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Dubai World Expo 2020

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World Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

Dubai (the city and emirate) in the UAE (the country), will be the host city for the 2020 World Expo exhibition, held from October 2020 to April 2021, with the theme slogan "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". It is the first time a World Expo is held in the Middle East.

What is a World Exposition? For UAE residents familiar with Global Village, a World Expo is similar but with more air conditioning, more lights, higher ticket prices, more restaurants, more stuff to look at, and not so many baskets or leather jackets for sale. A bit like comparing IMG World or Motiongate to Stargate in Zabeel Park.

There are two types of world fairs or exhibitions. A World Expo (exposition) is held every 5 years, in years ending with a '0' or a '5', and lasts for 6 months. An International Expo is held in one of the years between two World Expos, and lasts for 3 months (for example Yeosu, South Korea in 2012).

Expo 2020 dates and timings

Expo 2020 entry tickets and prices

Dubai Expo 2020 ticket prices
Ticket type Price (AED) Price USD, EUR Notes
1 day adult AED 120 ~$33, ~€30  
1 day student, youth, POD companion 50% discount AED 60 ~$17, ~€15  
3 day adult AED 260 ~$68, ~€60 3 days within 2 weeks of first entry
3 day student, youth, POD companion 50% discount AED 130 ~$34, ~€30 3 days within 2 weeks of first entry
1 month ticket      
Season ticket      
Children up to 5 years old Free Free  
People of Determination (POD) (Special Needs) Free Free Companion gets 50% discount
Over 65 years old Free Free  

Expo 2020 country pavilions

Dubai Expo 2020 will have 192 different country pavilions, and a number of thematic or themed pavilions. There are three Districts in which the pavilions are located: Mobility District, Opportunity District, Sustainability District, arranged like 3 fan blades with Al Wasl Plaza at the center.

List of country pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020
Country pavilion District Theme Size Architect or
Austria Pavilion Opportunity Austria Makes Sense 1600m² Querkraft Architekten 47 large white traffic cones
Azerbaijan Pavilion Sustainability Seeds for the Future 1300m²    
Belarus Pavilion Opportunity        
Belgium Pavilion Mobility        
Brazil Pavilion Sustainability Water      
Canada Pavilion Sustainability        
China Pavilion Opportunity Chinese lantern      
Czech Republic Pavilion (Czechia) Sustainability Czech Spring 2200m² Formosa AA, MCI Prague SAWER, make water with solar energy
Finland Pavilion Mobility        
France Pavilion Mobility        
German Pavilion (Campus Germany) Sustainability       IAMU or IMU intelligent companion
Italy Pavilion Opportunity        
Japan Pavilion Opportunity        
Korea (South) Pavilion Mobility        
Latvia Pavilion Mobility        
Luxembourg Pavilion Opportunity Möbius strip   Metaform, The Space Factory Could be an endless visit
Malaysia Pavilion Sustainability        
Monaco Pavilion Opportunity        
Montenegro Pavilion Sustainability        
Morocco Pavilion Opportunity        
New Zealand Pavilion   Kaitiakitanga     NZ Mint Expo 2020 coins
Norway   Ocean issues      
Saudi Arabia     13,000m² Boris Micka  
Singapore Pavilion Sustainability Hanging gardens      
Turkmenistan   Akhal-Teke horses      
UAE   Falcon 15,000m²    
UK, The Poem Pavilion       Es Devlin, Avantgarde  
List of thematic and other pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020
Pavilion name District Theme or company Size Notes
Mobility Pavilion Mobility Human progress   The one that looks like a giant triple fidget spinner.
Opportunity Pavilion Opportunity Working together, your impact 4500m² How you affect your environment.
Sustainability Pavilion (Terra) Sustainability Environment and resources   Ocean and forest journey simulations.
DP World Pavilion Mobility DP World    
Emirates Pavilion Opportunity Emirates Airline    

Expo 2020 Dubai districts, parks, shopping, and other areas

Expo 2020 Dubai events

Expo 2020 Dubai site

Location of the 2020 World Expo in Dubai is "Dubai Exhibition City" or "Dubai Exhibition World", next to Dubai World Central area and Al Maktoum International Airport. A purpose built 400 hectare site will host the World Fair (WAM 23 Nov 2011).

The site will be part of the the Dubai Trade Centre Jebel Ali (DTCJA) project (Nov 2012 reports?).

Expo 2020 Dubai project cost

Dubai megaprojects construction for the 2020 World Expo

Several megaprojects in Dubai which are planned or under construction might have the completion date brought forward as a result of Dubai being awarded host city status. Speculative reports only seen so far (Dec 2013).

Dubai 2020 World Expo host city and bidding process

27 Nov 2013 - Dubai won the bid to host the 2020 World Expo with over 70% of the votes in the final round. Fireworks at the Burj Khalifa were set off to celebrate. A holiday was declared for schools in the UAE on Thursday 28 November 2013. The voting (by secret ballot) went like this:

Expo 2020 country voting
Country Brazil Russia Turkey UAE Abstentions Total
Voting round 1 13 votes 39 votes 33 votes 77 votes 1 163 countries
Voting round 2   41 36 87 1 165
Voting round 3   47   116 1 164
Sheikh Hamdan takes UAE flag to the top of the Burj Khalifa
Holiday for educational establishments in the UAE

Dubai World Expo 2020 in numbers

Data supplied by The Government of Dubai Media Office (28 Nov 2013).

Voting and bidding process for the 2020 World Expo

Countries supporting the UAE and Dubai bid to host the 2020 World Expo

Support for the Dubai Expo bid

History and timeline for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai

Higher Committee for Hosting the 2020 World Expo in Dubai and Dubai's bid for hosting the Expo

2020 World Expo bidding cities

The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) will choose the winning bid in November 2013. Text in grey represents abandoned or unconfirmed bids. Deadline for bid submission 02 November 2011 (it wasn't clear if Dubai's bid submission was submitted on time or not - BIE said a bid was submitted 02 November 2011, WAM news said a bid was submitted on 23 November 2011). The 2020 World Expo will run from 04 January to 30 June 2020.


World Expo locations before 2020

UAE Pavilions at World Expos
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