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Salik news archive

For more recent news, see the Salik road toll page.

Sunday 20 January 2008 - no Salik Tags available and Garhood Bridge Salik toll gates moving
Tuesday 01 January 2008 - Salik is a success

A couple of days after the RTA seemed to imply the implementation of Salik was a shambles, by cancelling fines, they then said Salik was a success with a 20% reduction in traffic congestion on the Garhoud Bridge and Sheikh Zayed Road, and 50% some days. Presumably that means if you took an hour to cross the Garhood Bridge from the Trade Center before Salik (a 5 km trip), it now only takes 48 minutes. Joyful news indeed.

29-31 December 2007 - Salik fines waived
Monday 10 December 2007 - Salik expansion again
Saturday 08 December 2007 - Emirates Islamic Bank provides Salik payment

Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) now allows their customers to make Salik payments at branches, online, and via ATM machines. At least, they say they do.

Wednesday 28 November 2007 - RTA makes no comment on Salik expansion

Arabian Business asked the RTA about the Salik expansion rumours and received a "no comment".

Sunday 25 November 2007 - Salik expansion coming?
Wednesday 21 November 2007 - Dubai Taxis to ask for Salik exemption

Emirates Today reported that the Dubai Taxi company CEO, Abdul Aziz Malik, was going to ask the RTA to exempt taxis from Salik tolls on the basis that empty taxis are still charged, so they cause traffic congestion by trying to avod Salik toll gates. He said an exemption would fit with the RTA's motto of "smooth and safe transport for all". Dubai Taxi is part of the RTA, so you'd expect Mr Malik probably won't be put on hold for too long when he makes the call.

Monday 19 November 2007 - School buses charged Salik tolls after all

The Khaleej Times reports that school buses are being charged Salik tolls after all, despite the RTA originally saying that school buses would be exempt. The newspaper report quoted an RTA official saying that the matter was under investigation and a decision would be made on whether or not to exempt school buses, but didn't explain why the RTA had reneged on their original exemption.

Saturday 06 October 2007 - Salik still having teething troubles and how to use Salik for free
Friday 28 September 2007 - Salik fines waived

The head of the RTA, Mattar Al Tayer said Salik fines have been waived for motorists who didn't have Salik tags in the first week of operation - "We have waived all the fines imposed on motorists who used Salik gates without Salik tags during the first week of July," (reported in the Gulf News).

Thursday 20 September 2007 - Salik online recharge system available
Wednesday 12 September 2007 - more traffic cones directing you to Salik toll gates

More of those traffic cones appeared on the Sheikh Zayed Road, after the Trade Center Roundabout in direction Garhood bridge - if you're in the left hand lanes, you're stuck there all the way to the Garhood bridge. This caught out a few motorists, forcing them to use the Salik toll gate.

Tuesday 11 September 2007 - Traffic jams are your fault
Thursday 06 September 2007 - Traffic congestion will disappear "soon"
Monday 03 September 2007 - Salik works so well, everyone uses it

A problem that was forecast to occur, has come to light as more schools open up this week after the summer holidays. So many people have started to use Salik, that there are traffic jams on the Salik routes. The Garhood Bridge was reported to be choked up yesterday. The RTA suggests parents send their children to school on school buses.

Sunday 02 September 2007 - Bus lanes and credit cards
Thursday 30 August 2007 - Coming soon to a phone near you ... Salikman
Tuesday 28 August 2007 - Rumours of more road tolls denied
Monday 27 August 2007 - More road tolls coming
Sunday 26 August 2007 - Government schools start again
Thursday 16 August 2007 - Dubai Water Bus starts again
Wednesday 15 August 2007 - RTA blames Salik users for not receiving account details
Friday 10 August 2007 - Special Salik lanes on Al Ittihad Road
Thursday 09 August 2007 - Emirates Road expansion
Wednesday 08 August 2007 - Salik tag shortages again
Tuesday 07 August 2007 - Taxis charging double Salik fees
Monday 06 August 2007 - Floating Bridge causes boat problems on Dubai Creek
Saturday 04 August 2007 - Salik website improved but no recharging yet
Tuesday 31 July 2007
Wednesday 25 July 2007 - Floating Bridge closed, no cancer from Salik
Saturday 21 July 2007 - Taxis not using Salik, customers not paying toll fees
Thursday 19 July 2007 - WaterBus stops operating, Salik helpline available
Monday 16 July 2007 - Floating Bridge opens, WaterBus starts, Salik for motorcycles
Sunday 15 July 2007 - Catboy's Salik song, Emirates Road widening
Saturday 14 July 2007 - Salik not helping traffic in Dubai
Friday 13 July 2007 - Salik website overloaded, extra Salik fee for rental cars, Salik poll
Thursday 12 July 2007 - unexpected Salik account warnings
Wednesday 11 July 2007 - Salik recharge problems
Tuesday 10 July 2007 - Floating Bridge and Water Bus update
Monday 09 July 2007 - Salik recharging at petrol stations only
Sunday 08 July 2007 - no cap on Salik tolls for taxis
Saturday 07 July 2007 - no Salik news today
Friday 06 July 2007 - Salik registration issues and traffic report
Thursday 05 July 2007 - Salik sending incorrect text messages
Wednesday 04 July 2007 - Salik website problems, too many text messages, no rental car tags
Tuesday 03 July 2007 - no Salik tolls at night rumour, no Salik fines if no sms received
Monday 02 July 2007 - Salik tags not received by taxis, traffic still chaotic
Sunday 01 July 2007 - Salik system in operation from midnight, traffic chaos and other problems
Saturday 30 June 2007 - Salik tags from ADNOC petrol stations
Friday 29 June 2007 - motorcycles must use Salik tags
Thursday 28 June 2007 - taxi windfall from Salik
Wednesday 27 June 2007 - Salik teething problems
Sunday 24 June 2007 - Salik launch delay rumour

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