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Aswaaq community centers

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Aswaaq community shopping centers

Aswaaq LLC was established by the Dubai Government and the Sheikh Mohammed Establishment for Young Business Leaders. Aswaaq shopping malls are intended to be medium to large community centres with supermarkets and retail outlets with an Arabian street market theme, including "Darkakeen", the Aswaaq souk area in the Al Mizhar Aswaq.

  • First Aswaaq center opened in Nad Al Hamar in October 2008.
  • Aswaaq sets aside a percentage of profits to support social services.
  • Aswaaq also supports and encourages UAE nationals to invest in Aswaaq related projects.
  • Aswaaq environmental responsibility includes recycling centers and environmentally friendly plastic bags (is there such a thing?).
  • CEO of Aswaaq is Abdul Basset Al Janahi.
  • Aswaaq LLC owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), a Dubai Government company.
  • Aswaaq centers expected to open in 25 different locations in Dubai - 25 plots of land totalling 2.2 million square feet have been allocated by the Dubai Government for Aswaaq malls. Update (20 October 2009 press release): another 30 stores to open by 2013.
  • Monoprix SA-Aswaaq partnership to stock Aswaaq supermarkets with Monoprix (France) products (30 Sep 2009 press release).
  • Wafa Loyalty Program - get another plastic card to collect points with so you can buy a toaster or car vacuum cleaner.
  • Aswaaq Nadd Al Hamar and Al Mizhar supermarkets have received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certifications for food safety, handling, storage, processing and display.
  • Installation of the NASA-developed AiroCide technology system to ensure freshness of fruits, vegetables and fish
  • Thimaar - fruit and vegetable importer to Aswaaq supermarkets.
  • Desert Group partnership - Aswaaq signed an MOU with Desert Group to stock their plants, organic soils, and garden furniture (press release 24 July 2010). Aswaaq has worked with Desert Group previously on CSR events such as the "Plant a Tree" campaign.

List of Aswaaq shopping malls and centers

Area Tel Opening date Comments
Al Badaa, Jumeirah +971-4-4234497 Jul 2014 Al Wasl Rd, near Emirates NBD
Al Barsha South Aswaaq +971-4-4234495 2013? Community center
Al Khwaneej   proposed?  
Al Mizhar Aswaaq +971-4-4234452 May 2009 Community shopping centre
Al Quoz   proposed?  
Al Rigga (Al Riga), Deira +971-4-4234458 20 Oct 2009 Supermarket only
Al Sufouh Aswaaq +971-4-4234479 May 2009 Supermarket only - near DKV
Al Twar Aswaaq   planned  
Al Warqa'a Aswaaq +971-4-4234466 29 Oct 2009 Community shopping center
Al Warqaa     Another one proposed?
Mirdif Aswaaq +971-4-4234459 25 Nov 2009 Community shopping center
Nadd Al Hamar Aswaaq +971-4-4234455 Oct 2008 Community shopping center
Umm Suqueim Aswaaq +971-4-4234453 Sep 2009 Small shopping center upstairs
Al Aswaq Ras Al Khaimah (RAK National Market)
  • Al Aswaq (RAK National Markets) is not related to Aswaaq in Dubai.
  • RAK National Market was established in 1987 in Ras Al Khaimah, currently operates 6 hypermarkets in Al Dhait South, Al Kharan, Al Jazeera, Al Zahra, Al Zaith, Ghalilah. Seih Al Uraibi?
  • Website at www.aswaqrak.ae with details of locations, opening times, etc.

Aswaaq opening hours

  Saturday-Wednesday Thursday Friday
0800-2300 (8am-11pm) 0800-0000 (8am-midnight) 0800-0000 (8am-midnight)¹
Community Centers
1000-2200 (10am-10pm) 1000-2300 (10am-11pm) 1330-2300 (1:30pm-11:00pm)
  1. Closed for Friday prayers from 1200-1330 (12:00pm-1:30pm).
  2. Opening times vary slightly.
    • Al Rigga supermarket open 24 hrs.
    • Al Sufouh supermarket open 0700-2300 daily.
    • Umm Suqeim supermarket open 0700-2400 daily.

Aswaaq Al Badaa (Al Bada'a)

  • Location on Al Wasl Road opposite the Emarat petrol station, just after the traffic signal and Emirates NBD at corner of Al Wasl and Al Safa roads - continue on Al Wasel Rd towards Iranian Hospital from junction.
  • Al Bada is the district between Jumeirah 1 and Al Satwa communities.
  • Supermarket open in July 2014. Other shops open then or later.

Aswaaq Al Barsha

  • Aswaaq Al Barsha South open end 2013?

Aswaaq Al Mizhar Community Center

  • Aswaaq AlMizhar open May 2009 (the second Aswaaq center in Dubai), tel +971-4-4234452.
  • Al Mizhar Aswaaq home delivery +971-4-4234434.
  • Shops include 050 Telecom, Al Furqan Bookshop, Al Jaber Optical, Aswaaq supermarket, ATMs (ADCB, DIB), BFresh Body Store, Bin Sina Pharmacy, Bridgestone Tyres, Burger King, Castanea Chestnuts, Dakakeen Souk, Damas jewellers, Dolce Amaro (tel +971-4-2845464), Du Telecom, Emirates Islamic Bank, Fruit Garden fruiut juice kiosk, Gazebo Indian Restaurant (tel +971-4-2845584), Hamdan Sajwani Electronics Trading (HS Electronics), Happy Yummy kiosk, Jewel Kids, Karji Perfumes, Medispa Health Center (tel +971-4-2845333, www.medispa.ae), Prestige Laundry, RTA office, Sanrio, Smooth Fingers Gents Salon, Texas Chicken, Wall Street Exchange, Zain Cafe.
Opening hours Saturday-Wednesday Thursday-Friday Closed Friday prayers
0730-2300 (7:30am-11pm) 0730-0000 (7:30am-midnight) 1200-1330 (12-1:30pm)
1000-2200 (10am-10pm) 1000-2300 (10am-11pm) 1200-1330 (12-1:30pm)

Al Rigga, Al Riga

  • Official opening date 22 October 2009 (press release 20 October 2009).
  • Fifth Aswaaq store to open in Dubai. Located on Al Riga Street. About 350m from Al Rigga station on the Dubai Metro?
  • Supermarket area 10,000 sq feet (about 930 sq meters). Includes bakery, butchery (no pork?), fishmonger, fruit and vegetable section.
  • Phone number updated to +971-4-4234458 (date changed not given). Previously was +971-4-4234436.
  • Home delivery available, tel +971-4-423 4436. Or if that one not working, try +971-4-423 4458.
  • Opening times: 24 hrs, 7 days per week, except Friday when closed for noon prayers (1 hour).

Al Sufouh supermarket

  • Aswaaq Al Sofouh is a supermarket only, open May 2009, area 1000 square meters (11,000 sq feet), servicing Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Media City, and surrounding areas.
  • Ready made meals available, breakfast and lunch facilities, home delivery available.
  • DVD rental (self service), and mobile phones and accessories.
  • Al Sufooh Aswaaq tel +971-4-4234435. Updated to +971-4-4234479 (date changed not given).

Aswaaq Al Twar

  • Aswaaq Al Tawar under development.

Aswaaq Al Warqaa 2

  • Aswaaq Al Warqaa 2 under construction, opening date Thursday 29 October 2009 (press release 27 October 2009).
  • Dakakeen souq area with traditional Arabic oud perfume, fabric, and jewellery shops.
  • Other shops include Al Forqan Bookshop, Al Jaber Optical, Al Moheet Tailor, Al Nofarah, Al Rashidiyah Computers, Baskin Robins, Basmat Al Khaleej Tailoring, Big Future Toys & Video games, Bin Sina Pharmacy, Deebaj Furniture, Digital Moon, Dunkin Donuts, Emirates Driving Institute, Emirates Road Automatic Laundry, Especo Trading Establishment, French Bakery cafe, Hatam Restaurant, Heads Of Mountains for Honey Trading, Inter Connect General Trading, Jungle Juice, Katakeet Saloon, Lily Pond, Muna Shehab Tailoring & Embroidery, Salman Mandi Restraurant, Yamal Al Sham, Yasmeen World Trading, Zero Five Zero Telecom.
  • Community Center area area 60,000 sq feet with supermarket area 27,000 sq ft.
  • Supermarket includes bakery, butcher, fruit & vegetable section, Monoprix and Aswaaq labelled products.
  • Home delivery available.
  • Tel +971-4-4234432.
  • Al Warqa'a Aswaaq is the 4th Aswaaq center to open, and the 2nd with a Dakakeen section (Al Mizar Aswaaq is the first).

Aswaaq Mirdiff

  • Aswaaq Mirdif opening date 25 November 2009. Plot area of center is 22,500 sq feet (PR 24 November 2009).
  • Aswaq Mirdiff supermarket area 9,100 sq ft. Home delivery available.
  • Total number of shops is 15, includes Baskin Robbins, Du telecom, Dunkin Donuts, Emirates Road Laundry, French Bakery, Jungle Juice, Ningxia Restaurant, Pizza Ibiza. Thames Optical.
  • Tel +971-4-4234437.

Aswaaq Nad Al Hamar Community Center

  • Aswaaq Nadd Al Hamar the first Aswaaq shopping mall to open, in October 2008.
  • Stores include Al Farooj Fresh (closed mid 2010?), Al Thaqeb Gents Saloon, Aswaaq Supermarket, Bin Sina Pharmacy, Emirates Driving Institute, Emirates Road Laundry, Ghashawi Abaya & Sheila, Qawareer Beauty Saloon, Snacks coffee shop, Sweet Great Gift, Super Vision optical supplies, Wall Street Exchange, Waselati copy and typing center, Zero Five Zero Telecom.
  • Nad Al Hamar Aswaaq tel +971-4-4234455 (and/or +971-4-4234433?).
Opening hours Saturday-Wednesday Thursday-Friday Closed Friday prayers
0730-2300 (7:30am-11pm) 0730-0000 (7:30am-midnight) 1200-1330 (12-1:30pm)
1000-2200 (10am-10pm) 1000-2300 (10am-11pm) 1200-1330 (12-1:30pm)

Umm Suqeim 3 Community Center

  • Aswaq Umm Suqueim officially open 15 September 2009. Aswaaq press release 14 September 2009 said "Aswaaq will officially open its third community center on September 15th in Umm Suqeim" but the CEO of Aswaaq in the same press release said "We are pleased to announce the opening of our fourth Aswaaq branch in Umm Suqeim." Maybe he was including the Aswaaq supermarket in Al Sufooh.
  • Location is in the sector opposite the Burj Al Arab - near Kings Dubai and Raffles School Dubai.
  • Downstairs is supermarket and French Bakery, upstairs are more shops (not open at launch, maybe later in 2009).
    • Shops and services list includes: ATMs for ADCB and DIB, Al Forqan Bookshop and Stationery, ER Laundry, Etisalat payment machine, Floral Spa Ladies Salon, French Bakery Cafe, My Cards Trading, Q2 car wash, Relax Rehabilitation Center, Supercare Pharmacy, 050 Telecom.
  • Supermarket includes bakery, butcher, fish section, fruit and vegetable section, and looks much the same as many other supermarkets, just newer. There's a small home appliance and DVD section.
  • Contact number changed to +971-4-4234453 (date changed not given). Previously was +971-4-4234431.
  • Home delivery of groceries available, tel +971-4-4234431, or +971-4-4234453 if first number invalid.
  • French Bakery cafe apparently open 24 hours a day when it opens (we'll believe it when we see it), probably not until October 2009.
  • Land area 56,000 sq feet (5,200 sq meters), supermarket area 25,000 sq feet.
Opening times Saturday-Wednesday Thursday-Friday Closed Friday prayers
0900-0100 (9am-1am) 0900-0200 (9am-2am) 1200-1330 (12-1:30pm)
1000-2300 (10am-11pm) 1000-0000 (10am-12am) 1200-1330 (12-1:30pm)

Aswaaq Head Office contact details

  • Aswaaq Head Office - Entrepreneur Business Village, Clocktower Roundabout Deira, Main Building, office 501.
  • Postal address: PO Box 6767, Dubai, UAE.
  • Toll-free tel 800-ASWAAQ (800-279227), fax +971-4-4298444.
  • Working hours 0730-1600 (7:30 am to 4:00 pm).
  • Email info@aswaaq.ae.
  • Previous location was Dubai HealthCare City, Building 25, Fifth Floor until July 2009? Phone number +971-4-4234444 probably no longer valid.
Last update Saturday 14-Feb-2015
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