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List of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE online forums and discussion boards

General forums for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, UAE
Forum name Domain Started Members¹ Topics¹ Posts¹ Date² Comments
Abu Dhabi Buzz 2009?         Admin is busybee from Expat Women and Abu Dhabi Women forums?
Abu Dhabi Woman           Like ExpatWoman but less frenzied, members don't flap as much
Desert Speak           The best! Well you wouldn't expect us not to blow our own trumpet would you?
Discuss Dubai           Relatively quiet. Site not available Apr 2014.
Dubai Forum UK   1,400   1,200   Relatively quiet
Dubai Forums           Busy with general discussions and online arguments, sometimes helpful. Entertaining for those who like flame wars.
Dubai Ladies Lounge Jul 2010? 180 400 6,000 Aug 2010 Similar to ExpatWoman?
Expat Gossip   7,300 11,000 180,000 Aug 2010 Similar to Expat Woman but members seem less exciteable. Went quiet in July 2009. Last post seems to be Dec 2009 (checked Aug 2010).
Expat Woman           Ask about a school and get a deluge of enthusiastic replies. Popular with Jumeirah Janes, Arabian Annies, Meadow Marys, and Spring Sallys.
Gossip Dubai           Another expat women forum. Offline?
Hi Dubai         Oct 2009 No longer active. Domain is spam now.
RAK Free Trade Zone forum Sep 2008 8,000 40 110   General Ras Al Khaimah information as well as RAKFTZ.
UAE Community   1,500 1,000 4,000 Oct 2009  
UAE Community Blog           Not a forum as such but a community blog for bloggers based in, or blogging about, the UAE
UAE Forum           No posts, abandoned or brand new in 2009.
UAE Forums   6,000 6,500 100,000 Oct 2009 Includes Arabic, Hindi, Urdu forums.
UAE and Dubai websites with general forums
Website name URL Started Members Topics Posts Date Comments
#Dubai Forums           Dubai internet users and IRC channel with a beef against Etisalat.
Dubai Lime           Cultural, music, and social events in Dubai.
Dubizzle           Popular classified ads website with community discussion.
Guide 2 Dubai 2009?         Relatively quiet general Dubai discussion forum.
Mashup UAE students           Students at UAE colleges and universities. Offline/abandoned? Shame, was excellent when online.
RAK 4 You May 2008 160 70 80 Oct 2009 General Ras Al Khaimah information for expat residents. Site not available Apr 2014.
UAE Topics Nov 2006         Not busy.
General forums with Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or UAE sections
Website name URL Started Members Topics Posts Date Comments
Allo Expat           Sub forums for Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Most topics started by automatic news feed. Otherwise not busy.
British Expats           Focused on Brit expats but anyone can read, join, and post.
BritishExpat Forum           Another forum for UK expatriates with a UAE section.
Easy Expat           UAE section, site not available Oct 2009
Expat Diaries           Blog rather than a forum
Expat Forum           Large forum for global expats, slow to load
Communities (geographical) in the UAE with online forums
Website name URL Started Members Topics Posts Date Comments
Arabian Ranches Apr 2009 150 70 250 Oct 2009 Registration restricted to AR residents?
Green Community              
DMC Community Aug 2008 350 250 1700 Oct 2009 Dubai Motor City community forum
Dubai Silicon Oasis Feb 2007 2,500 4,000 11,000 Oct 2009 DSO community forum
JLT Community Jun 2009 120 70 200 Oct 2009 Jumeirah Lake Towers
JBR Community Aug 2007 3,000 4,000 20,000 Oct 2009 Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina
Communities (nationality or language based) in the UAE with online forums³
Website name URL Started Members Topics Posts Date Comments
Bulgarian community UAE May 2007   500 3,000 Oct 2009 Bulgaria
Canadian Club Dubai Nov 2007? 500 25 50 Oct 2009 Canada, relatively quiet. Website offline since 2012?
Deutschsprachige Dubai Forum           German community forum
Dubai dla Polaka           Polish forum in Dubai
Dubai Moon           Arabic, busy
Emirates Greeks           Not a forum, but useful information about Greece and for the Greek Community in the UAE.           Arabic
Romanian community           Domain forwards to FB page for Terra FM, unrelated?
Russian Emirates           Русские Эмираты – русский форум в ОАЭ
Russian Home Dubai           Русский Дом Дубай
Spanish community           Foro Dubai offline? Is spam when checked Nov 2009.
UAE Women           Arabic, for women and families in the UAE
UAE based forums for specific subjects, sports, hobbies, etc
Website name URL Started Members Topics Posts Date Comments
Evolve Mar 2005 1,000 7,500 100k Oct 2009 Good for petrolheads, car and bike enthusiasts in the UAE.
Iran RAK Forum Sep 2009 100 15 15 Oct 2009 Iran RAK trade and business directory. New?
UAE Pet Club         Oct 2009 Arabic and English, pet discussions and classifieds, overrun with spam when checked, not clear if it even was what it was meant to be originally.
Other forums useful or significant for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE
Website name URL Started Members Topics Posts Date Comments
Sky Scraper City Sep 2002 300k 500k 28m Oct 2009 Worldwide property forum, good place to start for UAE property information and comments
Dave's ESL Cafe Teaching   38k 9,700 37k Oct 2009 Teaching ESL website and forums. There are 2 independent forums - teaching and job forum.
Dave's ESL Cafe Jobs     90k 75k 750k Oct 2009 Dave's ESL Cafe job forum is good for negative opinions (mostly valid) about teaching in educational institutes in the UAE and the rest of the world.
Flyer Talk   220k 940k 12.5m Oct 2009 Good for frequent flyers (and not so frequent flyers).
Live Work Explore           Good maps and print guides for cities around the world, UAE forums a relatively new thing (early 2009?).
PP Rumour Network   280k 320k 4.7m Oct 2009 Interesting for anything pilot, cabin crew, and airline industry related. Can be very useful but as with many job related forums, many members use it as a platform to vent against employers.
  1. Some forums are much better than others at clearing out robot memberships, and spam topics (or threads) and posts, so simple comparisons between forum numbers might be misleading. A greater multiple of posts or topics versus members usually indicates better moderation of membership lists. A greater multiple of posts versus topics usually indicates better moderation of spam. If number of topics is similar to or less than the number of members, then forum probably has a greater proportion of spam and noise.
  2. If blank then last date checked was October 2009.
  3. There are a large number of Arabic language forums not included here.
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