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Delhi Public School Society

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Delhi Public School Society

The Delhi Public Schools Society (DPS, DPSS) is a group of Indian CBSE (mostly) private schools not public government schools, despite the name.

DPS operates a large number of schools in India, and also a few in other countries, including the UAE. Where, confusingly, since UAE private schools aren't allowed to use the word "Public" in the school name, the DPS schools are called Delhi Private Schools. But, even more confusingly, the DPS Society is no longer (as of 2017) associated with the DPS schools in Dubai and Sharjah, only with the one in Ajman. So ... in Ajman it's the Delhi Private School because it's not permitted to have the name Delhi Public School. And in Dubai and Sharjah, they are Delhi Private Schools because they are operated by the Delhi Private School Group LLC company based in Dubai.

Or something like that.

For additional confusion, the Delhi Public School Society affiliated school in Ajman, and the only DPS Society school in the UAE as of 2019, is registered in the UAE as Delhi Private School LLC. However, the DPS LLC company in Dubai is claiming it owns the trademark on that name, so the Ajman DPS school is a bit stuck if they want to be in compliance with UAE school name law, DPS Group in Dubai, and the DPS Society in India. Perhaps they should just call it DPS Private School which would be a handy recursive acronym, and mutter something about dead poets if someone asks what DPS means.

Another Delhi Private School Group LLC (the Dubai one) institute is expected to open in April 2020 in Ras Al Khaimah.

Curriculum followed by almost all DPS schools (whether public or private or in UAE or Africa or Westeros) is CBSE. A few schools offer ICSE and/or IGCSE (Ghana, Singapore, ...).

DPS schools in Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE

Not to be confused with other DPS acronym schools in the UAE, all unrelated to either DPS Society or DPS Group: Deira Private School (Al Twar and Al Twar), Dubai Pearl School.

List of DPS Society schools and DPS LLC branches in UAE
School name Open Operator Owner Curriculum Notes
Delhi Public School Abu Dhabi         proposed 2003
Delhi Public School Ajman   DPS Society Pace Education CBSE  
Delhi Private School Dubai   DPSG LLC (UAE)      
Delhi Public School Academy Dubai 2013-2017     ICSE closed Apr 2017
Delhi Public School Fujairah         proposed 2003
Delhi Private School Ras Al Khaimah (DPS RAK) Apr 2020 DPSG LLC (UAE) DPSG LLC (UAE)    
Delhi Private School Sharjah   DPSG LLC (UAE)      
Delhi Public School Umm Al Quwain (DPS UAQ)         proposed 2003
Union International Indian School Apr 2013 DPS Society     renamed DPS Academy

List of DPS Society schools worldwide

As a large global schools operator you'd expect DPS Society to be reasonably familiar with world geography. List of international DPS schools provided by DPS Society said Africa is a country. We wonder what the DPS school in Africa thinks about that.

Bahrain: New Millennium School, DPS Bahrain.
Bangladesh: DPS STS School, Dhaka.
Ghana: DPS Tema.
Indonesia: Texmaco DPS International School.
Kuwait: Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian Private School (FAIPS, not FAWIPS).
Nepal: DPS BPKIHS, Dharan. Not DPS Biratnagar?
Qatar: DPS Modern Indian School, Doha.
Singapore: DPS International School.
Saudi Arabia: Darusslam International DPS, Riyadh. Al Falah International School DPS, Jeddah. Not Dunes International School, Al Khobar, Dammam?
United Arab Emirates (UAE): DPS Ajman (2017), DPS Academy Dubai (?), DPS Dubai (2003-2017), DPS Sharjah (2000-2017), DPS Dammam (said DPS in 2014, but then they moved it to the correct country).

According to DPS list of schools worldwide, as of 2019 there are 11 DPS schools outside India. Other countries with DPS schools (planned or no longer DPS) included Oman and Uganda (not on DPS list 2019).

List of DPS Society schools in India

DPS Society contact information


<description>The Delhi Public School Society (DPS) is an India based organisation which operates a large number of mostly CBSE schools in India, and a few more worldwide, including the UAE but not Dubai or Sharjah as of 2017. The schools are private not public government schools despite the group name. In Dubai the ex-DPS India schools are run by Delhi Private Schools LLC group.</description>



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