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Global Recruiters Dubai

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Global Recruiters, Dubai, UAE

Global Recruiters (not Gulf Recruitment or Recruiters) is the name of what appears to be a Job recruitment organisation in Dubai. We say "appears" because there are several indicators that make us question whether they really do what they claim, in addition to numerous forum postings on the internet from people who claim they have been victims of a scam or hoax from a Global Recruiters (or Global Recruitment Resources - same place different name) organisation. Note that there are several organisations with similar names around the world, which are not connected to the dubious Dubai agency.

Header description: Global Recruiters in Dubai, Global Recruitment. ESL and EFL teaching jobs in the UAE with high salaries at fake schools. Teacher vacancies advertised in Dubai are scams to trick people into paying bogus visa and work permit fees.

Note that Gulf Recruitment is a real organisation with real jobs, based in India; The Gulf Recruitment Group is also real, and based in Dubai; and Gulf Talent is also a real recruitment company with real jobs, based in Dubai.

Other worldwide Global Recruitment organisations, not related to Global Recruiters Dubai
  • Global Recruiters Network (GRN) - appears to be a legitimate organisation with offices or franchises around the world, and no connection to the Dubai Global Recruiters
  • Global Recruiters of ... - GRN Global Recruiters Network franchise offices are called GRN Global Recruiters of ... that city (or state, or country?). If someone ever establishes a GRN Global Recruiters of Dubai, it could become confusing.
  • Global Recruitment Agency - based in India or Senegal? Seems to operate in the same way as the Dubai Global Recruiters. Be careful.
  • Global Recruitment Resources Corporation - based in New Jersey, USA. Doesn't seem to have any connection with the Global Recruitment in Dubai
  • Global Recruitment Solutions Canada (GRSC) Inc - unknown.
  • Global Recruitment Solutions Cyprus (GRS) Ltd - unknown.
  • Global Recruitment Specialists - based in USA, unknown.
  • Global Retail Recruitment - a UK based organisation, not connected to the Dubai Global Recruitment organisations.
Global Recruitment Dubai organisations
  • Global Recruiters - the original questionable outfit.
  • Global Recruitment Resources - Global Recruiters renamed in 2007 or 2008?
  • Global Recruitment Consulting Ltd - based in Dubai, unknown.
  • Global Recruitment Services - looks like a different and unrelated organisation based in Dubai. Tel +971-4-3350078, PO Box 34761, www.global-recruit.com. Unconfirmed if genuine or not. Latest news update on website is from 2007.

The Global Recruiters company that Dubai teachers should be concerned with, says on their website that they have offices in Dubai and London. The Dubai office address doesn't make sense to us for a number of reasons, and indicates at the very least, an unfamiliarity with Dubai that should be a warning sign to any job applicants. Here's a list of organisations that might or probably have connections to Global Recruiters (and the relevant discussion topic in the forum where you can add your own comments, and read previous comments)...

Information pages and/or other institutes and organisations with similar job advertisements (be careful, confirm the organisation and job exists before applying, and don't send any money for visas or other claimed expenses).

  • Abu Dhabi National Academy teaching jobs (ADNA) - similar website, job offer emails and information as the fake Pan American Academy in Abu Dhabi. Nothing to do with the real Pan American Academy in the USA, and ADNA doesn't exist in Abu Dhabi, at least not under that name as a real ADEC licenced school.
  • Dubai English Institute or Dubai English Institutes - fake, doesn't exist. Domain dubaienglishinstitutes.org, email workpermit@uaeministryoflabour.tk used (scam indicator, the UAE MOL does not use .tk domains for websites or email).
  • Dubai International Academy and Dubai Internetional Academy (their spelling error repeated) - with a fake websites at dubainternationalacademy.tk and dubainternetionalacademy.tk (.tk domains again, with the Sharjah Education Zone SEZ website framed, or worse, what appears to be a malicious website) and email addresses advert@dubainternationalacademy.tk and advert@dubainternetionalacademy.tk. Job ads offering a salary of US$8770, same as the Majid Language School scam. Ads seen August 2013. Note that Dubai International Academy (DIA) is a real school in Dubai, and one of the better schools to teach at in Dubai. DIA follows the IB curriculum. Contact them directly to confirm any job vacancy advertisements - they pay less than US$8770 per month by the way.
  • Emirates Unity School (EUS) Abu Dhabi - similar job offer emails as for the Abu Dhabi National Academy, requests visa fees and offers salaries and conditions too good to be true. Not related to Arab Unity School in Dubai, which is a real and established school.
  • Furahi Language School - fake school, fake job ads, domain furahilanguageschools.tk has fake (framed Sharjah Education Zone website) or malicious website, don't visit. Email address fueslad@hotmail.com. Unknown if that was meant to be a bad misspelling of Fujairah Language School or something else. Neither is the name of a real school anyway. Job ads seen January 2012 for ESL, EFL teachers, salary AED16,000 dirhams or equivalent US$4385 per month.
  • Kazim Multinational Academy, Dubai - ESL teaching jobs seen advertised for this institute, same format as many other fake ESL jobs in the UAE - salary US$4500 or US$6850 per month, overtime $50 per hour. And unusally, a "feeding allowance" of US$150 per week (advert doesn't say if for staff or their pets). Fake website at www.kazimmultinationalacademy.tk (TK domain, SEZ website framed), email employment@kazimmultinationalacademy.tk. KMA school doesn't exist, at least not in Dubai, and certainly not at the location specified (86 Naif Road, Deira). Ads seen Oct and Dec 2013.
  • Khalifa Language School (KLS), 175 Naif Road, Deira Dubai - fake school, doesn't exist at that address or anywhere else (March or April 2012 job ads). Unknown if the El Khalifa Language School Facebook page is supposed fool people into thinking KLS is real, or is just a page that happens to have a similar name by coincidence. Domain khalifalanguageschool.tk not found.
  • Maggit School or Maggit Language School, Academy, Institute? Magit? Maggot? Magic Language Institute Dubai? No information supplied or found, appears to be a fake institute.
  • Majid Language School Dubai (Majid Language Schools) - with a fake website at majidlanguageschool.tk and email addresse employment@majidlanguageschool.tk. Job ads offer a salary of US$8770 which is significantly higher than any real school in the UAE, and overtime pay of $50 per hour (any overtime pay is unheard of in real schools in the UAE). Ads seen July and August 2013.
  • Pan American Academy Charter School in Abu Dhabi - was a proposed school in 2008 but did not get built. In 2014, teachers were offered jobs at this school and requested to send money for visa processing fees. School information (location, contact details, website, etc) all looked suspicious or fake (website was mostly copied from another unrelated school for example).
  • Sezarab Language School - fake, doesn't exist in the UAE.
  • Sharjah Educational Institute (or Education Institute of Sharjah) - fake, doesn't exist.
  • Sharjah teaching job visa fees - one example of how the scam works, by tricking teachers out of money for fake visa fees.
  • Zina Academy - apparently in Dubai but doesn't exist in the UAE anywhere. There is a real Zina Academy in Nigeria but has nothing to do with the alleged Zina institute in Dubai.

Other possible job scams (might not be directly associated with Global Recruitment but all the red flags are similar or the same)

If you spot any more, add the name to the Global Recruiters forum topic and we'll try and find out more. Red flags and scam alerts are one or more of the following:

  • Address is building at 76 Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Address 12A Al Muhadris Street or 12A Almuhadris Rd, Dubai or Sharjah, PO Box 1178.
  • Address Al Arooba St Sharjah, PO Box 295 Dubai.
  • Address 17 Naif Road possibly included somewhere (as UAE Ministry address?)
  • Address 683-686 Sheikh Zayed Street might also be used
  • Contact names at the UAE Ministry of the Interior might be given as one of the following (probably others also):
    • Ahmed Darwish Al Marar
    • Najib Al Shanti Buharoon
    • Saif Abdullah Al Shafar
  • Other contact names used:
    • Dr Rahman Hassan, Sharjah Educational Zone (SEZ).
  • Telephone number is one or more of +971-50-9468801 (+971-509468801), +971-50-4238948 (+971-504238948), +971-4-3381603 (+971-4338-1603), +971-50-3738490 (+971-503738490).
  • Visa needs to be arranged by you and/or you are asked for some sort of fee towards visa processing costs
  • Website of organisation ends in .tk.
  • Email address used for contact, for CV and job application requests, for sending offer letters and visa or other payment requests, ends in .tk.
  • Western Union used as money exchange or transfer for visa and work permit processing fees.

There were also hospital jobs advertised by Global Recruiters which appeared to be for a non-existent hospital. This page will be updated when we find out more.

Some of the websites that appear to be connected to Global Recruiters. Note the clever way they've got official looking websites for a couple of UAE government organisations - they have even framed the official website in their own website to give them an air of legitimacy. The domain extension .tk is for the Tokelau Islands, and the domain names are available free to anyone on request.

  • globalresourc.internetbasedfamily.com
  • www.freewebs.com/globalrecruiter/
  • www.globalrecruiters.tk
  • www.globalrecruiters.page.tl
  • www.globalrecruitingresources.net
  • www.shilapetsfarm.tk
  • www.uaeeducationstudentstudies.tk
  • www.uaeimmigration.tk
  • www.uaeimmigrationsgov.tk
  • www.uaeministryofeducationstudentstudies.tk
  • www.uaeministryoflabor.tk
  • www.uaeministryoflabour.tk

Other email address and websites seen used for scam job advertisements - usually for subject teachers or EFL, ESL teachers

  • sezlabor.tk - looks like a malicious website, don't visit. ESL or EFL jobs offered at an unspecified institute, some ads say SEZ Labor (SEZ is the Sharjah Educational Zone, it is not advertising for teaching jobs in this manner and doesn't normally advertise teaching positions anyway). Salary offered $4750 monthly, overtime pay US$50 per hour (teachers don't normally get overtime pay in real schools), "Weekly Feeding Allowance" (a what?) US$250, location Dubai. February or March 2012.
  • sezlabour.tk - fake website, email info@sezlabour.tk used for positions vacant letters for ESL or EFL teaching positions, salary offered is US$3000-US$4750 per month, school name not specified.
  • workpermit@uaeministryoflabor.tk - fake address and website. The real or official UAE Ministry of Labour does not use .tk domains for their website, and does not send emails asking you to send them money for visa or work permit processing charges.
Update February 2008

The Gulf News (a UAE newspaper) investigated Global Recruiters and called them a bogus or scam operation. The UAE authorities said they would block some of the Global Recruiters websites, but that is only effective in the UAE. Teachers overseas will still be able to access the websites and still be able to fall victim to the scam.

Last update Thursday 12-Mar-2015
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