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Private PO Box in UAE

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Private PO Box in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE

Private, personal, individual, or company PO Box services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other cities and emirates in the UAE. How to rent and renew your own individual post office box and how to address mail sent to UAE PO Boxes.

This information is for Private PO Boxes, i.e. Private, Personal, Individual, or Company PO Boxes. See the UAE Public PO Box services page for information about having mail delivered to a post office in the UAE without renting your own PO Box.

[News update clarification] Emirates Post PO Box fees cancelled from 01 Oct 2019 ...

EPG, the UAE post office operator, released a press release 01 Oct 2019 with the headline "Emirates Post waives administration fee for PO Box subscribers" which sounding exciting for all private (company and personal) PO Box subscribers who thought their PO Box rentals would be free from 01 Oct 2019.

Hopefully the next news release will announce that the post office will stop with the frequent phone calls when an overseas package arrives and they have a special offer to deliver it tomorrow by courier for AED 30 (+VAT), or wait 1-2 weeks for it to go to your PO Box. We never did get answers to our FAQs: how they decide which parcels to make this special offer for; why it takes so long for the parcel to go from the Nad Al Hamar delivery center to our PO Box in Karama; why we couldn't just collect it from Nad Al Hamar ourselves; or why they wouldn't accept our repeated requests to stop phoning and just deliver any packages to the PO Box on the address label.

How to rent private individual PO Box in the UAE

Note that the rental process is the same whether you rent in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, or any other location in the UAE since the postal service is a federal institution.

You'll need:


PO Box renewal

How to use a Private Post Office Box address in the UAE

Address format to use to send mail to a UAE address (note that street addresses are not usually used for mail delivery in the UAE, residents mostly use PO Boxes).

[Update] (last update Aug 2011) Mail Delivery in the UAE and Post Office boxes

There is no mail delivery to street addresses in the UAE, all mail goes to PO Boxes at the various post office locations. Most residents have mail delivered to their company's post office box, which is usually collected daily by companies, and delivered to their employees. Your address is normally accepted as the company's PO Box in the UAE. This can cause problems when supplying an address to various organisations overseas who are not familiar with mail delivery in Dubai and the UAE (and many other countries in the Middle East). Usually if you explain the situation, companies will be sympathetic.

Courier companies such as Aramex, DHL, Fedex will do home and office deliveries. It is normal to supply them with a telephone number for the recipient so the courier company can phone and get directions to the delivery location. Street addresses do exist, sort of, but navigation is more often done with the use of major landmarks, common names for streets (rather than the signposted name), and building names and colors.

It's possible (but unlikely) that those living in apartment buildings have PO Boxes provided - the building owner, not you or your landlord, has to arrange this with the Emirates Post. Or if undesignated post office boxes are installed in the building already, you might be able to rent one individually direct from Emirates Post - see below about PO Box rental but also bring along your tenancy contract.

There were reports in early 2009 that Emirates Post was implementing a system of home delivery of mail in the UAE, to be up and running by 2012. Don't get too excited just yet - when you start seeing letter boxes outside your apartment building or villa, then something might be on the cards.

Private Post Office Box rental UAE

Update January 2011

Emirates Post increased PO Box rental prices (minimum AED 200 per year for individual), and decreased rental period from a choice of 1-3 years to just one year. Rental application or renewal at post office or online but going to post office seems easier - they might be less fussy about documentation required (such as Emirates ID card, residence visa copy, photos, but you will at least need passport copy), and how accurately you fill in the form.

There is an option of once per week mail pick up and deliver for business customers for minimum AED 3,500 (approximately, unconfirmed).

Previous post office box rental information for Dubai and UAE

You can get your own personal mail box - a good idea if you think you may be changing employers on a regular basis, but want to stay in the UAE. The disadvantage is you have to go and get your own mail. PO Box rental costs about 200-500 dhs per year (increased from 100-250 dhs in February 2008). New applications can be accepted at anytime (if there are PO Boxes available) but renewal is always done in January. Go to your favorite post office location with passport & residence visa (employment shouldn't be necessary), 2 copies, 2 photos, and some cash. There's an application form on the Empost website you can download and fill in, or get one at the post office.

For convenience, look for a post office near where you live or work, and remember that if you sign up for a PO Box in another emirate or new location in the same emirate, you will end up with a new PO Box number.

Post office box access is normally available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week but parcel and registered letter collection is not.



EPG Private PO Box service news

Last update Wednesday 02-Oct-2019.
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