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Attesting certificates Dubai

Wednesday 16 January 2019 (UAE)   

Attesting certificates and documents in or for Dubai UAE

Procedures for attesting certificates, contracts, documents, degrees in and for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE. Marriage certificate, birth certificate, university degree, educational qualifications, tenancy contract, from UK and other countries. For jobs, visa applications, school, college, and university entry and admission registration procedure.


General procedure

Some pages with specific procedures

  • School transfer letter attesting UAE
  • [Check - dependent on school curriculum?] For schools: Transfer certificates must be first attested by the Ministry of Education in the country where issued, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the same country, then the UAE Embassy representing that country. Possible exemptions include Australia, Canada, Europe (Western, including UK), New Zealand, UAE, USA.
  • [Check - dependent on school curriculum?] Birth certificate attestation: Ministry of Health > Ministry of Foreign Affairs > UAE Embassy of the issuing country. Exceptions: Australia, Canada, Europe (Western, including UK), New Zealand, UAE, USA.

old information

Certificate and Document Attestation in Dubai

Any important documents you bring with you will have to be attested if they are used for any part of your visa process. For example marriage certificates if you are sponsoring your spouse, educational certificates if a qualification is required for a job. Since the procedure involves visiting government organisations, you can expect lots of stamps and requests for money.

Documents like driver's licences which are not needed for visa issuing, do not need to be attested.

If a document is not in Arabic or English, you will need a translation (attested or notarised). Sometimes you'll need a translation even for English documents.

Check with the PRO of the company where you will be employed for more information.

Empost and Attesting Certificates and Documents in Dubai

Note that the attestation procedure below is probably obsolete as of early 2006 since there was a change in the attestation requirements that supposedly made things much easier - Empost would look after it all somehow.

However, as with any change in Dubai, often it takes a while for correct information and guidelines to filter down to all the respective departments and authorities so it's probably worthwhile continuing with the old procedure before coming to Dubai and the UAE, even thought that involves added expense. As they say, "it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it".

Procedure for Attestation of Documents and Certificates prior to coming to Dubai, UAE

Basic process is to:

  • Take document and copy to a Ministry or Department of Foreign Affairs in your home country. They will stamp it or similar to verify that the issuing authority is real and the certificate is genuine.
  • Then take document and copy to the UAE embassy or consulate in your home country. They will stamp it or similar to verify that the previous stamp comes from the genuine government body in your country.
  • Submit attested documents and/or copies to the relevant government department in the UAE when you get to Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. Your company PRO should be familiar with the attestation procedure and will give you more specific details.

If you are not in your home country prior to coming to Dubai and UAE, you have two choices.

  • Take documents to the nearest embassy or consulate of your home country for verification and stamping, then take documents to the Foreign Affairs Department of the country you're in to verify the embassy/consulate attestation is correct, then go to the UAE embassy/consulate of the country you're in for final attesting of your certificates and documents.
  • Or, send documents to your home country to complete the original process. Either someone there could do it for you, or you could send them back and forth to the respective departments. The first option is probably easier.
Notary Public
  • Is a person (often a lawyer) who is authorised to witness signatures or notarise documents ie verify they are what they say they are.
  • In Dubai, go to your embassy to get documents notarised. Expect to pay 100-200 dhs. Another possibility is the Dubai Courts - there's a Notary Public Office there, probably cheaper than your embassy (less than 100 dhs) but may be limited in what they can sign off.


Specific procedures

Attesting Dubai tenancy contract
Attesting marriage certificate in Dubai
Attesting birth certificate in Dubai
Attesting degree certificate in Dubai
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