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Traffic fines discount in UAE

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Traffic fine discounts in Dubai and UAE

List of traffic fine discount news and announcements for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, Sharjah, and other emirates in the UAE. Information about discounts on traffic fines and penalties in the UAE. See also: List of traffic fines.

Up to 100% traffic fine discounts in Dubai 2019-2020

"Traffic Fines Settlement" scheme announced by Dubai Police in Feb 2019. Summary in this table. More explanation below larger table of UAE traffic fine announcements.

07 Nov 2019: Dubai Police announced that phase III of the discount scheme had started. Meaning that drivers who had committed no offences (except minor ones) since 07 Feb 2019 would have discount on outstanding fines from before 07 Feb 2019 updated to 75%. After 07 Feb 2020, if they still have a clean record, the discount will be upgraded to 100% (phase IV). Reference:

Dubai traffic fine discounts 2019-2020 (updated)
Discount During payment (registration) dates If no offences during* Or* Notes
25% 07 May to 06 Aug 2019 07 Feb to 06 May 2019 01 Feb to 01 May 2019  
50% 07 Aug to 06 Nov 2019 07 Feb to 06 Aug 2019 01 Feb to 01 Aug 2019  
75% 07 Nov 2019 to 06 Feb 2020 07 Feb to 06 Nov 2019 01 Feb to 01 Nov 2019  
100% 06 or 07 Feb 2020 until [date not given]? 07 Feb 2019 to 06 Feb 2020 01 Feb to 01 Feb 2020  

*Dubai Police announcement was on 06 Feb 2019 (ref FB, UAE newspapers), however, a Dubai Police graphic published on FB said "... and does not commit any violations for a full calendar year starting from 1 February 2019".

Aug 2019 > Nov 2019: Some minor fines will be ignored for calculating discount. The Dubai Police Assistant Chief, Major-General Engineer Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, said "We cannot waste the effort of a motorist who has been committed to six months since the initiative was launched, when he is close to get a 50 per cent discount on his fines because of a minor violation", but which fines were not specified. It should show in your traffic record. Reference: KT 07 Nov 2019,

Traffic fine discounts in the UAE

Dubai 100% discount traffic fine system might be implemented in all UAE emirates according to the UAE Federal Traffic Council Chairman and Dubai Police Assistant Commander-in-Chief, Major-General Engineer Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, who said "If convinced, the council will recommend it to the Ministry of Interior for its approval on an implementation across all of the UAE". Reference: TN, 22 Aug 2019,

List of traffic fines discount announcements in the UAE

List of traffic fine discounts announced in the UAE
Emirate Residence or
For fines
issued in/by
Payment dates
28 Nov 2019 50% Fujairah All UAE Fujairah 30 Nov 2019 02 Dec 2019 to 02 Feb 2020 Announced by Fujairah Police
[Fake] Nov 2019 50% Dubai         Rumour, denied by Dubai Police
2019 Oct 22 50% Sharjah All UAE probably SHJ only 21 Oct 2019 22 Oct 2019 to 31 Jan 2020 Not SRTA parking. See notes.
2019 Oct 21 25% AUH any UAE AUH tolls indefinite? within 30 days of issue date Only for AUH toll gate fines.
2019 Mar 04 50% Ajman any UAE? Ajman 31 Dec 2018 After 01 Jul 2019 but only if ... ... no fines issued Jan-Jun 2019
2019 Feb 06 25%-100% Dubai DXB registration Dubai Police   See notes Parking, Salik excluded
[Fake] 2018 Dec 50% Sharjah         Oct 2017 news repeated
2018 Oct 03 30% RAK any? RAK Police 11 Jul 2018? 07 Oct 2018 to 30 Nov 2018  
2017 Dec 02 50% all all UAE emirates all UAE 02 Dec 2017 2017-12-02 to 2018-03-01 UAE National Day
2017 Nov 50% Fujairah any? police in FUJ 20-11-2017 2017-11-25 to 2018-01-04  
2017 Oct 18 50% Sharjah any Sharjah 18 Oct 2017 2017-10-18 to 2018-02-28 Black points also cancelled.
2015 Dec 50% UAQ       03-12-2015 to 02-01-2016 Oct 2015 news extended
2015 Oct 50% UAQ any UAE UAQ only in 2015? 18-10-2015 to 03-12-2015  
2013 Jun 13 none Dubai   Dubai Police in 2013    
2013 Apr 02 50% Sharjah   Sharjah   07-04-2013 to 06-08-2013  
2013 Oct 01 50% UAQ     01-10-2013 01-10-2013 to 02-12-2013  
2012 Jan 10 40% (30%) Dubai       extended to 2012-01-10 RTA, Salik excluded
2012 Jan 10 50%? AUH         Not confirmed
2011 50% UAQ   UAQ 27-11-2011 up to 31 Dec 2011  
2011 Dec 29 50% Ajman     end 2011 01-01-2012 to 28-02-2012  
2011 Dec 29 50% Sharjah     27-12-2011 01-01-2012 to 30-04-2012  
2011 Nov 30 40%-50% RAK     end(?) 2011 01-01-2012 to 30-04-2012  
2011 Sep 08 30% Dubai   Dubai 09-09-2011 11-09-2011 to 11-12-2011  
2011 Aug 01   Dubai   Dubai Police     Details coming later
2011 Jul 29   Dubai   Dubai Police     Details coming later
2010 Jul 02 <50% UAE varies varies varies varies Decree 400/2010
2010 Jun 27 50% AUH any UAE AUH only ? ?  


Discounts on traffic fines in UAE

Discounts on traffic fines in Abu Dhabi (includes Al Ain)

Discounts on traffic fines in Ajman

Discounts on traffic fines in Dubai

RTA and Salik fines are usually (or always) excluded from any traffic fine discounts applied in Dubai. Reference 04 Aug 2011 report in the Khaleej Times (KT), and most other announcements for traffic fine discounts in Dubai.

50% to 75% traffic fine discount in Dubai, November 2019

07 Nov 2019: There were rumours of a special offer for one day only 50% discount on traffic fines, however this was denied by Dubai Police on 10 Nov 2019. Original source of rumour unknown. Perhaps originated from misunderstanding of the Dubai Police "Traffic Fines Settlement" initiative announced in Feb 2019 which is a discount of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% on outstanding fines depending on how long since Feb 2019 a driver has managed to avoid any further fines (see below). On 07 Nov 2019, Dubai Police did announce that the discount applicable increased from 50% to 75%. It will be up to 100% in Feb 2020.

100% discount on traffic fines in Dubai announced Feb 2019

15 May 2019 update to the Dubai Police traffic fine discount announced in Feb 2019: When renewing your vehicle registration you can choose whether or not you pay traffic fines. This means you can delay payment to hopefully take advantage of the tiered discount rate for the 12 months from Feb 2019 to Feb 2020. This only applies to vehicles with Dubai registration, and does not apply to RTA or parking fines. Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Dubai Police boss, said "Individuals can go to registration centres and decide whether or not to pay traffic fines immediately. Individuals can choose the amount of fines they want to clear. However, if they don’t commit a traffic offence, they don’t have to pay anything till February 2020."

Discounts are automatically applied to outstanding fines, should be clear when you check online or smartphone apps from Dubai Police or Ministry of Interior (MOI).

[See table above main table]

25% to 100% discount on fines issued before 07 Feb 2019, i.e. up to 06 Feb 2019. Update 15 May 2019: fine payment can be delayed when registering your vehicle to take advantage of the up to 100% discount according to a Dubai Police Chief announcement. Additionally, discounts already earned will not be withdrawn according to Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Traffic Department Director, who said "Some drivers who benefited from the 25 per cent discount are afraid of canceling the discount if they commit a traffic fine later but they shouldn’t be worried as the discount can’t be cancelled."

For example (based on our understanding, we're not sure though, it seems complicated):

Other notes

Information previous to 15 May 2019 update [obsolete or redundant or wrong, check, delete]

The announcement did not explain if traffic fine payment date could be chosen differently from car registration renewal date. Usually in the UAE, fines accumulated during the previous 12 months are paid when doing annual car registration renewal. It is possible to pay them before that date, but not possible to postpone payment since car registration renewal will not be done until all outstanding fines are paid. The conclusion is that to obtain the maximum 100% discount on any fines issued before 01, 06, or 07 Feb 2019 (depending on which bit of the announcement you read), you must have no traffic offences for 12 months from that date, and register your car on or after 06 Feb 2020, depending on the last day you can make payment and still take advantage of the special discount offer.

Dubai traffic fine discounts 2019-2020
Discount During payment (registration) dates If no offences during* Notes
25% 07 May 2019 to 07 Feb 2020 last offence date +3 months  
50% 07 Aug 2019 to 07 Feb 2020 last offence date +6 months  
75% 07 Nov 2019 to 07 Feb 2020 last offence date +9 months  
100% 06 or 07 Feb 2020 only? Unlikely*  

*Unlikely unless last offence before 07 Feb 2019, and no further traffic offences made, and fine payment not made until 07 Feb 2020 (or car registration renewal done on that day).

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