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Thursday 21 March 2019 (UAE)   

Contact Us at DubaiFAQs

Please use the Dubai forums for discussion of any comments, questions, discussions, opinions about the information on DubaiFAQs.

  • Use this forum topic to submit a general comment or review of the Dubai FAQs website.

Copying content from DubaiFAQs

  • All original content is copyright by DubaiFAQs. Please see DubaiFAQs copyright for more information.
  • Any content supplied by other sources is copyright by the original source, not us. If you want to copy it you need to ask them.
  • Please do not copy content from DubaiFAQs. You can, and are encouraged to, add links on your website to pages on this website. We try to avoid changing our page URLs, so linking to a page on this site should not result in "page not found" errors.
  • Requests made for copying information from DubaiFAQs (page content, database, etc) are answered by the automatic email reply you should have received. So far the answer is no. We haven't yet had anyone make a request in a way to encourage us to say yes.
  • Copying content without our permission and not in accordance with relevant copyright laws, will result in unspecified actions being taken against you to: remove the copied content, penalise you for copying it, remove or reduce any benefit you gain from copying it, or anything else we can think of which seems fair to us.

Email to us returned undelivered or with an error message

  • If you send us an email and it is returned with an error message, forward the mail and error message to mailfail at dubaifaqs dot com. For better management of spam, we have recently reset our filters to automatically reject any incoming mail unless sent to a limited number of addresses (mostly the ones on this page).

Important: These email addresses are not used or monitored by us:

  • info@dubaifaqs.com (use enquiry instead).
  • support@dubaifaqs.com (use enquiry instead).
  • mail@dubaifaqs.com (use admin instead).
  • ramadan@dubaifaqs.com (discontinued, use update instead).
  • webmaster@dubaifaqs.com (use admin instead).

Send us your press releases, newsletters, and updates

  • If you are a PR agency or department, send your press releases to pressrelease at dubaifaqs dot com or add pressrelease at dubaifaqs dot com to your distribution list for press releases and news relevant to Dubai and the UAE.
  • If you are an organisation with an email distribution list for informing customers, clients, or other interested parties of latest news and developments, add update at dubaifaqs dot com to your distribution list to help keep us informed.
  • Nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational establishments which send out regular newsletters to parents and students and other interested parties, please add education at dubaifaqs dot com to your distribution list to keep us informed.

Thanks for helping us keep this website up to date.

Threatening emails and letters

  • Occasionally we receive emails making legal or other threats if we don't do what we're told. We forward those emails to our legal department since by threatening legal action, a legal procedure has been started.
  • Generally we do not respond to those emails since the automatic email reply covers most situations (so far it has covered almost everything we have received so far).
  • If it is clear that you have not read the automatic reply or this page, then we will wait until you do before considering a reply to your email.
  • If there is information of a personal nature or erroneous contact information which you want removed, a polite request is much more likely to do the job. At least, it's worked so far for those people who made a polite request. You don't need to threaten legal action to get us to do that.

Dubai FAQs errors and updates

If you have seen an error or information which needs updating on this website, let us know by sending an email to error at dubaifaqs dot com with the following.

  1. Include a link to the page which needs updating or which has an error.
  2. Tell us which information is incorrect or needs updating.
  3. Include in your email what you think the revised version of the information should be.
  4. Include a link to an independent source we can check to verify the accuracy of any information supplied.

If you disagree with an opinion, you're of course welcome to send us an email to say so, but if you want a response then the Dubai forum is a better place to get one.

If you send us and information or error notification but the relevant page is not updated, that probably means one or more of the following:

  • The update request was too vague. For example we often get emails saying something like "please update your information" with no further details, not even directing us to a website or page to review. Please be more specific about which details need updating.
  • The information wasn't useful.
  • The information wasn't accurate.
  • There was no link to a source verifying the information (saying something like "you can check by searching Google" is not helpful), or no attached document sent (for example a fee schedule for a school if the fees are not available online).
  • The request did not include a link to the page which needed updating.
  • We haven't updated the page yet.

Dubai FAQs enquiries

If you need to send an email for any other reason, please use enquiry at dubaifaqs dot com.

Any emails with questions that are better posted in the forum, for example ...

  • How do I get a visa if ... ?
  • Will I get a work ban if I ... ?
  • Can you tell me how ... ?
  • Where is ... ?
  • etc

... will get an automatic response suggesting you use the forum. Sorry, they will not be answered personally, we just don't have the resources to do that, which is why we set up the forum.

Dubai FAQs link exchanges and swaps

At the bottom of some pages are links to websites which we think are particularly relevant and/or helpful. In the past, we have welcomed suggestions for websites to include, however, the number of useful suggestions has decreased relative to the number of free promotion requests disguised as suggestions. That's not to say that useful website suggestions are no longer welcome, they absolutely still are. But in an attempt to try to satisfy those visitors looking for free promotion of their own websites, we have established a www.dubailicious.com [error not available] UAE link directory where they can be submitted for free.

Requests for link swaps are not usually accepted. Our thinking is that if a website is worth linking to, we'll link to it irrespective of whether or not a link swap is asked for. Equally, we'd like to think that DubaiFAQs.com is useful enough that people will want to link to us because of that, not as a reward for linking to them. An alternative option for those wanting to promote their websites is to use banner advertising on Dubai FAQs.

Repeated emails

Please don't submit repeated requests for the same thing. If you genuinely think you've been unfairly ignored, then sure, send a follow up email, but at least wait a week or so. We do read almost every email that comes through, except for spam, so messages that seem to be on a continuous repeat send cycle are noticed, and the senders address is flagged as spam which results in anything sent from that address being automatically deleted or rejected without being read.

Thank you,
Dubai FAQs admin

Last update Saturday 07-Mar-2015.
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