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Online job websites Dubai

Saturday 15 December 2018 (UAE)   

Finding a job online and using job websites in Dubai, UAE

List of best online job search websites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites advertising jobs in Dubai. Many appear to be designed to primarily attract traffic to generate advertising revenue for the website owner rather than actually support a Dubai employment agency try and help you find a job. The difficulty is trying to figure out the difference as it's easy enough to produce a professional looking website and pad it out with job listings that are repeated on many other websites, and/or are out of date or non-existent. This is a list of the best or top job search websites we've heard of, and some to be wary of, linked to forum topics where you can post your feedback if you have had experiences with them (good or bad) and read feedback from others (or start a new topic in the Work in Dubai forum if there isn't one already). Website links are at the bottom of this page.

  • www.bayt.com - Based in Dubai, claim over 20,000 employers use their site. Job-hunters register, post a CV, and contact employers directly. Appears to be free for job-seekers (employers pay to advertise job or search CVs). Covers the GCC countries. Website clear and straightforward to use, can search and view jobs without registering. In June 2007, Bayt.com said they have over 1.5 million CVs stored, and launched a new CV search tool called InstantMatch. Update 03 Feb 2008 - Bayt.com said the rates for employers to post a job would be reduced to $150 for the cheapest advertisement, from 01 Feb 2008. Often seen criticised in forums but posts appear to be more likely from competitors than disgruntled clients. Not to be confused with www.bayut.com which is not a job website or online recruiter.
  • www.dubizzle.com - popular online classified ads website (started 2005-2006) with section for jobs.
  • www.gulftalent.com - Middle East jobs and information, sign up as recruiter or job seeker. Also a collection of research reports related to jobs in the Middle East.
  • www.itprecruitment.com - ITP are a business and IT portal/news service based in Dubai. You can register with ITP recruitment on their website as looking for jobs but job listings (if they have any) are not obvious. Nor is there much other useful information about the recruitment process with them.
  • www.monster.com (forwards to www.monstergulf.com in the UAE) - launched its job search portal in August 2006 for the GCC and Jordan and Lebanon. Well known internationally (operates in 25 countries). Annoying popups when checked August 2007.
  • jobs.abudhabi.ae - an Abu Dhabi government website so should be more reliable and useful than the many other job websites around.
  • jobs.theemiratesnetwork.com (TEN jobs) - their FAQs say they are not a recruitment agency. You register, upload your CV and/or apply for jobs advertised on TEN jobs (can view without registering). No Terms of Use page obvious, presumably there's no charges for job-seekers. Job vacancies are posted by companies and recruitment agencies who pay about 35 dhs - 60 dhs per job posting. They announced a tie-up with Clarendon Parker Middle East (CPME) in July 2007. CPME seems to be one of the better recruitment agencies in Dubai.
Other online UAE job agencies

If you have used one of these websites, please add a comment to the forum topic about your experience, or start a new topic in the Dubai jobs forum. See also finding a job online Dubai for some tips about visiting job websites on the internet, and what to watch out for.

One of the best signs that a job website is unlikely to be useful, or could even be just plain fraudulent, is if there is online advertising on the web site. Online advertising in itself is not bad (after all, websites such as ours that provide free information have to cover their costs somehow), but online job websites that rely on advertising instead of commissions from employers for income, will be focused on getting web traffic from all the people searching for "jobs in Dubai", not on providing genuine job offers. And that means a different business model which does not necessarily benefit the job-searcher.

  • www.allarabia.com
  • www.careersindubai.com
  • www.careerjunctionme.com
  • www.dubaidonkey.com - online general classified ads website (started 2005-2006) with jobs section, no fees to pay. Can't seem to apply for a job though (website error when attempted 22 June 2006). The name sounds a bit silly, but as far as we know, Dubai Donkey are for real. Listed here because it is often seen as a recommended job hunting website.
  • www.dubaijobs.com - not a job website, just spam (at least, it was when checked August 2007)
  • www.dubaijobs.net - related to www.uaestaffing.com and/or www.jobsindubai.com? Charges fees to job seekers.
  • www.dubaijobsnetwork.com - they say employers can post jobs free, and no charges for job seekers.
  • www.ebankingcareeers.com
  • www.efinancialcareers.com
  • www.e-jobsearch - submit your CV online and they claim to send it to thousands of recruiters to make a match. Based in UK and Dubai. Website says their service is free for recruiters so it's not clear how they make money without charging applicants (no further information found on website - 22 June 2006).
  • www.gulfbankers.com
  • www.gulfboom.com
  • www.gulfcvspecialists.com - according to some, charges for rewriting a CV in "Dubai Style", which just sounds bizarre to us.
  • www.gulfjobsites.com
  • www.careersindubai.com
  • www.careerjet.com (or www.careerjet.ae) - a search engine for jobs, Career Jet searches other job websites and collects all their listings on the careerjet websites.
  • www.dubaiemploymentagency.com - forwards to the Dubai Employment Board (probably not a Dubai government agency) website
  • www.dubaijobspot.com - not a recruitment agency but site where job hunters can post CVs and search through jobs advertised by employers. According to their website, job seekers don't pay, unclear how much employers are charged to advertise. Job applications appear to be online via website, or direct to employers.
  • www.jobs123.com - separate page due to long list of associated websites, or see the www.jobs123.com forum topic
  • www.jobscan.ae - website doesn't say one way or the other if job search fees charged as far as we can tell, but email received in May 2011 says they do not charge fees to job applicants.
  • www.jobsindubai.com - see comments and additional related websites below
  • www.jobsouk.com - they say free for employers and job seekers.
  • www.jobspot100.com - another clever forum spammer with a website with ads copied from Gulf News etc.
  • www.jobtrackme.com - according to website, been around since 1993 (website looks like it was designed around then). You're requested to email your CV as a word document. A rather outdated way of operating online. Covers the Middle East and some of Asia - jobtrackgroup.net (has a more up-to-date site design) seems to be for India but you can find Middle East jobs on it too. Not clear if job seeker or employer or both pay.
  • www.laazi.com - website itself looks like Laazi could be a reasonable choice, not investigated any further.
  • www.lobomanagement.com - gets an 'Excellent' rating from the Dubai Employment Board, which makes it a questionable agency in our opinion.
  • www.mawaride.com - online portal for jobs in Algeria, Belgium, China, France, Oman, Pakistan, Tunisia, as well as the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. Even the Arctic and Antartica are in the search criteria (but no results when we tried to search for a job there). Mawaride was established in 2004 and claims to be the "largest growing job portal", whatever that means. It's either free to post your CV, or they don't tell you what it costs until after you've submitted your CV. Employers pay $115-$180 per job posting, or $6000 for unlimited postings. Listings are active for 30 days. Jobs seem to be be mostly available for India, Egypt, UAE, and a handful in other Asian, European, and North African countries. Total of about 100 job listings when checked August 2007.
  • www.nadia-me.com - website for Nadia's recruitment, one of the more established recruitment companies in Dubai.
  • www.sosrecruitment.net - we thought SOS recruitment were a good one, but rated as 'Excellent' by the Dubai Employment Board raises a question mark for us.
  • www.strategiy.com - online business portal with classified job advertisements. Covers UAE and Middle East. Website not loading when checked August 2007.
  • www.talentdubai.com
  • www.teleportmyjob.com - doesn't seem to be a very popular choice according to many comments
  • www.uaestaffing.com - connected to dubaijobs.net and/or jobsindubai.com? Charges fees to job hunters.

www.jobsindubai.com is a famous, or infamous online job agency, apparently based in Canada, with a poor reputation for charging clients and not finding them a job, if all the comments from disgruntled job hunters are to be believed. There have been critical articles about them in the local UAE press calling them a scam after some investigations. Some of the websites that might be associated with www.jobsindubai.com are listed below (add a comment in the relevant forum topic if you have more information):

  • www.dubaijobs.net - possibly related to www.jobsindubai.com? Charges jobseekers
  • www.jobsindubai.ae - forwards to www.jobsindubai.com
  • www.jobsindubai.com - the original Jobs in Dubai website
  • www.uaestaffing.com - connected to jobsindubai.com? Charges jobseekers a fee.
  • www.veroseek.com - domain registered to same name as the jobsindubai.com boss.
Last update Saturday 22-Feb-2014
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  • jobs.abudhabi.ae - Abu Dhabi Government eGov initiative for helping jobseekers. More chance of real jobs being offered than many other websites, and less chance of being scammed.
  • www.bayt.com - Bayt.com website
  • www.gulftalent.com - Gulf Talent website
  • www.monstergulf.com - the Monster jobs website for the Gulf region (popups August 2007)


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