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Al Ain

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Al Ain overview

The city of Al Ain is in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, one of 7 that make up the country called the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Al Ain is divided into 64 districts, including 29 urban districts and 35 rural and suburban districts. These districts are further divided into 322 communities across Al Ain which surround Wasat Madinat Al Ain (downtown Al Ain City).

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Things to do and see in Al Ain

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Public parks in Al Ain (not a complete list)
Al Ain ratings and surveys

Al Ain ratings and surveys

Activities, entertainment and events in Al Ain
Areas, suburbs, communities in Al Ain (not a complete list)

Al Ain areas, suburbs, communities

Art and culture in Al Ain
Business in Al Ain

Business in Al Ain

Crime in Al Ain

Crime in Al Ain

Economy and Industry in Al Ain

Economy in Al Ain

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Education in Al Ain

Geography of Al Ain

Geography in Al Ain

History of Al Ain
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People in Al Ain

Infrastructure in Al Ain

Infrastructure in Al Ain

Landmarks in Al Ain

Landmarks in Al Ain

Living in Al Ain

Living in Al Ain

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Politics in Al Ain

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Population of Al Ain

Religion in Al Ain

Religion in Al Ain

Shopping in Al Ain

Shopping in Al Ain

Tourism in Al Ain

Tourism in Al Ain

Transport in Al Ain
Public Transport in Al Ain city - buses

Several bus routes cover most of Al Ain. Bus routes (as of 04 Dec 2012):

All routes go through the Al Ain Town Square bus station in the downtown area, except for Route 965 (Defence Area).

  1. 900 - Hili Park (Hili Fun City) to Al Khrair East.
  2. 930 - Al Foah Mall to Al Bateen West.
  3. 940 - Al Nabaggh to Zakher (Zakhir).
  4. 950 - Al Towayyah Mosque (Al Towayya) to Al Khrair Animal Souq (behind Bawadi Mall).
  5. 960 - Al Ain International Airport to Al Khrair East.
  6. 965 - operates within Defense area only, from Defence Area Main Gate (on routes 900, 950, 960, 980)?
  7. 970 - Al Bateen East to Mubazzarah (Mubazzareh), but to get to the top of Jebel Hafeet you have to walk.
  8. 980 - Al Maqam East to Al Khrair East.
  9. 990 - Al Maqam West to Ain Al Faydah.

Bus frequency is every 30 minutes except for first and last two buses of the day which have a 1 hour interval? First bus is between 0530 and 0630 approx. Last bus is between 2300 and 2400 approx. Friday, weekend, and public holiday timings the same as weekdays (or close enough, no obvious differences found)? Route 960 is every 20 mins?

Bus transfer stations where multiple routes intersect

Other public transport in Al Ain


Travel - Getting to and from Al Ain

Travel in Al Ain

Weather and climate in Al Ain

Generally Al Ain is hotter in autumn, winter, spring, than coastal cities, and slightly less unpleasant in summer - less humidity. The too-hot-to-do-anything-outside-during-the-day period of time lasts from Mar or Apr to Oct or Nov. For coastal cities this period is May or Jun to Sep or Oct.

See UAE weather and climate for more information.

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