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The World islands Dubai list of developments

Thursday 21 March 2019 (UAE)   
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The World Dubai artists impression overview
The World Sheikh Mohammed villa Greenland aerial
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Nakheel The World island archipelago group in Dubai

List of property developments and projects on The World islands

Scheduled or estimated completion dates in this table are unlikely to be realistic, especially as we march on through 2009 with little evidence of construction starting anywhere on The World, and various companies delay or put projects on hold as the global financial crisis and downturn in the Dubai property market prompts developers to pause for thought.

  • If no entry in the status column, assume project is in the planning stages only, and don't hold your breath about any estimated completion dates unless some sort of construction work has actually started.
Island (s) Plot
Owner (*rumoured or unconfirmed) Date
Project Name Value
February 2010
    City-D Development / Stars Dome Realty May 2008   Pangkor Laut   2010  
    *David Beckham - unconfirmed            
    *Scandanavian shipping company            
    *Vijay Singh, Fiji            
Unknown   Architect Diseño Earle     Kezhma Island residences      
Antarctica   Dubai Multi Commodities Center Feb 2008   Pearls of Arabia   2010  
Antartica   *Michael Schumacher Oct 2006 $7m        
Asia, North D51 VC Bank (developer World Development Co.) May 2008   VC Bank resort Dh1.5 bn end 2010  
Australia   Investment Dar, Kuwait (14 islands) Apr 2005   Oqyana $3.5 bn    
Austria   Josef Kleindienst / Kleindienst Group, Austria     "Heart of Europe"      
Beijing   *Bin Hu, China            
Brunei   Salya Corporation Apr 2008 Dh400m* FTV resort* Dh1.2 bn* 2011  
Canada   Nakheel (20 islands) May 2007   Coral Island   2010  
Canada   All islands sold (Aug 2007 news)            
China D43 Oasis Group, island Huainan? Jul 2008   Lynncoln World Island Resort   2010  
Ecuador   ACI Real Estate (Germany) Feb 2008   Leisure Resort AED 2 bn    
England   John O'Dolan & 10 others (Irish Times) Sep 2008 $30.4m "Greater Britain"?      
Ethiopia   *Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - denied Nov 2007          
Finland   Salya Corporation Apr 2008 Dh400m* FTV Palace* Dh1.2 bn* 2011  
France   Select Group Select Property JV Jun 2008   Aquitainia Dh5.5 bn 2012 2013  
Germany   Kleindienst Group Dec 2009   "Heart of Europe"     Started Feb 2010?
Great Britain   *Richard Branson - denied Mar 2006          
Great Britain   *Rod Steward - unconfirmed            
Great Britain   SafMus Holdings (Jan 2009 report)   $63.3m Britain The World   2014  
Greece E16 Baron Jean van Gysel de Meise Aug 2007 $15.5m V.Greece $260m 2010  
Greenland G19 Sheikh Mohammed / Nakheel     Villa   2005 Completed
Greenland   Dubai Infinity Holdings (designer Karl Lagerfeld) Jan 2008 $30m+ Isla Moda (Fashion Island)   2012  
Greenland   Nakheel (tentative, GN report 11 Oct 2009)     One&Only Hotel Resort      
Greenland   Major Trade - boutique hotel and residential villas Feb 2010         Started Jan 2010?
Hong Kong   *Bin Hu, China            
Huainan   *Bin Hu, China            
Huainan? China D43 Oasis Group Nov 2008   Oasis resort Dubai (?)      
Ireland   Larionovo, Ireland   Dh142m Ireland in the Sun      
Kazakhstan   Stars Dome Realty (sales agent) 2007   Pangkor Laut   2012  
Lebanon   Wakil Ahmed Azmi Sep 2011 AED 32m Royal Island Beach Club AED 38m Feb 2012  
Madagascar B4       Madagascar Dubai?      
Macao   *Bin Hu, China            
Malaysia D38 with Sumatra island ($60m?), Harshit Kantaria   $22m Isola di Portofino      
Monte Carlo         Heart of Europe      
Markovo, Asia   Not sold? Large 247 m sq meters   $263m        
Moscow   SafMus Holdings 2007?   Moscow The World   2015  
Nanjing   *Bin Hu, China            
Netherlands   Kleindienst Group Dec 2009   "Heart of Europe"      
New York   For sale (January 2009)?   $35m        
New Zealand   Investment Dar, Kuwait (14 islands) Apr 2005   Oqyana $3.5 bn    
Novaya Zemlya   Cinnovation Group, Singapore Feb 2008   Nova Island Resort & Spa $200 m    
Orenburg   Perseus Property Management 2005   Perseus Resort   2010  
Rostov   Perseus Property Management 2005   Perseus Resort   2010  
Shanghai   Mr Bin Hu, Zhongzhou International President Oct 2007 $28m Hotel resort & villas      
Siberia   Limitless (project under review - 12 July 2009) Sep 2008   World Island Resort $350m 2010  
Siberia   Pearl Dubai, 1.6m sq ft island 2008? Dh100m Archangel      
Somalia   Opulence Holdings Nov 2007   Jal Aashwa Dh1 bn    
Spain   Select Group / Select Property JV Jun 2008   Aquitania Dh5.5bn 2012 2013  
South America   Seven Tides (10 islands)            
St Petersburg   Kleindienst Group     "Heart of Europe"      
Sumatra D88 with Malaysia island ($60m?), Harshit Kantaria   $22m Isola di Portifino      
Sweden   Kleindienst Group     "Heart of Europe"      
Switzerland   Kleindienst Group     "Heart of Europe"      
Taiwan   *Chinese company, or AA Properties Dubai?            
Thailand   Profile Real Estate, Dubai ($16m?) Sep 2006 $20m Jasmine Gardens $110m 2011 Cancelled?
Turkey   Günal Insaat, MNG Holding Jun 2008 $50m Turkey, The World      
USA   All islands sold (Aug 2007 news)            
Zanzibar   *One and Only Jun 2006   resort      
Details of development on The World (some)
Coral Island (North America)
  • Coral Island development by Nakheel on the Canada islands. Launched in 2007, luxury resort, area 73 hectares, 20 islands, 9.5 km of beach, 150 room hotel, marina. Accommodation includes 300 beach villas, townhouses, water-homes.
  • One&Only Coral Island, The World - hotel resort, project cancelled in 2008 as a result of the financial crisis according to Arabian Business report 23 May 2012.
Heart of Europe by Kleindienst Group (Bloomberg report 03 August 2010)
  • Six islands - Austria, Germany, Monte Carlo (?), Netherlands (Holland) (?), St Petersburg, Sweden, Switzerland. Bought by Joseph Kleindienst in 2006.
  • Plans include 6 hotels including a 7-star resort, an aquarium, schools, day-care centres, lighthouses, congress centre, bars & discos, residential villas (and apartments?)? Information from Joaquin Torres Architects architect and design firm.
  • "We are still expecting to complete The Heart of Europe by our scheduled date of 2015" - comment from Josef Kleindienst, CEO of Kleindienst Group (Arabian Business 20 January 2011).
  • Resort themed after European countries of Austria, Germany, Holland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • Project value AED 3.1 billion (US$840 million). Total internal area of construction about 500,000 sq meters.
  • Hotel Sisi
  • Austria - wedding chapel and honeymoon hotel
  • Germany - holiday villas costing $1.9 to $5.5 million each, 12 sold as of August 2010.
  • Monte Carlo - beach bar and club, opening planned for New Year's Eve end 2010? Delayed to end 2011.
  • St Petersburg - residential villas
  • Sweden - replica of a European city center, with an air-conditioned street
Royal Island Beach Club - Lebanon Island
Salya Developments
  • Fashion themed resort on islands of Finland and Brunei.
  • Estimated project cost AED 2.4 billion ($653m).
  • Project under review in 2010 according to Salya Managing Director Rakesh Chandola.
  • Island of Finland reportedly for sale in February 2011.
  • Owner (and developer?) AA Properties in Dubai
  • Construction start date planned for late 2010, of 12 beach villas and 3 houses
  • Bloomberg report 03 August 2010 said Dubai developer and real-estate broker AA Properties, the owner of the island called Taiwan, plans to start building 12 beach villas and three houses there later this year, partner Jeroen van der Geer said in an interview. The company is completing an agreement with builder Arabtec Holding Co. worth as much as 300 million dirhams, he said.
Thailand - Jasmine Gardens project
  • 01 March 2012 - Arabian Business reported that Jasmine Garden might or will be cancelled, saying "A source close to the project has revealed it is now set to be canceled by Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), with an official announcement due shortly."
  • August 2011 - rumours of the Jasmine Garden project being cancelled?
  • Jasmine Gardens is an Asian themed villa resort complex.
Revised construction schedules for some islands (based on Emirates Business reports 19 October 2009)
  • Aquitainia (France & Spain islands) - construction start date 2010 Q1 or Q2, completion by end 2013 (Mark Scott, CEO of Select Property).
  • Great Britain island - construction start date before end 2009 implied. Safi Qureshi of Premier Real Estate (owner) reportedly said "It is a matter of days and weeks before the announcement of what we are doing. We will only make the announcement once we start work."
  • Finland - reportedly for sale February 2011, AED 63.2m ($17.2m), 17% less than original price of AED 74m (Emirates Business 02 February 2011).
  • Kathmandu - reportedly for sale for AED 55.5m ($15.1m) in February 2011.
  • Pangkor Laut (Khazakstan island) - main contractor appointment by November 2009, project handover by 2012 (agent Stars Dome Realty, Chief Executive is Sofia Zigangirova).
  • Sapporo island reportedly for sale for AED 77.6m ($21.1m), 11.4% less than original price of AED 86.4m (02 February 2011).
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