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1995 list of traffic fines in UAE

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List of traffic fines in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah UAE

Article 191 of UAE Federal Bylaw 21, 1995 list of violations and traffic fines for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Applies to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other emirates in the UAE. Updated in 2008, and again in 2017: Traffic fines (new list).

Traffic fines in UAE from 1995

Article 191 of UAE Federal Bylaw 21, 1995, list of violations and fines
Item Description Fine (AED)
or court
1 Non-complying with Traffic Officer's instructions 200      
2 Non-complying with Traffic signs and instructions 100      
3 Running away from Traffic Officer 200      
4 Non-Stop when causing an accident or harm to others 100      
5 Abstention to give name and address to Traffic Officer 200      
6 Hindering traffic movement 100      
7 Putting signs on the road damaging or hindering traffic movement 100      
8 Stopping the vehicle along sidewalk or without observing the distance duly defined 100      
9 Stopping the vehicle in a manner causing danger or hindering sidewalk 100      
10 Non-taking necessary procedures for safety of traffic when vehicle broken 100      
11 Attempting entering a road without being sure of being empty causing sidewalk hindering 200      
12 Excess Speed (detected by Radar) 200      
13 Driving below minimum speed limit for roads. 100      
14 Driving recklessly or in a manner endangering public 200      
15 Passing red light 500      
16 Turning with vehicle from a place not specified for such or wrong turning 100      
17 Driving contrary to the line 200      
18 Getting into a prohibited place 200      
19 Turning back in a dangerous way 100      
20 Non-preference of emergency, police, public service and seasonal parades 200      
21 Non-leaving the road for left-coming cars where required 100      
22 Non-leaving the path for back-coming cars to go on the left 100      
23 Crossing from the right or in a dangerous way 150      
24 Van drivers’ passing in a dangerous way 400      
25 Passing in a place prohibited for passing 400      
26 Turning into the road in a dangerous way for vans or any other vehicles 400      
27 Non-leaving enough distance behind front vehicles 100      
28 Sudden turning with the vehicle 150      
29 Non-complying with obligatory walking line 100      
30 Non-preference of sidewalk 100      
31 Vans’ passing in prohibited places and roads 100      
32 Non-use of lights when changing vehicle direction or turning 150      
33 Dragging a vehicle by an unequipped car or vehicle 100      
34 Loading the vehicle in a dangerous way on others or the road 100      
35 Leaking things off the vehicle 100      
36 Throwing wastes off vehicles on public road 100      
37 Using alarm in prohibited place or in an annoying way 100      
38 Walking at night or foggy times without using lights 150      
39 (Using cycling multi-color lights) 100      
40 Adding additives to vehicle unauthorized by licensing authority 100      
41 Using inner light during vehicle walk with no excuse 50      
42 Non-use of inner light in buses at night 100      
43 Driving by a driving license issued from a foreign country in other than authorized cases 150      
44 Driving by a license other than given one 200      
45 Driving without using medical glasses or lances 100      
46 Non-wearing helmet when driving motorbike 200      
47 Non-holding driving license or vehicle ownership license 100      
48 Non-presenting driving license when requested 100      
49 Non-presenting vehicle ownership license when requested 100      
50 Teaching driving without license 200      
51 Driving a cab without license 100      
52 Driving a cab with expired license 100      
53 Driving a vehicle unlicensed by licensing authority 200      
54 Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license 100      
55 Non-renewing vehicle license after expiry
And an extra fine of ten dirham for each delay month or part thereof after three months of license expiry date
56 Loading passengers onto educational vehicles 100      
57 Using educational vehicles at times or in places not defined by licensing Authority 100      
58 Using the vehicle for purposes other than specified 100      
59 Excess load than allowed with no license 200      
60 Breaching rules of using commercial number plates 100      
61 Non-existence of number plates or driving with one plate 200      
62 Different number plates among dragger, dragged and semi-dragged 100      
63 Non-clearance of number plates 150      
64 Teaching driving in a vehicle not dedicated for such without permission from licensing authority 100      
65 Driving a vehicle without safety conditions 150      
66 Vehicle not valid for driving 150      
67 Vehicle tires not valid for driving 100      
68 Direction changing lights or lights not valid for driving 100      
69 Non-existence of red light in the back 100      
70 Non-existence or non-validity of lamps in the back or sides of trailer 150      
71 Driving a vehicle causing noise 100      
72 Driving a vehicle causing environment pollution or gasses and vapors containing excess compounds 300      
73 Making fundamental changes in vehicle motor, chase or color without License 400      
74 Non-inspecting the vehicle after performing any fundamental change in motor or body 100      
75 Parking in a no-parking place 150      
76 Non-assuring vehicle stability when parking 150      
77 Leaving vehicle on the road while motor is working 100      
78 Parking the vehicle on the left side of the road in no-parking places 150      
79 Vehicles parking in front of fire nozzles and places dedicated for handicapped or ambulance 100      
80 Misusing situations 100      
81 Parking vehicles on pavements 150      
82 Parking behind vehicles hindering movement 150      
83 Writing or putting naughty posters on the car 100      
84 Teaching driving in an educational vehicle without educational plate 100      
85 Non-putting fees tariff stated in public buses and cabs or non-presenting when requested 150      
86 Non-fixing reflecting posters in the back of vans and transport cars 100      
87 Non-writing van load on sides 100      
88 Non-exposing what refers to licensed excess load 100      
89 Non-fixing cab sign in dedicated places 100      
90 Non-complying with stated color for cabs or training 100      
91 Cabs to which stations are dedicated to transport passengers stopping in places not permitted 100      
92 Refusal to take passengers in cabs 100      
93 Non-complying with loading or unloading system in stations (if any) 100      
94 Opening left door of cabs 100      
95 Gathering passengers by calling in presence of signs 50      
96 Non-committal to decided tariff 100      
97 Transporting excess passengers 50      
98 Not-cleaning cabs and buses from inside and outside or smoking therein 100      
99 Non-wearing described uniforms for cabs drivers or non care 100      
100 Non-lifting exhaust device in vans 200      
101 Non-covering load in vans 100      
102 Crossing street from not allowed places for crossing (if any) 50      
103 Non-fastening seat belt while driving 100      

*Not in original list of traffic offences.

1995 fines list notes


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