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Petrol price in Dubai

Wednesday 29 July 2015 (UAE)   

Petrol price in Dubai UAE

Fuel and petrol price in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE in 2010 is about AED 1.72 per liter, or AED 7.50 per gallon.

Date Price per liter Price per gallon Comments
September 2010 1.92 0.52 7.22 1.97 Expected increase, not confirmed¹
21 April 2010 1.72 0.47      
< 21 April 2010 1.37 0.37      
  • Prices are for 95-octane gasoline, or "Special" as it's called at the pump.
  • As of August 2010, petrol price in Oman for "Special" is about AED 1.14 per liter (US$0.31) which means residents in Al Ain and Hatta can travel to nearby Oman petrol stations (Al Maha, BP, Shell) for a cheaper tank of gas.
  1. Media reports in August 2010 said an increase was expected at after Eid Al Fitr at the end of Ramadan in the UAE.
Petrol price reduction in UAE - February 2012
  • The Federal National Council (FNC) reportedly wants the petrol price in the UAE to be reduced. Currently the UAE is the most expensive country in the GCC region for petrol (although still relatively cheap compared to many other countries).
  • Petrol in the UAE is AED 1.72 per liter. According to some news reports, the UAE Minister of Energy, Mohamed Bin Dhaen Al Hamli, said the UAE government already subsidises petrol to the tune of AED 1.20 per liter, implying that without subsidies, the price would be closer to AED 3.00 per liter. Oddly, some of the petrol selling companies in the UAE have complained in the past that they are making significant losses on the sale of petrol because the petrol price is regulated, so it's not clear where the subsidy is going then.
  • Some discussion revolves around whether or not cheaper petrol should be available only to Emirati citizens but not expats.
High temperatures and fuel tank explosion risk in Dubai, UAE - May-June 2012
  • In May 2012, emails and forum posts appeared warning people living in the UAE not to completely fill their petrol tanks due to the risk of explosion in high temperatures, for example "all car owners in the UAE not to fill the tank full because for the next few weeks temperatures will shoot up to 53-54 degrees Celsius and thus can cause the tank to burst"
  • This risk is apparently negligible to non-existent, and the email was reportedly a hoax. A Gulf News report 11 June 2012 quoted a Civil Defense official as saying "it’s not true. No warning has been issued, and it’s not dangerous to fill up the car’s tank no matter what the temperature is. Cars have their own safety systems when it comes to petrol tanks."
  • Petrol combustion without an ignition spark requires a temperature of about 400 Celcius according to the report.
  • As for the risk of explosion due to the high temperature causing the petrol to expand and pressure to increase, that seems unlikely given that liquids don't expand significantly when the temperature changes, and anyway, car fuel systems are designed to release any pressure build-up.
Petrol shortages in Dubai - April 2011
  • Emarat gas stations in Dubai ran out of petrol again from 19-21 April 2011. Not all stations were affected, and some were apparently limiting customers to a maximum of AED 50 worth of petrol per visit.
  • An Emarat official said to that "We're restocking at the moment and I think our network will get back to shape in a couple of days. We had a logistical problem at the port. It has been one cargo only but our distribution program has been disrupted." (Reuters 20 April 2011).
  • Some taxis in Dubai were in trouble, taxis operating under the Arabia Taxi, Cars Taxi and National Taxi brands are contracted to obtain petrol from Emarat stations only.
  • The other petrol companies in Dubai - EPPCO and ENOC - were apparently unaffected.
Petrol shortages in UAE - September 2010
  • There were reports of some Emarat petrol stations running out of petrol in September 2010.
  • There was some speculation that Emarat was restricting supply due to making losses on petrol sales, but an Emarat spokesman was reported in Al Bayan newspaper as saying "the shortage is due to technical issues related to the process of unloading cargo from ships to tanks in Jebel Ali."
  • Other petrol companies in the UAE - ADNOC, ENOC, EPPCO - did not report any petrol delivery problems.
Petrol price increase UAE September 2010
  • On 21 August 2010, the Gulf News reported that Petrol prices in the UAE are set to rise for the third time this year, a source in oil company, Adnoc, has told Gulf News. But the source wasn't named or quoted.
  • Further press reports on 23 and 24 August 2010 said there would be a petrol price increase of 20 fils per liter at the end of Ramadan, after the Eid Al Fitr holidays.
  • An unnamed ADNOC official was quoted by Reuters as saying on 23 August 2010: "This is the third incremental increase which is leading up to the target of reaching the international price level,"
  • He also reasurred car and other vehicle owners not to get too worried about it, apparently saying "For sure, people will be upset when the change happens, but then they will get used to it and everything will be normal,"
  • People got upset anyway, according to various reports in UAE newspapers.
  • On 24 August 2010, the official UAE news agency, WAM, denied the earlier reports of a price increase, saying Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC Distribution) has denied reports published in local newspapers regarding a new increase in gasoline prices assuring that no official of the company has spoken on the issue. ADNOC, in a statement today, said that this is completely false news and that it is essential to investigate the accuracy of information and take the news from the correct source before publishing them.
  • And the next day, Emirates 24-7 reported Hussain Kazim, Manager of Corporate Communications at Emarat, as blaming the media for stirring things up, even though it was an oil company source that first prompted the speculation of price rises: "It is the media that has unnecessarily created confusion about a possible price hike. When there is a decision it will be communicated jointly by all the three companies. Right now no decision has been made to further increase the price,"
Petrol price increases in UAE during 2010
  • Petrol price in the UAE rose 15 fils in April 2010, and 20 fils in July 2010.
  • Further increase of about another 50 fils per litre possible in 2010 to bring price up to about AED 10 per gallon (Emirates Business 24-7 report 17 August 2010). Petrol prices are subsidised in the UAE (at least that's what the gas station companies say) and the price increases are intended to remove the subsidies.

Petrol prices in the UAE are higher than many expect because although oil can be taken out of the ground relatively cheaply in the UAE, it is not all refined locally into petrol. Abu Dhabi has a couple of refining facilities but Dubai has none.

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