1600 and 2000-2400 (until 0200 Wed, Thu, Fri). Smoking permitted daytime.
  • Starbucks (2013) - some outlets open daytime for takeaways only (unless in one of the free zones where shops are open for dine-in e.g. DIFC). The drivethru Starbucks on Jumeirah Beach Rd (Umm Suqeim area) is open for takeaways, dine-in closed before Iftar.
  • Sushi Counter (2013) Dubai Media City CNBC Food Court - open 1100-2400 daily (Fridays?) tel +971-4-3751096.
  • TECOM (2013) - Byblos Hotel Crown and Lion bar open 1100-0130, tel +971-4-448800. Media Rotana Hotel Nelson's Bar open 1200-1530 and 2000-0230, tel +971-4-4350000.
  • Thai Chi restaurant (2013) Wafi City Pyramids - open 1200-1500 for Thai buffet lunch AED 119 dhs including drinks (non-alcoholic), and a-la-carte.
  • The Burger Joint (2013), Atlantis Jumeirah Palm Island, open 1100-2200 Sat-Wed and 1100-2300 Thu-Fri, tel +971-4-4262626.
  • The Dubai Mall (2013) - some food court restaurants for takeaways (Burger King, Charlie's Subs, McDonalds, etc). The upstairs food court seating area is not available (was closed off for eating takeaways only in 2010). Some of the other outlets might be open for takeaways (Costa Coffee?). All outlets in Souk Al Bahar closed during the day (including Shakespeare Cafe - was open in previous years, not in 2013).
  • Thyme Restaurant (2013), Oasis Beach Tower Dubai Marina, open 1230-1530 and 1900-2300, tel +971-4-3154200.
  • Tim Hortons cafes and coffee shops (2013) - some or all outlets open for takeaways only during the day. Sheikh Zayed Road and JBR The Walk have 24 hr outlets.
  • Toscana Restaurant (2013) - in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, open daily from 1200-2400 during Ramadan, tel +971-4-3666730, entrance is not so obvious, try a couple of doors.
  • Vivel Patisserie - open for takeaways only. Some locations serve coffee. Jumeirah Beach Rd location (La Plage Apartments) serves food (sandwiches, breakfast, etc) and drinks for takeaway only, tel +971-4-3443232, open 0730-midnight, maybe 0730-0200 Thu-Fri during Ramadan.
  • Wafi City (2013) - Marry Brown Chicken (Merry, Mary) in the upstairs food court open for takeaways only, no dine-in facilities anywhere. Nearby The Pyramids has a few outlets that are open - Carter's from 1100-0100 (smoking ok), tel +971-4-3244100. Ashas Indian restaurant (not all day though). SpinDubai 1300-1600 daytime (smoking area). Medzo Italian restaurant for lunch +971-4-3244100. Cactus Cantina 1200-2400 (smoking area). Thai Chi 1200-1500 for lunch. Sevilles Spanish tapas bar and Vintage wine and cheese bar closed daytime during Ramadan.
  • Wox (2013) (noodles) Grand Hyatt Dubai, Oud Metha - open 1200-2330 daily, tel +971-4-3172222.
Older information (year of validity in brackets)
  • Beach House Cabana restaurant (2010) - Jumeirah Palm Golden Mile between apartment buildings 5 and 6, open 1200-2400 Sat-Wed, 1200-0100 Thu-Fri. No alcohol before Iftar. Smoking allowed.
  • The Greens (2009) - Berts Cafe takeaways and deliveries only before Iftar.
  • Beach Park Plaza opposite Jumeirah Beach Park (2009) - Circle Bagels for takeaways (and deliveries?), open from 0800, tel +971-4-3428177.
  • Central Perk (2009) - Umm Suqeim for takeaways, Rashidiya unknown.
  • Dubai Marina Mall (2009) - Favorite Things children's area coffee shop.
  • JBR The Walk (Marina Walk) (2009) - Paul Cafe - takeaways only.
  • Pizza Express (2009) - Jumeirah/Umm Suqeim location - takeways (and deliveries?) only from 12pm-Iftar except Fridays 1:30pm-Iftar, tel +971-4-3945616. Dine in after Iftar.
  • Wagamama (2009) - SZR Crowne Plaza for dine in, The Greens for takeaways.
  • Zuma Restaurant in DIFC The Gate Village (2010) - open as normal, including Friday Brunch (AED 265 during Ramadan). Tel +971-4-4255660 for reservations.
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