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Dubai FAQs copyright

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

Dubai FAQs copyright

  • All original content on the Dubai FAQs website is copyrighted by www.dubaifaqs.com.
  • Any supplied information published on the Dubai FAQ website is copyrighted by their respective owners, not Dubai FAQs, and anyone wishing to use such material needs to obtain permission from the owner of the copyright, not from Dubai FAQs.
  • Most content on dubaifaqs.com is intended to be original, except for quotes and excerpts republished in accordance with our understanding of fair use guidelines. Press releases and other documents that are generally accepted to be in the public domain might have larger sections, or the entire document reproduced.
Using Dubai FAQs material
  • If you have a website and want to provide your readers with access to Dubai FAQs material, the simplest way to do that is to add a live link on your website to the relevant page at www.dubaifaqs.com.
  • Please do not copy and paste sections or pages of Dubai FAQs material (including tables and lists) on your website, blog, or forum. That is a clear copyright violation, and most website publishers are well aware of the copyright rules.
  • Copyright law generally allows for quoting of small passages (a sentence or a phrase for example) when relevant to a discussion and/or research but the source should be stated, and there are limitations as to how much can be quoted. Again, most website publishers are well aware of what is reasonable and what is not.
  • If you request permission to use Dubai FAQs material, usually you will be directed to this page, unless there are some exceptional circumstances we need to consider.
  • In general, permission to use Dubai FAQs material is limited to publishing a link on your website to the relevant page at www.dubaifaqs.com, and/or whatever is permitted by copyright law.
Links to and from Dubai FAQs
  • All our pages are designed so that links should not go dead over time. If a page is removed, the URL will be automatically redirected to whatever is the most relevant new page.
  • We welcome links to our website, with or without anchor text.
  • If we have a link to another website, we usually avoid using the nofollow attribute since we feel it is only fair to pass on link juice if it is deserved.
  • If you want to use the nofollow attribute on links to Dubai FAQs pages, that's entirely up to you, but then don't expect us to be enthusiastic about adding reciprocal links, or your website to the www.dubailicious.com [error not available] Dubai Directory. And if we have links to your website, we'll probably remove them or deactivate them. We'd rather distribute our linkjuice to those publishers who are willing to do the same with theirs.
Copyright, Google Adsense, and MFA websites
  • An increasing number of website publishers are using Google Adsense (or similar programs) on their websites to generate revenue. Some have discovered easy ways to publish content by simply copying material or complete websites from other locations and adding Adsense (sometimes manually, but more often by using automated publishing software).
  • These websites are sometimes referred to as MFA sites.
  • This is a clear violation of Google Adsense terms & conditions and when such violations are discovered, Google will consider closing down the offenders Adsense account, often without warning.
  • Most internet users are familiar with Wikipedia. Their terms and conditions allow for Wikipedia material to be republished under certain conditions.
  • However, due to the nature of the Wikipedia publishing system, some of their content is copied from other websites, violating copyright rules. Wikipedia makes it clear that material should not be used in that way, and intends that any copyright material is removed.
  • Occasionally copyright material from Dubai FAQs is republished on a Wikipedia page. Publishers should be aware that republishing such material is still a copyright violation, even if they follow Wikipedia rules about copying Wikipedia content.
Copyright violations by Dubai FAQ
  • If you are the owner of any material that you feel has been used inappropriately on the Dubai FAQs website, please contact us, giving us the URL of the page where the violation has occured, and describing exactly what the violation is.
  • We will remove any material that is in violation of copyright laws and/or seek further clarification if necessary.
Material from Dubai FAQ used without acknowledgement, authorisation, and/or permission

If you are the editor, administrator, webmaster, or any other person connected with one of these websites, please remove the copyright infringing material from your site. Or send us the name of the person who gave you permission to copy our material, because we don't know who did.

  • www.adcb.com - UAE school directory. Website appears to be the official ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) website, but they haven't told us if it is, or if it is a phishing site.
  • banagloredeaf.blogspot.com (not bangaloredeaf) - list of special needs institutes in UAE.
  • www.definitelydubai.com - Dubai e-gate card. The Definitely Dubai website is listed as "The Official Tourism Portal" for Dubai on the DTCM website, www.dubaitourism.ae (a Dubai Government website), so we're somewhat confused as to why they would copy from DubaiFAQs without acknowledgement or request in the first place.
  • www.dubai-metro.me (wss.marianlishman.com/dubaimetro/) - Dubai Metro fares, Dubai Metro
  • www.dubaicityinfo.com - Dubai Metro
  • www.dubaimadame.com (Dubai Madame) - Classement 2010 des écoles de Dubai
  • www.dubaimetro.com
  • www.dubaimetro.eu
  • www.dubaiphotomedia.com (Dubai Photo Media) - Etihad flights (and other pages? software-generated?)
  • www.dubaisavers.com (Dubai Savers) - blog at WP (Spinneys)
  • www.dubaitradersonline.com (Dubai Traders Online) - Dubai schools directory
  • www.dubaivisarules.info (Dubai Visa Rules) - labour ban
  • www.edarabia.com (Ed Arabia, previously www.iqea.org - Ed Arabia site says "... The site was launched in 2005 (formerly as IQEA.org) ...") - Dubai and UAE nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities directory.
  • www.expat-blog.com - UAE visa types
  • www.gowealthy.com - UAE e-gate card
  • www.gulfcars.com (Gulf Cars) - Traffic Fine Enquiry & Payment in Dubai
  • Gulf News Dubai - Ramadan glossary
  • www.iqea.org (became www.edarabia.com) - Dubai and UAE nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities directory
  • www.jbrhood.me (JBR Hood) - Dubai radio stations
  • www.justrentals.com (JRD Group) - school details copied without permission and reproduced on their website.
  • www.mydestination.com - a few apparently random pages used as source material for their articles. Not explicitly plagiarised, and we're kind of pleased to note that we're viewed as a good enough source of material for them to use, but no acknowledgements or links found.
  • www.mydubaimetro.com (My Dubai Metro)
  • www.sahledu.com - school listings and details copied from the Abu Dhabi school directory, Dubai school directory, and UAE school directory. We have a feeling they might have asked for permission to copy content from DubaiFAQs, but the request sent did not give the name of the site as Sahle Edu (or Sahl Education). Anyway, whoever it was that asked, we did not give them permission. Despite all that, website says "Contents published in SahlEdu website including graphics, write-ups, logos, pictures, images and software are the property of SahlEdu and its partners or associates and the same is protected. Users must seek formal permission before using any of this information and any misuse of the same will automatically hold the (mis)user liable." Which is kind or ironic ... at least we're trying to see it that way.
  • www.tiesrecruit.com (TIES Recruit) - Teaching jobs in Dubai
  • Mirdif City Center
  • The National newspaper - Israel visa Dubai
  • UAE Educational Guide school directory book and www.eduguide.ae - Dubai school directory, UAE school directory, etc
  • www.uaechildren.com (Farha Children Clinic in Dubai) - Dubai nursery directory.
  • www.visasdubai.com - Israeli passport stamp, visa renewal, visa ban, mission visa, tourist visa, transit visa, visa on arrival, visa types, residence visa, family visa, property visa, multiple-entry visa, volunteer work, and so on. No credit or link to DubaiFAQs found. Operated by South Travels (southtravels.com) according to website. Copyright claimed by VisasDubai.com but no permission to copy supplied by Dubai FAQs (website says "Copyright@VisasDubai.com. This site is owned and maitained [sic] by: SouthTravels.com. SouthTravels.com is managed by South Travel & Tourism (L.L.C), a United Arab Emirates based company located in Dubai.").
    • Same or similar websites also with copied content claimed to be operated by South Travels at www.dubaivisa.us, www.dubaivisas.biz, www.dubaientryvisa.com, www.dubaientryvisaservices.com, www.dubait0uristvisa.com, www.uaevisa.biz, www.dubaitouristvisas.com, www.visadubai.biz, www.dubaitransitvisa.com, www.visasdubai.com, www.dubaitransitvisas.com.
    • Unsurprisingly, we no longer recommend South Travels as a visa service for Dubai until this copyright issue is clarified.
    • TripAdvisor has a warning about South Travels on their website.
    • We'd suggest only using official government agencies, embassy or consulate recommended organisations, or companies such as Emirates Airlines or Etihad Airways if wanting to obtain a UAE visa independently.
  • www.whichschooladvisor.com (Which School Advisor) - nurseries, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities in the UAE. Looks like they just copied all our school and nursery information without asking, or even acknowledging us as a source, and reformatted it ... inaccurately ... resulting in some curious errors and peculiar sounding reviews. Unless they were the ones who sent a request asking if they could have a copy of our database to establish a school information website for the UAE - the request did not mention WSA or the names of anyone associated with them. Whoever it was, we didn't give them permission anyway.
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